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  • God put everything on a cycle, a calendar, with seasons, to give us variety and a way to mark time. What a great God we have.
  • Ron
    Can someone explain verse 7of ch 8
  • Job
    If the two birds could not find a place to land, then they had to return to the ark. Later one did not return to the ark so Noah knew the water was going down for at least a tree was out of the water.
  • Wayne
    An acquaintance described a likely outcome from the story of Noah that I had not taken seriously up until now -- one of inbreeding. If at the end of the flood, all we had was Noah, his wife, and his sons and their wives -- the only way we could have grown the world's population after that would be for the family and the children of the family to procreate with each other -- which causes inbreeding without any know exception. Hmmm....
  • Job
    Noahs sons had their wifes on the ark.
  • Mickey
    I read that as a new Christian and was disturbed of course. I asked God to explain it. Incest was tolerated for a period of time UNTIL the LAW was delivered to people after the flood. Then there were laws given explicitly to stop that. If you read it from start until the laws were given you will see it.
  • Vendall
    Yes, at the beginning ,mankind was perfect, the gene pool was pure. But over time God established His laws for procreation due to the accumulated mutations occurring genetically. Obviously, He had a plan!
  • Wayne
    Sorry Mickey -- I didn't see the statement you were referring to. Maybe you could point it out -- or better yet -- direct me to a Bible passage that expalins it a little better.
    Meanwhile, I got a little more curious, and looked into archiological digs that revealed the DNA of ancient people to be consistent with ours. Your private God conversations are telling you to go along with the idea that God gave everyone a pass on suffering from recessive gene disorders, but it's still hard -- at least from an empirical perspective. It's kinda like we went through a period of time wherein 2 plus 2 didn't have to equal 4 for awhile.
  • Mickey
    It was quite a long time since I did that study. I had a lot of questions about the genealogies; time periods and the ages of people. The evidence of incest was apparent. I continued reading and noted that incest was dealt with.
    In Genesis when God was creating, He pronounced it good. That communicates to me that it was not imperfect or damaged. I accept that but as time passes, we can see breakdowns in the creation. I know God did not do that. The only other reason is sin. I'm not saying wild, wanton sin. It trickled down from Adam & Eve's sin. God gave us medicine & knowledge of its use to help people. God has recorded all our days. He will wipe away all our tears and our fears.
  • Bob Hilt
    Noah inbreeding is true however the world then was different and the DNA problems as today may not have existed.
    The Lord provides and decides.
  • T Levis
    Thanks for your question.
    I have had that same question explained to me as follows :
    1) as with most of the Bible : it's good to read verses even Chapters before and after. : Genesis 7, 8
    2) In this case, the significance of the safety of Noah to return on land was in the Dove the following verse. Genesis 8:8
    I was told a raven is a perching bird & bird of prey, however a dove walks on ground like closely related pigeon. I have not studied it further.
    Hopefully this helps you as much as it helped me!
    Thank you for your thought provoking question
    Btw. Birds are referenced many times throughout the Holy Bible , that might be an intertesting subject study.
  • Mickey
    Genesis 1:1 says "in beginning" in the original language. So He created TIME. He created it for us. He himself lives outside the boundary of time. He sees history from the alpha to the omega. It is recorded in His book. He knows the day of our birth and the day of our death. If we cry, the tears are saved. Not only did He create time; but He established force, action and matter. Four things all scientists seek to discover and explain. God is the most fascinating person I know. I can't wait to know more about Him. I can only hope others will pursue to know more and share it with others. I love this website! I want to read what you've discovered too.
  • Harvey
    Blessings and love to every brother and sister in Jesus Christ for 2020!! Lets pray for each other continually, let us watch the signs of the coming of our Lord and Savior and increase our knowledge in the Word of God to be able to give answer to those who are hopeless... God bless you all...
  • Stanjett
    Did the flood cover the whole earth? I got a hobby. I dig for arrowheads in the mountains around me. in caves and overhangs. Alone with arrowheads I find lots of seashells. I live close to two hundred miles from the gulf of Mexico. So I know that all the land around me was once covered by salt water.
  • Juniorjunior
    Yes the whole did covered by water in the flood because because my Bible the Book of Truth tells me so.
  • Ruben Hartness
    Stanjett-Yes the world that was the first earth was destroyed by flood when Satan was defeated katabol . Genesis 1:2. The earth was became void and was restored for God's creation to be inhabited. Satan tried to take over the Mercy Seat and God destroyed all that was evil. Genesis 1:3 starts the 2nd earth age- where we are now. The Eternity starts the third age after the white throne judgement. 3 ages
  • Heather Smith
    Thanks for the explanation Stanjett. I was wondering that myself. My key takeaway is that God never demanded women to bear children. Many preachers teach that he commanded Noah to multiply. He left it to us to decide whether or not we want to have children.
  • Harvey
    Good day miss Smith, i would like to ask you to read chapter 15 until 17 again and then reconsider your opinion on what God has commanded... I hope you see God commands Noah to bring forth 'every living thing', including his family which God already mentions in the verse prior... God bless you all...
    Can anyone explain verse 13 where it says "In the six hundred and first year". Noah was born in 1056. The flood waters only covered the earth for 150 days. The math isn't adding up.
  • Stanjett
    In the 601st year of Noahs life not the earth.
  • Harvey
    To be exact, the flood waters were on the earth one year and two months, that is the last mention of waters being dried up... God bless...
  • Mariah Foster (12 years old)
    yes the math does add up, and if you are a true christian, you will believe EVERYTHING the Bible says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Preach
    Noah had his sons at 500 years old. Noah lived another 350 years after the flood and died at the age of 950 years. hope this helps. Peace
  • Stanjett
    In the 601st year of Noah's life. not the earth.
  • Sam
  • Stanjett
    6 And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.
  • Scott P. Tetreault
  • Stanjett
    While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. I think the key words here are (While the Earth remaineth) Because we know in the final days that he will make and end to this earth and make a new earth where there will not be any sin or evil thing.
  • Mike
    The Hebrew of verse 22 While the earth remaineth ,strongly suggest that it is perhaps better interpreted.... "as long as this whole era lasts"....
  • Anadelgado
    Nuclear war? Very close! Dear Jesus give us a new heart to love you truly, work on obedience, charity, fix my negative n help me to love my brethren before the door closes!

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