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  • David T. on Genesis 44
    Regarding v5 of this reading: cup used by Joseph for divination.

    Absent absolute proof, my contention is Joseph gave instruction to his steward in order to keep up his image as an Egyptian.

    Through out his time of walking with the LORD and hearing from GOD:

    -He never ever used heathen practices; the Bible never alluded nor made mention of it.

    -He always gave glory to the LORD for every time he was used by the LORD or made a declaration in HIS Name.

    -He did not need the cup to discern where it was because he put it in Benjamin's bag

    -If he did need it to divine its where about, it would have been impossible because he did not have have it. Or he could have called on the magicians and priest of the land.

    In which case he would not have, because of his trust and obedience unto his LORD GOD JEHOVAH.

    Praise the LORD for HIS goodness and love for us. Praying for our nation and leadership. God to shine HIS face on all who are on this platform.

    September 10, 2022
  • Jcbu undercover - in Reply on Genesis 44
    God bless that is wonderfull we are all learning so much here it is very good to fellowship with other believers ,and learn new things! You are very informative.We will be talking again I believe. o o o o o oo oo ooo ooo Those Holy breadcrumbs that fall from God's table.They keep the heart strong,vibrant,and stable.o o o o o o o o o
  • Gigi - in Reply on Genesis 44

    I need to correct myself

    ApepApop was the Egyptian name for the serpent God

    Ba'al was also named Moloch Hadad Nd Melcham

    Asherah was also called Ashroreth, Ishtar, Inani

    Sorry, it is easy to

    Get names mixed up as which ones Match.
  • Jcbu undercover - in Reply on Genesis 44
    God bless Here is the verse 2nd kings 18:4 He removed the high places,and brake the images,and cut down the groves,and brake the brasen serpent that Moses had made:for unto those day's the children of Israel did burn incense to it ,and called it Nehushtan.5:He trusted in the LORD GOD of Israel ;so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah,nor any that were before him.
  • Grae - in Reply on Genesis 44
    With respect and affection in Christ dear brother or sister . I believe u r mistaken and don't understand the significance of this event . Read John Ch 3 V 14 and 15 . See how these two passages r connected ? What is the significance of the serpent ? of the brass ? of the outcome of the situation for those who believed and showed their faith in the wilderness ? and in Christ crucified . U need to connect these two passages and understand how and why they r connected . I'm sure I will c the truth of the matter .
  • Jcbu undercover on Genesis 44
    In these times God allowed these things amulets,snake on a stick,to ward of the snakes ,and other things.As the faith in God grew they were taken away to put their faith totally on God.You will see later in the bible that the snake on a stick was destroyed because they started to worship it.God is a jealous God.
  • GiGi again - in Reply on Genesis 44
    Thanks. It just seemed so out of place for Joseph to use those words in instructing is servant what to say to the brothers.
  • Ronald L Whittemore - in Reply on Genesis 44

    We know God communicated with Joseph and turned the bad his brothers did too good, and to save the twelve tribes of Israel. I do not believe God communicated through a silver cup to Joseph but in Egypt, at that time they used cups or basins with water for divination (hydromancy), the cup was considered sacred.

    That is why it is worded "whereby indeed he divineth". That was why it was so important for the men sent to retrieve the cup. With all the things God did through Joseph, the Egyptian's probably thought the cup was how he did it. We know that was not the case. Hydromancy is still done today; it is like reading tea leaves. Nostradamus did this over a basin, dark stuff.

    God bless,

  • GiGi again - in Reply on Genesis 44
    I think so, too, Rick
  • GiGi again - in Reply on Genesis 44
    Thanks David,

    it just struck me as odd. maybe I can find it said differently in another translation to clarify.
  • David - in Reply on Genesis 44
    Gigi Perhaps divination is not the right term Deuteronomy 18:9-14 God giving information is revealed knowledge

    not divination. Just sharing some word.
  • Rick - in Reply on Genesis 44
    Gigi The reason I see why Joseph told the servant to put the cup there was god was showing him what to do to get

    the rest of His family there, the true God does not use divination. Just making a point, Joseph walked with God so

    God was showing Him the whole time what to do and how to do it.
  • Geri nichols on Genesis 44
    I found the commentary helpful on this chapter. Especially where the author speaks of Joseph testing the brothers concerning their affections or lack of for Benjamin. That surely must have been music to Joseph's ears.
  • GiGi on Genesis 44
    This chapter continues the story of Joseph and is brothers in Egypt. Jacob and his sons did exactly as Joseph had asked of them. They brought Benjamin. Joseph devised a plan to keep Benjamin with him with the being put in Benjamin's sack.

    The brothers told Joseph that their father would surely die of grief if Benjamin did not return with them. So, the drama continues!

    I find it interesting that the text says that Joseph used the cup for divination. Was this part of his Egyptian training or was it part of the gift of dreams, and fore telling that God had given him?
  • Maryfran on Genesis 44
    Gen 44 now Joseph is an Egyptian it is an abomination to to eat with Hebrews. Nevertheless Joseph held no ill will against hi brothers for it was the will of God for him to go through 2 accomplish what God had planned for his life. This should teach us how to love and forgive. God loved us so much that He gave his only son and forgave us our sins so that we could be reconciled back to the Father.
  • A disciple on Genesis 44
    God made the life of Joseph and all the times that went over him, for being a type of Christ; for giving instruction, and for a law in Israel. As great famine spread over the whole world, in order to bring everyone to "Joseph" for food, and ended up being the means God would deal with "Joseph's" brethren, to bring them to repentance and reconciliation; so the end of this age for the sake of Israel
  • BSP on Genesis 44
    Joseph tested his brothers to see if their attitudes had changed. Their protection and self sacrifice for their younger brother Benjamin showed that they had changed their ways.
  • Salomão on Genesis 44
    By the truth and love atonement is made, Blessed is the name of the Lord!
  • Dewey J on Genesis 44
    Daniel, only the first sentence of your post is correct. The Rest of your post is incorrect because it 's not supported by Scripture in this chapter or any other chapter in the 66 books of the Holy Bible. The conversation your stated in your post between Joseph and Benjamin absolutely didn 't take. God bless us all and also in the understanding of his Word. Glory be to God in the highest through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!
  • Gift on Genesis 44
    Matt 44 realy talks about love,forgivnes and fulfilmnt of destny,we should knw dat our destinies must be fulfild no matter wat comes around.GOD Loves us so he gav hs son 2 die for our sins 2 be forgivn exactly wat josph did so we shuld learn hw 2 luv and forgiv ppl dat offend us
  • Jenelle on Genesis 44
    Just more proof that God 's Word is true that we reap what we sow. It took many years before truth was revealed about the sins of the brothers but God is faithful and our sins are made known. They thought selling Joseph into slavery would be the end of their little brother, but God 's plan was greater and justice was served. The agony of leaving their youngest brother in Egypt must have felt worse than death its self. They had to suffer emotional anguish over the realization that their father would grieve himself to death over the loss of the last son of his beloved Rachel.
  • Daniel on Genesis 44
    When the brothers sat to eat, as the scriptures state each ranked according to his birth, Joseph sat opposite his brother Benyamin and while they ate, Joseph asked Benyamin to look into the stars and tell him if he could see where his brother Joseph was. The astonished young brother was shocked when the stars showed Joseph to be sitting exactly opposite him. His older brother whispered gently that that was the truth. He then told Benyamin that he would place his cup in Benyamin's sack to test if his brothers regretted their selling of Joseph into slavery. Upon checking the sack and finding the goblet the brothers were terrified at the possible outcome of the finding and tore their garments. What ensued from here on showed Joseph that they were repentant.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Genesis 44
    Judah intercedes for his brothers to Joseph, and this is a picture of the Lord Jesus interceding to the Father for his brothers, and sisters in heaven. Joseph is touched by what Judah did, and he is about to reveal to his brothers who he is. We should also intercede for our families before God everyday for their salvation. God commended his love for us in that Jesus Christ died for us while we were sinners. Joseph loved his brothers even after all they had done to him, he saw it as God meaning it for good, and not evil. May we see God in our life working all the things together for good, and not evil also.
  • RALPH M. WATERS on Genesis 44



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