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    is all about restoration and greartness
  • Sharon vanburen
    God is calling the people to be faithful and obedient to Him. The Lord is revealing to them what does it prosper a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. No matter what we want, it should never interfere with the plan of God. Many times we get sidetrack, and they did, but God brought them back, by reminding them that he will destroy their works unless they returned and fulfill God will.
  • Kimberly Ingram
    Thank you explaining Haggai 2
  • BSP
    Verse 9 brought out that Zerubbabel’s temple would be more glorious than Solomon’s temple. Zerubabbel’s temple stood longer than Solomon’s. Jesus taught at Zerubbabel’s temple and more people flocked to his temple to worship.
  • BSP
    Verse 7: Jehovah God is making sure that all those who are honest-hearted and desirable are being drawn to him.
  • Aso
    I think we shall humble ourselves, and obey God in our lives, all things that can happen if we obey in word, this is my lesson i taught in sunday school and I see what is happen to us if we do thing in our own and not follow God word, Amen to God word.
  • Bea
    I believe God have a something special for His remnant of Israel and He Always included them in every situation to comfort them with His PEACE. Up to time we are living inGod will necer leave His People And surely He will not distroy and as Christ says My mother and father and brother and sister are those who Do the will of His Father Keeping his command or Covenant to the end We are save through Christ but their will always be the ten commandment cause Our Heavenly Father hold true to His WORD Our Heavenly Father hold true to His Word ,He still hold unto God never change His Word ,His remnat of people Israel up to this day are giving peace when they walk in obedience with his word,He did not do away with the Ten Comandment , Christ Himself said My father and my mother ,my brother and sister are those who do the will of his father.
  • Leonard Ng'eny
    Haggai 2:3- This text contains the very essence of how far our human aspirations can go.Much as the ancient temple was built with magnificence it turned to vanity (what later the very king,king Solomon himself, who built it said in Ecclesiastes) .The ancient temple was beaten down to ruins,never to attain her glory again.The lord now requires a place in our heart to be His holy habitation.
  • Ezeobiora for verse 9
    Haggai was actually giving a prophesy about our glorious lifein Christ Jesus. As far as we are in Christ,our future is secured for greater glory
  • Anthony
    For me the book haggai is calling us to repent from our wrong doing,God who is holy can 't behold the sins of his convenant children any longer.so we need to repent and turn back to God That we light live in peace with hum.
  • Pastor E
    Chapter 2 asked us a question Will we become clean so God can bless us? God will shake things up and cast things down if we Truly serve Him. Our enemies will be utterly destroyed before our eyes. Nothing can stand in the present of God especially when a "whole lot of shaking " is going on. He said YOU be HOLY for I AM HOLY! Let 's not touch any dead stuff in our life, but remain clean and receive God 's Love, Peace and sanctity.
  • Achiever
    I think d book of Haggai 1 2 is talking about d people of God dat has 4sake God His work. God is saying bcos We have abandon him his work, He will close d heavens earth 4m producing friut 4 us. So if tins must work 4 us, we must obey God. Tank u
  • Gloria
    I didn 't quite understand chapter 2 of Haggai.
  • El
    some will say that it harder to take the people out of egypt than to take egypt out of the people.every now and then we lose sight of who God is because things don 't go our way or not as mighty as we think it should be. If we trust God no matter what situation, no matter what size or how things look, God will make a way out of no way.
  • Nelly for verse 13
    Hi for me its not a comment but a question,I work as a nurse so I deal with these on a daily basis.when I touch a corpse I become uncleaned? What should I do to become clean? I read haggai2 13 but I was not clear about it. Thank you plz respond to my question
  • Awesome and Glorious affirmation that God is still faithful, no matter the challenges we go through. He GOD is same yestarday, today and forever more. Amen! Shalom! Seek peace with all men.
  • Gods timing hope im here to see it
  • John Buchan for verse 7
    It seems very clear that if this question was asked in our generation I am sure the answer would be "PEACE". The desire of everyone all over the world would be "PEACE"
    Peace of mind is something far more precious than gold or silver. Peace that I would have clean water something we take for granted. Peace to live in harmony with my neighbour. Peace can be applied to every area of mankind. True peace can only be found in one place, an unselfish heart.
  • Nozipho
    God will shake the earth, heavens, sea for us, whatever that was troubling us, it will be shaken. We do not need to fear for we are His standard, his measure of good things.
  • Angel
    Reggie's comment: Wow! How powerful and an entirely different perspective on interpreting this scripture along with others. Very much appreciate this insight.
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 8
    Jehovah God declares all the silver, and gold is mine, and He is going to shake heaven, and earth to rebuild the temple in Judah. The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house. God will restore Judah, and Israel to fame where they were once ashamed among the nations. When the Lord Jesus Christ rules and reigns in the millennial temple. Sing to the Lord, and proclaim a fast among the people, for our God rules, and will be magnified in that day.
  • Mmabatho for verse 9
    I think its an alert that we shouldn't hold on to the past for there are greater things the Lord has for us in the future:)
  • Rod waite for verse 9
    The glory of the Pentecostal outpouring and the Tabernacles outpouring will be as John G lake expressed "As a drop of water in a bucket full of water in comparison " A double portion . Rod
  • Loye
    All Kingdoms/dynasties not founded upon Christ shall be destroyed; financial and political strength of the heathens shall likewise be utterly destroyed. All that man has put his trust in shall be overthrown forever. This shall shortly come to pass.
  • Awesomebeloved for verse 9
    So Nice!
  • Reggie for verse 19
    The "seed" is Jesus. At the time of Haggai's given prophetic word, Jesus was still in heaven, with the Father. The connotation of "seed" is holy all throughout the scriptures. Genesis 3:15 is the first messianic prophecy referred to Jesus as the "seed", of a woman would come to crush the head of Satan. Paul speaks of the "seed" of Abraham as not being many but one and that "seed" is Christ. The "seed" was literally in a stable on the ninth month twenty fourth day, which after God said, in verse 18, from this day and upward will I bless you. At the writing of Haggai, Jesus was literally, in the storehouse or barn of heaven. Malachi 3:10, 11, but God opened the windows of heaven and sent His son to be the saviour of the world, in due time. After which the rebuke of the devourer ie Satan; began and was manifested on the mount of temptation, where Jesus rebuked him. As yet the vine (Church), fig tree (Israel), pomegranate (Resurrection of Jesus), and the olive oil (Baptism in the Holy Ghost) were not brought forth, for the real laying of the foundation of the glorious eternal Temple of God. Until the "Seed" came, prophesied from Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 53, Psalms 22 and many other scriptures. The "Seed" left heaven and was referred to as "Seed", by Christ himself, in His parables as the "Good Seed" sown, bringing forth much fruit 30, 60, and 100 fold. God said from this day I will bless you. Peace on earth and good will to men, sounds like Christmas to me, the greatest gift ever! Agape. Reggie.
  • Reggie
    Amen, to the above comment. And notice the 9th month, being December, in the Hebrew calendar, as the 1st month is April. And "FROM" the 24th of December, which is the "25TH" As we call Christmas, "I will bless you, says God! Wow!! Peace on earth and goodwill to men sounds a lot like Christmas, to me. The greatest gift ever, when God gave His son, Christ Jesus, for us. And check, that out in verse 19. The "SEED" is yet in the barn, on December 24th, Joseph, Mary, and infant, yet unborn Christ child, were all literally in a barn, in Bethlehem. Awaiting the appointed day December 25th, from which we are all blessed. As yet the VINE is Church, the FIG tree is Israel, the pomegranate, which speaks of the Resurrection of Christ. In Hebrews "a tree that grows UPRIGHT from root word, meaning exalt, "Get Oneself UP!! Lift Up!! Denoting the Power of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus our Lord! And Olive tree, which gives olive oil, speaks of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, as in the anointing oil of God. Which is the Promise of the Father. And verse 22 "The overthrow of Kingdoms" with horses and riders, speaks of Revelation 19:11, at the 2nd Coming of Christ and Matthew 25, "The Judgment of all Nations. Agape, Reggie.
  • Sherm
    One of the greatest Old Testament prophecies is buried in verses 18-19 with a Hanukkah evening prophecy for the conception of Christ.

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