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  • Fool Proof
    The Devil is not held by Michael now. On the contrary, Satan is the ruler of this world, which is why it's in such a terrible state and will continue to get worse.
  • Mystery man
    I recently had a conversation which was very interesting and insightful. So, I must warn you, be very open minded. God created man according to his image which was the first man to be here on Earth. God also formed man from the dust, read 1st chapter Genesis. The beast here on Earth can be interpreted as 1/3rd fallen angels. Satan (serpent) may have impregnated Eve, the reason why God said he will put enmity between thee seed and her seed, meaning a child born together from each other. In this case, this seed was germinated and was born Cane who fled after killing Abe and ran off to Nod. Cane was marked on his head by God which explains when God said their seed would have a bruised head which is mark or curse by God. And, bruise feet which explains the labor of man. When Cane fled to Nod, he married his wife. Well, keep in mind here, no other people existed on earth other than Cane, Eve, and Adam at this time right, NOT. Keep in mind the 1/3rd fallen angles were here on Earth where they walked among man which God created and those that were formed from the dust. The fallen angels liked th daughters of Man and bared children (Demi-Gods) which are half human and half God (fallen angels). So, keep in mind that Heaven and Earth co-existed (firmament) with Godly and Manly life.
  • Garyloyd newman
    The devil is held by Michael now. Its his spirit here. Listen. He can't know ur thoughts but can hear you speak. He can put things in your mind. Don't say anything you don't want him to know. Watch what you say. WORDS are very strong. When you get upset with some one keep calm. Be cool. Where there is strife and anger the devil will be listening.
  • Ben weaver for verse 11
    God didn't declare them naked, the enemy did. God saw everything that he had made....was very good (Gen. 1:31). The human attempt to cover the sin of disobedience was not effective, so God made them coats of skin and clothed them (v. 3:21). which required the shedding of blood, being symbolic of the blood of Jesus. There is no indication that the fig leaf aprons were too small, since the same Heb. word is also translated into "armor". I feel that their fear and shame, misery was the outcome of the evil which they had chosen to participate in. The Heb. word for "evil" - ra, is also translated into "trouble, misery, wretchedness, distress, sick, calamity, and 20 other such dreadful conditions. Early Christian baptisms were conducted without clothes to indicate being restored to the original innocence. Our evolved concept of body shame is said to have begun about A.D. 800 when Christianity became organized and sophisicated. If we look at evil, even today, the same devil presents it as forbidden delight, (just as Eve saw the tree to be,) but it eventually brings us to dreadful misery. Many vices have strong attractions but sad results. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus and the good life.
    Research: In Gen.3.16 describes the serpent as one of the animals and this may be true but in fact we see later identified as Satan. Rev.12.9,20.2... The fact remains that God did create a serpent but this one was in form of a serpent but it was a transformation of Satan.(See) 2 Cor. 11.3 14....
  • Jason
    Hey MichelBenac
    Not everyone comes out with such inquisitive thoughts and questions
    Most people are afraid to share what is going on inside and usually look at those that do like they are a litte strange, while desiring to know the answers as well.
    Are you trying to figure it all out?
    I couldn't figure it out with my so called intellect, but all my unanswered questions now have an excellant explanation
    The answer found me!
    I could answer your questions but you would have to believe what I am saying is true.
    I am not the one that you should believe or trust in, but I am willing to help you get to know the One
    What Source out there do you plan to use to get answers to your questions?
  • Garyloyd newman
    Let us look. A powerful satan who God loved and was put satan in charge to secure the Mercy seat,created to almost the full image or how do you say, very powerfull. Tryed to take over thinking & still thinks he can overthrow God. He tryed in the 1st age and down fall in a war that end thhe earth age (Jeremiah 4) must be powerfull a thrid of 12 billion children followed satan (Revelation 12) God lost His children and wants them back, just like all Fathers that love their babies. (1)He instilled us with right and wrong in our hearts. (2) its not a sin unless you are awear it is. He died on the cross so all we have to do is believe He did and ask and its forgiven.blotted out,no more don't worry he says for get about it He don't want to here about it, believe! Now Murder is on hold before the Throne and that is BAD! Its from waiting to kill for cash or other bad things. Also committing sin that you know is sin and then do over and over. He says there is something He Hates. It says in Jeremiah we were all stupit, so its time to grow. God says to trust Him and he will be with you to kick the big stones out of the road and if we love Him He will be there and take care of our lives. We will be fine and we will learn and we will make it. G
  • MichelBenac for verse 3
    He gave us the right to choose and yet He cast lucifer to earth, which is now bent on destroying us why did He not just cast him in hell in the 1st place. If heaven was so perfect why did satian turn wicked. WHAT'S THIS LIFE FOR: Every where we look it's temptation an yet no one does any thing about it. I would like to call this war the Battle of light and dark that done an unfair war against mankind. We created with the understanding of the fleash yet this wars in the spirit.
  • Garyloyd newman
    NOT cainnanite. Itss kenites is the sepents seed. Keep studing
  • whoever has quoted this verse to prove that both man and woman has the seed of life is mistaken, the former seed refers to the serpents seed and the latter to the womans or mankinds
  • Dolfin
    the seed of the serpant the cainnanite jew!!! the seed of the woman the adamite christians, emnity between the two seedlines!!! the seed of satan & the prodgeny of YHVH....
  • Fluffy for verse 22
    Is god using 'the royal we' when he says "one of us" or is he perhaps refering to the polytheistc culture of the times? One can only wonder....
  • Fluffy for verse 13
    The Snake did it. Sole liability of the serpent. Case Closed. Eve and Adam, Acquitted :) So much for original sin BTW...
  • Fluffy for verse 16
    Good thing "God" gave us the intelligence to create the Epidural as well as to enact laws that Protect and Empower women. BTW, My childbirths were amazing events for me AND my husband, who adores me and considers me his equal partner. I guess things have changed in 3000 +/- years :)
  • Bruce M. Devitt
    Man is male and female, woman is the" spirit" represented in parable as woman. It is the spirit ( woman ) that hears serpent. This sends us to Jesus's warning about the dangers of being born of the spirit only - John 3 -.
  • Garyloyd
    Sorry on 10,16,2010 I meant Adam not Able took part of the fruit. Satan that old serpent the devil that old tree of good and turned evil can disquise himself. The play actor of play actors.
  • Garyloyd newman
    U say to yourself,how could Able take part of the fruit? The devil satan is a transforming.,can disquise himself. Its in the word. God made satan, well, almost or a full. Pattern its in Ezekiel 28:12. Prince of tyrus is one of satans names, its prince of little rock. Best part he`s been judged and satans death is in vs. 18 burned from within to out. Smoked! As hell is written in psalms 37 there is an accrosstic read 7,20,34. That will tell you what the lake of fire is after the 1000 years at the Great White Throne Judgement. God is a consuming fire. His love is warm and gentle but His anger is hot and burns you up.
  • Garyloyd newman
    Genesis 2:17 is that tree of good and evil. The tree that was good and then turned evil. We follow the tree of life. And for in that day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. At that time a day was 1000 years and they didn't live to a thousand. God was with them and a day with God is 1000 years. In fact I don't think anyone made it to a thousand, some came close 900 plus. In 2:9 God stated fruit trees for food and then He tells us the LORD as the tree of life and then satan,the serpent, as that good tree that turn bad. In Genesis 3:13 and in 2 Corinthians 11:3 we see what the sepent did in the garden, he beguiled her. Beguiled is # 1537 exapatao in Greek comes from #1537, an #1538 and has one meaning only 'Seduce" whole or completely. Then in Genesis 3:15 you have the seed`s as ennity. Seed is " zera in Hebrew which is successive descendants of a person,generations not yet born. So we go check out Genesis 4:1 an 2. She thought she had a man from the LORD but cause in 4:2 it says "again" she bare Able. Hebrew its #3254 yacaph, primitive root meaning, to add or omit, to continue in labor to give Able life.that means delivered cain,then continued in labor and had Able. Un-identical twins and that's why cain`s not listed in Adam`s genealogy in chapter 5 but is in chapter 4 cause he isn't from Adam. Looking at 2 of every fleah getting on Noah`s boat cain`s people got on cause the kenites[ sons of cain] translated show up in first Chronicles 2:55.
  • Garyloyd newman
    The word rib is #6760 tsala,lsaw lah; a prim root, to curve. So the rib is a curve in Hebrew, it was translated rib but man has something more in the line of genetics that decides male and female which we have learned in medical technology and its called D.N.A. you can take a few chromosomes from here or there and have either way not much difference between a man or a woman. I think God took the curve of D.N.A and put it in woman. The greatest gift God ever gave man was woman.just a thought.
  • Anonymous
    in parts of the bible, man is refered to as a beast,the serpent was more crafty than another beast of the field so i think the serpent was a man of the field and who was in the field with Eve? Adam, and when she took of the fruit she gave some to him who was with her, and why did the serpent speak only to Eve if Adam was with her and why didn't Adam say anything because satan is a spirit that got into Adam and spoke to Eve, he just didn't realize what happened untill it was done, notice in aother part of the bible when satan got in to Judus and he turned in YAUSHUA (Iesus)or (Jesus as this mislead world knows him as), and when Judas relized what he did he hanged himself, YAUSHUA told Peter satan demaned him so he can sift him.(and he did,Peter denied YAUSHUA three times then he realized what he did and wept biterly) So the saying "satan made me do it" there is some truth to that, satan is a spirit that gets into us and makes us do things that is why we say "i don't know why I did that" so that has to be why GOD gave us FREE WILL and the power of the Holy Spirit, so we can resist satan
  • Adam, oh Adam, no accountability for his action, blames the woman, and place the blame also with God. "Thou woman which whom you gaveth to me" cause me to eat of this tree. Accountability is a must here.
  • God has blessed us with power, love and sound mind, still we doubt that we have power over our emotions (serpents). The serpent slithered up to Eve and told her,(who already knew and stood firm on the word at first) that God said if she disobeyed his ordinance; she will surely die. Then at this point the serpent placed doubt (entered into her emotions), and caused her to doubt the Word of God. We are to be strong and encourage one another in the Word of God, and we are to fill ourselves with the Word (by reading and hearing) to push the worlds way of thinking out, so that when trouble times come we can stand firm on the Word of God. We are what we read and hear whether negative or positive.
  • Bruce M. Devitt
    We must WATCH as Jesus tells us all we must do , as the commentary is again to lead us wrong . It is not God's command but that of the Lord God's. This is a device of the serpent ( the old serpent / the devil , as refered to by Jesus )This is a method of deception in order that the devil can be assumed to be God ( John - 8 ) and it is stated by the Lord ( Ezekiel )& ( Isaiah ) that it was not he that had spoken to them (obviously the devil. ) It should be easy for all to understand that the serpent speaks and is heard in spirit (the sound ) This is the reason that Jesus warns all in John - 3 - about the dangers of not being ever vigilant concerning what you hear in spirit. If you believe every thing you hear in spirit without questioning it you are born of the spirit only,this will put you in a position that you can be decieved by the devil, and follow him as if he is your father ( John - 8 - )
  • Theveed
    Gen 3:15 happened when Christ was crucified ( the bruising of the heel) The bruising of the serpent's head happens upon the return of Christ
  • Barney Popkin
    We see here the beginnings of recorded cunning or slyness in the serpent, which carries through later in deception, corruption, etc. Per pervasive corruption in Afghanistan etc., I wonder the influence of its much respected cunning on its common and institutionalized corruption, its ancient and biblical cultural origins. The substitution of second-born sons to inherit from dying dads in Genesis. Ulyssesí cunningness. Chaucerís Pardoner. Of course, we have similar challenges in the west Ė just think of President Clinton lying under oath and parsing his comments to dissuade Congressional candidates, Vice President Spiro Agnos, President Richard Nixon and Watergate cover up, President Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara Vietnam war lies, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich selling of Obamaís Senatorial seat, UK PM scandals, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert real estate scandal, the governor of New York Eliot Spitzer and US Secretary of State for Development (USAID Administrator) Randy Tobias scandals, President Ronald Reagan making up stories to prove a morale point, Bernard Madoff scandal, Martha Steward insider trading, sinking of The Main to liberate the Philippines from Spain, etc. We donít see much of Honest Abe Lincoln anymore. So what happened? Might be useful research area with modern practical applications.
  • Jimmy for verse 14
    Is it reasonable to assume that the serpent had wings, before he was cursed to slither on his belly?
  • Jimmy for verse 9
    I love how God asks a question to something that he already know the answer to. I apply the same technique towards my son :)
  • Jimmy for verse 6
    NOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYYY?! At least eat from the tree of life, before the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  • i was told that gen 3:15 was about jesus christ and that when he took the keys of hell away from satan , upon leaving hell he kicked satan in the head and it wounded his heel ..
  • Cory sellers
    There are some questions that we need to ask;:
    1. What was God's reasoning for having Adam name the beasts of the field?
    2. How did Adam decide what to name them? What did he compare them to? What did he draw from? Maybe his own earthy nature? Some beast were clean and some were not. Man and beast were both of the ground.
    3. So, if being that he named the serpent; what was Eve really communicating with. Maye her own conscience?
    1st Tim 2:13,14 Remember Eve did not name the beast of the field Adam did.

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