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  • Iona Thomas for verse 1
    what are the six principals of the documents of christ
  • Salvador Ramos for verse 19
    Hebrews 6:19-21 A forunnner is a lil vessel or boat that carried the anchor and dropped it in shallow water so the ship can be firm. We are the big boat Christ is our forunnner that took our hope and anchored us in the holy of holies . When Christ was on the cross and he gave up the ghost of spirit the veil torn . The lord is the way the truth and the life . He anchored our hope hidden in him and only thru him . No matter what storms we face and no matter how rough the waves crash against us we are firm and secure in who we are in him amen.
  • Pastor Delicia Harris for verse 19
    God bless you, and I fully agree those who are saved and born-again of the Spirit. Have access in the New Covenant to come behind the veil as well, meaning heaven because of the ultimate price Jesus paid in full on the cross, and especially to those who will believe in Him.

    Praise God!
  • Truth in Scripture
    God's Plan of Salvation Adam does not agree that we Continue to Sin when we are Born Again yes we all have free will so those who fall away were never Chosen by God's forknowelage to be Conformed into the image of Jesus. God knows if we will Choose Him or Satan He knows all things and He tells us He knows those who are His and not One of us will be lost, He Protects our Souls He knows our Hearts.
    Jesus Christ IS come IN the flesh: but lives by his Spirit, not his flesh. For the flesh IS dead because of sin. But the Spirit IS life because of righteousness. For Christ IS high Priest for ever according to GOD. But if he were ON earth, he should not BE a Priest, seeing that THERE ARE priests that offer gifts according to the law: For the gifts of the priests of men on earth vary by carnal law.
  • Freedborn in Truth***
    This is not just about falling into Sin or it contridics1John 2:1 Falling away means rejecting Jesus the unforgivable Sin it's Blaseming The Holy Ghost by calling Him a liar and than continuing to SIn without Heart Repentance but how can anyone be brought back to Repentance if they reject Jesus our Advocate. When we are Born Again of God's Seed and we are Perfected in His Love we can't SIn 1John 3:9
  • Darryl b.
    The reason you would read Hebrews 6th ch.vs 1 then 3, is God doesn't want them to continue in the Law old testament as you read the doctrine of baptisms plural new testament theres only one baptisms. laying on of hands, a sacrificed animal would be in the steed of a person and that person would place their hand on the animal. So vs 1 then vs 3 and this we will do, if God always.
  • Darryl b.
    Hebrews ch 5 vs 13.For everyone that is still on milk can not tell good from evil, for you are still a babe. and you have not moved on from the basic oracles of God, but spirtual meat is for those who have allowed it to grow them. the same way actually meat would grow a physical body. moving on to ch 6 this is how you should read it start with vs 1 then read vs 3,
    Starting in Chapter 5, and continuing in Chapter 6, The Word is teaching us about Spiritual growth and comparing it to physical human growth, starting with conception on into adulthood. Hebrews 5th vs10 wants to teach about melchisedec, but what does he say, ye are dull of hearing he say you should be teachers by now, but you stand in need to be taught, you are like a baby still in need of milk
  • Teri
    the way i read ch 6 and the question of loss of salvation i by verse 4: it is impossible...the particulars are stated. 2 Tim 3 must be referenced here, and to reject the HS is to blaspheme, and this is the unpardonable sin. End.
  • Ivy Johnson
    V10: God is righteous: He: records: sees: knows: encourages: continue working in His Kingdom: do work deligently: murmer not: willingly: serve: love others: do all to the Glory of God: pleasing to God: hard at times: God expects it from us: be ye doers: not hearers only: not easy to do: (preaching to the choir): pray for me: God the Holy Spirit will have Preeminence:
  • Steve
    Only a fool would assume salvation, or eternal life is assured. If so, why study the word, or strive for the truth. It is done! This is not what the Bible says. It says, if one is worthy he will be judged by the impartial judge, if his mind and heart is right based on his entire life, whether he has done good or evil, whether he has endevored to hear the word, or whether he has only read 3/16
  • Faith in Reality
    Steve have you ever heard and understood God's Plan of Salvation, are you Working out your Salvation not meaning Working for it. Have you put your Carnal fesh to death so you can be Perfected in God's Love and are you now Born Again of God's seed and no longer Sin. Does God knows every hair on your head and did He knew you before you were Born and knew everything you would say and do on earth.
  • David
    Hebrews 2:9 says that Christ tasted death for every man.
  • Ernest
    Ivan; Would you like to try and walk away from the enfolded hand of God Almighty! God's hand is a spiritual picture, which the Lord Jesus used to illustrate the security of the believer. Who does the work of saving a soul? Is it not God through the work of Christ? I never saved myself I couldn't! even though I believed the Gospel, God saved me. Chosen in Christ! he doesn't choose to then loose.
  • BSP
    Verse 5~Paul used the word taste and taste is something very personal. Someone can’t taste something for us. We must personalize the ransom for ourselves. We have the ransom because bad things were happening to us as the offspring of Adam and Eve. Jehovah sees the bad things that happen to good people and he has given what is needed to correct it.
  • Dewey J
    The oath was or is to Christ 6:16 when God swore by himself David wrote Psalms 110:4 "The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, tho art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek. Who was a king and a priest. We as well as Abraham are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ Romans 8: 17 therefore we receive the promises and the oath of God as well Hebrews 7:21. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen!
  • Ivan
    Emanuel. No one can pluck you out of His hand is correct, but notice, that it does not say that you cannot walk away, and that is the problem. Many truly born again people do walk away. The parable of the lost sheep is one good example. In one it says He finds it, and the other one He says, "if" He finds it, He will bring it back. Don' conclude anything without looking at all verses on subject.
  • Ivan
    Emanuel. I also search and dig in. There are over 52 scriptures in the Bible that proof without the shadow of a doubt that a true believer can loose their salvation. The problem is not that God will take it away, but that we can walk away because we have choice. Warnings like, endure to the end, if you continue, if you faint not. You cannot continue something you never started. There are many more
  • Richard
    Salvation is a gift of God. God's gifts are irrevocable. OSAS
  • Adam
    According to Matthew 12:31-32 if a Christian chooses to blaspheme the holy spirit they absolutely will not be forgiven. Even angels already in heaven still had the freewill to rebel against God. Humans on Earth including Christians absolutely still have freewill and sadly do turn and denounce Jesus and commit blasphemy. The Bible is crystal clear those Christians will not be saved. Matthew 7:21.
  • Richard
    Born again Christians, in whom dwells the holy spirit, are incapable of blasphemy of the spirit. Additionally, Christ's reference to those who "he never knew" is not in reference to those who have truly believed and are saved. Once you are saved, that salvation is sealed. Satan cannot overcome that. Modern day cults who claim to be Christians should take heed-not truly born again Christians. OSAS
  • Adam
    Hi Richard, do you have a Bible verse that backs up the idea that a Christian is incapable of blasphemy or incapable of sin? Do you not believe Christians have freewill to sin like non-Christians? Even angels in heaven still had freewill to rebel from God and be cast out of heaven, so why not believe a Christian on earth has the same freewill? If Christians can't commit blasphemy then why were Christians told in the Bible not to? If Christians can't disobey then why are they told to keep commandments? John 14:15
  • Richard
    Hi Adam, Of course Christians sin and disobey, I was speaking of salvation--not sin or disobedience. Are you suggesting that the Holy Spirit is weaker in a Christian than Satan's power? Born again Christians are bought with a price and belong to Christ. Are WE capable of forcing him to disown us? The gift of salvation is irrevocable, as are all God's gifts. Romans 11:29 OSAS
  • Adam
    The hope of eternal life through Jesus's gift of salvation isn't revokable, but this verse doesn't mean it's individually permanent regardless of one's actions. Are you aware of other supporting verses supporting this belief? There's a mountain of verses supporting that Christians have freewill and need to follow Jesus. If you turn from Jesus and commit blasphemy a Christian risks going to hell- black and white in the Bible. Since Satan is the father of lies and since there is only 1 truth, which belief is satan more like spreading: that Christians should follow Jesus and be obedient for hope of eternal life - or - that Christians don't have to obey or follow Jesus whatsoever and can indulge in the sin of this world with zero consequences and still go to heaven? Matthew 10:28
  • Richard
    That is the false doctrine of Lordship Salvation. Saved by grace through faith WHAT? Is your sin greater than Jesus' ability to keep you? You cannot save yourself but yet you can keep yourself ? We are sealed until the day of our redemption. Ephesians Christians who sin all of us will be chastised but will NOT lose our salvation. Nor do we purposely sin as OSAS opponents always purport.STUDY
  • Adam
    So this entire OSAS belief stands on misinterpreting that one verse while disregarding the numerous other Bible verses? You incorrectly assumed my beliefs on grace BTW. In your view if Christians are saved regardless why do you believe Jesus said to keep his commandments? What is your exact reason for being obedient if there's no incentive to do so and zero consequence for not? James 2:26 Have you prayed and asked God if your view is true? 2 Peter 2 says what happens to disobedient people including Christians who turn away (verse 21).
  • Richard
    If you choose to live in constant fear of losing your salvation every time you sin and struggle to "keep" yourself, I think you missed the point of resting in Christ. Paul said he did what he shouldn't do and did not do what he should do. According to your theology, Paul was not saved. In Christian love, I recommend you study more and use solid Christian resources. Green, Magee, Fruchtenbaum etc.
  • Adam
    You can have confidence in salvation, follow Jesus and be obedient at the same time. It's a false assumption to assume that just because the Bible is true about losing your salvation in Hebrews 10:26 that a Christ follow must live in fear? No, if you're following Christ in obedience you have freedom. Matthew 10:28, John 14:15, Matthew 12:31-32, Matthew 7:21. I believe what the Bible says. Hitler would go to heaven according to your once saved always saved belief.

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