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  • Trent on Genesis 4
    Where wives come from. Here's my comment from 10-4-10... I believe God made other people besides Adam & Eve and family, but it wasn't specified. Just like it's not always specified that people urinated, but we assume they did, as we do in any non-fiction story. The fact that the Bible does not share every detail does not discredit it. Those who believe that discredits the Bible would not believe any non-fiction writing then, because no book covers 100% of all details. I'm sure 1,000 pages could have spent on the creation of the Earth, but it's only 1 chapter.

    Check out Gen 5:2- it said in the beginning he made male and female. I take that to mean he created other people besides Adam and Eve, but just focused on those 2 originally. Other people outside the garden is also likely how Cain and Seth found wives- otherwise, their own mom, Eve, was the only other woman to possibly reproduce with.
  • Ibrahim on Genesis 4
    Another fabrication of the bible,where did he get a wife?
  • Ajiboye Modupe on Genesis 4
    My coment comes in question form,where did get wife to marry can you please teach me more on that?
  • RALPH M. WATERS on Genesis 4:17
    THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: where did ENOCH wife come from: - ADAM/EVE lived up to 930 years old: Just like the city of NOD - someone had to build them. ADAM/EVE was creation. They had other children during the time of CAIN and ABEL- the duties of each of them were to multiply - to populate the earth. Enoch married a relative.
  • RALPH M. WATERS on Genesis 4:1
    I have gotten a man from the LORD.

    This does not mean CAIN was the only child at the time. He could have already had SISTERS and brothers, He just was probably more favored (if any other males were born at that time) But definately He could have already had sisters before his birth.
  • Joe on Genesis 4
    My view on Sojurn's comment is this. I believe with all my heart that God knows the future before it happens, but he has given man free will to do what he chooses to do. I do not believe that God allows bad things to happen to us to teach us a lesson because that is not God's nature. As Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father...and what6 was Jesus' nature? Love and compassion. Let's use this as an example..let's say someone decided, I am going to kill someone today. Will God allow him to kill someone in cold blood? God is love and in him there is no darkness. No, God does not allow him to kill that person, he has given him the will to do whatever he wants. What is God going to do? strike him with a bolt of lightning? no he does not work that way. Does God allow little kids to be killed? no, no ,no. Because of one man sin entered the world..and death because of sin. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly. I think that man made theology has given people the wrong nature of God, and it is very sad. I would suggest you get some teaching tapes on the true nature of God. We can not compromise the word of God. Not trying to tell you what to do, just trying to help you out..hope I was able to.
  • SOJURN on Genesis 4
    I agree with all that and love God and no matter what the reson is the fact still remains that the hole out come still hurts us and what ever his reason is I guss it does not matter any ways he is God and we are just dust of the earth but it just seems to me that taking all the trouble to create shut a man and giving his life and wisdom in a limited form. Then adding in to the mix our eye were covered in the time of adam and eve and to cast satan on earth to decieve us seem to me and unfair act upon us. It says God knows all things before they happen yet. So this must been a part of his plain for millions to die a lost soul or maybe not i can't say but it sure is a funny way of taking care of us. Sorry if it sound that I am angry I am not but what ever his perpouse is it's way above our thinking for who can know the mind of God..
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    Farmer cain. Well, around the fields are the scrubbs that farmers let the poor "gleam" or take for food cause its not worth the farmers time to take to market,well, cain took that. He knew! Sorry lookin worthless cain. But Able took the very best because Able loved his Father God.
  • on Genesis 4
    i dont know why GOD cast the devil to instead of hell,speculate,but thi i know GOD is lord and does things his way. but we know where satan will end up. smile and love its christmas time
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    Father wants to know do you love Him or the way of sin/satan`s way.
  • Ben weaver on Genesis 4
    Why did God cast satan to earth and not to hell remains a mystery. I can imagine a possiple reason. While we would certainly wish it otherwise, God is God, and has purposes beyond us. I imagine that God chose to create plants and animals to function within His appointed order without options to choose from. He desired to create something in His own image having the ability to choose to obey Him. This required an other selection. In Deuteronomy 30:19, He says, "I have set before you, life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore CHOOSE LIFE, that both thou and thy seed may live". Our great God has the right to bring glory to himself at whatever cost to his earth project. God so loved (people), that He gave (Jesus) for us to have "abundant and eternal life, full of love, joy, and peace. In Him we are more than conquerors unto God's glory. Choosers/believers will thank and praise Him forever.
  • SOJURN on Genesis 4
    I wish people would try to place thier answers in the proper chapter so not to add to the confusion or place a bold marker on it orgian. Well may be it will be fix on it own through faith. Anyways I would still like to make one more commit:
  • SOJURN on Genesis 4
    We fine that a closer look at Cain's offering was the KEY WORD:Fruit and Abel's was 1st Fruits..
    Research: Exodus 26.16,19 and Hebrews 11.1-4 read for the thinking of God is exposed here. That its an inword/right thing to do and cain did not respect God for his gift was the left overs not 1st fruit.
  • Emma on GenesIS 4
    I been studing Genesis all over again and truly the Bible state 2 of all living flesh , that means 2 of each race of people and animal too . I had to study to see what the word really says. God mention the 8 becasue they were the only ones to be trusted to carry out His will. If evil was killed in the flood how did it rekindle itself agin. Noah was the line of blood to bring forth Jesus , thats why he and the 8 is mention more. Mom , you are right the 7th day he rested.Genesis is a deep book when you really buckel down too it. If you go back and look at the 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th ,6th and the 7th day . Notice He only name one day and that was the Sabatha , so where did the Monday , and etc. come from. God showed me this in the middle of the night. He sent me back to the end of Revelation 22 : 18 to show me if any one take away or add a plauge will be on his life. So what about the translators of the word of God.
  • Lover of A.K.J.V. on Genesis 4
    First 2Peter 1:19-21 no private interpretation.
    In Genesis 3 man sinned. In Genesis 4 Cain does not bring a blood sacrifice like Abel. Hebrews 9;22
    Gen. 1 Man was alone no women just think about
    that, note Matt 22:30, too bad he did not speak up
    in Gen 3 during the conversation of Eve and the
    serpent. Now just where did Cain get his wife ?
    Like his dad there weren't too many women to choose from. Eve was Adam's rib. Let us just stay
    with what God wants us to know. Prov. 30:5-6,
    2 Corinthians 13:5, Rev. 21:8 and John 3:16
    Thank God for His word for word translation the
    A.K.J.V. God's HOLY BIBLE.
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    That first flood of Jeremiah is in chapter 4: about verse 22 and I Should of said the children of the angels of satan that left heaven got targeted. I don't think the angels themselves could be drowned. Well, things were pretty bad in that area as we see in because in Gen.4:26 we see Seth/Enos Then the statement of this...then began men to call upon the name of the LORD. That's not good for the word # 2490 chalal / to Profane #2470. So the people of cain`s bunch were bad to the core as you see in 4:23 and 24 nothing but murder in their hearts and proud of it. It did mention the good side in 4:25 and part of 26. Where we see Eve had Seth so the blood line could continue in which Christ would be born. Thank God! But on Gen. 6:29 there is more than 8 people gettin on that boat. It says Every living thing of All flesh,two...male and female. Cains kids are flesh and alive at the time.( two kenites) and his bunch show up through the rest of the Word first working there way to the outside of the tribes as laborer and then hauling wood for the Priest and doing work around the churches. Then even started doing duties for the lazy priest. Don't worry God had the prophets and Jeremiah keep the word Safe with the Massorah and watching them real close. But by the time Christ came they had a big part of the Priest and it was the kenites that had Pilate crucify Christ. When I write and even when I speak an talk to people, many say, that's one opinion. That's true and I put it out there, hey, we are trying to get home to God and I`m trying to help. Every body that looks, looks at things differently and I want to see everything that I may have missed or at least check it out and find the truth and I thank all of you because I read it all. God Bless all of you who love Our Father the LORD. Gary
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    My opinion. This flood of Noah`s was a located flood and was to wipe out evil and was to wipe out the sons of God in Genesis 6 the sons that left their first estate,heaven, to take wives. They were trying to stop the progress of God sending Jesus, immanuel, God with us and the angels of satan are evil and enjoyed woman as play things and had children, giants.angels or messengers are not much different body wise. Remember we ate manna 40 years on the desert, that's Angels food and Angels look just like us, well, I'm old, angels look like young men, a little different puddy/skin. David killed one. The serpent beguiled (nasha means seduce completely) and in Gen.3:15 the enmity between seeds (zera,means generation, posterity,the successive descendants of a person,generations not yet borned) and from this we see the Parable of the Sower Matt.13:37 to 44. satan, sends his. In Gen. 4:2 we see And "she again" again in Hebrew "Yacaph" meaning to continue# 3205 this is notes wrote in ink in my Bible and I think they are the right numbers, oh, beguiled # 1816 and check out 2nd Corinthians 11:3 but eve had cain and Anyway it was for a reason of that area because satan and his evil crew were there and they didn't care about the rest of the world just the evil that they injoy to do. In Jude 1:6 AND THE ANGELS WHICH KEPT NOT THEIR FIRST ESTATE...( HEAVEN) BUT LEFT THEIR OWN HABITATION,.. and at this time they are chained and waiting. They were trying to destroy Gods plans. This flood was targeted. The first flood Jeremiah was total wilderness, no trees,no birds, and no Noah or family or boat. The flood in the book of Jeremiah God says in Hebrew He took it by His Hand and sunk it in water and washed it and we see it when on the desert and see sea shells and other things a person runs across that should be some place different. I think God can do anything God wants to do. He protected this letter so I can get home and its just like He wants me to have it and for anyone who loves Him, we all have a choice. People don't realize how serious this time is. Oh, yeah! Its just a short period but its a test. Love God and do good and come home. Or love evil and do evil and gone. The 6th day creation were just fine on that first influx. Yes, 2 of every flesh got on the boat and show up in 1st Chronicles 2:55 kenites, sons of cain and this scribes I'm pretty sure its accounting, they helped with the money, bad thing to have a kenite around ur money. I`ll check it out. Anyway talk later. G
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    I got to admit when I got that comment from u I flashed! scared, just woke up and saw it gettin ready to go to work,cause I'm a driver and doin this from my phone and I didn't know if imy memory served me, so, it hit home, I e mailed my brother straight way to let him know what id done cause I love him and if I made a misstake, anyway I don't want him to get the wrong word from me. I decided I best look because I've been in the minor Prophets. So, annyway let's checck. Gen. 1:26,27 28. Earth replenish with all the people and what's that say at the end of chapter one verae 31 yes, 6th day done. Start 7th day. So, on the 7th day God sees He has no one to till the ground 2:5. So its good for go. Talk more on it but got to go to work. G
  • Mom on Genesis 4
    Gary, I respectfully disagree with you. In your posting of Oct. 15, you state that God created Adam and Eve on the seventh day. I beg to differ. The Bible says that on the seventh day God rested, His creation complete.
    On another point, if God created the races at the time of creation, how did those races perpetuate themselves after the flood? Every man, woman and child except Noah, his wife, their three sons, and their wives were destroyed in the flood. And it looks to me as if Noah's grandchildren had to marry close kin again.
    I realize this is probably not going to change your opinion. Just giving you some food for thought.
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    From gary. Ur knowledge is my defence. All races created on the 6th day and the tower of bable seperated the tongues/languages. Confusion/bable. Not a change of peoples that would be unnatural. God won't do that. A person is borned and that's who they are. That's truth not Opinion. Yes Murray is filled with the Holy Spirit. Thanks! He is a great man, I wish I knew what He knew. He is one to study under as about 10 others. Gather good understanding befor you Preach.You can fly away now! That's what this is all about,right. You don't debate, you blast. You should try to learn the WORD and its truth. Don't worry about my opinion concern yourself with what God wants. Truth!
  • Mom on Genesis 4
    First of all, I do not want to take away the main point of the gospel, which is to point the way to salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We should not try to alter the Bible by telling God what we think He meant. Read Acts 17:26--we are one blood. The human race is one race. Eve is the mother of all living, and through Adam we all receive our sin nature. The Bible says in Romans 3:4 that God's truth is true no matter who says otherwise. And in I Cor. 1:25 we read that God's foolishness is wiser than man's wisdom.
    It is no stretch of the imagination for me to believe that Adam and Eve's children married each other. The gene pool was perfect in the beginning. You read of Abram marrying Sarai, his father's daughter. God had not yet given the laws to Moses restricting close relationship marriages.
    When you get right down to it we are all related to each other, like it or not. That doesn't say we should go out and marry our siblings or cousins now. It is a bigger stretch of the imagination for me to think that God created other humans at the same time he created Adam and Eve.
    And the subraces were not created as such; they developed over time through natural selection and genetic characteristics.
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    Most say Bullinger or 8 or so others I mention. But Murray is Great. Thanks! Yes, he is filled with the Spirit of the Living God. Now, as far as speakin babble. The tower of babble was the seperation of the tongue/Language`s/Confusion. Can't build your own salvation by building towers. And if the tongues are all different there is much confusion/babble. The 6th day all the races where created and it was good.
  • Mike7 on Genesis 4
    specifically to gary. arnold murray is NOT the holy ghost (the spirit of truth.) the races began after the division at the time of the tower of babel. cain, obviously married his sister. adam's sin brought death into the world.Seek truth of the holy ghost, not man, brother!!
  • Mark miles on Genesis 4:17
    doesn't the bible tabout creating man in the beggening of genesis
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    Don't know mizra or osiris kenite but for my self who has, how do I say this? Well, when one gets very near to God,Our Father makes Himself known. you couldn't drag me away from Jesus if you had a loaded gun to my head and pulled the triger. To them that love the LORD. There are a lot of kenites here on earth at this time. The end is near and satan has been sowing his thrid of his children to make way his short time. problem is we have to listen to the losers.
  • Garyloyd newman on Genesis 4
    Genesis 1:31 was the end of the 6th day. God populated the earth with the various race`s and that included white,black,brown,all. On the 7th day He created Adam and Eve for the blood line that Christ would come through. If you also look at the word "life" in verse Genesis 1:20 the word can be translated to Souls and we know the orient has a beginning ahead of the rest of the world. Cain just took a wife outside the garden. We know who the tree of life is. God said let us make man in Our image after our likeness,He didn't leave Himself out. Do you think God would of sent us down here if He wouldn't come down Himself OUR? Who was there? His sons of course,as it is written in Hebrew,it`s "Elohim" that means God and His Children. Jesus said when you have seen the son you have seen the Father. In Isaiah 45:18 He created a beautiful earth for us in spiritual bodies. We were happy! Then in Revelation 12:4 satan stole a third of God`s children, stars. Revelation 12 is an outline of the Bible. Ezekiel 28 tells us satans pride took over in him and he tryed to steal the mercy seat,Throne of God. God got mad and in Jeremiah 4:22 and on tells us of the first flood. No Noah`s boat and family,no bird or twig left to flay and the waters in that flood didn't receed, it was Water Gone! That's why in 2nd Peter 3:5 to 7. In 6th that world that was overflowed with water Perished. But Peter says, this earth I'm standing on is kept in store,reserve unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. The 4th word in Genesis says "was" but its hayah#1961 in the Exhusted Strong`s Concordance and can only be translated in the Hebrew to "become" so it became without form and void, where as in Isaiah 45:18 God establish the earth and created Not in vain He formed it to be inhabited. The word in Genesis 1:28 REPLENISH.! 2nd time around. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Love JESUS and you will make it. God bless you all that love our God and Saviour. Oh! Check Isaiah 45:21. Have a nice day.
  • Nom on Genesis 4
    Or... The Bible is a conglomeration of stories about other religions of city states conquered or destroyed by Hebrews that were also merged in with the Egyptian teachings that originally came to be from the early Sumerians, and thus your actually worshiping a multitude of some thirty or more different religions.

    If you want to discern what the Bible means, you have to begin your research at the beginning. Mizra and Osiris were around long before Iesus, and they are actually proven to have existed, though their miracles (most of which Iesus stole from one or both of them) have never been proven just like Iesus. Your intelligent people, act like it. You want proper devotion? Become devoted to seeking the answers to the truth and start at the beginning. Help people you claim to love, instead of clouding their minds with ancient horror stories.
  • Trent on Genesis 4
    Hi Albert, I believe #2 is correct, that God made other people, but it just wasn't specified. Check out Gen 5:2- it said in the beginning he made male and female. I take that to mean he created other people besides Adam and Eve, but just focused on them originally. This is also likely how Cain and Seth found wives- otherwise, their own mom, Eve, was the only other woman to possibly reproduce with.
  • Albert on Genesis 4:17
    This is the problem with taking the Bible as the literal truth and history. It makes no sense. How do you explain the fact that Cain had a wife in the Land of Nod? Here are some choices. 1) Cain's wife was not human. 2) God created other women but the Bible forgot to mention that. 3) There were other women that God did not create.
  • Twilla on Genesis 4
    Cain would either have married a sister or a fallen angel

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