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  • Jaeman
    Dear Miss Sandra
    Please read genesis chapter 5 verse 4.
  • Kimber
    Eve made 6 mistakes when approached by the serpent; 1 she listened to the serpent, 2 she considered his words, 3 she responded to him, 4 she omitted a word, she didn't say "freely", 5 she added words "neither shall ye touch it", Adam and his wife were to tend the garden, be gardeners (this is the FIRST and oldest profession). As gardeners they would have to touch the tree to tend to it. 6 She changed a word "lest ye die" "lest" means maybe, but GOD said ye shall surely die; "shall" means definitely.
    Then she further compounded her errors by looking at the tree with her physical eyes instead of her spiritual senses and since she had spirit she could at anytime communicate with GOD until she "ate" of the fruit of that tree. Adam was not mentioned as being around until she offered the fruit to him and he did eat. Since GOD gave them work to do in the garden it is entirely possible that Eve was alone when she spoke to the serpent, the adversary, and he must have dazzled her in some way to make her forget that she could talk with GOD anytime she wished because she had spirit until she sinned then she and Adam died spiritually and became just body and soul (breath life). Soul and Spirit are not the same nor interchangeable. Spirit is GOD's image and likeness; man's life was and is in the soul so the body didn't die when the spirit died. GOD had to create a new spirit for each of them afterward which was inside them only while they did the will of GOD (and did not died when they sinned, only left them until they asked for forgiveness and renewed their minds back to GOD's will), but we are now born-again with GOD as our spiritual FATHER and cannot die spiritually nor lose our spirit because of all the Jesus Christ accomplished our spirit is permanently ours and inside us always until the body dies then it sleeps until the gathering together of all those born-again ("the dead in Christ shall rise first:
    17. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." 1Thes 4:16&17 KJV).
  • Kimber for verse 15
    The seed of the woman is Christ because God would create (something made from nothing; something made that never before existed; only GOD can create) perfect seed inside a woman so she could conceive. Calling this seed of the woman brings emphasis that no man can bring about the conception of the Christ. Seed is carried by the male.
    Seed of the serpent is anyone spiritually "born" to satan; anyone who commits him/her self fully to satan becomes a "child" of satan. But since satan cannot create life this "seed" is a wedge in the mind of the person who is seed to the end that person is permanently open to devil spirit possession. Thus anyone seduced, instructed, and or lured to follow satan can become seed of the serpent. Cain was the proto-type; the blueprint of what those "born" of the wrong seed would be like.

    Also spirit CANNOT mate with matter; satan cannot have children with women. Spirit superceeds the physical world, but since satan cannot create he must then influence that which is already created. The sons of God in genesis are believers (no angel was ever called a son of God; God made man to have children who would love and worship HIM) and the daughters of men are unbelievers. This is the first warning that believers and unbelievers should not be married together and have children; this is being unequally yoked.
  • Josephat Mushi for verse 1
    Always 'GOD' will remain GOD and none can take His Glory.After the assault in Heaven the satan see the door to use in order to stop the God p aim in Human
  • Elder Vann
    Dear Rob" in all humility may I please share this with you? The reason the ground was cursed was because Adam was taken from the it and the earth was just as much apart of him as Eve was.that's why when we as mankind destroy the earth we destroy ourselves with it. but even more so because he was given dominion over all things because God set him over the works of his hand see (Hebrews2:6..8) Satan though a fallen cherub' but none the less a spirit, it was not possible for him to have done that; being not flesh and blood see(Matthew22:29)from this point in the scripture a spiritual principal is being established that you will be see throughout the rest of the bible. That is (Nakedness)is represent the shamefulness of Sin(see Exodus32:21..25)also (Revelation3:14..18) their eyes were opened and through disobedience they new their sin ,therefor to their own selves did their nakedness appear. Only after hearing the voice of GOD! while in their nakedness did they hide themselves(Gen3:8 which is a common reaction to guilt.the reverse affect of that would be (Isaiah6:8)after the seraphims Had purged his iniquity with the live coal from of the alter! He said I also" herd the voice of the Lord) but being guilt free he was able to respond (Hear am I send me).
  • Elder Vann
    David My friend; Hebrews 11:3 tells us that, through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, So that the things which are seen were not made by the things which do appear. And Romans 1:20 says For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen by the things which are made,even his eternal power and Godhead. So that tells us that the things we see naturally existed spiritually first. that's How they got here physically Even Jesus himself before he was manifest in the flesh! Existed in the spirit of his eternal Godhead and Power.
  • Elder Vann
    Cain got his wife from the the children that were born to Adam and Eve in chapter 1:28 in the garden before they sinned, when God blessed them and said be fruitful and Multiply. Read over the word again carefully" and pay attention to detail and you will see many things.Before sin Adam and Eve bore children in the image and likeness of God as Adam was figuratively called the son of God.(Luke3:38)these were the true sons of God that Married the daughters of man they were not angles; but were flesh and blood and capable of reproduction unlike angles.YES! they were Giants and lived God knows how long? before man ever sinned. They were called the fallen ones not because they were fallen angles! but because they were first holy born before sin. After the expulsion from the garden Adam begat the children in his own likeness and image which was no longer Godlike but mortal.(Genesis3:3) never the less they because Seth was the righteous replacement for Able 3:3 this lineage was the new order of the sons of God and leads straight to THE SON OF GOD Read from Luke 3:38 GO backward to 23
  • Sandra
    Genesis 4:16 & 17. After Cain killed Abel. Then went to the land of Nod. Where did his wife come from? There was only Adam,Eve,Cain & Abel @ that time?
  • Samuel
    God's word is not to be figured out or lean unto your own understanding,but believe it with your WHOLE HEART.
  • Samuel
    in answering aaron's Q,to what happen in Gen 3,when God created the EARTH;HE STRICKLY SAID,let every seed bring forth of its kind,we are compared in the bible as trees,PSALMS 1,its not to figure out what happened in Genesis 3,but believe that had sex
  • Anonymous
    Yes they were twins but one with a evil jelous
  • Rod
    I can't wrap my mind what happened with Eve and Adam eating from a forbidden tree. There are those that said Satan took Eve's virginity but how could that be with Adam standing there?? He did know that Eve was his wife and he did know that a man leave his father and mother, join his wife and they become one.

    So, it's hard to believe Adam just stood there and watch Eve get taken advantage of in that situation.

    If Satan did take Eve's virginity, that tree of knowledge of good and evil bear some sort of fruit that was intoxicating. I think when Eve ate and gave to her husband, they both passed out from eating the fruit and Eve was thus taken advantage of and probably didn't know, nor did Adam.

    And when they awoken, they obviously knew something wasn't right since they knew they didn't just "go to sleep." It's the same if a woman wakes up from a date-raping drug. She will definitely know something happened to her, likewise Adam and Eve.

    And when they woke up, "guilt" probably was the first thing they felt and the fact they had to cover themselves, is a dead give-away and a guilty conscious that confirmed something sexual happened.

    Even still, it doesn't explain why Adam felt the need to cover himself. I can see Eve wanting to cover herself after it happened to her but Adam had no reason for doing so. So, just what really happened there?

    God cursed the ground for Adam's stake. That's a "partial" punishment as if he wasn't all the way at fault. The ground was cursed instead of him. And the fact he had to start eating herbs when he was eating "fruits that yield seeds" and "herb that bears seed" is quite indicative here.

    Only the wild beast or non-humans were eating herbs as raw off the ground. So, if God to punishment Adam by making him eat herb raw from the ground, could be indicative that a beast actually molested Eve? Ape?
  • Aaron presbitero
    the knowledge of tree of good and evil is the condition of making one wise in the condition of the world it hss been the regenerated sin of man.thinking that we have the anwers of life problem on earth...the answer of of every day problems has been given by God.
  • David
    Last verse says flaming sword. how is that posible when swords hadn't been invented yet? or had they? hmm
  • Unknown
    Cain was full of Evil, deciet, greed, etc. etc. now a murderer, satan is the father of all Evil, Spiritually speaking he was the father of cain for cain was evil. Not physical, put it this way, God is our Father, but did he have sex with your mother, no there fore it is only spiritual.
  • David
    Riddle me this-- the Lord God says---etc and they shall as one of US.? Othher gods or just part of the trinity. Can't believe King James and his scribes let that one slip by.
  • Amy
    in th beginning of chapter 4 it says that adam knew his wife and she bore "him" a child and his name is cain not a son by satan and no where does it say satan bore a child
  • Rea
    This chapter reminds me of my weaknesses as a human being created by the Father. It reminds me of the truth that God is powerful than any living and non-living creatures, that I am always His follower and He as my God. This reminds me of my imperfections and that being imperfect I sometimes easily get tempted of unkindly things. But God is powerful and divine; why did he NOT make us perfect like Him too? Why did he have to create the Fruit of the Tree? I have always faith in God, and I know that as long as I read the Bible I will NOT get lost and He will always give me the answers.
  • Cain was born then shortly after Abel was born. Was Adam the father of Abel or was Abel also the son of the serpent since they were twins?
  • Joseph
    thans for your comments. my pastor says Eve had sex with satan and then with Adam. he is suporting this statment with words from the bible " cain was the son of satan" "he was the firs born of devil" "after eating they were naked" what fruit could make one naked? If not having sex. kindly assist with comments to this so tha i can change my pastor interpretation of the word of Gog.
  • Annie Mckenzie
    Adam and Eve died.
  • Garyloyd
    I think when the LORD returns as the Lion satans head gets flatten at Jerusalem and all that gathered there.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Dear Edgar Hill, the Lord promised the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent, and the serpent would bruise his heel. The Lord Jesus, born of the virgin Mary, bruised the devil's head when he died on the cross distroying the power of sin and death when he rose again victoriously the third day. The devil bruised his heel during the crucifiction. Praise God the devil is a defeated foe, and The Lord Jesus will place him in the bottomless pit when he returns to set up his kingdom. Study Rev. 19&20 and thank the Lord for he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior then your name will be written in the Lamb's book of life.
  • Harry Fisher
    Bravo Debora, indeed the bible does not tell us what the fruit indeed was and we can ponder but to assert any kind of fruit we think it to be is paramount to changing the bible to our liking and no longer Gods word
  • Harry Fisher
    Both Adam and Eve died imidietly, spiritually not having the close relationship with God , and then physically later on, even though both were created to live forever as perfect humans, on earth.
  • Harry Fisher
    edgar I see that the bible here refers to the bruising of the heel when jesus dies but is then raised and the bruising of the head to be the demise of satan forever
  • Edgar hill
    can anyone tell me what v.15 means a bruised head and a bruised heel
  • Rose
    Gensis Chapter 3:22 The reason nothing happened when Eve ate, is because God holds the Man accountable for the actions of the Wife or his families disobedience.
  • Thabo
    The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you will go, And dust you will eat All the days of your life;....... I'm interested to know how the serpent's structure was before this punishment?
  • Trent
    Adam and Eve DID die, because of eating of the fruit, just not immediately. If they continued to eat from the tree of life they would have lived forever, as part of God's design, but they disobeyed, were kicked out of the garden then later died because of that disobedience.

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