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  • Seven Trumpets on Genesis 32 - 7 years ago
    God said, Jacob have I loved, and I hated Esau. People don't like to hear, and don't want to believe, that there are certain kinds of men, that God hates. Esau had no heart nor need for the holy things of his fathers Isaac and Abraham; but took Canaanite wives. In contrast; God is with Jacob all his days, and through all his troubles; promising to never leave him, till He does all He has promised.
  • OLACHI GOGO ACHONW on Genesis 32 - 8 years ago
    in this passage Jacob represents men wrestling with life issues and until you come to that breaking point(Jacob halted in his tight) ,when the wrestle is intensified and you give up by asking God to bless you ,that his all you got, then you have truly experienced his face in your life.
  • Gennie on Genesis 32 - 8 years ago
    God don't want us to worry.
  • John on Genesis 32 - 8 years ago
    Its isreal and its nice
  • Karicessious joseph on Genesis 32:26 - 8 years ago
    God is one
  • Dewey J on Genesis 32 - 9 years ago
    Brenda, though Leah and Rachel gave their maidservants Zilpahand Bilbah to Jacob to wife there is no place I see in Scripture that God excepted such a marriage. We see in the 22 rd verse of this chapter Gen. 32:22 "And he Jacob rose up that night, and took his two wives and his two womenservants and his eleven sons, and passed over the Ford Jabbok. Therefore I believe that Scripture carry the perspective of God and would say that Jacob had only two wives. God bless us all and also in the understanding of his Word. Glory be to God in the highest through our Lord and Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Henderson Tepeka on Genesis 32 - 9 years ago
    Jacob discovered that he was blessed and realised that it was good to reconciled with Esau. Big plan is made so it is important to make plan. Lying brings disgrace and trouble so was Jacob
  • Lorenzo on Genesis 32 - 9 years ago
    To Ms.Romine--I do not know to whom you addressed your post, but may I call your attention to verse 22 of the present chapter: And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two womenservants.... The verses you refer to, in Chapter 30, not 29, are about to the two sister 's offering their slave girls as surrogate mothers in their rivalry to see which could produce the most offspring for Jacob poor fellow, I wonder when he slept? . They were offered as the property of the wives the slave girls didn 't have any say in it and verse 22 makes clear their social status. They were slaves who were ordered by their owners to function in the role of wives by the real wives. I know these customs are somewhat alien to our own, but this was thousands of years ago. Things have changed. And if you think poor Jacob must have been stretched to the breaking point, consider poor Solomon, who had 600 wives, and 300 concubines!
  • Brenda Romine on Genesis 32 - 9 years ago
    Rachel gave her handmaiden, Bilbah, to her husband Jacob to wife and Leah gave her handmaiden, Zilpah, to wife. This can be found in Chapter 29. Your answer that Jacob had two wives was wrong. Please correct this so that it conforms to Biblical truth.
  • Corrie White on Genesis 32:21 - 9 years ago
    What I get out of it is that Jacob sent the presents on to his brother Esau, while he stayed behind with his wives, children and the rest of the company with him. Because Jacob had two band and a space between them so, If anything happy to the first they 'll have a chance to escape.
  • Alamba on Genesis 32 - 9 years ago
    Why? The verse were Jacob buried the idols Rachael stole from her father,not include in the chapter.
  • Bill on Genesis 32 - 9 years ago
    How can Jacob prevail against Christ in a wrestling match? After all, Christ is God and possesses all power. The answer is that Jacob prevails in the sense that he resists God s working in his life. God desires to purge Jacob and, indeed, has given him opportunities to be purged and to grow, but Jacob continues to resist. In his resisting Jacob prevails. Thus Christ, seeing Jacob s obstinate spirit, takes severe measures in order to teach His child to yield. How does he accomplish this? By touching the hollow of Jacob s thigh in essence, dislocating Jacob s hip. God is demonstrating to Jacob Who is actually in control. At that point, Jacob knows he is wrestling with God. Jacob realizes that God in His mercy is allowing him to continue. James Hollandsworth
  • Ayannusi on Genesis 32:28 - 10 years ago
    When the angel said his name shall be no more Jacob, is because that name as be contaminated and needed to be change before he can enter into the plan of God for his life. Thou there is call of God upon his life but he had destroyed it with harm of flesh, so his name must be change 2cor 5:17
  • W A on Genesis 32 - 10 years ago
    Why does this verse refer to Jacob and his eleven children? Leah gave him 6 sons and 1 daughter, the maidservants gave him 4 sons in total at the time Rachel had 1 son. That's 11 sons and one daughter, so twelve children in total. So why does the verse say he crossed with his eleven children?
  • @MikeWinNormanOK on Genesis 32 - 10 years ago
    Yes, Jacob's walk was forever changed by his encounter with the Lord. I think it is useful to consider God's perfect, best, center of His will, in all areas, as opposed to His permissive will.

    This practice helps us make sense of lots of Bible happenings. Did God really teach slavery and to dominate people, for example, or, if you are going to have slaves, and abuse them, blinding. an eye or knocking out a tooth, you will let them go free.

    Did God really want Jacob to limp the rest of His life when in Acts a man was given complete wholeness. We can get in a habit of saying we like our dull, speckled axe rather than admit our failings and press in. Miriam was healed of her leprosy, but the entire camp knew it.

    Oswald Chambers, an early 1900s man of God, in his daily devotional "My Utmost for His Highest" suggested this speaks to the idea that we don't want to wrestle with God, not wanting to renounce a sin , or a call to ministry?, for example, but wrestle before Him, laying of the call of Jesus Christ, doing ministry, defeating Satan, etc. I agree , which adds nothing to Brother Chambers legacy.
  • GLEX on Genesis 32 - 10 years ago
    its a great lesson, its good to pray without tired untill we recieve from GOD.
  • Daniel on Genesis 32:30 - 10 years ago
    Yes I think they meant the Peniel gland in the brain. It is believed that this part of the brain houses your soul and is the link to life and death.
  • Jackie on Genesis 32 - 10 years ago
    I will not let go!!! LORD I will not let go until you bless me!!! I will keep seeking! I will keep knocking! I will keep asking! until I have received my blessings!!!
  • ALQ on Genesis 32:30 - 10 years ago
    That is the Son of God...the Word always in His creation til He has flesh and His name Jesus...
  • Shirley on Genesis 32:15 - 11 years ago
    what is a milch camel
  • Anonymous on Genesis 32 - 11 years ago
    Jacob did not wrestle with God; that is stupid! God changed his name to Israel, because Jacob fought for his blessing and he didn�t wrestle with God, he wrestled with a man that was the man that God sent.
  • Glenda on Genesis 32 - 11 years ago
    Does Genesis 33:10 have anything to do with Genesis chapter 32:30?
  • Sara on Genesis 32 - 11 years ago
    This is a beautiful story.
  • Daniel Onah on Genesis 32 - 11 years ago
    Always ask for the blessings of God like Jacob and seek his face all the time of your life. After seeking the face of God, Esau became a work over issue. Any Esau in your life can be handled without skill pain after you have sought the face God.
  • Anonymous on Genesis 32:26 - 11 years ago
    God is so wonderful and. He is marvellous in our sight.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Genesis 32:32 - 11 years ago
    God wanted the children of Israel to remember forever, the part of the body that He touched to heal Jacob. Jacob is the only man, who wrestled with God, and won. It was then that God changed the name of Jacob, to Israel, which is the same when we are born again, we become Christians. If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old is gone, and all things become new.
  • Deanna on Genesis 32:32 - 11 years ago
    what does the meaning of the verse in book of genesis chapter 32:32 mean in the king james bible?
  • Jonah on Genesis 32:10 - 11 years ago
    It's always great sharing the word.
  • Mwangala Saboi on Genesis 32 - 12 years ago
    Encouraging, i like Jacob's persistence. He Knew and understood that his life was messed up and only GOD could deliver him. He knew that his help would only come from GOD.Therefore he had to cling to him alone. Brethren lets have the courage and persistence that Jacob had when we come before God, because we are nothing without God. Tell Him i won't let you go LORD until you bless me!
  • RALPH M. WATERS on Genesis 32 - 13 years ago
    Here we see GOD's purpose being fulfilled. JACOB wrestled with an ANGEL. Who took on flesh and blood for the purpose of GOD. No one has an idea of why, but we do see the end results. JACOB was appreciative and was blessed by GOD.

    Thereby setting other events in motion, in order to fulfill the scriptures.

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