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  • Loren White
    I can see why you left. You said: "Brilliant Ryan" (sarcastically), "smell", "languished", "escaped". You also said: ".... I enjoy Divine Rest every day."

    I've been an SDA all my life, and have always enjoyed "Divine Rest" every day.... And.... the Seventh Day is still Holy to the Lord, set apart, Sanctified, Blessed, Hallowed, Kept by God. Love God my friend...Peace!
  • Dr John M Court
    Brilliant Ryan, How did you ever come up with that conclusion. Do I smell an SDA? Seems like it to me. I languished in their theological camp since birth . Mercifully I escaped some 20 years ago and enjoy the Divine rest offered EVERY DAY!!!
  • Stephen Ewac
    ...Quick and Powerful Word of God must therefore be sent to operation in all sphere of life in Jesus ' name.
  • Tom
    I was reading in job 42;5-6 where Job said "I know ... that no thought can be withholden from thee. And, I repent in dust and ashes. this is another reminder that God cares what we think about (phil. 4:8). and Job knew it. Job1:5 and although he did not sin with his lips (Job 2:10) he held a grudge in his heart,until he repented . we must therefore keep our hearts with all diligence prov:4
  • Ryan
    What a wonderful God we serve! What is promised here is a rest from sinning on the 7th day Sabbath. We just need to be willing.
    Glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who also feels the pains and agony we the children are passing through in the world today.He has indeed promised to assist us at anytime we need His assistance.
  • Trinity adwoa kwofie for verse 16
    we should therefore call upon him in times of distress, believing our father will hear us knowing that his mercies for us are new every morning.
  • Sibongile
    A word is sharper than the sword.so we must be careful how we speak and they come back like a boomerang to the person who utters them
  • Michelle A. Clark-Harvey
    Ambrose: Definitely Jesus................and God's rest or provisions for our salvation. The Israelites were brought out of bondage, but they grumbled and complained, and when all was said and done they disobeyed God. Therefore because of their unbelief.........the were separated from the promised land. Our promise land is in Heaven and they died in the wilderness and their children because of their unbelief :' We must stay pressing in and onward with faith so we may be found deemed worthy in the time of Judgement ahead. Stay strong brothers and sisters in the faith
  • Ambrose Okech for verse 8
    Somebody must surely tell me: who was being refered to here, joshua, or Jesus? Even if Jesus is the Greek translation of the hebrew word Jesus, how then was it used in this context for the translaters to opt to use 'joshua' now? How different is it from all the use of Jesus throughout the new testament? Think of it, even if joshua indeed gave them rest, the israelites would still need this rest reffered to in this chapter. So it refers to jesus, coz, if Jesus gave them rest they would need none. They also need this rest coz they did not get it then...........from the giver of rest!!
  • Ann
    Heb.4 and the commentary really shined light on the power of God's word and what it will do .diligence is a must for change...
  • Blessed
    this is where we have the opportunity to testify about the living word
  • Marty for verse 10
    We cease from Our works of the flesh
  • Deborah for verse 12
    such a wonderful scripture .I too am so satisfied to know all the words to be the word and the work of God. the greastest book every if you want to know God himself you must get acquainted with the bible.
  • Lilian
    Jesus himself is the word of God. Whoever accept his words and obey them will recieve peace and life in abundance. For God's words are powerful than a sword. It is very important to mediate God's words day and night than prayers. Our Faith comes from God and it is a gift from God. We recieve Faith only by hearing the word of God. Therefore without Christ into our life we cant do anything. Jesus made everything new and thanks for his blood that shed for us. We are already saved by his Grace. But after all Jesus are still struggling for our unbelief . We must open our doors to Jesus and believed him that He is the Son of the Living God who can saved us. John 3:16 and John 3:5 we need to put this words into our hearts. Our Obedience in God are more important than Sacrifice. I will trust you Lord Jesus and will praised you forever for you are worthy to be praised. Amen and i love you Jesus forever
  • John madden for verse 10
    We ceased from our own works of trying to please god and earn his favor when we by faith trust christ .fully and continually we stop trying to earn our way to heaven
  • Loviney for verse 15
    oh how precious and oh how sweet God is to us I love this verse for God shows his greatness to us I am so glad that I have a father that can be touch and he understands he knows our feeling he knows everything about us.
  • Greg Aguilera for verse 2
    They heard the gospel preached as well but did not mix it with faith. So how do we mix the word with faith? Well lets look first at the children of Israel they heard caleb and joshua but they didn't mix faith with their report but instead they mixed faith with the evil report. How? They talked about the giants in the land instead of the report of faith that they were well able to take the land. Mix faith with God's word and say what God declared, We can do all things, My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory.
  • Brianna for verse 12
    Further proof from the scriptures that the Bible is relevant today. It is unlike any other book, that is the oldest, and has survived many attacks to extinguish it. Even today, when individuals read this book they are moved to make changes in their life, and dedicate themselves to God, and his will. Very powerful words are found in the Bible, and despite its age, it still has a powerful impact! Could we expect anything less from it 's author Jehovah God?
  • Chy
    This is a reminder of sabbath keeping. God is specific in telling us to keep the seventh day, as day of rest just as he rested from his work. And that we should do the same. Verse 6, some done enter this rest, instead they work and on worldly labor because of unbelief. Verse 11, Emphasizing we have to labor to get that rest, like in verse 10 as God did. And don 't be like those who heard yet don "t believe. I thank God for the sabbath
  • Monica for verse 9
    I believe that the rest spoken in this text is a be still and know that I am God reference. Many are the affliction of the righteous but the Lord delivers,after the deliverance comes rest peace, this is a theme in the word. We are gentiles united by faith this makes us the people of God and entitled this rest after endurance as a good solider
  • Mine\'
    I understand that from the creation of the world God desired that we would find rest in him. That he would be our God and we would be his people. What is man the God would be mindful of him. And even from the time of creation God has thought of man. He desired to give man rest in knowing him. His loving kindness endures from generation to generation. Some have not entered into his rest because they do not believe in the only begotten Son of God. But those who do enter into his rest cease from their own works. Jesus is the creator of all things and all things seen by him. Nothing that was made was made without him, All things were made by him. Jesus was ordained by God to be the mediator between God the Father and us. Jesus wants us to come boldly before his throne.
  • Mwayi Kanyinji for verse 12
    Indeed even John 1.1-3 states that The Word is God....,John 1.14 continues that the Word became flesh and we saw His glory.Also The Word of Christ must dwell richly among us.... Colossians 3.15 ,then 2 Timothy 3.16-18 talks of the Scriptures as inspired....
  • Adriane
    I was looking for verse 12, and boy did I need it down n my soul. Praise God!
  • Andy Briggs for verse 12
    it talks about the power of God in all situations, it 's adaptability, it 's power to detect, reveal and discern to the uttermost
  • Debba Murphy for verse 16
    This scripture confirms that we can go boldly to God in prayer without being in fear of a just and merciful God. I am free! Through the blood of Jesus.
  • Oscar Rodriguez for verse 16
    I really needed this verse today . It helped me to regain my hope. I 've been burdened down with my finances and The Lord came to me with this scripture. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!
  • RNM 4-28 HEB
    HEB 4:28...HEB 4:1... Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it....Why would this chapter start out, "Let us therefore fear ", The Holy Spirit is sending out a warning to those who has eyes to see, and ears to hear.... PRAISE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER ON HIS DAY OF REST. PRAISE OUR HOLY SAVIOR YESHUA! AMEN!!
  • RNM 4-28 HEB
    HEB 4-28...This chapter 4, is not talking about the eternal promised rest of heaven, the Bible doesn 't even mention an eternal promised rest of Heaven. What it is talking about, is knowledge that it far from the inhabitants of this planet. because at first Satan hid it from you, but now it 's from willful ignorance, unbelief and disobedience. This chapter four is a very short chapter, but holds the key to eternal life, a mystery hidden in the writing, It is God 's sign to His promised people. Pray for understanding of it. If you love the Lord this you will do. This chapter is talking about the 7th day Sabbath of God. It is not the first day of the week Sunday, Satan has claimed this day for himself. That 's because he wants you blind to the true Sabbath, so you will perish along with him. AMEN!!
  • Joseph Chigozie Oguikpe
    It is importamt we,notwithstanding whom you may be to understand that Jesus Christ who knew no sin and had no sin was tempted by Satan. Also that Jesus Christ died and rose again. Seated at the right hand of God making intercession for we all that never died and rose and knows what sin is. And Jesus Christ said that it finished.That we all can now come boldly unto the throne of grace that He had made available for us to receive our blessing, repentance, forgiveness, healing etc. He said come without guilt.Notwithstanding how you are. So,what are you waiting for.

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