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  • Jimmy Gichohi on Genesis 5
    Hi Simon kariithi muthee.
    The wife to Cain is not expressly stated in the Bible. He must have married a sister or niece or something like that.
  • Jimmy Gichohi on Genesis 5
    Hi Mis,
    I believe that he must have married his sister. And because, many times the bible does not talk ladies in genealogies, I believe Adam had daughters born to Adam. It's the simplest way I can explain it. What do think?
  • Jay jay on Genesis 5
    I thought the Bible doesn't give Cains geaneology as he was not in the bloodline is David - he was not Adam's offspring. Only Able was truest blood. Cain was of the evil seed.
  • Mishondl on Genesis 5
    Hard to follow
  • Mis on Genesis 5
    Hard to follow. How did Cain find a wife were they siblings
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Genesis 5
    OOPS. Gina; about Sarah. I meant to say she was Abraham's father's, daughter.
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Genesis 5
    Gina, Genesis 20:12 tells us that Sarah was Abraham's half sister. She was Abraham's daughter but not the daughter of Abraham's mother.
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Genesis 5
    Gina, Genesis 4:16-17; It does not say that Cain found his wife after he was exiled. He took his wife with him. His wife was also his sister. There was no other people that existed at the time besides Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel and Adams many other children.
  • Simom kariithi muthee on Genesis 5
    Is there anywhere in the binble where cains wiife's name is mentioned?
  • Gina on Genesis 5
    If Adam an eve were the first two humans an had Cain an able how did Cain find a wife after being exiled
  • Sonja on Genesis 5
    In all the generations the bible mentioned , it only mentioned, Enoch walked with God and Noah found favour in the Lord's eyes, Noah was a righteous man. Amazing for him and his family and everything they must've gone through while building the ark, and his persistance, faith in all the years it took to build the ark and obedience.
  • Johnhowell on Genesis 5
    I thought I had a fairly fair understanding of The Bible, but after some research I learned that there is a eternal amount of knowledge in these 32 verses and that just let me know I'm not spending enough time in Bible study and research....Lord Please Help me to be a better Soldier for you....
  • John on Genesis 5:29
    Also concerning the fact that Noah built the ArK at the Lord's command to provide generations of the human race after the flood.
  • D. R. on Genesis 5
    I believe they lived longer due to being created perfect. Also, just maybe as time passed the nature of earth started dying as well and sicknesses started shortening lives a little over time.
  • Erasmus aey on Genesis 5:24
    God rewarded Enoch for his absolute faithfulness by walking with God in truth and in integrity and honesty. In short he pleased God all of the times he lived. He was not corrupted! So God took him away whole Body, Soul and Spirit
  • Rick on Genesis 5
    Interesting math work: Adam was around to see Methuselah 's day, but not Lamech 's and 1656 years from Adam 's day until the great flood started... On that note: Methuselah was 969 years old his death age in the year of the flood--I wonder if he died with the flood? He would have been the only one mentioned in here old enough to have possibly seen the flood, with the notable exceptions of Noah and his children.
  • Tommy parsons on Genesis 5
    It does not say they didnt die, flesh and blood can not enter Heaven. I think they went to Paradice, Why?because Jesus had to be the first. He ha Preminance over every one, also his blood had to be sprinkled on the mercy seat. What do you think? God Bless Tommy P
  • Ezekiel johnson on Genesis 5:1
  • Pastor Eleazar on Genesis 5:22
    When Enoch begot Methuselah, he began to observe how helpless a child could be without a primary care-giver. As baby Methuselah was tenderly handled, the father, Enoch began to understand what it means to have our heavenly Father who has our best as His interest. He does not only care, He saves.
  • Thomasamimo on Genesis 5
    the knowledge that Enoch was the seventh generation and was translated lives me with the urge to know that 7 the perfect number of God was Enoch
  • Charvell Dyer on Genesis 5:2
    That 's what I was thinking, this is the reason why the female takes her husband 's last name in marriage.
  • Motdaugrnds on Genesis 5
    Paul, ask God "in Jesus ' name " for what you want and He will provide. Do not...not...rely on man!
  • Fran Jones on Genesis 5:24
    I have found this information to be most useful in the ministry of teaching, that God have given me. I would like more information regarding your online Seminary Classes. Thank you.
  • Kiadum Steve Barade on Genesis 5
    The Bible mentioned only people who were significant by the way of fearing God. God works with the record in Heaven, He remembered those whose names are in His Book of Life. God is the Father of the Living, not the Father of the death. In the beginning, it appears that the first sons were the ones that followed after the God of their fathers the most.
  • RNM 5-9 GEN on Genesis 5
    GEN 5-9...If you read the list of the genealogy you will see that only certain ones of the descendants from Adam down are mentioned by name all the rest are simply sons and daughters, I believe this was a sign God left for us in His defense, to show us that these were the only descendants of Adam that honored God as God and that loved and respected HIM and kept his laws, down to Noah, you see it was only Noah and his three sons and all the wives that entered the Ark, even Cain 's descendants perished in the flood. God is always justified in what he does HIS TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUNESS ARE INFINITE, HIS RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, GOD 'S LAMB, OUR KING OF KINGS, PRAISE THEM FOR THEY ARE DESERVING OF ALL PRAISE, IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH BY EVERY LIVING THING. AMEN!!
  • Chris Seamans on Genesis 5
    Its giving you the genealogy of Jesus Christ thats why Cain and Abel are not mentioned.
  • Jimmie leeth on Genesis 5
    The geneology only list the aire, and since cain was exiled and able was dead, they were not listed.
  • RNM GEN --5-24 on Genesis 5
    GEN 5-24...Neither was Abel mentioned? So what does it mean?
  • Lilian on Genesis 5
    God has a plan for the universe and everything he have made, this is according to his purpose.
  • Word on Genesis 5
    Don 't miss the fact that Cain isn 't in Adam 's generations.

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