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  • Stephende
    The appearance of Jesus was remarkable, but he wasn't a writer, but a speaker. I say this because the accounts of his life and words vary through out the New Testament. And going down thru time, and the many different religions sprung up vary a bit from each other. Therefore, they are dependant on each particular preacher for interpretation. It is confusing and maddening. I am left alone to my own device. How shall I be redeemed before God. Let me posit that in Christianity Jesus is paramount. I feel that he was an ardent student and a believer in the Old Testament, which he preached. Therefore God rewarded him on earth and in the hereafter. The resurrection of the Spirit occurs by ardent obediance and faith that God exists and is not subject to empirical proof. I am troubled by those who pervert the word of God to justify their politics, ie abortion, homosexuality, and megachurch pastors who guide their parishioners toward leaders who lie, and distort the truth. Life is long and laborious and there is ample opportunity
  • Latasha Mathi
    How do I fully accept God and learn on him to his own understanding
  • Fred scanlan
    Love Christ ,hear his words. HIS WORDS and his disciples,not mans, only those moved by the holy spirit. Christ came to save us from sin and death. Our Father was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself. Rejoice in this, knowing He has redeemed us through His only begotton Son. Our salvation is complete in HIM.
  • Fred scanlan
    through patience in well doing. Trusting His words, and studing to show thyself approved. The guidance of the Holy Spirit will move you and direct you. Be careful for nothing, while always remembering that the evil one will always be watching, sometimes in the littlest things our flesh will always war against our spirit. Most importantly is persistent prayer! Bible says without ceasing, in all thy ways acknowledge Him. God Bless you on your journey
  • Robert littlefield
    Im loving the book of Hebrews and have a question here for all...whos the Author?? whos speaking in the Epistle??
  • Fred scanlan
    The most important is that the holy spirit is moving in these words. The gospel is the word of God, and is not of anyone's private interpretation. Holy men where moved by the spirit. The same spirit that moved on Mary, the same spirit that moved the prophets of old, the same spirit that was on the face of the deep in creation. The holy spirit is a person in the trinity, Christ calls Him the comforter, that was given to those who are baptized into Christ
    death and resurrection. This is called redemption of mankind, reconciliation in our creator. Thanks be to Christ our savior. Glory to God in the Highest.
  • Jimmy walker
    the writer of hebrews is unknown..although the writer makes mention of timothy and others that makes me believe that it was paul but this debatable..the scriptures do say that paul was called to the uncircumcision and peter to the circumcision so some could argue that it wasnt paul and could be peter..in the end we wont really know till we see Jesus
  • Ruben Hartness
    Robert, the actual author is unknown but the writings favor Paul--there may be other writers but the most accepted is Paul.
  • James
    Greetings, I would appreciate an answer from anyone who's able to provide one for the following question. -In what Chapter and verse in the "King James Version" of the Bible was Jesus asked, " Why Moses gave a certificate of divorce?" Thanks,
  • Jimmy walker
    the sciptures says it was given because of the hardness of their heart but it was never Gods heart to divorce..i believe type and shadow here is that God would never divorce us
  • Rich castillo
    matthew chapter 19 vs 7
  • Voree
    Because of the hardness of man s heart .
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    Duet. 24 also in Matthew 5
  • Ify
    In Hebrew is telling us to stand firm and have faith in God Almighty the finisher, Alpha and Omega.
  • Teri
    a very humbling chapter of the bible, this should be our aim to enter that rest...and to remember that there are those who will not enter in.
  • Hazel Carty
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your Grace and mercy thank you for making a way where there is no way you are my high preist mighty councillor and Prince of piece I am child of God AMEN and amen
  • Ivy Johnson
    Growing-up, people were believers in God. We love the The Word of God. We read it: Home: School: Sunday School: House of God: It was our Soiritual Food. We say our Grace before Meals: home: School: wherever. We say Thanks after each meal. Thank God Our Provider. It just came Natural. We believe every Word that Procedeth out-of-the Mouth-of-God. We studied: Memorized: Visualized:Gods Precious Words
  • Steve
    True, very few reside in the "rest" that Paul speaks of. But there were some as Moses, Joshua, and Caleb who were found worthy to cross over Jordan into the promised land. As for Christians, very few as well since the 12 disciples. Paul was fervant as a Jew and fervant as a Christian. But faith ain't free, nor easy to sustain. God is the Judge, as well as Jesus when he walked in perfect faith
  • Cindy
    Jesus is our Sabbath. We rest in him. The Sabbath day was a shadow of rest in Jesus. Keeping the Sabbath is not rest in Christ. It is part of the law which can not enter you into rest only God's grace through your faith can do that. Trusting in the work of Jesus on the cross is how we find rest not a work of the flesh.
  • Regis beaken
    You are wrong. It isn't faith and words, but deeds. Therefore the old saying, "action speaks louder than words". Jesus worked on the sabbath, as many do today. AND HE MADE IT A POINT THAT MOST PEOPLE DO WORK.
  • Adam
    The pharisees accused Jesus' disciples of working on the Sabbath, not Jesus. Plus, is eating really 'working'? They were hungry and picked grain and ate it. He healed someone, but is that really 'work' to Jesus? If He started building a chair in His shop that would seem more of a real Sabbath violation in my view. Matthew 12.
  • Mari
    Jesus is our Sabbath rest in the holy ghost.
  • Daniel P. ley
    I want to tell you how wonderful it is to read this scripture from Our Lord God Almighty. Since Jesus Our High Preist has ascended into His Heavens, let us There For hold Fast Our profession.
  • Mimi
    the gospel was preached but it didn't do them any good because they didn't have faith in the Word. It's impossible to please God without faith...because the just shall live by faith in God's Word. We get faith by hearing God's Word and choosing to believe what it says and applying it to our everyday life. Then we can rest in knowing that He hears our heart's cry and will answer. God is faithful!
  • BSP
    We can approach Jehovah God with our needs in prayer and he will help us in our times of need.
  • Lillian G Brown
    I learn a lot from this chapter of Hebrews 1.The word of God is quick and powerful
    2.Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace
    that we may obtain mercy, and find grace.
    these word i have have instilled in me.

  • Walkery
    I pray your stress is lighter and your joy is bountiful. God's got it.
  • John madden
    I need this today I'm in a stressful situation,, that will take mercy and grace to resolve it
  • Lilian
    Father your word is quick and powerful and sharp than a sword. Lord Jesus help me to understand your word and let your word dwelleth in me. Thank you Jesus for being faithful to your word you have prophesied and have blessed me enough thank you for giving me a Son amen hallelujah

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