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  • Daniel Popoola
    It's for all help in time of need.
  • Pastor k.yesudas for verse 16
    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you very much for your add. I need your prayers for me, my family and our work for the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is about to be celebrated By Christmas in our church. I need your prayers for widows (25) and orphan children who are in my Church. I want to buy the clothing and BIBLES distribute them to those widows, and children. Therefore, please pray for the love gift for this purpose. With love in Christ, I am prayerfully looking forward to your prayers. Jesus tells us in Luke 2:11 that the harvest is great and the laborers are few. This scripture further tells us that we should pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Convey our best greetings to your families. Thanking you, GOD BLESS YOU In the Name of Jesus Christ. Yours in Christ Pastor Kurapatie Yesudas Peravaram/INDIA
  • Hiwater for verse 12
    This is my favorite scripture, too! There is an entire sermon in it for any preacher!
  • Kate
    The Almighty God finished the work of salvation by the death and resurrection of Jesus from the dead. There is now therefore no condemnation for anyone who is in Christ Jesus. By the same token, God has called us to the life of rest in Him. That means to me that God the Creator of heaven and earth is in control, and He wants me to rest. Now all of my desires have been relinquished to Him. It is wonderful.
  • Gloria Mercado
    Hebrew 4:12 says that the word of God is alive and powerful that it can separate the soul from the spirit and the word can judge our hearts, minds, and intents. Thatís powerful.
  • Michael marlin
    Entering into Gods rest is honoring and keeping the Sabbath a day holy, after all every law, commandment and statute is still in effect with the exception of burnt offerings as that was done away with when Jesus died for our sins...
  • Cheri
  • Albright Olajide
    The Holy Scripture has all manner of dictates, precepts, notions and principles in it that has been given for whosoever believeth. As a matter of fact, God has no choice to do it like that, because, primarily He is the Creator of the Heaven and the earth- and also He created man in His image. Hence, when a person has given his or her life to Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour, it then connotes that such a person has become not only joint heirs with the LORD, but also that he or she is an agent of righteousness on this planet earth to the glory of he Holy and righteous God.
    Hence, the writer of Hebrews in itís 4th chapter, the reminds the Church of Godís holy promises that are, in His covenant that we ensure that we live in accordance with the Word of the Eternal God. Why is this? It is that we can have what it takes to enter into the blessings of His promises; for therein, there is peace of mind and the type of rest that God has given for they that loveth Him.

    However, this of a necessity demands the God kind of faith with particular regards to the doctrine of justification through the weaponry of faith. (Romans 1:16,17)There are many implications to this- it then signifies that as believers, that believes, in the resurrected LORD, we must put our dependency on the living God, through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the holy Son of God. And that is because, as the author and also the developer of our faith, He knows and understands what we may be going through; for He Himself, has been through it, hence the need for, total reliance on the faithfulness of God, and also on the infallibility of the Holy Scripture.Therefore, when we come to the throne of grace, we know with certainty, that we have a high priest in the God Head, who is ready and as a matter of fact has dispensed and made available His favours that we may obtain it through the tool of faith that honours God. Thus we have been admonished through this 4th chapter, that we may do according to the spirit of the Holy Writ, to the glory of God; for He is forever trustworthy.
  • Tonya Renee
    Re: The meaning of "the Word of God is quick".
    It's my understanding that the word "quick" also means "living", so we are talking about the "living Word of God.
  • Pastor James Olutayo for verse 15
    Jesus is our high priest and He is the most appropriate and the most qualified one.He is ever considerate,hence we are very safe in His judgement for He provides us a ready help always.The only determining factor is our willingness to accept His help.What a fantastic privilege!
  • Nhlokomo
    what is the meaning of the word quick-the word of God is quick
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Jesus is the rest for us, as he has completed the law, and is seated at the right hand of the father in heaven. When we accept him as Lord of our lives, we enter his rest. Praise God for this promise, and may you enjoy the rest that we have in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Believe that he died on the cross for our sins, was buried, and rose the third day for our justification. Confess with your mouth that he is Lord, and thou shall be saved. May you rest in what Jesus has done for us as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
  • LADYT for verse 12
  • Lady t for verse 15
    my spirit loves these words.
  • Lady t
    Oh now i understand. The rest is having ALL assurance in JESUS CHRIST. THE REST OF KNOWING WHO GOD IS.
  • LADY T for verse 5
    what is the promise REST. WILL SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME
  • Uty
    i am really inspired by vs 16, that says we should approaching the throne of grace with boldness not with fear and unbelief
    if we mix the word we ve heard with unbelief it cannot work for us....
  • Anthony
    The Holy Ghost is the rest! Jesus is the Holy Ghost! Jesus said I will come back unto u. When u rec the baptisim of His spirit u rec the rest..
  • Edward
    As a Seventh-day Adventist Hebrews speaks loud and clear to me. It reminds me that Jesus who created mankind gave them two blessings to take with them from Eden after sin. Marriage and the Sabbath (the day of rest). Hebrews tells me that when Jesus was on the earth that he did not change nor give another day of rest to the gentiles that was different to the children of Israel, If He had then he would have spoken of another day. I do know that one can not come into the day of rest with out faith in God, because without faith in God then we are trying too keep the Sabbath by our own power and that is "works" but if we have faith and believe Gods word then the Lord can bring us into His rest doing those things that honor Him and not ourselves. We will do God works and not our own, we will stand apart from the secular world and help other to know God by our example. We can not force anyone to take the Sabbath but we can share the seeds of faith and then Gods Spirit will do the rest. God bless my brothers and sisters in faith.
  • Bob Tucker
    Isaiah,1:18 "Come now let us reason together saith
    the Lord." If we want to know the reason, God says
    "Let's get together and talk it over." We may not
    like what He reveals, but the "Kingdom of God" is
    not a democracy,we do not get to pick and choose.
    In asking "What is the reason why each and every
    time we approach the 'Throne of Grace' we must
    qualify our position, relative to that approach, with the "Blood of Jesus?" If we really want to
    know the truth the "Spirit of truth" will teach
    us. Prayerfully study the book of Hebrews and you
    will find the "Blood" brings us into the "Throne
    Room," gains audience with the "Father,"and "finds
    help in time of need." Why the "Blood?" Well
    the subject will not lend itself to a concise
    explanation. Let us simply say that's the way it is. It's God's creation; we live by his rules.
  • Grace Dartey for verse 6
    Entering into God's rest is possible because the provision had been made. All we need to do is believe the word of God. He is more than able.
  • If we really associate the calling of the rest, and attribute this only to the dire condition we face, then are we saying that God had the same condition when He created everything as this is referenced to the rest that God had on the seventh Day. Therefore my undestanding through the Holy Spirit is that God's comandment still stand, and it is through Jesus Christ that we will enter that rest, and also keeping His commandments as they are, and not attempt to change and make them suit our lifestiles.
  • Ben weaver for verse 10
    I see Wesley postpones the believer's rest till the future, whereas most translations place it in past tense i.e. BEFORE entering the available rest that God has now provided in Jesus . There are numerous new testament Bible references stating that we cannot save ourselves by trying to do merrit works. Romans 8:1-4. It was during their lifetime that Joshua's people did not enter rest because of unbelief, (vs. 5-9). We are told to make every effort to enter God's rest by trusting in Jesus now for salvation. Jesus said "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. It seems obvious,that to enter His rest here and now that we must cease trusting in our own merrit works.
  • Kim
    I think this is a very power chapter.It is letting us know that we can live any old way of life and think that we will be pleasing unto GOD.It also lets us know that GOD knows all of our intentions and there is nothing that we can do intentionally or unintentionally that GOD doesn't know about. WOW alot of us better get in line with the word of GOD.
  • Rara
    It is a wonderfult thing to come to the end of yourself and after all that you can do, you can come to Jesus and say I am tired, Lord I turn it over to you . Thank you Lord
  • Twasiima
    IN verse 16 Paul says -that we may find grace; was or is the grace given to us who believe once and for all such that our responsibility is to look out for it and find it as we continue to interact with the word of God? thank you for replying me.
  • John
    to comment on jesse comment just be very carful that your gift is from the SPIRIT of GOD if it dont line up with the word its not from GOD but the devil test the gift by the mirror of GOD's Word
  • Jesse
    Mathew Henry is channeling a priest from the mid 1800's. I have great insight for knowing when there is a spirit involved. And when I read the commentary I saw who was saying it through him. It's a gift I had since I was young, to be able to see past lives.
  • Mariah for verse 12
    My FAVORITE scripture!!!
  • Kathy
    I believe the Bible is true and is inspired by God. It is for our edification and I feel I fall very short of what God wants me to be. Praise be to God and Glory to his name.

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