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  • Richard
    Do the verses 26-27 of this chapter mean that someone who was a Christian and after walking away from the Lord for many years, does this mean they cannot ever come back to Jesus and find forgiveness? Of course I knew I was sinning and I knew it was wrong without a doubt and even at times felt guilty but sinned anyway. I have repented and turned away from my life of sin but it seems like i am having a hard time accepting Gods forgiveness, or I can't be forgiven again, because I have that fearful feeling of judgement, can someone want to repent and be told No you have gone to far. I don't know if I am fighting a spiritual battle or I've lost it and just can't bring myself to admit it.

    Respectfully looking for some help here
  • Chris
    Page 2.

    The first part of knowing & accepting God's forgiveness is agreeing with God that He has indeed called you to repentance, He has truly forgiven you & accepted you according to His Word, you are in His family now & at great liberty to partake of His goodness & enjoy the new life He has given you. To harbour fears of being unacceptable & in judgement are no longer of the Lord, but of the enemy of your soul who wants to keep you caged & bound in his lies. Continue to read & study the Scriptures with this thought in mind. I always recommend the study of 1 John & especially for you, chapter 5, verse 13: a very positive confirmation to all who have called upon the Name of the Lord for salvation, "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that YE MAY KNOW (i.e. to know with all assurance) that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." Do you believe? Have you put your faith in Jesus? Then the promise is that YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE NOW & nothing, but nothing, can separate you from God's Love because He now only sees you through His Son, His only begotten still with the nail scarred Hands. Such is His Love for you - Hold onto Him - He's holding onto you.
  • Chris
    Page 1.

    Richard, if I could add to Fred's good advice to you. Oftentimes, we Christians look at a Scripture & form a judgement, whether to our favour or not. It's always a good practise to learn as much as you can about a Bible book in regards to the authorship, readership, reasons for writing, etc. Hebrews was written primarily to Jews who had converted to Christ or likely, appeared to do so. So, unlike Gentile converts, these Jews had a lot of the OT already in their minds & so the writer had to deal with much of that. We can't go into that here; as you read this epistle with that in mind, you will some of these hurdles they had to overcome.

    Hebrews 10:26,27, is one of those warnings given. It was directed to some who had or were planning to leave the faith (apostatize); in other words, they wanted to reject Christ & His salvation preferring to return to Judaism. Hence the 'sin' spoken of in v26, is the sin of Christ rejection by turning back to Judaism. So the writer goes on in v28,29, that if those who wilfully disobeyed the Law in times past were executed for their crime, how much more worthy will be the punishment for any who now consider the Sacrifice of Christ as a useless vain offering, showing hatred to God's gracious Work.

    Do you believe the above applies to you brother? I would think not, but you know your circumstances. As well, when these apostates left, they would have not had any convictions about their actions - they were cast off to join the throng of Christ-rejectors, & more so, having also once been partakers of the Spirit's offerings (6:4-6, shows the same warning there also). Your moving testimony of your spiritual struggle tells us that the Spirit of God has been working on you right through your life. No-one who has been cast off from God ever senses conviction & a call to repentance. You have responded to His Call, in spite of self will & obstinacy in the past.
  • Fred Scanlan
    I always think of David.A man after gods own heart!Yet, he willfully steps out a little,then finds himself running for his life from his own son.His sin started with a look. then a thought ,and then he took the occasion.Then onto murder. These are no small matters. Not unlike Cain killing Abel, David did the same thing, only without His bare hands.A product of the V.Nam era,I am constantly reminded of our sins that were committed their. I did not fly the b52 that bombed and killed civilians in Hanoi, or burn the villages, but I was accused of being wrong when I returned home!The bible refers to the sin that follows us or goes before us. God gave us a free will! That is why we are sinners. When you come to the place in your life, when you realize that there is nothing that you can do to change that,you will fall on your knees and give God the Father the thanks He deserves,You will thank Him for sending his son Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind.Paul is very adamant, when he talks about our works unto god. You can be one with Father, only through the Son. He who has seen the Son has seen the Father. Christ is the Messiah, In a world ridden with sin, how can those who crucified Him say that His spirit is not alive.No greater love hath a man than he lay down His life for his brother! The Jewish nation will see these things plainly, and confess His holy name!
  • Duane for verse 25
    When the church has meetings GO. U get the message & we're there for others or ourselves to encourage . If one slips & falls pick him/her up. When the Body is join together in unity, God annoints His Body.

    Love yall in Christ,

  • TammieSogolon Sakidi
    "Thank you, Jesus!!!"
  • Alex
    Comments by Alex about the great Drops of Blood . Jesus had much anxiety and apprehension about dying for the sins of the world he prayed that the cup might be passed on someway. He prayed if it be possible take this cup from me,But the cup my father has given me shall i not drink it ( his death and suffering ) that he might bring in a new covenant ,a blood covenant, THE LAMB OF GOD. That every man might get a DROP OF BLOOD a measure of faith, a Seed that was the Word made flesh and blood. EVEN BACK IN THE O.T. WHEN THEY MADE A COVENANT IT HAD TO BE DEDICATED WITH BLOOD. Thus the great drops of blood. He knew that his death wd bring in a NEW COVENANT where all men might be saved and washed in his blood, Unto him that has loved us and has washed us from our sins in his own blood.When they piecered him out came the blood and the water symbolic of a BIRTH resulting in a Child our 1st born ,our only son which is the H.G.THEY SHALL LOOK ON ME WHOM THEY HAVE PIECERED AND MOURN FOR HIM AS OUR 1ST BORN OUR ONLY SON THIS NEW COVENANT IS A BIRTHING COVENANT WE ARE ALL GONNA BIRTH CHRIST IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS THUS THE SON OF MAN,MANKINDS FRUIT UNTO GOD.We have been mourning for 2 days 2000 yrs for our 1st born Our only son which is the H.G. as that which is born of the spirit is spirit the H.G. A NEW INNERMAN THAT NEW HEART AND A NEW SPIRIT. Jeremiah saw all men in travail and birth pains which resulted from the great drops of Blood his stress and anxiety BUT HE OPENED not his mouth,he kept his composure to the end. What the 1st adam destroyed ( in adam we all die,but in Christ) that 2 nd adam we will all live. life is in his Blood those great drops of Blood wd result in our Eternal life . Folks in the carnal ( flesh ) see everything in the flesh but them in the spirit see everything in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit etc and you will not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Those great drops of blood have spritual implications a New Covenant in his blood, gbu
  • Marie for verse 29
    Trodden Underfoot meaning killed? ... For 2 Esdras 16:69?
  • Miguel Corra Tavares
    Hi brother. I believe in this: if we sin and we heard the Holy Spirit, we are forgiven because God is a Love God and have the mercy and compassion with us. I hope I've helped. If you want, reply this comment and we can talk about it. God bless you!
  • Peter
    At least some christians and probably many believe that when they are sick; it is just a matter of asking God for a healing; and many expect it and some expect it, immediately; and God can do it; He has done that, many times and so did Jesus; but that did not stop the world from sinning. Jesus was crucified. So; we sin; get sick and all we have to do is asked to be healed; and If God did that every time and all the time; we would not need Doctors; but the world would still sin. So, is God still suppose to do it simply because we ask? That is up to Him; but I know I wouldn't unless I had the power; and no one has that power unless God gives it; and the healing is in His name.
  • Tyrone Lathan
    Amen ! god is in control.
  • Rich
    Hebrews 10 vs 26-27 say if we sin willfully, does that mean if we sin on purpose deliberately with Full knowledge of what we are doing, we can never turn to repentance? Is the rest of our lives spent with foreboding and fear knowing hell is our destination? Because I cant seem to find Jesus anymore from the very second I wake up until I finally go to sleep I'm in fear , I have absolutely no joy in my life, I do my best to lead others to Christ but inside I feel like I've made an eternal mistake, and I dont want anyone else to make it
  • Miguel Corra Tavares
    And, when I say "hear the Spirit" I want express this: If we are "alerted" to the sin and we obey the bible instruction to leave this sin and claim forgiveness from God in the pray (with a decision to leave the sin), He hear you and forgive you.
  • Jesse
    (Part 2)

    I hope you understand what this verse is saying. Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice for sin. There is no more sacrifice for sin. Those Hebrew people who were being enlightened to the truth had to choose between accepting Christ's final sacrifice for sin, or going turning away and going back to their own sacrificing.

    Please know this. If you have received Christ (Been born of His Spirit), He lives inside of you. He promised to never leave you, nor forsake you. You are eternally secure in Christ if you have been born of His Spirit. Also understand, that even though you're saved, you will sin. As long as you live in a body of flesh, you will sin. However, you will be unable to live a lifestyle of sin because Christ's Spirit in you will not allow you to do so. There will be conviction. You will commit single acts of sin, but it is impossible for a saved person to live a lifestyle of sin, their former lifestyle before receiving Christ.

    Please do not be troubled in heart. If you have Christ, you'll always have Christ. He's not leaving you!
  • Jesse

    I'm going to have to break this up. I would like to share this with you in hope that it might ease your mind. There are some who use Hebrews 10:26 to show that a person can lose their salvation. That is not what this verse is saying. Hebrews 10:26 says "For if we sin willfully, that is, we go back to serving the principle of sin, after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins.

    If you go back to Chapter 6, those who were enlightened, that are no longer coming for fellowship, just because they were enlightened doesn't mean they're saved. The Lord can enlighten someone as to the knowledge of the truth, they know the truth, they have seen the truth, they understand the truth, but have never surrendered their life to Christ.

    Now if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins. This is what the writer is saying. He's talking to Hebrew people who were following along and being enlightened to the truth about Christ. But when it came time for them to make a decision to give up Judaism and surrender their life to Christ, many of them would leave because of the price they would have to pay. If they received Christ, they would be banned from their own temple, they would lose their jobs, their family would disown them. So they chose to go back into Judaism because surrendering to Christ would be too hard. The writer is telling them that if they go back into old Judaism, you're not going to find any sacrifice there that's going to take care of your sin problem if you leave Christ.

    More to follow.
  • Rich
    I understand what you are saying and i have repented and turn away from the life i was living but for the first time in years i am alcohol and drug free and every sin i have ever done is coming back to haunt me, I guess what i am saying even though i don't feel have that closeness with the Lord i used to have and my prayers feel like they are not getting through, so without that closeness am i still saved? Because i don't feel saved.
  • Mishael On Matthew 1243-45
    When you became born again, baptized by the Holy Spirit; the demons are kicked out of you. Your house (inside of you) is swept,


    You're supposed to follow Jesus as other disciples did: read the Bible, attend church or bible study; pray the Lord's Prayer, maybe read some spiritual warfare books; :) listen to " kingdom in the streets" CD by Dion.

    These are garnishments for your spiritual house: Your body, your mind

    Matthew 12:43-45. When you got saved, the demons got sent away. They study you for weaknesses (like they did to Eve in the garden). What you are experiencing is spiritual warfare. They're trying to get back in their old house... your body.

    Go back and do the things you did when you first got saved. Go to 1 John 8-9, and 1 John 2:1, as often as you need to.

    Satan accuses us to the Father, Jesus stands up as the Advocate (attorney for you), He finds your name recorded in his book, and declares you not guilty for lack of evidence (because He paid for your sins on the Cross).

    Your faith in this will stop "them" from returning anymore.
  • Jesse

    I think there are many believers who at one point or another have had that same feeling of doubt about their salvation. I know I have. Is it possible that you are trying to deal with your circumstances on your own, and not trusting in the Lord? Once a person receives Christ, they need to be mended. We come to the Lord broken, and we call out to Him to save us, and to mend us. Our past will never leave us. It will always be stuck in the cortex of our brain. But we have to trust Christ. Being mended is a lifetime process my friend. But Christ will mend you. You just have to trust Him. There are some things you said that stand out. You say you don't feel you have that closeness with the Lord that you used to have, your prayers feel like they are not getting through, and don't feel saved. You used the word "feel" three times. Those are fleshly terms, not spiritual. Feelings are human senses and emotions. How do you feel Spirit? You can't feel Spirit. Whether or not you "feel" saved, you're still saved. You don't have to feel anything to know you are saved. If you truly from your heart called out to the Lord to come into your life, and to save you, His promise in Romans 10:13 is that He promised to save you. As far as your prayers getting through, if you ask anything according to His will (Not yours), that prayer will always be answered. Listen to this, cut it out and put it on your refrigerator if you need to: Prayer is the means by which you express your submission to God's will in whatever you are asking Him for, and knowing that He will always answer that prayer.

    Whether or not you feel saved, you are. Christ is in you (If you received Him). He will never leave you. You are eternally secure in Him. All you have to do is trust Him. You're relationship with Jesus Christ will never change. You might break fellowship with Him, but you can call out to Him to restore that any time. But your relationship as a child of God will never change! Salvation is eternal!
  • Nathan
    Hello Jesse,

    This is such a controversial topic among Christians, some Christians believe the idea of Once Saved Always Saved and some don't. However, I believe that it is possible to lose salvation. Sin is a separation from God. Repenting is turning away from sin. When you repent, you have the free will of overcoming sin and not committing sin willfully. Jesus told the woman to "... go and sin no more" (John 8:11), it wasn't, "go and try not to sin". Jesus gave parables about heaven that prove salvation can be lost (Matthew 12, Luke 9:62, Revelation 3:16, Revelation 3:5, Revelation 2:7). I believe the road to salvation is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, repenting to overcome your sin and abide.
  • Sandi
    Jesse: My God, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, well penned and ministered! Praise God for this and all the other comments. Amen.
  • Jesse
    Sandi, all glory to our Lord, for He is good!
  • Sandi
    Oh but of course, indeed!
  • Dot
    Also, Rich, verses 10:26-39 is a warning dealing with the sin of apostasy, an intentional falling away. He is NOT talking about himself or genuine believers. I recommend getting a Study Bible, as they explain many, many things in the Bible we may not understand. I LOVE mine. David Jeremiah's study Bible is excellent, I have that one & also John Macarthur's.
  • Dot
    What immediately came to my mind is

    1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness. (Also continue on thru 2:2) The fear you feel is NOT from God, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. 11 Timothy 1:7 But satan, the liar who comes to kill, steal & destroy has gripped you. Cast off his lies IN JESUS NAME!!!!! I pray this helps to bring His peace into your soul. Get into the Word & see what God says, then you'll know the truth, & satan's lies will be more obvious to you.
  • Mishael On I John 19
    Stay a while in 1 John and his other books.

    In 1 John 2:1 it says that if you sin and Satan drags you up before the Throne of God, you have an ADVOCATE (sitting at Gods right arm). Jesus, your Advocate and attorney. He checks the Lambs Book of Life, sees your name written in it, and your case is dismissed for lack of evidence. Your sins have been blotted out with His blood.

    It doesn't mean we can run amok and sin all over the place. We are to put ourselves in the Holy Spirits leadership, teaching; conviction when we do sin.

    Fear hath torments. That's a demon with many little demons. It's their job to shake your faith in Jesus. The spirit of death causes some people to take their lives. They know they have no rights to do any of that to a Jesus trusting Christian.

    In 1 John 1:9 you will learn to run to the Cross if you do sin and confess; be forgiven; renewed. I go there a lot.

    We are washed clean by constantly renewing our minds with the Word of God. Your Bible. If we don't furnish our "homes" with Bible teaching; prayer: demons come back around to see if you have an opening for them. You can make them leave!

    Say what you've learned: IT IS WRITTEN... and speak your scripture that you've planted in your heart.

    You'll get so strong that you'll be able to help other people get freed as well.

    Now go read Romans 8:1-2. Read all of Romans 8. Read Book of John 8:32

    You did good coming here :)
  • Peter
    Rich - in Reply on Hebrews 10 These are all excellent comments; and they make my heart feel good. It is not easy sometimes; but always put your faith in the lord. You pray to the lord by yourself but usually you always pray with others; at least one other; and I don't know where and when you accepted the Lord as your saviour; but when we do that; we usually go to the church where we got saved or back to the church of our parents and or where we were named or baptized. The ideas is once we accept the Lord; we usually hang around with others with strong faith in God; Our Father in Heaven as you say in the lord's prayer, which I say often and a lot of other christians do; what I did 50 years ago or more is make a commitment to carry a small Bible in my wallet; and I always followed that commitment; and I also later carry a special bigger small Bible that, I had a sentimental attachment to, on my belt; but then another person who was having some issues I thing related to his family asked me for the one on my belt; and I gave it to him although I did not want to; but then when he saw it was from someone; he said no don't give me that one as that must be special to you; and so I gave him the old almost deteriorated one that he wanted but now i have two small ones along with the old back cover back of my old 50 year one. So what you could do is go some where where you can find another Christian; preferable a priest or minister and I know that some may have a bad reputation from the past; however, most of them would never do that today; but the main thing is your faith; and they are use to dealing with people; and sometimes also; if you have other issues; then it may be time to get help there; and a priest or minister and or another man of God and family usually can help there; but what ever you do; don't ever lose faith in God; know that He loves you; and his word is that He will always stand by us, we must never give up, Others can help us c He is there. So, why not go C
  • Vance
    This train doesn't carry backsliders! Must sill check oneself and repent and ask for forgiveness on bended knees.
  • Blake Haynes for verse 39
    We who believe to the saving of the souls shall be able to do this because of the Lord preparing the way before us as when we by faith accepted the truth of the price paid by His blood. We were chosen though unworthy so that in the time appointed we would fall back into faith and choose salvation of the soul.
  • Darlene for verse 26
    I take it to mean that God's grace is not a l license to sin.
  • Chris for verse 26
    (continuing comment). How precious is our salvation then: this gift that we hang onto tenaciously in a life of godliness & love. Romans 5:20 "..But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound", i.e. there is not too great a sin that God's Grace cannot cover.

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