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  • Wanderer
    After a lifetime of serving God wholeheartedly I fell and became involved in a 6 month emotional affair and one night of sin. Since that time I have struggled with the effects of my failing and yet have found that I consistently regardless of constantly shifting circumstances have everything I need. Thanks be to God who Is faithful even when I am not. What He has done for us is truly amazing.l
  • Catherine holl
    When we Receive Jesus,at same time we should follow HIS steps !Knowing the devil never gets asleep will always look for ways to bring our faith down, through trials some trials which will make us feel ashamed unwanted, lonely, hated, killed, poor , But my Brothers and sisters at this point of trials its climbing Mountain gain Courage!!!knowing your carried and on the Top of the Mountain keep praise in Heart and mind next will be going down!!!it can never be dark next will be morning
  • Lilian
    Jesus is the author and the finisher of faith Jesus is the light of the world we must believe in him . He is the only way the truth and the life no men cometh to the Father but by me. Thank you Jesus for the blood you shed for us and thanks to your word for they are my life Praise you Jesus and will trust you forever i love you Lord amen
  • A disciple
    In the context of all that the Apostle wrote up to this point it is for us to discipline and control our mind, our heart, our entire purpose and conduct, in the same way that all the Saints and Prophets before us have followed from the beginning having endured and overcome all contradiction and opposition of the ungodly, by holding the Word of God, the Promise of the Saviour, and seeking to know Him and His Personal Supreme Greatness, as all our joy and purpose for being. The rebukes and warnings against slipping away and hardening of the heart, are words of wisdom and love so that we NOT fall away and end up losing those things we have once labored and suffered for but that we endure to the end, and receive the complete salvation in Christ we wait for. Looking unto Jesus means literally, "Looking away to Jesus:" that is away from all the sin and ungodliness which surrounds us, and weighs us down with grief and torment. And with our "looking away to Jesus " learning from Him how to despise the shame, with a view toward the joy which no man can take from us, when we get their! In other words, to have the strong faith, by firmness of understanding, that can set aside as nothing worth to care about, the shame and humiliation heaped on us by the proud and ungodly and their scorn and abuse and persecution because we know that this is not our long home and we are coming to our rest and reward in the Day of Eternity with our Wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ .
  • BSP
    Jesus looked ahead to the joy and that helped him to endure the suffering that he went through.
  • Irene123
    V. 14 - 'peace' has already been noted; "and holiness, without which, no man shall see the Lord." The Lord Jesus is ALL PURE holiness - the angels are constantly around His throne crying - "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY". After we are saved we strive to live a holy life, but we fall short - sometimes not knowing this; this is why we are to ask His forgiveness everyday. His Love covers a multitude of sins.
  • Angela a. trehern
    This is such a powerful scripture! It often brings me to a place I need to be...bringing tears to my eyes. Christ on the cross dying in agony , innocent ,choosing with the deepest love possible to give his life for me, a sinner so unworthy and many times weak...I find strength and tremendous encouragement in my Christian walk in these words!!(:
  • Darlene Wells
    God's word is truth and fulfillingh
  • BSP
    We should strive to pursue peace with all men.
    There is only one straight narrow path that God will accept To enter the kingdom of God. Faith, obedience to the word, in sincerity in truth. JOHN 14
  • Arthur Gray
    Verse 22 - 24 teaches protocols of engaging heavenly in issues of intercession.
  • Desmond
    Faithful Christians welcome the Lords chastisement because they understand that it is for their own spiritual good.Christians must have the desire to be corrected when they a walking froward to God's word.God is a loving,caring,forgiving, and just God.Faithful Christians need to always be in remembrance of that.
  • Jonathan McDade
    The Kingdom we receive is inside us when God grants us piece, and if he has delivered us from evil through prayer in secret then we must remember to honour our loving God the Father so that we are never in the hands of the enemy, it would be foolish not to fear God who can do such amazing things for us. What an amazing big God he is.
  • ROY
  • Yeahbut
    The great cloud of witnesses in 12:1 couldn't refer to the faith heroes of chapter 11 since vs 39 says they never saw their promise, or Christ, other than in shadow. I think it refers to the people in Christ's time who saw the resurrection as they did witness it.
    once you get born again you recieves the kingdom which can not be shaken
  • MockingBird for verse 2
    Jesus is the author the beginning and Jesus is the finisher the end of our faith : He is the first and the last : Jesus knew when He came to earth that He was on a mission : as I , we are ,Jesus suffered for His faith in His and our Father : When we I suffer for righteousness sake , there is a reward : Looking unto the end ,focusing on the prize : I have fought a Good fight , I have finished my course , I have kept the faith : there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness and having fellowship with my Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus Christ throughout eternity : Which to me is PRICELESS !!! In thy Presence is fullness of Joy !!!
  • Lilian
    God is longing to bless us and heal us. Jesus already restores our Soul and have forgiven our sins when Jesus redeemed us on the cross. But sometimes because of our disobedience we are chastened. When the storm comes into our life we dont know what to do if we dont have Christ in our life. Jesus is the only Savior, He who opens his door for him will be saved. We must show our obedience to his words in order for us to see the Glory of God as his mercy and love endureth forever. What a promising God and always faithful to his words. Thanks to Jesus and keep praising his blood as his precious blood washed our ungodly sins. Praise you Lord and thanks for your blood i will love you Jesus forever until rapture. Amen
  • Michael Babarinde for verse 2
    Hebrews 12:2 KJV 'looking the act of directing the eyes to something and perceiving it visual ly. unto Jesus ...... ' is the blessedness of mourning.
  • Judy
    V6 to me means that when we sin intentionally or unintentionally, God withdraws His grace from us for a season, so that we know we cannot do without Him. This leads to repentance and a renewed desire for His word, prayer and holy living that His holy name may once again be glorified in our lives. Woe to you whose sins go unpunished know it I not well with you. Later a recompense shall be made.
  • Isabella for verse 14
    holiness is a lifestyle which differs dramatically from our mannerof life before we were saved.
  • The difference in the interpretations of "author and finisher " is interesting. I found this page because it dawned on me that the writer may have meant the author and finisher of our faith as in our "Faith, " meaning the Faith of Christianity, rather than the saving faith of the individual. I 'm not completely sure what weight this might hold, because truthfully both are equally as profound, nevertheless, they encompass two entirely different ideas as well as ideals. I 'm also not sure that it could threaten the doctrine of the security of the saints or the doctrine of election, but it is one passage that is used to strengthen the positions of both aforementioned doctrines, though obviously not the only passage. Just interesting.
  • Paul oyewole oladele for verse 6
    there is need for more revelation of Gods word
  • S.k.f Zwane pastor for verse 2
    Lord Jesus had faith and we should follow His footsteps and run a good raise in order to win at the end.
  • Lillie Hall
    It made me feel like if we can be obedient to man than certinely we can be obedient to our heavenly Father, for he is the one who created us and will save us from Sin and All that is not Righteous.
  • Valerie for verse 1
    To realize the most important thing we can do in our life is to make our peace with God, to also realize that the answer is in our response. It is not too late.
  • Lacey
    Very beautiful!!! A blessing to me!!!! Amen!!
  • Judith
    I agree with all three of the student 's that expressed their findings regarding Hebrews Chpt,12. It is an very powerful word obviously, as it is God 's word,but i do also believe that God is telling us as his follower 's to clean-up our act or hold fast as he does clean-up, and that or those which is not found steadfast in Him, will be shaken away, and those or that which is steadfastly in him will remain.
  • Wendysanford
    God Did Not Give Us The Spirit Of Fear
  • Bjorn
    Hold fast to Christ with everlasting hope. Never trifle with all-knowing God because he is a consuming fire of fools. He is a loving and chastising father.

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