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  • Jonathan for verse 5
    I fully understand that my GOD will never leave me nor forsake me. Through good times or even on bad times... Thank you LORD for the blessing of Your WORD.
  • Lgeorge
    Verse 4 simply means that God honors marriage period. Whether you are saved or unsaved. the institution of marriage between a man and women is honorable in God's sight. God also frowns on those things which go against that vow/commitment which is an adulterer or whoremonger
  • Leticia Neal for verse 5
    In my opinoin Hebrews 13:5 gives us confidence that GOd will provide our needs and never leave us nor forsake us. this also builds our trust in him.
  • Jeff
    From what I understand. It means you should get married as it will prevent pre martial sex. Sex before marriage is bad so god will judge. Hence Whoremongers and adulterers, which is generally the public.
  • Ben weaver for verse 4
    V.4. Marriage, I think, means a life- long committment, not to be broken. Genesis 24:67 says Isaac brought her into his mother's tent and took her and she became his wife. This was before civil registration was required for a legal marriage. The ceremony was already done with God's direction by the servant who went to bring Rebecca to Isaac. An extended pursuit for the right spouse, with God's guidance, and, I believe, the legal and social procedures of a wedding is propper for our day. Otherwise the enemy may use our emotions to set us up for much misery to follow.
  • Ben weaver
    V.4 response to luckygranny. In this series of self contained verses, V.4 seems to speak on right and wrong sexual activities. To me, it says; God created sexuality and is honored and pleased with all natural enjoyment associated with it. Marriage is the first word here, and along with many other Bible directives, is God's proper natural setting for sexual intimacy. Any suggestive sexual thoughts and physical activities, outside of marriage are defiling this beautiful provision of God and the participants. Because of people violating this order, our world promotes untold misery. (I believe "bed" is a symbol used to indicate sexual intimacy). God will judge may involve a giving over to the devil (the cause of deception) for his further torments. Restoration to the beautiful life with God is always available as we return through Jesus, our mediator.
  • Luckygranny
    woud someone please explain to me what verse 4 mean
  • This shows the Lord's heart toward christians as we confess the Lord is my helper knowing man cannot tell the Lord what to do. Jesus is in control as He has always been. Man cannot change who God is as He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God works out the situations in our lives for the good not evil. So trust in God knowing He will never forsake you or leave you. You can stand on the promises of God.
  • Jeremiah Caddell
    I think God plays an everyday role in everyones life Im a teenager and it is truly amazing what god can do to a sinners life. I must say that he has amazingly helped me through all of my rough times in my life. Sure things havent went my way but then again the Lord didnt promise no hardships he said we would be tried. And that he says that he will be with us to the end of the world. And for something other than god to say something of that hes always there hes not like buddha or any other god. What are you talking too? Least when your talking to god you get an answer whether it be the Holy Ghost or whatever he blesses you with. And I just want to thank god for all of my blessings he has given me everything that I stand by. My biological parents werent what I needed I needed to be adopted and be led into the life that I am in and I praise him for it. Just remember me and I am always praising his holy name.

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