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  • BSP
    Verse 4: we are assured that if we keep strong faith in Jehovah God’s promises we will be rewarded and have the prospect of everlasting life.
  • A disciple
    "Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith." We should not think about ourselves above what is written in the Scriptures, as if we are any way better than others. With all restraint being taken away, so that the ungodly can do all that they have imagined; only a firm foundation of faith can enable us to endure the world's moral disintegration.
  • A disciple
    "Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith." Speaking to the kind of days we are appointed to pass through, to bring about the end of sin and the completion of the age; that which God shows us as the proof of those who are of Him, and those who are not; we should not be deceived into forgetting what is our true condition in God's sight.
  • Lilian
    And the Lord answer me and reminded me of his words meditating Gods words everyday can cleanse our mind heart and soul I will praise you Jesus forever and worship you alone amen
  • BSP
    In verse 1 we see the importance of having a watchful attitude. We are living in very critical times and we must be alert to the Biblical meaning of world events.
  • A disciple
    "And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." "But what saith it? THE WORD OF GOD IS NIGH THEE, IN THY MOUTH AND IN THINE HEART!" All they who are of the truth WILL HEAR the Lord's voice in His Word; and will not have itching ears for other gospels or other Christs. He gives understanding to the simple, and wisdom to do it!
  • Matt Maldre
    At the end of God's 19-verse reply in Habakkuk 2:20, it's like God is doing a mic drop.
  • BSP
    Verse 3: Jehovah God's divine judgment will not be late, but to us it may seem like it is delaying because we have a limited and imperfect viewpoint.
  • Irene123
    Vs. 7-8; M. Henry comm.; "Babylon th'ot themselves secure ..... and Cyrus must be worn out ..... but by an unexpected stratagem, in draining of the Euphrates, he got possession of the city". I had never read before how Cyrus did this. I wonder if it was to 'cross' the dry bed or to deprive the city of water? I only read a small excerpt, not the whole thing.
  • Irene123
    V. 4; Rom.1:17 - I've read Hab. before, but just now saw this. When the ch. first began (Acts ch. 2) there was no N.T.; just the O.T., but the O.T. prophesied of Jesus - all of it. It wasn't until around 15 yrs, after the ch. began that the N.T. began being written. Everything that was taught was from the O.T. Everything Jesus taught was from the O.T.
  • Lynn Torregano
    In the book habakkuk chapter two verse 2 question if I wanted to write the letter in verse to my prayer closet is the bathroom what I write a letter stick it in the bathroom or write a letter and put it in my Bible or write a letter and put it up?
  • Wayne
    The just shall live by faith.
  • Trell7654
    God gave me this scriptures this am. It's my waiting season but I know that the vision shall come to pass. I just have to stay focused and connected to God
  • Esther Neba for verse 3
    God is always faithful to his promise,we should learn to be patient and he will show up at his appointed time.I have been believing God for a child,I know he will answer me in due season.
  • Samuel Agyapong for verse 3
    Waiting, is not an easy task but while waiting one must be faithfull on to him.The moment you turn away from him he will show up.remember adam and eve story the moment they eat the apple God was there to visit them. Please wait.
  • Pastor Celestine Ossaite for verse 3
    God reveal what we will become through our dreams so that we will focus on it,but the time is not now but many years to come.just like Joseph in the Bible who saw a very big dream but suffered many years even in prison before the dream come to pass.
  • Nelson N.
    My God is always faithful to His promises. It must surely come to pass. I have not seen any part of the scripture that says the word God came to fail.
  • This verse speaks volumes to what i am going through right now. Not sure how many here have recieved actual and true visions from God. But sometimes the appointed time is alot longer than any man woman would ever hope for even thier worst enemy. To all those who have whatever it was it will come to pass. Been three years plus for me now but i know when our lord speaks he follows through.
  • Marie johnson
    I especially like verse 2 3 4 very encouraging
  • Patience Ayuk for verse 3
    We must remain faithful to God no matter the delay , God will surely do what he revealed.
  • Angela Willis
  • Larry Frederick for verse 4
    Habakkuk 2 4 Humble yourself, and you will discover the divine favor of the grace of God.Amen
  • Kenneth Uchenna Iwuagwu for verse 3
    When God gives us a dream or any form of revelation, its fulfilment is not when we want it but at God 's own time. God cannot lie the Bible says it, whatever He reveals to us must surely come to pass at His own time not our own time, When it is His time u matter how long it takes, it must manifest.
  • Anderson George Jnr. for verse 3
    God s time is not our time We must understand that God is God and we are humans We cannot force Him to answer our prayers we hv to just rely on Him and be watchful His words are ture formula and when we apply them we will always succeed
  • Simon chamisa for verse 3
    i thank God for His word of waiting patiently for God s appointed time it is true and wholly certain that for those who believe God will surely answer prayers
  • Mihwa Beasley for verse 18
    Heard sunday morning service out of Habakkuk few years ago incoming new pastor for the church my husband and i have attended gave his first sermon in the church was from book of Habakkuk, some reason don't remember content of sermon but was thinking small part of old testament book it was out from.....,
    hope everyone who are broken for reason(s) still don't understand and why as i feel still the hurts and angers, some how get healed and to have peace....,
  • Pst.Israel for verse 15
    I viewed Abakkuk 2:15,in two diffrent forms.First,those who offers drink to people to get them drunk in order to know their secret(nakedness).secondly,those who like feeding people with hard words until they are intoxicated with it and starts vomiting out their vernom.Abakkuk says woe to them,
  • Grace Aniefiok Dickson for verse 3
    Here, Habakkuk is encouraging us never to give up on any situation we may fine ourselves, and never to give up on our dreams and our desires, even if the present does not look any thing like the fulfillment of the dreams we should not give up on God, that no matter how long it will take, our dreams and desires will definitely come true. Praise God.
  • Stanley for verse 3
    The vision is a glimpse of what is to be. to get a closer view patiently remain focus. In due course it will manifest.
  • Andrew magni for verse 18
    In the fourth gospel 8:44 Christ teaches that Satan is the father of lies , with no truth in him , and such is the graven image , a liar with no truth , it is therefore Satanic and has no place in Christian worship which must be , as Christ teaches in the fourth gospel 4:23, in Spirit and in Truth !

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