Hosea Chapter 1 Discussion

  • Heath rusin on Hosea 1
    Am I in the bible
  • Paula Cook on Hosea 1
    Who was Jehu in Hosea? Help me understand what kind of king he was
  • Chris - in Reply on Hosea 1
    Jehu was a King in Israel, in the days of the prophet Elisha. As most of the Kings of Israel were considered as 'bad' kings, who were given over to idolatry & the practises of the heathen about them, we see Jehu, who in part was 'good' in his 'obedience' to God. But he too succumbed to wicked acts later on. Rather than re-tell about his reign, you can read about him in 2 Kings chapters 9 & 10, beginning with Elisha anointing him as King over Israel. Jehu reigned for 28 years.

    Yet in Hosea 1:4 we read: "And the LORD said unto him (Hosea), Call his (Hosea's son's) name Jezreel; for yet a little while, and I will avenge the blood of Jezreel upon the house of Jehu, and will cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Israel."

    The name 'Jezreel' means 'God will scatter'. And this was a specific name to indicate how God would deal with Israel as they continued to hear but disobey God's Words to them. And the "blood of Jezreel" will be avenged against the "house of Jehu" (i.e. not just to King Jehu but to his son Jehoahaz who came after him & succeeding generations (Jehoash, Jeroaboam II & Zechariah). This account of Jehu is interesting: when you read of the blood-thirsty dealings that Jehu had with his enemies, we see that he did it in accordance to God's Will. Yet, Jehu is now accused of doing wrong (in Hosea 1:4). So when you come to it in your reading of 2 Kings, please bear in mind, that it was one thing for Jehu to demonstrate obedience to God & yet there can still be an attitude of doing that act of obedience with the wrong motive. In Jehu's case, in his 'obedience' to God, he was actually doing it also out of self-will & of personal ambition & hatred. And of course, both he & his progeny who sat on Israel's Throne, gave themselves to idolatry & wickedness. So this good king, Jehu, did not just turned out bad in the end, but was condemned for his (& his progeny's) wickedness.
  • Godfrey Saima on Hosea 1
    One of the manner prophet of the old testament
  • Jeff Lenartowski on Hosea 1
    I would choose Gomer over Jezebel any day for a relationship.
  • Lynne on Hosea 1
    What a Merciful God we serve, God loves us so much to care for us so intricately! He gives His favor through instruction and discipline instead of letting us continue in sin! WOW
  • Aaliyah Johnson on Hosea 1
    My pastor preached on this chapter this past Sunday and it stood out to me for some reason. I decided to extra studying on it and I feel like I am learning so much. I believe this is God's way of helping me get my life back on track.
  • Joseph on Hosea 1
    I really love this scripture its the most amazing cause he is my name ohhhhhhhh
  • Annonimous on Hosea 1
    God being so merciful as he is he can make whores into house wifed, bc Hosea had to trust the almighty God bc he took a whore as his wife. God can do anything bc he loves all hid people and he can use anybody and do all things. What a mighty God we serve.Amen
  • Anne on Hosea 1
    Hosea is obedient to God and God uses his life to prophesy to the children of Israel and to demonstrate His forgiveness and love toward them.
  • Carolyn Taylor on Hosea 1
    Hosea shows the love a husband should have for his wife and the love a wife should have for her husband. The forgiving heart and loving spirit. If we all have these two attributes in ALL marriages, we will have less divorces, especially in the church.
  • Camiah on Hosea 1
    Hosea were really really nice with his wife and that was pleasing
  • N James on Hosea 1
    Shows God's love for His church.He wants us to repent and turn back to Him and He will abundantly pardon, for whom the Lord loves He chastens.He is always pleading for it is not His desire that none of us should be lost.His love is an everlasting love

  • Murlean on Hosea 1
    Hosea1 is a book of how God is the one that can change a person life, how he is a forgiving God. Also it show we don't know he God may have for so we can't point finger at who don't need who we not God.
  • Sonia on Hosea 1
    The book of Hosea is to show how much God loves us and we must not worship no other God beside him. We must only serve the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God. God is a jealous God and he will do what he says he will do. I love him so much.
  • Raphael Phatael on Hosea 1
    I thank God what was written in that book. It teaches the two main points on my side. 1. It is very bad to have Idolitary worshiping. Since it is so painful for any bad to be betryaid in the marrage for example it is how God hated the idoltary worshiping 2. It is very bad to betray your partiner in marage
  • Geraldine cole on Hosea 1
    We must do what God say do no matter what or we will pay a heavy price.Amen
  • Diesel on Hosea 1
  • Dianna Kuykendall on Hosea 1:1
    This verse in my opinion establishes establishes the authority of the book as well as the characters in Hosea.
  • Jeanette brown on Hosea 1
    Absolutely! We must meet certain conditions.
  • Cheryltaylor on Hosea 1
    i thank God for his word
  • Maria on Hosea 1
    I liked the clarity with which God spoke to Hosea. I like to believe that God speaks that clearly to us today. And like Hosea we should listen and act as God speaks to us.
  • Rodica moore on Hosea 1:6
    The book reminds me so much of. me and my husband '
  • Greg Winfree on Hosea 1
    True story of how GOD forgive s us though we truly dont deserve it.
  • Christopher mlodzeni on Hosea 1
    let us be assured by this truth that what GOD has given us is the best.thy spouse is the best.
  • Henry Goodwin on Hosea 1:8
    This book is awesome it teaches us how to forgive in marriage How to not forget about God
  • Dare david on Hosea 1
    let everyone prepared for the coming of our lord jesus christ.be prepared ur soul now before is coming.
  • Marie Johnson on Hosea 1
    I was directed by Our God on this day; to view this particular chapter of "Hosea", through The King James Version of The Bible online, because I am being cleansed, delivered and redeemed by the power of The Living God and I was instructed to read and gain understanding, so I would have understanding of my own life and the life of our nation, during it's struggles and strife. What did I think of "Hosea?" Praise God in THE HIGHEST; HALLELUJAH Amen!
  • Teresa D'Angelo on Hosea 1
    The this was a real marriage or GOD just used marriage as an example to show how His people was worshiping other gods
  • Larry ward on Hosea 1
    God loves us with true love, now that's his character.

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