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  • Michelle on Genesis 34
    This story is one that made me realize Gods people weren't so holy. They lie and then slaughter an entire city of men, then enslave women and children. And even Jacob is disgusted by it. They are not punished for their actions, and I see comments where people justify them killing. It never says he raped Dinah, only defiled, which she would be defiled period by having premarital sex in their eyes or by sleeping with an uncircumcised man. And none of us are supposed to kill. Ever.
  • Ronald on Genesis 34
    You all are missing Gods point,the Hivites represent SIN ,Dinah left the truth and fornicated .Sin leads to death . Cheers.
  • Teri on Genesis 34
    really hard to let the Lord repay when we are wronged...I don't think blame is the answer though. Or "appearances" should be our concern.
  • BSP on Genesis 34
    Verse 1~Dinah put herself in the company of the daughters of the land. They proved to be bad association and Dinah was put in a dangerous situation by associating with them.
  • Adam Last on Genesis 34
    Gen34 warning:for church
    Gen49:5-7Jacob cruses Simeon
  • Leigh on Genesis 34
    It doesn't say her age or whether or not she consented. It seems more like he "swept her off her feet" and didn't use force. That's not meant to be a free pass but verse 19 does say "he was more honorable than all the house of his father".
    Agreed, the final outcome was not what Jacob wanted but still it seems a Divine retribution.
  • LEE on Genesis 34
    I agree with you C, Jacob himself is a product of GODs loving kindness, so knew the importance of forgiveness and doing things right, that is why he told Hamor and his father what to do to make things right. GOD has not killed us for the numerous sins we have committed, HE always gives us the opportunity to do things right. vengeance is the not a solution when one is offended. cos is the LORDs.
  • A disciple on Genesis 34
    What right did this Hivite "prince" have to take whatever damsel pleased him, and lay with her and defile her? What right does any young man have to just take what he wants to consume upon his lusts? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him because he was "in love" and spoke kindly to her after he completely disrespected her and used her? What does God's law say about rape? Its judged like murder!
  • Vs13 "And the sons of Jacob answered.... deceitfully." Jacob's stated opinion of their actions (Vs30) showed that they had acted against Jacob's character, and that he did not approve of what they had done. They were in rebellion to their Patriarch. And they made a mockery of God's Covenant of Circumcision. Forgiveness was not unheard of even in those days. These later sold Joseph into slavery.
  • A disciple on Genesis 34
    C; the "relevance" is that we should know and conduct ourselves as those who cannot mingle with the world of the ungodly. If Dinah wouldn't have gone out to see the girls of the town; she would not have put herself in a vulnerable position. The men of this world think, if they fall in love, they can fornicate with whomsoever they wish. God saw all of it, and put the people in fear of Jacob's sons.
  • In reading the comments I am disturbed at the lack of relevance to these verses, and insensitivity to the spirit of the scriptures. Some seemed to have missed these facts: Shechem loved Dinah and was willing to make things right. Shechem, Hamor, and their men were circumcised. Jacob's own commentary on their actions was "Ye have troubled me to make me stink among the inhabitants of the land"
  • Frank - in Reply on Genesis 34
    Shechem raped Dinah and you are ok with that?
  • Darrell on Genesis 34
    Well stated Dewey 1% agreement "Obedience is better than sacrifice"
  • SueM on Genesis 34
    We have no right to blame Dinah. She was honorable in going out to see the other girls her age; apparently, she had only brothers. No one on this thread is condemning any of the men for speaking with the men of the town.
  • A disciple on Genesis 34
    Two things I see in this chapter: One; Dinah should not have gone out to see the daughters of the land; and Two; young men that fornicate with whomsoever they think they fall in love with, defile the girls, and themselves, and bring ruin upon the whole community. What business has the holy going out to "see" the women of the world? Prudence and discretion would have saved the whole place from sin.
  • Emilia Mugwindiri on Genesis 34
    Love had nothing to do with it in Shechem's case. Lust yes. The bible definition of love. What followed was a catastrophe. There is no excuse for his ignorance.I guess it was a high price to pay for insulting Israel. I side with the winner. God
  • BSP on Genesis 34
    Dinah got into very bad association by choosing to surround herself with the wrong people. Bad associations will always result in reaping bad consequences.
  • Ohmboy on Genesis 34
    Doesn't the Bible Uphold treachery in the sons as a kind of honor? Who was the real Dinah? As with much of the Bible, we are given a 'sanitized' version of events. Can we ever know the real story, Sans Faith.
  • Dewey J on Genesis 34
    Donna George, I concur with you completely that Dinah was to be blame for all the evil her family brought on the people of Shechem. I will go on to boldly say that she was primarily to be blamed because she set fire of evil by her action that burned out out of control. However, God did prohibit the seed of his covenant people the seed of Abraham from intermarrying with foreigners Deut.7:3. God bless us all and in the understanding of his Word. Praise God! Amen!
  • Dewey J on Genesis 34
    Faderogba, you are absolutely correct God is the only true Judge of all. However, in many cases God use man to carry out his judgments in this particular story Simeon and Levi Pr.16:4. It was still God 's will because he didn 't want his covenant people the seed of Abraham intermarrying with foreigners see hundreds of years later in the law of God given to moses for the Hebrew people Deut. 7:3 "neither shalt thou make marriage with them, thou daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thou son.
  • Dewey J on Genesis 34
    Lorenzo, nice comments on this story. But my sympathy is with our Almighty God rather than with Shechem or anyone else in this story. Though he did love Dinah very much he should have learn of the customs of her people. Diana 's is at fault as well because she knew the rules of her father and even more importantly the commandments of God. God always commanded the Hebrew people not to intermarriage with foreigns because this was the start of his building a nation to make his name known to the whole world. Ez. 39:7,over 400 hundred years later after God delivered the Hebrews from Egypt he gave Moses his laws for all the Hebrew people saying in Duet. 7:3 "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them -the people of the land-thou daughters thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thou son. God bless us all and in the understanding of his Word. Glory be to God in the highest through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!
  • Lorenzo on Genesis 34
    OK, I can 't let it go. I cannot but feel sorry for Shechem. OK, maybe he was a little heavy handed in his "courtship " of Dinah, but I think that may have been the custom of the day. The record is silent as to her desires regarding her continued association with him. BUT, he had it bad. He LOVED the lady. He and his father enter into negotiations to make the union acceptable to all. Ultimately, they even agree to have their whole clan undergo circumcision a not so trivial procedure as an adult . That this offer was really a ploy to incapacitate the men of the clan is especially a dirty trick. So poor Shechem, notwithstanding his impatient approach to Dina, having fallen in love, even submits to circumcision the first of his people . There is little to challenge his good faith, nor his people 's, in submitting to this in order to become "one people " with Jacob 's band. As they say, all that they have will be ours, and all the we have will be theirs, and their women can be our wives and vice versa. Good enlightened self-interest and even good for Darwinian increasing the gene pool, not to mention even good for demonstrating the brotherhood of man. But the sons of Jacob would have it otherwise, more interested in avenging their "honor " than in the welfare of anyone, even of their own band.
  • F aderogba on Genesis 34
    Judgement should be left for our Heavenly Father. Nobody should slay anyone because our life belong to God and he is the only one who is allow to take life not us.
  • Donna George on Genesis 34
    I feel it was Dinah 's disobedience to go with the people who are not liked by her people because she should have known
  • Tom Ajah on Genesis 34
    Sex befor marriage is defilling oneself before God. His standard have not changed. He is the same yesterday today and forever.
  • Lucious Thomas on Genesis 34:11
    Shechem was talking to Dinah's father Jacob and her brethren.
  • Lucious Thomas on Genesis 34:11
    Shechem was talking Jacob
  • Lynn Mack on Genesis 34
    Genesis 34:25-27 does not say that God told them to do that, but by their freewill, it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
  • Justus Ndolo on Genesis 34
    Sinful acts will ever remain sinful. No compromise aspects could cover. And again it was the retributional dispensation, i.e. where eye for an eye was the order of the day.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Genesis 34:2
    The text reads: when Shechem, the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, Dinah, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her. The question in this text would be: when is rape really a rape? The torah points out that the woman has a duty to scream, when she is being raped. The text does not say that Dinah screamed, and this would yield another question was this act consented to? Jacob has another problem on his hand, with Shechem wanting to inter-marry with his daughter Dinah. The New Testament states that believers are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. So there was a love relationship there between Dinah, and Shechem. The resulting acts of Dinah's brothers were also wrong, and caused folly in Israel. Jacob did not seem to be the best example of a father, because he favored some of his kids over the others. This is why Joseph's brothers hated him, because he was favored, being the son of Rachel, who was the wife that Jacob loved more than Leah. Had the brothers of Dinah been more protective of her, they would have accompanied her, and this event with Shechem, would never have happened. These things happened to them to be examples unto to us today in the Church Age. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance. We are told to be kind one to another, tenderhearted, and forgiving as God for Christ sake has forgiven us. Paul later states let everyman have his own wife, and every woman have her own husband. This is a topic that deserves much discussion in the Church today, so that what happened to Dinah, does not continue to be perpetuated by those with a zeal without knowledge.

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