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  • Discipline is not pleasant in itself, but when we think about the good results that it can produce afterward it is well worth it. Nobody is perfect, so we will all need discipline at one time or another. Discipline can make us feel down or depressed, but if we allow it to mold us into a better person we can truly appreciate the value that discipline has. God considers those who have been trained by discipline to be righteous.
  • TUKUTELA P for verse 14
    I think this is exactly what the Lord want the Chritians to be. as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy
  • I think many Pastors have been decieved into believing and teaching that someone can love God, be filled with His Spirit, and then later turn away and still walk into heaven, disregarding all the warnings, especially the one here that says without holiness, no man shall see the Lord. We are not talking works, we are talking denying your self. Is not self denial a proff of true salvation?
  • Christine for verse 15
    If I'm understanding this message correctly it is basically speaking about someone who is very bitter and don't appreciate the grace of God and doesn't care about destroying others.
  • We need to find out the true basic meaning of consider And do it
  • Dennis for verse 8
    Is there a verse that says anyone born as a ** shall not enter heaven & 7 generations shall also not be allowed entry into heaven?
  • Livinus Anyim for verse 2
    Lets have our eyes fix on Jesus because by so doing, we will be able to endure and despise the shame of the suffering of this present time as Jesus did and He was glofied by His father who was in heaven.
  • One
    My comment on this chapter; is of the whole chapter: Looking at what Paul was saying from begining to end; and i reflect on myslef. and how i need to let go of the care of my life, and have peace, when i am going through trail and tribulation, and that i wait on God, and take him more seriously, and keep myslef from sining willingly. Paul reminds us to remember Jesus and what he went through; that it reminds us that: hard times are a part of the process, to greatest. Look Israel coming out of eygt, was our example of what happens, if we do not endure. So we must watch ourselves, pray, endure, and incourage everyone esle to do so, cause it is the will of God; (meaning our requirement)
  • Linda Russell for verse 2
    The is no other way to make it. We must keep our focus on Jesus who is the Author and finisher of our faith. My message today is KEEP LOOKING UP!
  • Thomas k Alari for verse 14
    (Hebrews 12:14) God expecte us to love our neighbours, contribute to one another's success, peace and joy. Show our neighbours the love of God and not that of men. The love of God is unconditional.
  • There are two types of people those who are physically alive and have the Holy Spirit and those who are physically alive but do not have the Spirit, they are spiritually dead. Remember Jesus said to a disciple who wanted to first bury his father and Jesus said let the dead bury the dead Matt 8:22.The spiritually dead do not have the Holy Spirit,without the Spirit one cannot enter the Kingdom of God it is the key to the Kingdom John 3:3-5.Our day of death is better than our day of birth that is because those who die a physcial death and have the Spirit do not die spiritually as their Holy Spirit (the essence of who they are) returns to God the Father when they die Eccl 12:7. Hebrews 12:23 is refering to those people (Saints).
  • Carlos for verse 1
    The race of faith, Amen!
  • Nat shaffa for verse 2
    Jesus is a perfect example of d way a perfect christian is suppose to live his or her life. lets focus and trust d Lord for everything we need in our life.
  • Blessing cyril for verse 28
    Heb 12:28 has made me realise my inheretance in GOD,therefore i should not take his grace for granted.
  • Past Pat Mfaba for verse 2
    As we run the race, let us not lose focus and allow ourselves to be distracted by the so called beauties of the eye and as a result, forgetting that we are running the race to win, winners never lose focus but they restrain themselves until the end; to win the price Jesus set to won. And being a perfect example of the race, He ran and won, and now is seated at the right hand of God.
  • Joseph Markson for verse 2
    The life style of Jesus should be what we long to attain if we must be steadfast to the end....even in the midst of Distractions and sin that tend to swerve us from living that life that will be worthy of Godís reward, we should always remember Jesus Triumphed....So We can make it..
  • Gay Kirkesy
    I enjoyed the book of Hebrews. We are studying Hebrews in our Sunday School this month. I've learned some Good things as a Christian. Like how God didn't allow the people or animals to come to the mountain. Also because it took you back to the old testament to Moses. Just think if GOD comes in today the way he did back then, would we be alive, living and doing what we do as GODís people today.
  • Vernon Nyangulu for verse 2
    12;2 As we run the race our focus-so called focal point is very crucial. This is so because in the process many things will happen to distract us. In athletics the finishing line is very important. The one who crosses it is declare a winner. I have observed that in most cases the starting is not the issue but the focus and finishing part.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Holiness is the purpose of this chapter of Hebrews. We are to be a peace with all men, and seek to be holy in all our actions. The chapter concludes our God is a consuming fire. Therefore it behooves us to obey him, and submit to his training as his beloved children since only holy people will live forever with a holy God.
  • it is a prophecy from the old testament which has been fulfilled in the new testament through Christ Jesus. it is the kingdom of God in your heart today. amen!
  • Owinters
    The book of Hebrews is a very interesting book. We have been studying from this book and I have a better insight of what the Lord want us to see from the teaching of the Hebrews. Understanding the book of Hebrew helps to live a more easier christian life. I encourage every one who want to live a more easier christian life to read Hebrew. Understanding the word besetting, cloud of witness and running the race. We must identify the sin and things that gets into our way to live live as Christ wants us to do. It is much easier to identify the sin and the weights of life that keep us from finding joy in the Lord. Laying aside those things that keep us down, stressful, uncertain. Reading and understanding the What apostle Paul is writing in Hebrew make it better to live a christain life. The more I read Hebrew the better I understand how it relate to my life as a christian. I hope we as christian identify the sin and the things in our life that keep us from growing. Once we identify those things, we can grow and mature and live a better christian life. We then can give more of ourselves and understand and help others. We cannot give up. Laying aside these obstacles, we an run a more vigorous race to the finish. We can then enjoy life.
  • Clinton Williams
    I am lifted up so hight when i read about my Lord in HEBREWS 12 JUST HOW GREAT HE IS, I am looking forward to the day when i can meet JESUS on that day when he come's to take us home to forever be with him in heaven sweet heaven how happy we will be.. I just want all sinners to see the light.. GOD BLESS
  • Ben weaver for verse 6
    V.6. The word scourge brings up an image in my mind that I believe to be different than the writer of Hebrews meant to convey. When Jesus was scourged for our sins, I was told his skin was severely lacerated to the point that, as a strong man, he couldn't drag the cross. Such a painfully violent whipping seems to clash with the discipling methods Jesus used on his followers. Although we believe the message "Hebrews" was inspired by God, could it be that most translators chose a less than ideal word? Scourgeth is translated from the Gr. word "Mastigoi", of which the root is also used as "plagues" in Mk. 3:10 & 5:29. Maybe, God allowed the plague of fear and denial on Peter to reveal that his own good determination was inadequate. When Peter, in the flesh, meant well, Jesus responded by saying,"Get thee behind me Satan'. In a sense; a scouraging. Maybe God allows us to hurt in various ways from our religious ambitions so we turn to the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Open to correction.
  • I prays for all christian all over the world for strenght and grace to be able to first identify the sin that beseth us, to lay them aside, and run a victorious race
  • Catherine
    I learned a deeper understanding of besetting sin and the trappings of it.
  • Chance
    one of the most powerful pieces of scripture for me.

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