Hebrews 5:3

“And by reason hereof he ought, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins.”

King James Version (KJV)

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And by reason heereof hee ought as for the people, so also for himselfe, to offer for sinnes.
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

and because of it he is obligated to offer {sacrifices} for sins, as for the people, so also for himself.
- New American Standard Version (1995)

and by reason thereof is bound, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins.
- American Standard Version (1901)

And being feeble, he has to make sin-offerings for himself as well as for the people.
- Basic English Bible

and, on account of this [infirmity], he ought, even as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins.
- Darby Bible

And by reason of this he ought, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins.
- Webster's Bible

And for this reason he is required to offer sin-offerings not only for the people but also for himself.
- Weymouth Bible

Because of this, he must offer sacrifices for sins for the people, as well as for himself.
- World English Bible

And therfor he owith, as for the puple, so also for hym silf, to offre for synnes.
- Wycliffe Bible

and because of this infirmity he ought, as for the people, so also for himself to offer for sins;
- Youngs Literal Bible

Bible Commentary for Hebrews 5:3

Wesley's Notes for Hebrews 5:3

5:1 For every high priest being taken from among men - Is, till he is taken, of the same rank with them. And is appointed - That is, is wont to be appointed. In things pertaining to God - To bring God near to men, and men to God. That he may offer both gifts - Out of things inanimate, and animal sacrifices.

5:2 Who can have compassion - In proportion to the offence: so the Greek word signifies. On the ignorant - Them that are in error. And the wandering - Them that are in sin. Seeing himself also is compassed with infirmity - Even with sinful infirmity; and so needs the compassion which he shows to others.

5:4 The apostle begins here to treat of the priesthood of Christ. The sum of what he observes concerning it is, Whatever is excellent in the Levitical priesthood is in Christ, and in a more eminent manner; and whatever is wanting in those priests is in him. And no one taketh this honour - The priesthood. To himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron - And his posterity, who were all of them called at one and the same time. But it is observable, Aaron did not preach at all; preaching being no part of the priestly office.

5:5 So also Christ glorified not himself to be an high priest - That is, did not take this honour to himself, but received it from him who said, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee - Not, indeed, at the same time; for his generation was from eternity. #Psa 2:7|.

People's Bible Notes for Hebrews 5:3

Heb 5:3 And by reason hereof. Of his own infirmity, in that he was of men. He ought, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins. As one of a sinful race he needed to approach God in his own behalf, as well as in behalf of men. He offered atonement for his own sins and for the sins of the people (Le 9:7). This was shown forth in the very garments he wore when he offered the national atonement once a year. On the shoulder of the ephod were two onyx stones, on which were engraved the names of the twelve sons of Jacob, the representatives of all the tribes of Israel, of Levi the priestly tribe as well as the others (Ex 28:10). As he stood before the mercy-seat interceding, he bore all these names before the Lord.

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