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  • Màrklan Green for verse 6
    Adam was not there the conversation was between the serpent and Eve Genesis 3:1-5 when it says "with her they eat together".
  • Nyishai
    I think that it's the truth.
  • Phyllis
    I believe Every word of God is true. The example of Adam and Eve is that God gave a choice to man in the beginning, to choose life and they disobeyed and listen to the voice of the devil. But God loves man so much that He gave man a second chance to choose life when he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice for all. God gave the three of life and the tree of good and evil and they both chose death instead of Life. So now we still have access to the tree of Life which is Christ Jesus. I choose Life. What do you choose? God bless you!
  • Nicholas Head for verse 19
    I have been accused just lately by my step daughter that if I were a good Christian, I would help her and her husband , but their need was caused by a stupid thing they did , they have lied so much to us. We have been used so they can buy drugs, and they have lost their children too because of their habits. I think the verse refers to working the soil, not to be too proud nor lazy to work it, for you were created by GOD from it, and you will become soil again when you die. Your earthly body will return to dust. That is it.
  • Ty
    There would be no way for man to have attempted to partake from the tree of life. The tree of life is those names that have eternal life. Up to this point Adam and Eve already had eternal life. It is sin that separates us and Satan (the Serpent) knew this. You have heard the cliché knowledge is power.
  • Harry Robinson
    The name Eve means beginning, we all come from a woman. Therefore Eve represents all the nations of the world here. Adam Being Formed of the dust of the earth represents the first Christ. John 1:13-14: Which was born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the word was made flesh. This is not about Eve's sin it's about the world's sin, nor is it about one woman's sin but the world's sin because we all come from her. But it only comes when Moses brought the Law, sin doesn't start here. Romans 7:9: For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.
  • Harry Robinson
    In the garden there are two trees (the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil). The tree of Life means to trust in the Lord, up until this point Adam and Eve Lived by faith. The tree of knowledge is the law of God thereby knowing the law makes you a sinner, because now you know what sin is. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge they were now following the Law and became sinners. For we live by Faith and not by Sight. To live by faith is the trust in the Lord, to live by sight is to follow the Law. This is the work that Christ had to do, Hebrews 7:18; For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof.
  • Tonya
    I don't think it is wise to say that God's creation of women is offensive; he did it the way he chose. I would like to think that we are grand finale of his creation!
  • Sean Murphy
    God saw to it that everything was in place and working correctly so that this world age was fit to bring Eve into...and it wasn't really Adam's actual rib bone...the word used in the Hebrew was actually "curve"...God removed the feminine DNA from Adam and gave it to Eve. Helix Curve. God is very disciplined and He has a proper household set up in a particular governmental fashion. Man first because he was physically made to protect the rest of the family, and God likes having one person in the house who is ultimately responsible for the deeds or misdeeds of anyone under that roof. God is not a respecter of persons, and He loves you and holds you up as high as any one of His other children.
  • Gloria
    God said it happened this way and I believe it to be true.
  • Riose
    In Genesis Chapter 3, I learn that there are two trees that our LORD God is concerned of: The tree of life and the tree to knowledge good and evil. Man ate the fruit of the tree to knowledge good and evil. God decided to drive out man so that he may not eat the remaining tree which is the tree of life which was to make man live for ever. I love the way God's word comes to us that reads it. Amen
  • Chanel
    Our Lord God keeps his word and all ways stay true to it, and treats us all equal.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    The first advent of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ, is in fulfillment of the promise that the seed of the woman would crush the serpents head. While the serpent would bruise his heel. Mary was used by God to bare the Lord Jesus, and she is called the blessed mother of our Lord. This is a great honor for all women. So God has a special place for women in heaven, for there is neither male nor female in the spiritual realm. Jesus at the cross took our sin, and became sin for us so that we could inherit his righteousness by faith. God will present us faultless at the appearing of Jesus Christ when he comes to take his bride out of this world for the marriage supper of the Lamb.
  • Jill
    We (women) weren't created as an afterthought or merely as an extension of man. God created us to fulfill Adam's need for an help meet (Genesis 2:20). Ephesians 5:22-33 is also a great place to see the love of a husband for his wife. Verse 25 tells it best "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;" Jesus loved us so much that He died for us; our husbands are to love us the same way and should be willing to sacrifice their lives for us as Christ did for mankind. That must mean that God wants men to recognize our value and worth as women.
  • Sophie
    Does anybody else find it offensive that women are created after everything else and out of Adam's rib, as though we are just an extension of men and don't have our own purpose. Adam even got to name us and his wife! Is there any other perspective to read this section from?
  • Harold
    The covering out of animal skins became first animal sacrifice for covering of sin.
  • Learning
    What happens is that the tree of life represents.. Jesus and the tree of good and evil is God versus Satan. We must remember Satan was already cast out of heaven unto the earth, that's when the battle started when he told eve you will be as gods, that's what Satan wants to be above God, but it was just a trick for men to fall from God's grace. I hope this was a help for all that read this commentary.
    My friend just told me about this page I am learning more about. I love it.
  • Clement
    There is nothing new again on earth. Obedience is the key to success, particularly to the law and of course to the voice of the Lord. What we see and live with today has its background from creation (our source). Adam (our origin) was created in the image of God, this has a significant link with our belief that Jesus Christ, son of God, is a manifestation of God Himself in person. May we continue to grow in faith from strength to strength with complete guidance from the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • André
    It is through faith that we understand that the creation took 6 normal days (Hebrews 11 :3). And they were normal days, just like our days, because God sanctified the 7th day as sabbath in the Law of Moses (Exodus 20 :10-11). God bless you.
  • Lin
    I have a confusing question. Our Heavenly Father God, Creator of the world. He created man, Adam, as God called him. Adam was made before the Garden eastward of Eden. He placed Adam in the Garden, eastward of Eden, to till and tend it. Adam named all the animals of the world. In the Garden of Eden there was 2 trees one of Life and another the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When God placed Adam in the Garden, God told him Adam the rules commanded of the Garden, of every tree of the garden thou may eat freely. BUT the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat. What is the tree of life referring to? Being there were 2 important trees mentioned. Then after Adam named all animals etc, he saw there was not one help meet for him. So God caused deep sleep upon him. For God took a rib from Adam to form and created a woman. Yet the woman was not named Eve until the serpent beguiled her, of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Did Adam tell the women of Gods commands of the tree of knowledge? For it says God spoke to Adam of the command before God made the woman. Yet in Chapter 3, the serpent tricked her, what form was the serpent in to talk to the woman, to be saying she could eat of the tree. Yet she said God said no. Then God removed them from the Garden of Eden.
  • Mike
    That's waht it says no more and no less, it is about the the bruising heel and the bruising of the head will come up later. So, pay attention do not subtract or take away and the comment about Mary.... Wow that's all I have to say...
  • Lorral Weaver
    This is for the comment that Kimber wrote on 7/12. Our bodies may sleep until Christ calls us home, but our souls don't sleep. 2 Cor 5:8 tells us for to be absent from the body {our souls} is to be present with the Lord. After we die our souls go directly to be in His presence.
  • ELDER ROSS for verse 15
    from the church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST OF THE APOSTLIC FAITH ( Genesis 3:15 ) ( Exodus 20:11 ) FOR IN SIX DAYS THE LORD MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH ,THE SEA , AND ALL THAT IN THEM IS, AND RESTED THE SEVENTH DAY WHEREFORE THE LORD BLESSED THE SABBATH DAY, AND HALLOWED IT. now listen he created sin also the devil seed is sin the woman seed is righteous not EVE but MARRY the mother of JESUS CHRIST
  • Barry for verse 15
    The one point that I see being missed here is the definition of (enmity) which most go to mans definition of it being used in other cases, but here it means the law and not only the law but it includes all the other definitions with it. If you understand what Christ did at the cross you have to admit that he fulfilled the law and became sin and nailed the law to the cross and by this act he made it possible for sinful man to approach God. Redeeming God to man and alowing man to be redeemed to God by faith in what he accomplished there on the cross.
  • Wilst for verse 24
    Man is created in the image of God. He is being chased out of the ease of life and out of the fellowship with the Lord for he has sinned. A barrier or limit is created that man must overcome to come back to the presence of the Lord. In this way we see that the folly of God is wiser than the wisdom of man (1 Corinthians 1:25)... and that God has good plans for man (Jeremiah 29:11) ...
  • Jaeman
    Dear Miss Sandra
    Please read genesis chapter 5 verse 4.
  • Kimber
    Eve made 6 mistakes when approached by the serpent; 1 she listened to the serpent, 2 she considered his words, 3 she responded to him, 4 she omitted a word, she didn't say "freely", 5 she added words "neither shall ye touch it", Adam and his wife were to tend the garden, be gardeners (this is the FIRST and oldest profession). As gardeners they would have to touch the tree to tend to it. 6 She changed a word "lest ye die" "lest" means maybe, but GOD said ye shall surely die; "shall" means definitely.
    Then she further compounded her errors by looking at the tree with her physical eyes instead of her spiritual senses and since she had spirit she could at anytime communicate with GOD until she "ate" of the fruit of that tree. Adam was not mentioned as being around until she offered the fruit to him and he did eat. Since GOD gave them work to do in the garden it is entirely possible that Eve was alone when she spoke to the serpent, the adversary, and he must have dazzled her in some way to make her forget that she could talk with GOD anytime she wished because she had spirit until she sinned then she and Adam died spiritually and became just body and soul (breath life). Soul and Spirit are not the same nor interchangeable. Spirit is GOD's image and likeness; man's life was and is in the soul so the body didn't die when the spirit died. GOD had to create a new spirit for each of them afterward which was inside them only while they did the will of GOD (and did not died when they sinned, only left them until they asked for forgiveness and renewed their minds back to GOD's will), but we are now born-again with GOD as our spiritual FATHER and cannot die spiritually nor lose our spirit because of all the Jesus Christ accomplished our spirit is permanently ours and inside us always until the body dies then it sleeps until the gathering together of all those born-again ("the dead in Christ shall rise first:
    17. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." 1 Thessalonians 4:16&17 KJV).
  • Kimber for verse 15
    The seed of the woman is Christ because God would create (something made from nothing; something made that never before existed; only GOD can create) perfect seed inside a woman so she could conceive. Calling this seed of the woman brings emphasis that no man can bring about the conception of the Christ. Seed is carried by the male.
    Seed of the serpent is anyone spiritually "born" to satan; anyone who commits him/her self fully to satan becomes a "child" of satan. But since satan cannot create life this "seed" is a wedge in the mind of the person who is seed to the end that person is permanently open to devil spirit possession. Thus anyone seduced, instructed, and or lured to follow satan can become seed of the serpent. Cain was the proto-type; the blueprint of what those "born" of the wrong seed would be like.

    Also spirit CANNOT mate with matter; satan cannot have children with women. Spirit superceeds the physical world, but since satan cannot create he must then influence that which is already created. The sons of God in genesis are believers (no angel was ever called a son of God; God made man to have children who would love and worship HIM) and the daughters of men are unbelievers. This is the first warning that believers and unbelievers should not be married together and have children; this is being unequally yoked.
  • Josephat Mushi for verse 1
    Always 'GOD' will remain GOD and none can take His Glory.After the assault in Heaven the satan see the door to use in order to stop the God p aim in Human

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