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  • Len on Genesis 4
    Gen 4:26 Confused by the translation....."call upon the name of the LORD." or profaned "the name of the LORD."
  • Lloyd on Genesis 4
    I understand the state of evil. And the brothers Cain commiting murder of his own brother because of his own "evilness". But we become hardened against Gods words sometimes and we continue to make mistakes in our life never asking for Gods forgiveness. But there it is a curse or a blessing. You are wither with him or against him. No inbetween. Make up your mind. Whom do you serve.?
  • OneGod on Genesis 4
    Cain offering was of plants from the earth. Abel's offering was a living sacrifice, shedding the blood of the lamb that contained the life of that lamb. God is pleased with a living sacrifice. Romans 8:9 12 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.
  • Ahuwa Chiamaka on Genesis 4
    We should offer to God sacrifice that is pleasant to him
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Genesis 4
    S. Dodd, look up "offering" and "sacrifice" in the Mirriam Webster dictionary; they appear to mean the same thing. First the act of sacrifice, it is an offering.
  • S. Dodd on Genesis 4
    In our Bible study on Gen 4:4.The majority of the class say "offering" is the same as "sacrifice".We say that Abel had to kill the lamb as a sacrifice,.. burn the fat thereof as an offering unto the Lord. She says it was an "offering"..." Such as a child 'offers' a cookie to a friend"..she says that there is no "scriptural" proof that it was a "sacrifice" by Abel. Can u explain the difference? TY
  • Lorenzo on Genesis 4
    This was about the birth of two brothers who gave offering until the lord. Abel was accepted and Cain was not. God gave Cain a chance to prove himself but decided to kill his brother and therefore was cursed from the face of the earth and had to live his life as a fugitive.
  • Giovanni Camingawan on Genesis 4
    Do notice that in Gen 4:3 it says in the process of time "it came to pass", and in Gen 4:8 again you see the word "it came to pass", It was not mentioned how long however we do know that crops or sheeps don't grow in a day, thus Adam and Eve had more children which probably became Cain's wife.
  • Perry on Genesis 4
    Only at the reception of the Law of Moses, was incest forbidden.

    Abraham was married to his 1/2 sister Sarah, yet we see in the Law of Moses that was forbidden.

    Since the Law was not given until Moses, Abraham was not in sin in that type of union, but after that prohibition was given, then it is sinful. Even today though we are no longer under the Law, incest is still prohibited See 1 Cor.
  • Word on Genesis 4
    The earth was full of people from the 6th day man who fished and were hunters. Just because there was a garden with a family that the blood line would come through do you really believe that God wouldn't populate the rest of the earth even after you read that he did in chapter one.
  • Word on Genesis 4
    Cara keep reading scriptures your doing great
  • Lu2677 on Genesis 4
    Cara,Where in Genesis does God talk about incest? It does not say there were other people outside the garden until Cain left and settled in Nod.
    Consider that Noah and his family 8 total repopulated the earth after the flood, all other humans were killed.
  • Cara on Genesis 4
    I read it.. as God created men and women on earth, blessed them and told them to multiply and THEN made Adam and then Eve specifically for the Garden of Eden. Cain says himself that, "that EVERYONE that findeth me shall slay me" he left to live in Nod, east of Eden, so logic tells me he met his wife there and incest was never a part of Gods creation?
  • Karen on Genesis 4
    In verse 17 where did Cains wife come from?
  • Wayne tucker on Genesis 4
    I Timothy l:4 Paul writes not to be concerned about needless questions and endless geneologies which only bring strife. The main purpose is to edify and build the body of Christ, His Church. All other questions and ideas that do not build are a waste of time and effort!
  • Curleta Morris on Genesis 4
    Very interesting!
  • Patricia Wright on Genesis 4
    I think Cain let his anger get the best of him.God gave him the same opportunity
    that his brother had .He wanted to do it
    His way instead of God's way.
  • Simon kariithi muthee on Genesis 4
    As there were no written matterials to teach about offerings on those days, i believe God created man and put im him the spirit of giving as demonstrated by cain and Abel in verses 3 4. God sees the heart of man in sacrifices and offerings. How we relate to Him and where we heve placed Him in our lives.
  • Robbie on Genesis 4
    GOD inspired the scriptures only, not all HE did and does. we only have generation of Adom and Eve written.the only question thats important to know the TRUTH about is that GOD does know all things and we dont, its above us.HE made all the people HE wanted to make and inspired writing of what HE gave us so far.let us be thankful and joy does come.
  • Jerry Hatcher on Genesis 4
    Every person that has ever lived are descendants of Adam and Eve Gen 3:20. In Gen 1:28 God told them to be fruitful and multiply. Therefore, since there was no other humans on earth except their descendants, and they had multiple children, in order to multiply they had to intermarry. The same as Noah and his 3 sons
  • Jerry Hatcher on Genesis 4
    Genesis 1:26, 27, 28 is generalized while talking about the 6 days of creation. Genesis 2:7 and 8 give the details of how he created mankind (Adam
  • Karl on Genesis 4
    responds to Billy; I ask the same question regarding cain's wife. If you read Genesis 1:26,27,28, then read Genesis 2:8, did the LORD create humans, and then create the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, planting a seed so to speak? How's that sound to you? Anybody else have the same question? Looking for an insightful answer.
  • Billy on Genesis 4
    Comment*an Intresting Chapter With A Lot Of Questions Than Answers. For Example, Where Did The Wife Cain Married Come From ? Where There Other People Apart From His Father And Mother?
  • Elder Johnson (Hebraist) on Genesis 4
    Cain took "Awan" his sister to be his wife and she bare him Enoch.

  • Vicki eddings on Genesis 4
    Who was Cains Wife .Adam and Eve had Cain.who was Cain's wife?
  • Elvis ani on Genesis 4
    Makes sense
  • Word on Genesis 4
    On the sixth day God created male and female and covered the earth. All the different races of people. Then in the garden where the blood line would come through God created Adam and Eve the mother of all living because CHRIST would come through the blood line of them. And Satan will try to stop it from happening.
  • Regina on Genesis 4
    what do their two different sacrifices symbolize?
  • Jane on Genesis 4
    Deut 29:29 has the answers to who Seth and Cain married

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