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  • Sally
    Faith without works is dead. Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devil's, freely ye have received freely give.
  • Vicki
    Servant of God, we’re under the NT covenant of grace not the OT covenant of the law. We indeed are saved by grace through faith in Christ and nothing else. No one will be saved by trying to keep,the law.
  • Janice Morris
    The new testament is verification of what the old testament says.there are 66 books in the bible people get spiritual!!!, excuse me" religious" when they are trying to justify their personal sins that have dominion control over their
  • BSP
    Verse 7~We can remember those who are taking the lead over us. One way that we can remember them is by mentioning them in our prayers.
  • Audrey e. banks-broadnax
  • Servant of God
    Irene, you have no cause to judge which sacrifice is just before God. At least their sacrifice is tangible. The Chistian may or may not offer anything. At any rate, God is a heart knower and is aware of what your offering is. You think your salvation is secure and you are forgiven just because of faith, that your belief is enough? You had better read the OT as well! Get the whole truth! Yes?
  • BSP
    Verse 16: We must not forget to do good to others.
  • Penelope
    We are shown the importance of developing​ brotherly love now, for it will help us during whatever tests and trials we may face in the future.
  • Kimberly de la Torre
    Thank-you very much for the on-line bible. I have allergies and reading my bible makes it hard for me to breathe and I have to use my inhaler and take allergy meds. My reading experience with this bible is enjoyable and brings me closer to our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God.
  • Kueentatem
    I thank God everyday that the King James Bible is on the internet I have all of my devices and I have the King James Bible thank you God bless
  • Librarygal143
    Indeed, Almighty Father, thank you!
  • Lilian
    Let your conversation be without covetousness and be content what ye shall have for God promised that i will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Thank you Jesus for your faithful words. You are always with us .Your love mercy and grace are always following me all the days of my life. Thank you and praise you Jesus i love you and help me to be born again in spirit every moment of my life. Amen
  • Irene123
    V. 10 - At this time, after Jesus' new covenant was now in force, the unbelieving Jews were still (ineffectually) observing the O.T. rituals (which blood could never take away sins, those rituals just rolled them ahead for one year). These Jews had no right, in their unsaved state, to partake of the new covenant altar. There were MANY Jews, i.e. apostles, disciples, that believed, but most not.
  • Felicia
    This is a chap of exhortation encouraging us not to stop entertaining strangers, to remember those that are in bonds, encouraging marriage, not to be covetous, not to follow strange doctrines but to be established in the grace, to be submissive to our rulers etc. And he crowns all that with verses 20-21 my best. That the God of peace make us perfect... To Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen!
  • Wayne
    Jesus Christ. The same yesterday, today, and forever!
  • BSP
    Verse 7 encourages us to remember those taking the lead over us. We want to especially keep them in our prayers.
  • Willie miller
  • The LORD is faithful. When He promises to never forsake you He remains true to His word. I am so blessed to have run into a challenging time in life and have the Holy Spirit give life to the word and to see it being fulfilled. Bless the LORD oh my soul. In Jesus's name. Amen.
  • Alloh paul ashie for verse 14
    We should not base all our hope here on earth..... If in this world we have no hope of Christ then we are of all men most miserable. Heaven is our home, don't forget. Grace be with all that call upon the name of God out of a pure heart.
  • Johannes Botha for verse 5
    I agree and accept this truth thank You Lord for guiding me to this Scripture let me not forget it in Jesus name i pray amen
  • Mike
    There is so much turmoil in my life I have no idea what to believe or not. I 've lost everyone I love including both parents and now my spouse is dying from ALS. Her family, instead of helping care for her, spends their time telling me that I 'm being cruel and abusive and that I 'm "f "ing things up and they hate me. I 'm afraid to pray for help because when I prayed to God to save my parents he still took them. I 've never been so lonely in my life and the only things that keep me going is that there are other people who have things a lot worse then me, and I really have no other choice but live another day.
  • DrBlakeman
    Dear Mike, consider Job! He lost everything including his entire family, possessions, yet he refused to curse God and die. It is in the trials of life that we are refined as silver. You can trust that God's Word is true, He promised never to leave you nor forsake you. Even though things are not at all what you might expect, you can trust that God is still there regardless. His grace is sufficient.
  • Lilian
    Hi Rosie keep reading the word of God and meditate them day and night God will help you to understand his words. For the verses 20-21 Jesus is the resurrection of life even if we die we still have life. He is risen and brought to life as this is the promise of our Heavenly Father because of his perfect obedience. Jesus have redeemed us on the cross and made victorious from his precious blood that shed for us. Thanks to Jesus for everything he have done into our life. He is the only Jehovah and a good Shephered to his sheeps he continued protecting his sheeps and is ready to lay down his life for us. Rest all your problems in life to Jesus for his burden is light. just relax and keep your faith i him. Psalms 23 . Delight yourself unto God first and all your things that you need will be added. Love God and obey his commandments until rapture, By obeying God 's words all things that you do will prosper. To defeat the enemy is to do good and keep praising and thanking God for everything. Jesus loves you and he will never fails you only believe in him right now, you will recieved a miracle in your life in Jesus name.
  • Rosie
    I 'am trying to study verses 20-21. can you shed more light on these verses please?
  • Kg shrestha for verse 5
    As I have been brought up into adulthood through this verse, now its time for me to turn up to my heavenly father and say to him " I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee "....and I look down to my children to repeat the same verse to them!
  • Eunice Adeojo for verse 2
    My heart 's desire among others is to be a channel of blessing to people on daily basis.l see this verse as an encouragement.
  • Doris white
    Reading verse 2 taught me how to pray to God about his guardian angels. God put angels around us for our protection and comfort. We need to believe and stay focused on God at all times trust in God.
  • Duane kusler for verse 5
    Is it true that in Koine Greek that when two negatives are side by side as in Hebrews 13:5-6 that the impact doubles and doubles again in v. 6 so that a believer is secure in Christ to the power of five. So I was taught. dk
  • Hannah for verse 8
    I beleive this scripture is saying that no matter what troubles you have or how "lonely " you think you are, if you believe in the word of God, this svripture is saying He will never leave you and that you will be strong eventually. Also it can mean that as you grow up, you may make different choices and like Jesus will never change. He will always be the same then he was the day he was born. He will always be the same for you and will never turn his back on you.
  • I feel that God does test us and to do so He uses His angels. I think that there are many Angels here on Earth and that God has but them here to assist us help us . help us grow in Christ and when its time to good home I think they guide us and maybe even take us.

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