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  • Akiror Esther Catberine
    Aithough we sinned against the almighty God by eating the forbidden fruit ,became naked he still went ahead ,clothed us and even went ahead and died on cross to set us free.To me God's love is the purest loved i have ever brother and sisters in christ let worship our God with all our hearts.God bless u all.
  • Lester for verse 5
    Small "g" god, knowing the difference between right and wrong. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is one attribute of God. Knowing this will mean we take on that attribute. But God is so much more. The reason it is a problem is because with this new found knowledge of right and wrong we seek our own understanding, and therefore subvert our ability to totally seek and relay on God in all things. This causes a separation between us and God we are no longer in Eden.
  • Chris M Hall for verse 19
    For those who believe that there is no everlasting hell, you are wrong. The scripture says so. The person above in the comments is misreading the truth. Our Body will be returned to the ground, and our souls will return to God. But then shall we be resurrected. Given a new body, and cast into the lake of fire if we be unrighteous, or risen with Jesus the Savior to be with Him and the Lord Almighty for all eternity in everlasting life if we fight the good fight here.
  • Gary Mattis
    Vs. 3:22 says Man has become like one of US to know good and evil . again just like in chapter 1 God is showing himself as a Unity using the US in a plural form ! Father and Messiah both are there during the Creation. Pray like this Jesus said Father Son and Holy Spirit , body , soul mind We have in one being and we are made in Gods image and likeness ! . Trinity or Unity God ? Seems like a Unity of flesh and spirit or at this point in time spirit and spirit of the one and same God is more like it to me with God saying US twice already here at the beginning of Genesis ! In Chapter 1 Gods Spirit was upon the face of the deep , to me Gods Spirit is God himself being present where ever it is at - even if it was being manifested everywhere it is still one and the same God or a Unity in His Very essence! .
    All those who are believers of the gospel of God should not do the following: Avoid being lonely, Avoid taken any and accepting any advice given to them. they must judge and see that the advice is in accordance with the word of God, Avoid blaming others of their errors but make aments by asking for forgiveness from God. i believe that if Adam did ask for forgiveness our merciful God would have forgiven him, but he was trying to defend himself from God by blaming God for being the one who gave woman to him. obey Gods word and keep trusting in his word till the day you are call by God
  • Ra-Moan for verse 18
    Genesis 3:21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. You can punish chastise a child for disobeying, but can you cruelly and unjustly punish that child? GOD made us like HIM, to have desire and have to deny it.
  • Rick
    Don, "The Bible says Study to show thyself approved unto God... " It 's good that you study for it helps you to remember! Like life, it 's not meant to be "easy ", but God will help you if you ask him.
  • Anthony Jatto
    Genesis help us to know more about God creations.
  • KS REDDY Genesis 9:4 4 But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it. We can still eat meat but, animals still containing blood in it may not be consumed therefore it signifies life.
  • Don
    I do like genesis. Alot to absorb so you might have to read it a few times liike me and then say i think i understand alittle.
  • Dabie Abraham RABBI for verse 22
    I believe the sentence in gen.3:22 was not complete as we can see, so I just want to know what would ve been the next words of God. beloved, it was satan who mistakenly caused Adam and Eve be like God, gen.3:22 ,which was not suppose to be so. see the devil can make you assume a position or perform something that seems great in your eyes but God ll not accept that, let us watch our lives well the devil is wise :there is a way that seem right to you but at the end ...... God richly bless you
  • Steve Walton
    Just have to comment on what an EXCELLENT explanation Ms. Kimberly Adams provided in translating the meaning of this verse, as well as her correlating it to the New Testament. Many people misinterpret this scripture, not realizing it 's the Bible 's first indication of the coming of our Savior.
  • Kimberly Adams for verse 15
    Genesis 3:15 "And I will put enmity animosity between you and the woman presents the Lord speaking to Satan, who had used the serpent in effect, the Lord is saying to Satan, "You used the woman to bring down the human race, and I will use the woman as an instrument to bring the Redeemer into the world, Who will save the human race " , and between your seed mankind which follows Satan and her Seed the Lord Jesus Christ it Christ shall bruise your head the Victory that Jesus won at the Cross Col 2:14-15 , and you shall bruise His Heel the sufferings of the Cross .
  • Eve Simpson
    Genesis 3:15 can someone explaine that to me! Please and Thank you!
  • Gwendolen Jones
    Very interesting.
  • Wardell jr,
    love is real and God explained wrong and or right.,
  • John madden for verse 10
    The first case of fear..sin causes fear.
  • Atanda cyrus
    I strongly believe that God drove them out so that they will not taste d tree of life live 4ever we should be very careful and give our lives to Jesus 1 day we will eat d tree of life
  • Atanda Cyrus for verse 8
    God can visit us anyhow but our humility matters not our excuses
    Jojo Joseph, I read your posted comment, and I half to admit you really get into the meat of the subject, and a lot of fine scripture references, myself I hesitate to go to the extent of thinking that I know the mind of God or his intentions, that to me is traversing deep waters. Myself I believe its clear, according to scripture, the reason for Adam and Eves being banished from Eden, because it is clearly stated, to bar the way of the tree of life. But that is just my opinion. I hope the Lord does open your mind to more meaningful knowledge, like what are your thoughts on the Sabbath of the seventh day? Gen 3-5-9-15,
  • Nakedmind for verse 1
    I don 't think it was a snake, but a dragon That serpent of old which is found in revelations
  • Clint for verse 22
    question: we 've had a discussion and there are two trees mentioned in this chapter. Where was the tree of life? Was it hidden? God said that they would die aspirtiual death if eating of the tree of knowledge. So where was the tree of life? And what is it?
  • Larry Henderson for verse 8
    There is all ways a time to walk and talk with God.
  • RNM 3-4-21 GEN
    GEN 3-4-21...I Corinthians 2:14- But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Ray Oruand, in Romans 1:22- Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. You and I both know their has been more intelligent people than either you or I that has rejected, denied, questioned the word of God, and have been proven wrong. It sounds to me that you have a beef with God. Or is it this church age you 've lost all confidence in, because if that 's it I agree totally. But their is an answer for it, if you want to reply. God help us all to understand PRAISE GOD AND HIS HOLY SON YESHUA. AMEN!!
  • Ray Oruand
    " And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: " I am fairly sure that this is an accurate translation. The 'us ' refers to the Elohim, in Babylonian and in Sumerian from which the original Genesis comes , the children of the God Father or the other Gods. The 'sin ' of Eve is that she sought sustenance in the form of knowledge poor Adam seemed satisfied, both with his ignorance and with pushing blame onto Eve. The real 'sin ', however, was avoided with the couple being driven from Eden. That sin would have been eternal life, a crime against the nature of mortals. These stories are neither inspired by nor are they the word of God. They are tales, borrowed by various peoples of Mesopotamia, then transmitted along the trade routes of the Fertile Crescent into the region of Palestine where Semitic tribes had settled. I find the significance to be that human knowledge our culture, our language, our morality is transmitted by the mother to her children. Our ability to manage everyday experiences hunting, farming, animal husbandry, etc. is what the father brings to the table.
  • David P. for verse 4
    Notice that the snake tells her, "YOU will not die. " His deception is to make her believe that there is no structure of authority...something that the "gods " angels have discovered. Or, really, something the snake has discovered and immersed the rest of the angels into.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    GENESIS 3:19 COMMENTS 3 28 2015 11:00 PM This verse, Adam receive punishment by God for his sinned until return into dust. But the LORD still merciful for us through our Lord Jesus Christ we will be alive. As 1 CORINTHIANS 15:21-22. Thank you Lord for the grace that given to us. A-men.
  • RNM 3: 28 GEN
    GEN 3:28...S.KATE, if we are trying to live a life that is Christ like, we won 't be complete until we are observing God 's Holy Sabbath the 7th day. From the seventh day of the creation week, we half to be honest and obedient to our Heavenly Father. It is the only Way to please GOD, but please don 't take my word do some serious research if you doubt, and pray for God to open your mind to His truth. AMEN!!
  • SISTER KATE for verse 7

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