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  • B M Devitt
    Jesus tells us that a tree is known by it's fruit.
    The fruit passes inspection ( chapter -2- verse - 9- ) but it is also to represent more ie; wisdom , and do not miss that it is stated to be in the midst of . Was it actually the tree of life ?
  • Lucy
    The punishment given for eating the fruit was full of grace. What would you choose to bruise your head or heel.
  • Theresa
    God gave Adam and Eve free will (choices) the same as us. They took the wrong choice. We sometimes do too. That is why we have our instructions (THE BIBLE) to help us in making the right choices (Wisdom). It is laid out for you and me if we choose to read the bible to gain wisdom and understanding. Satan temps us in the same way today. It is the choices we make to follow God or Satan. I choose God, but some of my choices over my life weren't the best. We pick ourselves up, seek GOD'S forgiveness. GOD knew Adam and Eve would fall, but never left them or forsake them. Since GOD knows and sees all, he knew he would have to send a savior, Jesus in the future to shed his blood for the sins of the world. We all fall short of the Glory of GOD. GOD knew what Satan would do also. GOD also had a plan for Satan (The lake of Fire) So remember they had a choice and who did they listen to? God is showing what will happen to us if we sin and keep sinning and not obey him (DEATH). I is teaching and instructing us so that we may live and not die. Remember GOD loves us so much he wants us to make the right choices. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
  • Leslie
    I may be wrong, but I believe that God loved us so much He gave us choice.

    From day one we have always had freedom and choice. He needed to see if we were faithful and true to His commands and we failed the test. He loved us too much to just "wipe us out" right then in there.

    Some people believe God is only wrath and fury, but in fact is the complete opposite. He allowed us the freedom to make the decision to love Him, obey Him, and trust His word. That day forward it was known by Adam and Eve both that they could trust in His word and better or their could be serious consequences. They had to be made believers of God in order to demonstrate His truth, love, and mercy.

    The story of Adam and Eve remind me of my children. I love my children so much, but at times they make bad decisions. Even if I know that they are going to choose the wrong path I still have to let them live and learn. When they disobey me I do get angry but love them no less than before. In order to insure my children will make a good decision by THEIR OWN choice I have to let them learn the hard way sometimes. (Usually most effective too.) In the bad decision itself holds consequences that are punishment enough. On top of the consequences of their decision has to come additional punishment strategies to show them I'm serious about my rules, what I say I do, and that they need to mind for their own good. Maybe this is what God is trying to show us?

    We are children of God. He loves us unconditionally.
  • James shields
    god help us all to be what you want us to be and live under youre mercy and grace and under youre blood
  • Trent for verse 16
    It's verses like this that make me know the Bible is true. There's no way someone would think to make up such random explanations, like a woman believing a lie, getting caught, then women will be cursed the rest of her life in childbearing. Fast forward to today and what do you know, women have massive, almost unnatural pain in childbirth- very inconsistent with the rest of the animal kingdom, which does not experience that level of pain. Those animals are operating as originally designed, with no pain. How would an atheist explain such coincidences that align with a 2,000 - 3,000 year old writing (the Bible) that explains life so well? And some snakes have visible places on their body where legs used to be- that also fits the scripture precisely. And knowledge of good and evil tied to nakedness. There's no way someone could make something like this up and have everything described be so true and accurate today.
  • Anonymous
    The tree of life was a trap for satin .
    god put it there because he knew satin would betray adam and eve and get them thrown out of the garden of eden so he could kill them and have the whole earth to rule himself. But god protected them and cursed satin everytime and everyway he tried to kill them and now satin doesn't rule every man and womans heart now satin has to battle even before his last losing battle we may make mistakes and suffer but satin and his host of evil demon angels will burn.if your good your treasure is in heaven if your not what are you.

  • Joey Stewart
    Again, just a bit confused and excuse me if my words seem harsh. One, why put a tree of the knowlege of good and evil smack dab in the middle of the only two humans on the face of the earth? You are God, you can see the future! You've said so many times! Second, ch.2 v.22 what was meant by the words "One of us"? If there is only one ruler of the universe, why does he talk to himself in the plural form us? Is this a trinity deal or is this proof for alien/creation theorists?
  • Ruth
    eve did eat the fruit mr.Chivonn! :)
  • Ruth
    my mother and father explained to me this. GOD THE FATHER HAS 2 Ssystems 1.grace 2.goverment.GOD shows us grace but thesame time goverment. example GOD sends Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, this show gods goverment, hes own rules but he also show mercy to them and this is grace.
    mom and dad said it better.
  • Bob Tucker
    It's amazing how some want the "Word of God" to fit into their particular philosophy or ideology. "In the beginning was the Word." Jn.1:1. The Word
    will remain the same forever. Mat.24:35. "Eve" wanted more than God gave, and "Adam" wanted her
    more than he wanted to obey. Then comes the "blame
    game." The man blamed God!"The woman whom THOU
    gavest to be with me she gavest me and I did eat." The woman said "the serpent beguiled me and I did
    eat." It matters not who did what and when. What
    matters is they were both guilty of disobeying God. It does not amount to a "hill of beans" who
    was more guilty. When a loved one is diagnosed with some fatal disease it helps not one wit to
    blame "Eve." It is not a male/female "battle of
    the sexes" thing. It is a record of our fall from
    Grace! We're in "quicksand" pointing fingers. When
    we point fingers we "protest too much."

  • James for verse 16
    I think a lot of people misunderstand the bible and a lot of its scriptures. As the Pastor said this has played out to be true how many women do you know with three or four kids who can barely afford to feed them? Where I come from there are many many women like that, we are headed to damnation at an alarming rate and a lot of the population doesn't seem to care. Mass amounts have turned their back to God and it is sad that HE isn't allowed in our schools anymore but when the wolf howls at the door EVERYONE is quick to jump to what's known as 911 prayers it's a sad world that we live in!
  • Chivonn
    so in this chapter the serpent which is the devil told Eve to eat the fruit? did Adam eat the fruit too?
  • Alfonso Lyttle for verse 6
    Adam at no time seeked to rebuke or resist Eve's offering to him of the fruit. He was not decieved, so he knew exactly which fruit he was about to part take of; hence, it seems to me that Adam, as the scripture stated, was with Eve during the whole seen, but for his own curiousity he was willing to part take.


    Not about what i think, i wanted to find the commentary meaning and understanding why God cloth Adam and the wife before sending them off from the garden.It's because of their nakedness that is why God cover or what kind of nakedness is the Bible saying about.
  • I find it interesting with the plurality of God, but in 3:22 when the LORD God says basically the same thing and with plurality these verses do have a higher indication to life and the afterlife.
  • Pernella pollard
    can someone explaines to me or give scripture relating to the serpent as the devil. Genesis 3 mentioned serpent not satan
  • Dave
    Great understanding of Genesis, Im glad to see the comments of those with eyes to see ;)
  • Jane
    mystery man's comment has a few things mixed up.

    first of all, there were other people besides adam, eve, cain, and able. You may want to reread Genesis.
    Gen 1:26-31 6th day creation of man - male and female. (people of all races)
    7th day God rested.
    Gen 2:7 8th day creation of Adam from dust (the bloodline for which Jesus will be born into).

    satan seduced eve and eve involved adam. (threesome? or eve seduced adam alone after being seduced by satan? only God knows) Yes, I know it says "the serpent" but do you really think a snake had sex with eve?? NO, I dont think so. The serpent is just another name for satan, devil, etc. I'm sure he took form of a very attractive male and deceived eve. he beguiled her. Eve had two sons, satan's seed is cain and adam's seed is able. Cain slayed able (the first murder in the bible) cain fled to nod and married someone (one of 6th creation).

    adam's seed (like I said Jesus will be born into Adam's bloodline) will have the bruised head and heel, that is Jesus when he gets crucified on the cross.

    There were fallen angels imprenating women and the women bared hybrids (giants and half-human/animal superpower stuff) This is why God had noah build an ark and flood to get rid of these hybrids. God chose noah and his family because they were still pure humans and were within Adam's bloodline for which Jesus will be born into. Also, there were male and female of every living thing and every flesh (which is the flesh of every race - PEOPLE) so there were other people on noah's ark beside his family. Therefore after the flood, there were other people to reproduce with.

    Just a few facts you may want to consider while reading the bible.
  • "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." This indicates that there was not only one God, considering the reference is plural. Knowing good and evil refers to a higher understanding of life. As a baby, we are taught good and evil based on our social and environmental influences. In this reference, the fruit that is stated to be forbidden is a fruit that gives you a higher understanding. Which in today's society, we only understand what our social and environmental influences have taught us. So to know good and evil we must eat of that fruit otherwise we are living based on governmental morals. In other words, the forbidden fruit is Marijuanna, considering Marijuanna is technically a fruit.
  • Ben weaver for verse 22
    V. 22b.Eat of the tree of life and live forever. After humanity chose the deceiver and was separated from God (died), they were also banned from eating the fruit of the other trees in the garden, especially the tree of life. God did not want his love project to live forever in this fallen miserable state of being. However; there is access to the tree of life and eternal existance after restoration to God. 1 John 1:1 describes Jesus as the Word of life (Maybe presentation or offer of life). Rev.22:14 says,"Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may go through the gates into the city. Only by relying on Jesus can we have this washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit(Titus 3:5). Lets press for that eternal life that God had planned for humanity, even before the fall.
  • RALPH M. WATERS for verse 8
    The sound of the LORD walking - The voice of the LORD walking - Angels are ministering spirits to GOD - I believe this was an angel materialized for Adam and Eve's benefit - Possibly "Gabriel"
  • Fool Proof
    The Devil is not held by Michael now. On the contrary, Satan is the ruler of this world, which is why it's in such a terrible state and will continue to get worse.
  • Mystery man
    I recently had a conversation which was very interesting and insightful. So, I must warn you, be very open minded. God created man according to his image which was the first man to be here on Earth. God also formed man from the dust, read 1st chapter Genesis. The beast here on Earth can be interpreted as 1/3rd fallen angels. Satan (serpent) may have impregnated Eve, the reason why God said he will put enmity between thee seed and her seed, meaning a child born together from each other. In this case, this seed was germinated and was born Cane who fled after killing Abe and ran off to Nod. Cane was marked on his head by God which explains when God said their seed would have a bruised head which is mark or curse by God. And, bruise feet which explains the labor of man. When Cane fled to Nod, he married his wife. Well, keep in mind here, no other people existed on earth other than Cane, Eve, and Adam at this time right, NOT. Keep in mind the 1/3rd fallen angles were here on Earth where they walked among man which God created and those that were formed from the dust. The fallen angels liked th daughters of Man and bared children (Demi-Gods) which are half human and half God (fallen angels). So, keep in mind that Heaven and Earth co-existed (firmament) with Godly and Manly life.
  • Garyloyd newman
    The devil is held by Michael now. Its his spirit here. Listen. He can't know ur thoughts but can hear you speak. He can put things in your mind. Don't say anything you don't want him to know. Watch what you say. WORDS are very strong. When you get upset with some one keep calm. Be cool. Where there is strife and anger the devil will be listening.
  • Ben weaver for verse 11
    God didn't declare them naked, the enemy did. God saw everything that he had made....was very good (Gen. 1:31). The human attempt to cover the sin of disobedience was not effective, so God made them coats of skin and clothed them (v. 3:21). which required the shedding of blood, being symbolic of the blood of Jesus. There is no indication that the fig leaf aprons were too small, since the same Heb. word is also translated into "armor". I feel that their fear and shame, misery was the outcome of the evil which they had chosen to participate in. The Heb. word for "evil" - ra, is also translated into "trouble, misery, wretchedness, distress, sick, calamity, and 20 other such dreadful conditions. Early Christian baptisms were conducted without clothes to indicate being restored to the original innocence. Our evolved concept of body shame is said to have begun about A.D. 800 when Christianity became organized and sophisicated. If we look at evil, even today, the same devil presents it as forbidden delight, (just as Eve saw the tree to be,) but it eventually brings us to dreadful misery. Many vices have strong attractions but sad results. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus and the good life.
    Research: In Gen.3.16 describes the serpent as one of the animals and this may be true but in fact we see later identified as Satan. Rev.12.9,20.2... The fact remains that God did create a serpent but this one was in form of a serpent but it was a transformation of Satan.(See) 2 Cor. 11.3 14....
  • Jason
    Hey MichelBenac
    Not everyone comes out with such inquisitive thoughts and questions
    Most people are afraid to share what is going on inside and usually look at those that do like they are a litte strange, while desiring to know the answers as well.
    Are you trying to figure it all out?
    I couldn't figure it out with my so called intellect, but all my unanswered questions now have an excellant explanation
    The answer found me!
    I could answer your questions but you would have to believe what I am saying is true.
    I am not the one that you should believe or trust in, but I am willing to help you get to know the One
    What Source out there do you plan to use to get answers to your questions?
  • Garyloyd newman
    Let us look. A powerful satan who God loved and was put satan in charge to secure the Mercy seat,created to almost the full image or how do you say, very powerfull. Tryed to take over thinking & still thinks he can overthrow God. He tryed in the 1st age and down fall in a war that end thhe earth age (Jeremiah 4) must be powerfull a thrid of 12 billion children followed satan (Revelation 12) God lost His children and wants them back, just like all Fathers that love their babies. (1)He instilled us with right and wrong in our hearts. (2) its not a sin unless you are awear it is. He died on the cross so all we have to do is believe He did and ask and its forgiven.blotted out,no more don't worry he says for get about it He don't want to here about it, believe! Now Murder is on hold before the Throne and that is BAD! Its from waiting to kill for cash or other bad things. Also committing sin that you know is sin and then do over and over. He says there is something He Hates. It says in Jeremiah we were all stupit, so its time to grow. God says to trust Him and he will be with you to kick the big stones out of the road and if we love Him He will be there and take care of our lives. We will be fine and we will learn and we will make it. G

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