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  • Bruce on Genesis 4
    Tyler are You Wicked or Were You Wicked? For All have Sinned and Come Short of The Glory of God( Romans 3:23) We Were All Wicked / Cain's Wife was Probably His Sister, Because Eve was The Mother of All Living( Genesis 3:20)
  • Jean on Genesis 4
    Tyler, did u know that we are all cain's generation? Lamech was noahs father who is some great great grandson of cain, that means it was cain generation that make it after the flood
  • Tyler replying to Brenda’s comment on Genesis 4
    All we really need to know is this. When Cain begot children with his [mystery] wife the children were wicked because Cain was wicked. The wickedness is what’s more/really important. Knowing who his wife was isn’t really all that important. Besides for all we know she was probably wicked herself. I will admit the nagging question(s) wouldn't go away, but at the same time don’t question God’s Word.
  • JP on Genesis 4
    Brenda, Your guess is good as mine, sometimes God doesn't tell everything just the important things.
  • JP on Genesis 4
    The devil is not a serpent, the devil (satin) was Lucifer cast out of heaven for sinning. The devil used this serpent because was the most beautiful and smartest of the animals as he uses people today. The devil rather use beautiful and smart then the less attractive to get his way to deceive and destroy.
  • Brenda on Genesis 4
    When Cain went out and found a wife, would this be his sister?
  • Bobby Robertson on Genesis 4
    I have a question for everyone, when the bible says that THE serpent was the craftiest of all the animals God had made, does this not debunk the idea that the snake is the literal devil? if not could someone enlighten me?
  • Hope on Genesis 4
    I like this chapter it makes since to me why Satan used the serpent to talk to Eve, I always wondered why he chose a serpent? but I believe that he can reach us through anything that's why we have to have the word and believe in the word because we cant fight him alone and this chapter proves it
  • BSP on Genesis 4
    Verse 5~Jehovah God did not look upon Cain and his offering with any pleasure. This shows that there was something wrong with Cain that God saw and Cain needed to make serious changes to be pleasing to God.
  • Paul Smith on Genesis 4
    Very good on some of you, There were children born unto Adam and Eve in the garden. How could Eve's pain in child bearing be increased if she has never had a child. Adam was created in the image and likeness of God and Luke 3:38 calls Adam the son of God. But Seth was created in the image and likeness of Adam or man. Understanding this, Gen 6:1,2 make more sense, And they have different natures.
  • Stan Jett on Genesis 4
    THe bible follows the male lineage. It says which male was born first and sometimes name them all. Sometimes it don't. It just says that they had sons and daugthers. This has to be the case with Cain. Who had to marry one of his sisters. The main man which was born was born of God by Mary. Jesus. God is Jesus's Daddy. Jesus never got married, but he had more kids than anyone. Us, believers.
  • I Am that Michael Isaac Dale on Genesis 4
    Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. But it now, walking and talking in weariness of the flesh, being not subtil nor crafty; boasts of itself, calling itself intelligent: attempting to twist. But all glory be to GOD our Holy Father, for it is written, He disappoints the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.
  • Bruce on Genesis 4
    Stan: The Serpent was Made more Intelligent than The Other Animals. He was Walking and Talking. A Crafty Creature(Used by Satan)that Likes to Twist Things Around. Squeezing Eve's Mind to Disobey( Genesis 3:1) The Serpent Was Above All The Animals. And Jehovah God Said Unto The Serpent, Because Thou Hast Done this Thou art Cursed above All Animals, Upon Thy Belly Thou Shall Go( Genesis 3:14)
  • Stanjett on Genesis 4
    JEFF, It could have been Satan or Satan could have put words in the serpents mouth. I believe satan can take on different forms. As can God. God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush.
  • Bruce on Genesis 4
    Joann: There is No Eighth Day Creation. All that Was Created,Done by Day 6/ Genesis 2:1 creation was Finished and All The Host of Them. Verse 2 The Seventh Day God Ended His Work: A Day of Rest/Genesis2 is Zooming in on His Creation. Genesis 3:20 Eve is The Mother of All Living. Children where Born in The Garden. Seth is Born After Cain Killed Abel. First Birth Not Accepted, Ye must be Born-again
  • JoAnn on Genesis 4
    Ron, On the sixth day God creates man and women. Adam was created on the eight day. Cain interbred with a woman of the sixth day creation. Adam knows Eve again (Gen ch4 v 25) and she then bears Seth.
  • Bruce on Genesis 4
    Ron: Adam and Eve had Children in The Garden: Adam Called His Wife's Name Eve Because; "SHE WAS" The Mother of All Living( Genesis 3:20) Some Translations Like the NIV: Changed it to, Will become the mother of All Living. They took Out MoreThen 50 Verses and Changed Others. I was Told by the Pastor at a Bible Study, Don't You Dare Read Anything Out of The King James Bible!
  • Lauren on Genesis 4
    @Ron: Adam and Eve had other children, including daughters, that Cain could have married. ( Genesis 5:4)
  • Ron on Genesis 4
    My question is the same as Nancies . Cain went away and married his wife.Where and when was she created?Is the Bible just silent about others he created? Can someone help me with this? THANKS
  • Servant of the most high God on Genesis 4
    Read verse 12 again fran it will open your understanding Lord willing. I think it means cain will be rejected by the earth and nothing he touches shall prosper.
  • Fran on Genesis 4
    what does it mean to be driven from the face of the earth but be in the earth verse 14
  • JEFF GULLETT on Genesis 4
    1 How did the serpent talk? 2 If he was satin what else could he do? 3. Genesis 1/27
  • Sally on Genesis 4
    And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

    15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel

    Hebrews 11:4 ,13
  • Sally on Genesis 4
    Consequence is in inbedded in the sin. For example, You do drugs, drugs will control you.
    I was listening to Tony Evans.. Helmet of Salvation.

    Gensis 4:7
    If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.
  • Bruce on Genesis 4
    Nancy: And Adam Called His Wife's Name Eve; because She was The Mother of All Living. Genesis 3:20. They had Children While Living in The Garden
  • Nancy bowser on Genesis 4
    sence Cain killed able and got sent away, where did all the other people come from. sence there was only
    Adam and Eve. where did everyone else come from it is not mention in the bible. but it mentions' Cain marrying his wife!
  • Trent on Genesis 4
    Hey William,

    the true word of God is whatever language the bible has been translated into, even English - hint, the original hebrew was translated into greek, and from there into latin, and finally came into English in the KJV bible, and this has since been cleaned up since people don't know that words like "firmament" and the archaic language is old and past its prime.
  • Ange on Genesis 4
    The reason why GOD was not please with Cain's offering was because Cain was doing it for gain. He wanted praise in return while Abel did it out of pure joy and just wanted to please God because of his love for the LORD. Abel did not want praises he just wanted to praise. Out of jealousy and anger Cain murdered his brother. When GOD asks Cain about Abel he already knows what Cain did.
  • Ren on Genesis 4
    Sorry Seth lived an hundred and five years, and begat Enos. Seth was 912 when he died
  • Ren on Genesis 4
    @Jeff No Adam lived 930yrs

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