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  • BSP
    In verse 21 God made sure they had good coverage and not just bare coverage.
  • Troy
    The scripture you are referring to is GOD Letting us know that its punishment for disobedience satan bruising our heels and Victory When Jesus Come and Bruise his head Victory over Death, Hell and The Grave
  • Ersatzangel
    Tyrone - The enmity between the serpent and the descendants of Eve will lead to a fight to the death - Through Eve's Seed the head of the serpent will be crushed but not without bruising. See also Romans 16:20.
  • Tyrone Wilkins
    Will someone show me where God promised man a savior in the book of Genesis they say it is chapt 3 v 15 but I do not get that understanding

  • Ersatzangel
    Read Revelation 12:7-9. Satan was cast out of heaven
  • Clyde
    how does this account of the serpent(satan) being present in the beginning not be in conflict with satan being cast outside of heaven in Isaiah?
  • Wayne
    Jesus said, Matthew 24:35, Heaven and earth shall pass away.
  • Teresa Heyward
    It is a nice Bible to learn from
  • Dennis
    so true God started it perfect but man destroyed it bet he will some day fix it again
  • Rebecca munoz
    went I read the book Genesis I did not know that it was so much more to understanding to this Chapter
  • ZenMyst
    God placed life and death before man, man choose death. They were forbidden from the Tree of Life.
  • BSP
    Verse 15 is the first prophecy recorded in the Bible.
  • Cheryl
    Explain Lillith and verse 15 please where the name come from
  • Michael C.
    Did God know beforehand? He knows all things, and is still good and faithful to all; leaving all without excuse. The plan of God concerning man, He will certainly bring to its perfect end. Has not the potter power over the clay, to make one vessel unto honor, and the other unto dishonor? He now tries us with His melting and proving of every man's soul; of what kind each of us shall prove to be.
  • Michael C.
    Many read the Bible without any sensitivity to the conviction of the Spirit. Instead, it becomes their obsession to invent meanings that don't exist, and to reveal what they think are hidden things; only so men will worship them as some great knowing one. But the great truths of the mysteries of the kingdom, God reveals to babes; and the proud are passed over. Wisdom is in the behavior by faith.
  • Michael C.
    Re:Mista-B, "There is no unrighteousness in Him." Psalms 92:15. The world, and all that is in it, He made perfect in beauty; and all innocent and very good; and there was no sin or evil. By Adam's transgression, sin entered the world; and death by sin. Our "opinions" should be to fear God and be in agreement with Him in His Word.
  • Mista-B
    michael you are missing the point, question, when in your opinion did sin enter into the world? for scripture shows sin was in the world at the creation of adam and eve by the revelation of the tree of knowledge of good and evil to them,would that not be informing them of such and therefore there being no need to ask? and did god know they would eat of the tree? i would think so! what about you?
  • Michael C.
    Mista-B, I think you should look simply at the facts of the things as they are written, for their instruction of obedience in truth and faith. The LORD God had reason for commanding the man not to eat of the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It would have gone better if Adam and his wife had asked God, to learn exactly what that tree was for.
  • Mista-B
    most wont agree with me but the tree of life is clearly "the law" and if the law then "the word" and if the word then "christ" and if christ then "God", and the tree of good and evil also, indicating sin already present in the world? how can this be when everything was very good on the day god rested from his works??
  • Kai
    Adam and Eve are resting in their graves waiting on the resurrection of the righteous.
  • Anita
    Fact God told Adam and Eve to NOT eat of the tree of Knowledge, or they SHALL SURELY die, I am certain they went to hell, GOD means what he says, LOT S wife he said DO NOT TURN BACK , she did and became a pillar of salt. Our life is like a vapor ,we are not promised anything, nor do we deserve anything, But if you are sincere about the Bible STUDY it not just read it, do not turn it into your own satisfaction,GOD made man for HIS purpose ,IF WE ARE sincere New Testament Christians we have an open line of parer 24 7 with GOD. People leave GOD he does not leave them, he will turn his back on you after you keep on doing the same thing over and over again on purpose, called willfully sinning.I have studied the Bible my entire life, I do not own a television ,there is nothing fit on there, I have lived in enough earthly hell I do not want to go there,Sorry this is not just on Genesis But this is where it starts,Love everyone no matter what as if they were the only one, If I can still LOVE my X spouse after 35 years of pure torture,and a dad that was a child molestor,and rapest. GOD states turn the other cheek , DO NOT get me wrong my dad is dead,my x- I do not associate with ,but I will never quit praying for anyone,GOD has held my hand all the way and I failed to even thank him, we expect,how often do we give praise and thanks to GOD for even our breath,I LOVE YOU ALL
  • Michael C.
    The Judge of all the earth always does right; and its counted for what a man knows; and not for what he doesn't know. He weighs our actions, and our spirits. God hides Himself from man for our good, because sin makes us "not fit for the presence of God." Christ coming into the world was to undo the ruin caused by Satan, so we can begin building up our character in His image and likeness by faith.
  • Cheryl Gorley
    Chapter 3 Verse 22 It say that man ate of the tree of good and evil, not the tree of life. It said God remove him before he could eat of it , so why do they r7n each line together as 1. R the Cherubims/sword still protecting the Garden of Eden.
  • Cheryl Gorley
    Chapter 3 Verse 22 It say that man ate of the tree of good and evil not the tree of life, God removed him before he could eat of it, so why do we run each line together as one.
  • Word
    Kiwikomet Romans 5 vs 13 speaks of no sin if they don't know the law and the law was not in effect until Moses.
  • Word
    Innocent, they were very innocent I'm sure because God is pure love, as long as you try to be a good person an truly believe, talk with Him with love and try to please Him always ask for forgiveness through Christ blood clean that book of bad rewards of your sins an short comings then with Christ on your side you will be in heaven. No one has been judged yet except Satan Ezekiel 28vs18,19 to death
  • Kiwikomet
    Did Adam and Eve go to heaven
  • Word
    Susan the Tree of Life was nailed to the cross but He can never be destroyed and when you get to Revelation you will read of Him again. Now the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that old serpent the devil and how pride set in can be read about in Ezekiel 31 that Assyrian has no article and it's saying in vs 3 Behold, the little box cedar and goes on to explain Satan in the garden. Ch.28 -31.
  • James Muntener
    I believe that Adam and Eve's being tempted in the Garden of Eden is a perfect example of Satan tempting people through their minds.
  • James
    I feel and believe that as a Christian if Satan can tempt Adam and Eve to step outside the will of God. He can also get people to do the same. The only way to avoid this temptation is to stay in the word of God.

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