Hebrews 12:2 Inspirational Image

Hebrews 12:2 Inspirational Image

"Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."
Hebrews 12:2 (KJV)

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"Amen! Glory to God for His Son!!"
"Another proof positive that Jesus never implicated himself as equal to God Almighty!"
"Jesus is God in the flesh. SEATED at the right hand means he is all powerful."
"Despising the shame, so beautiful! To despise the hatred with fierceness of his Love by offering himself a sacrifice. To not sit back and allow the church to read the scriptures and claim to be prophets and not notice the Son of God in sight, power, might, or even after he did the miracles or after he came back to life. Instead of worshipping him they killed him without a cause. And that is our example from henceforth; while we are yet sinners Christ died for us US, even on the cross. God can rescue you from death in being that he conquered it!"
"Unbelievers will be confused with this one. But I do believe Jesus is God. One true and only God."
"Through all the pain, suffering, rejectection, and etc. He still had JOY when he endured the cross. We too should never loose our JOY. Thank you Lord"
"Hallelujah ACT 2:38-40 the WAY of the Cross leads to Heaven. Holiness without, which no man shall see the LORD... the servant of GOD"
"The only BOOK that has survived extinction from radicals,fundamentalists, extremists or babarians.if u ve it dont sell it! KJV Of 1911 is the best"
"What a hope we have that one day soon we will be with Him."
"King James is still the best."
"Praise ye the Lord! ! thank you Jesus. ."
"He did it to cover man's shame. Our righteous in our best effort are like filthy rags before God. None is righteous before Him. We all need His favor on our lives,"
"He died for our sins and i will worship him till the end Ame!"
"He is the alpha nd omega"
"@ Bob Price 1 John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one."
"Always loved that verse"
"Amen! Lord Jesus-Christ, You have begun your work in me, I am relying on Your faithfulness!"
"And the cross was HIS lowest point yet its our highest point to get to him.... Keep on telling the word via fb. GOD BLESS"
"Anola Anderson, Only Trust and Obey if we want him to finish it. Otherwise we shall lose. God bless you."
"Glory be to god for giving his son to show us the way amen"
"He went through ALL of that, just so someday in the foreseeable future He would present us blameless and without sin, to our Father in heaven. Thank you Jesus, for everything you endured and went through, for me and for all those that believe!"
"He's the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, He lives forevermore, Glory"
"I also want to share Ezekiel Chap 23!"
"I am so thankful Jesus ENDURED the cross "despising" the shame! Lord help us to follow YOUR footsteps! It is assuring to know JESUS is the "FINISHER" or our faith!!! No worries!"
"I give him the glory and i give him the praise Jesus my Lord is my everything Amen"
"My eyes are set on You Lord Jesus forever"
"No other name but the name of Jesus He is worthy of Honour, Glory, power and praise. Majesty Majesty Lord i love you for your grace..."
"Oh how I love the Scriptures! Oh HOW I LOVE JESUS THE CHRIST! Thank you LORD God."
"The King James Bible is the only acceptable Holy Bible in English! Just in the New Testament the New International Perversion has over 50,000 less Words than the King James Bible! Why are these Words edited? Why are Apostolics sending their children to Apostolic schools which defend the NIV and most modern perversions. Why are there at least two books by Apostolics defending the modern versions? There are many changes in the modern versions causing one to denie the deity of Jesus Christ my God! Apostolics stand for the Oneness of God. Shouldn't we stand against the attacks of Satan against His Holy Word?"
"Amen i am very thankful for all he has done,and still to come."
"Amen Thank you JESUS for being my saviour."
"Amen What a Mighty God we serve!!!!"
"Amen. thank you Jesus for dieng for my sins."
"Aren't you glad it's him sitting there?"
"Christ our savior"
"Don't let any anything or anyone distract us. Let focus on Jesus who has done all for our salvation & security. Praise God Amen"
"For he is our peace. For our life's are hide in him . Thank u jesus."
"God blz al f u?"
"God has blessed us in name of Holy Jesus , Amen !"
"Halleluja iam so greatful that we have to look unto jesus, not unto each others."
"Hallelujah! Praise be to the King of kings..Yeshua ben David...Jesus Christ the Lamb of God."
"He suffered it all for us. Thank you Lord Jesus."
"He sure is our Mighty God,Amen"
"He was innocent as a lamb, slapped, called names, scourged, mocked, despised, nails thrust through his feet and hands...Jesus, he's coming back again in all glory! Glory to God!"
"I love the way the quote was written with the word "our" in brackets. My bible doesn't do that - it puts them in italics and sometimes we forget that those words are not in the Greek, but added to the king James. And when you read it without the "our" it is even more awesome!! Jesus is the author and finisher of faith period!! Amen?!"
"I surrender my life to the lord, and what joy, am born again and i praise god!!!Amen"
"If you look to the back (right side) of the picture, it looks like Jesus raising his right arm letting us know IT'S Alright! Glory Be to God"
"I'll serv u all de time ma LORD"
"Is there any love greater than this? I don't....i don't think so. My Jesus i thank for your unlimited love and mercy you showed to man kind. Be highly lifted up for there is noon like thee,''Amen''."
"It is written,"ALL who win souls are wise."(Proverbs 11:30) Ask Jesus to help you to bring someone to Jesus today! Hello brothers and sisters and I bless you all in the Name of Yeshua.. I ask you to please lift me in prayer today. I also invite you to send me a "FRIEND REQUEST"!"
"Jesus our focus"
"Knowing we have a Eternal Home; Makes us PRESS ON !!!"
"Only Jesus nothing else."
"Our father which is in heaven what a blessing to know him"
"Sometimes when i go thru difficult seasons and read this scripture and realise that thr is someone who went thru what am going thru and even byond,am rlly encouraged,u know this days we r lookn 4 pple who we can look at and b inspired 2 press on thru our dfficults and b encouraged,but we find none pple r compromising thank God 4 Jesus"
"Thank you Jesus for dying for me, a wretched sinner so I could be saved from a living Hell. I can never thank or praise you enough."
"Thank you Jesus! Amen."
"Thank you Lord for giving us your only son and I can't leave without Jesus Christ name"
"The Lord JESUS has given us His faith so we can use it,live by it and put it to work to advance His kingdom!"
"This is the example that Jesus set for our Faith."
"We serve a great God so we need to serve Him in TRUTH n SPIRIT. gudmorning everyone!"
"Yes amen 1611 KJVis the WORD OF GOD"
"1611 KJV The Word OF GOD!"
"All praises to our Master."
"All the time, God is Excellent!"
"Am gona fix my hop n trust upon u jesus all th daiz of my life."
"Amen Lord Jesus you are the king of kings Lord of Lords"
"Amen praise GOD his SON and the HOLY SPITIT"
"Amen so awesome"
"Amen thank you Jesus Daily"
"Amen to that also remember god promise john 3:16"
"Amen! God is really good all the time."
"Amen,amen! Glory to God!!"
"Amen.thnk u lord"
"And it continues ... 3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. My absolute favorite scripture that gives me goosebumps every time I see or hear it . We have a tendency to be weary and faint in this life , but here is the remedy ."
"And we are his children,by grace."
"Beautiful and so great to know he is always with me. Love, Aunt Virgie"
"BUGTONG at BUHAY na DIYOS ng mga diyos PANGINOONG JESUKRISTO maligaya ako ang DIYOS ko ay IKAW . IKAW na nagpakamatay ng dahil sa aming kasalanan."
"But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.(Isaiah 64:6)"
"Do you see the cross on the left rock?"
"Finally brethen, rejoice in the Lord. Ephesians c6 v 1"
"Give me King James any day!!"
"Glory to our Almighty God"
"Glory to our Lord & Saviour, Jesus. Halleluja Amen."
"God died on the cross for my sin, that I might live with him. Praise His Holy name!!!!!!!!!"
"God is Good,All the Times.."
"Gory to God!!!! Amen"
"Haleluya thnk u"
"Hallejuah and ALL PRAISES TO HIM! Our Father, Son, & His Sweet Holy Spirit. Wow! What a day that will be for all of God's Children. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins and saving my soul."
"He (Jesus Christ) is the finisher. He sat down at the Father's right hand because "it is finished.""
"He endured the cross, the cross was not and is not a beautiful thing. The cross was an instrument of death. Yet, because of the joy of being raised from the dead so he could sit at the right hand of God, to accomplish what God asked him to do and to be in the presence and grace of God, he endured the cross."
"He is worthy..i thank u Jehova ourGod4yoSon JesusChrist who tho He ws God did not demand&cling2His rights asGod bt died è death of a criminal on ècross caryng al our curses, sicknes,poverty&nail them 2ècross ..cleansing us frm al our sins purchasng completly our freedom..all Glory2JEHOVA our God"
"He seat on the right hand of God as his father."
"Hebrews 12:2 - Na masdan natin si Jesus na gumawa at sumakdal ng ating pananampalataya, na siya dahil sa kagalakang inilagay sa harapan niya ay nagtiis ng krus, na niwalang bahala ang kahihiyan, at umupo sa kanan ng luklukan ng Dios."
"His worthy of our praise"
"I like to follow him but the current of the world it's very strong please pray for me...!"
"I love the KJ Version..... :>)"
"I needed this...Thank you!"
"Im confident of this,that He who began this goood work in me will carry it on until the day of Christ."
"Im on the right hands to you my lord. Amen"
"Jesus saw u and I comin to Him to except Him as our savior and I believe that was the joy set before Him,amen"
"Jesus!! Amen!!! Thank You Jesus!!!"
"JOY. There are no words that can justify this OVERWHELMING feeling. You have to experience it, then you'll know when you feel the glow."
"Just so beautiful!"
"Know friend like jesus."
"Lord bless my day"
"Lord give us the grace to remain focus on you"
"Lord i depend on you."
"Now that's what christianity is about!!!"
"O Lord Jesus"
"Oh i love u Jesus"
"Oh what a blessedness.shallom evryone"
"Our lord is so gud & marvelous"
"Praise b 2 God almighty!!!"
"Praise GOD for his marvellous peace that he gives to those who believe in him and put their trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST."
"Praise God for his only son who diedfor me on that cross."
"Praise God for His unseakable gift. Unworthy tho I am, His love made it happen."
"Praise you the Lord and thank you Father for loving us and letting your son died on the cross for our sins love you!"
"So help me Lord Jesus"
"So thankful for the message of the Cross!"
"Sunday school lesson. wow"
"Sure his favour cn only let us see e kingdom of heaven"
"Tell me pls,If not 4 d great price Christ paid,where would I ve be?all my days on earth will I save thee"
"Thank u Jesus our father"
"Thank u Lord for your unending Grace over my life & family! Halleluya."
"Thank u my Lord."
"Thank u YAH fot dging for my sins an creating a new me..even tho ill always fall short of the glory of God"
"Thank you Father for the Love you have for us even though we are undeserving of it.Amen"
"Thank You Father God, Amen!!!!!"
"Thank you jesus i love you so much de king of majesty"
"Thank you Lord for the utimate sacrifice & for saving my soul!!!"
"Thank you so much Jesus for your great love"
"Thank you, Lord Jesus!!!!! We could never thank You enough!!!!"
"Thanku,thanku thanku Lord!!!"
"Thankyou Lord Jesus, Glory to The Risen King halleluyah"
"The finished work of calvery Jesus paided it all"
"This book remind me of the creator, He is from the beginning to the end. this book will last true all generation. the greatest book of all. thank you Jesus for your true words. Amen"
"This is one of my bible hopes in i have in the bible"
"This Scripture wil make you shouting happy!!! Filled with the Holy Ghost!!!!"
"Today i call myself a victor thru him bcoz of his death on that cross. Thank you my serviour."
"U live on me an i need to let u shone instead of being so selfish"
"We ar 1 by faith,amen"
"What a gr8 LOVE"
"When He authors and finishes something what can we do to obtain or lose it ?"
"When Jeshua; Jesus, was tempted of the devil, he said "GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN", and instantly his soul body was sent to tartola, in the bad side of the gulf in heaven. But his evil spirit is allowed to roam the earth, for the negative part of God's plan in this life. And when God the Father is ready, he will instruct Michael the archangel to expel satan's soul body reunited with his evil spirt onto this earth. Then Jesus Christ, KING OF KING'S, and LORD OF LORDS, will return to this earth at the seventh trump, and we shall all be changed forever and ever Amen."
"Yes I love this!"
"Yes Look up always...no matter what..."
"Yes Lord, my deliverer n my redeemer. Amen"


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