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  • Ossie on Genesis 4
    Picture yourself in that time of the Bible event. Obviously a city then was much smaller with less people. And the events did not happen day by day. It 's not a running commentary in that way. If I asked you to explain your life history in 5 minutes, how would you word it? Eg. "I was born in 1970. I live in Paris. My wife is Jane. " But was I born in Paris? No, I did not say. But I am living in Paris today. And I obviously did not marry my wife in 1970. verses 1 and 2 if Gen1 are 2 DIFFERENT times. Gen1 1 was BILLIONS YEARS AGO. Gen1 2 was 6000 years ago. Now we have a CLEARER understanding. Bible is THEN consistent with science. 6000 years ago was recreating of the Earth after Lucifer Satan tried to destroy it.
  • Michael on Genesis 4
    Never be afraid to go to God with your questions. It says in James Chapter 1 "If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God and He will give liberally without REPROACH. So questioning "why " is not challenging God. True faith is going TO Him in your confusion, and trusting that He will interject wisdom into your confusion. Never be afraid to approach our Father. Hebrews chapter 4 says let us come BOLDLY to the throne of grace. Who are we to question the creator? We are His children seeking answers from our Father who always has our best interest at heart.
  • John ebejer on Genesis 4
    It seems that according to this that there were farmers before hunter gatherers and the iron age after just a few generations Can anyone explain this
  • Joe on Genesis 4:17
    Sorry but am I missing something here This is GENESIS Adam and Eve are supposed to be the first humans yet there s another TOWN with other people for instance Cain s to be wife and enough people to BUILD a city assuming Enoch didn t build an ENTIRE city single handed I see the common answer is that Adam and Eve lived to over 900 years old and so in that time had hundreds of other children to go out and multiply Well that clears THAT up then 0o
  • Anita forsman on Genesis 4
    We are to stand in faith who are we to question the Creator are we not the creation Lean not into your own understanding
  • Anita forsman on Genesis 4:12
    To not have a relationship and safety of God To not be able to find any comforting no matter where he went a soul lost to wonder His hands no longer could bring any satisfaction
  • Madisyn on Genesis 4
    I wonder were the wives came from because i thought he only put Adam and Eve on earth at first I also think that the world is related to Adam and Eve because they were the first on earth I think any one who was alive when GOD made people we are related to
  • John Pangilinan on Genesis 4
    Sam s Genesis Chapter 4 comment about verse 9 on 2 06 2014 7 29am response to josh comment I agree God is all knowing I just don t know if I can agree with the later part of your statement He asked Cain that question to test his honesty God already knew what Cain would say God is not allknowing Jeremiah 19 5 Jeremiah 19 5 They have built also the high places of Baal to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal which I commanded not nor spake it neither came it into my mind
  • Carol on Genesis 4
    Some answers of the bible you will never ever understand or know God made it that way That s why you also have to take the word by Faith
  • Frank on Genesis 4:1
    Until now I have never seen where it shows chain had sisters an brothers other than able an it says he went to the land of nod an took a wife where did her people come from
  • David on Genesis 4
    GENESIS 1 26 28 SAYS THAT GOD created man in his own image so he created man and woman and they were told to replenish the Earth and they would have Dominion over all living creatures Is this where CAIN and Abels wives came from before Adam was Created
  • Sam on Genesis 4:9
    response to josh comment. I agree God is all knowing. I just don't know if I can agree with the later part of your statement. " He asked Cain that question to test his honesty! " God already knew what Cain would say.
  • Jarad on Genesis 4
    I love the bible
  • Lydia on Genesis 4
    God was please with Able offering because it came from the heart,Cain offering didn't come from from the heart,cain wanted something and when you give to get God is not happy (cain gave and it wasn't his best,he gave because he wanted to be God's favorite.)
  • Infer-Lynn on Genesis 4
    Dear Karen, women are very rarely mentioned in the bible because they are considered a part of man. Only significant woman with a true contribution and identity of their own are mentioned by name. Eve is significant because she is the first. Do you know Noah's wife where she came from or what her name is, what about lots wife? In the long list of names, only sons are mentioned by name, it doesn't mean daughters were not born. For this reason we will never really know Cain's wife.
  • Peter samuel on Genesis 4
    I dont get your question
  • Frank Tchale on Genesis 4
    something must have been wrong somewhere. These brothers couldn't have just killed one another for a simple reason.
  • K S REDDY on Genesis 4
    God was pleased as Abel offered a fat animal. God did not like Cain because his offering is not equal
    to that of Abel.This rule applies after millenniums even in the present day world a fat gift gets a greater weight with powerful and mighty.
  • K S REDDY on Genesis 4
    God was pleased as Abel offered a fat animal. God did not like Cain because his offering is not equal
    to that of Abel.This rule applies after millenniums even in the present day world a fat gift gets a greater weight with powerful and mighty.
  • Karen on Genesis 4:17
    This passage of the Bible has always bothered me. I read Trent's comment posted on 2010-01-13 and the Bible only mentions 4 people in existence. Was is possible as Trent suggested that the only way Cain knew his wife were from his mother? Or did Eve have daughters that were not mentioned in the Bible and the off springs moved to the Land of Nod? If the Lord God did create others, why were they not mentioned? This has always made me wonder, if more than one Adam and Eve were created and if so, why weren't they included? Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully someone will provide an answer.
  • Lionel on Genesis 4
    The word again in Hebrew means Eve continued in labor. Therefore Cain and Abel had to have been twins. She had Cain and then continued in labor and had Abel.
  • Rene gavito on Genesis 4:17
    The Holy Bible is sacred.Only God knows what's in their, if there's a facts missing or whatever what can we do? He's the Best and the Almighty...Gen.29:46" And they shall know that I am the Lord their God "..Amen.
  • Peter A. Njoku on Genesis 4:3
    There is no doubt that that was not the first time they were bringing offering to the Lord. The idea of a father being the head in family altar surely did not start today. The verse said Cain brought. You dont bring to yourself. You give to yourself. He must have brought to the High Priest, which surely was no other person but Adam. The two sacrifices must have been done in their presence. Both of them saw how each sacrifice was received, hence Cain's reaction. Abel's reaction must have provoked his elder brother who did not take it light. May I learn from Cain's reaction. I pray in Jesus name.
  • John blassingame 2nd on Genesis 4:26
    In my study i ran across the name Tammuz and it referent fourth chapter genesis verse twenty six.question how does Tammuz tie in that verse.Thank you.
  • Reynaldo on Genesis 4
    i think chapter 4 of genesis teach us the depper understanding of love and god done it 2 manifies his glory because god knows the plan for has so teach us more lessons
  • Ar on Genesis 4
    I suppose Cain married one of his younger sisters as Adam and Eve had many other children boys and girls after Cain and Abel, having in mind that there was no law or commandments yet. Any other suggessionns?
  • JANET on Genesis 4
    Who did Cain married? How come he got a wife when Adam and Eve had only 2 sons?
  • ULAFAYE WILLIAMS on Genesis 4
    I wonder what happen to cain after he killed his brother and God cursed him.
  • Chas on Genesis 4:10
    This s the Bible foretelling DNA Evidence....get it?
  • Richard on Genesis 4
    Ves No he didn't know the outcome we all have free will love.... that are loyal to him he does test.. Take Abraham and Isaac for example... God is going to use you he wants to know where your heart is..!! And then there are those like Kane That just don't care about anything Only that he was mad Because the Lord Saw that Abel's offering Was Of true heart and love toward him... For he gave the Lord his best...!!

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