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  • James P Samuel
    it look very good informetion, but like to know more about 3:15 A promised woman son


  • Richard
    Noah was the 7th from Adam 7 means spiritual completeness And if you look up the word cursed in the Greek And God mentioned he has not caused it to rain nor tiller Of the ground A husbandmen A farmer He doesn't cause it to rain until Noah the 7th from Adam Nor starts of the law for mankind thou shall not murde have enmity premeditated ..Because of what happened in that second garden he made for God The Tree of Life Christ the tree of knowledge of good and evil Satan Adam and Eve the snake all were to set in motion the whole principle of why we are here..God did not start the laws of man untile after Noah got out of the ark..However he knew what the seed was of Lucifer Beguiled to holy seduce Eve And Adam To destroy that seed line of lucifer And the Fallen Angels yes And wait till that first falling away happened to destroy them... period ...And started the first mention of rain that is the living water The flood that covered the earth connotation to revelations the false prophet flood of lies that I take every soul practically that's in the earth they all whor after him By his lies connotation again the snake..
  • Richard
    Reverend I see your point however all souls are to be in the flesh to feel Enmity That desire to murder one brother Because that's what Lucifer wants to kill us and Christ And got 1/3 of our brothers by connotation of the snake To follow him in this matter The other two thirds of us did not feel this in our hearts So instead of God just doing away with that one third of his children and Lucifer We all enmity And give those 1/3 of our brothers back the chance to worship Christ The whole reason for us being the flesh..Otherwise we the 2/3 would not have really understood why he just killed one third of our brothers..And after this if anybody tries to take the throne again they will be instantly killed with no flash age as another chance..
  • Richard for verse 15
    if you need help with the word get an English dictionary and a full concordance that has every word in the Bible and goes back to the Greek and arimec text everything will open up to you everybody will be on the same page get that seal of God in your forehead witness for God and give testimony of jesus..
  • Richard
    she is right about one thing Lucifer cannot create that's why God cursed the ground for man's sake in general and right after the flood he said he would not do that again and destroy all living things again and waited till that first complete falling away happened before the laws were set in motion and wipe out that bloodline of Lucifer..
  • Rev Mike for verse 15
    The emnity was placed between Woman and Evil to protect her from evil. To understand why you must remember Noah was 7 generations from Eve and his Sons were one more generation after that.His son "Shem's line" produced the linage of both Joseph and Mary even though Jesus father was God in Heaven.So to protect that line Emnity had to be placed to protect the "Human Form" God Jesus'line for the future. That is only one way to look at it but is true because the great flood killed all the wicked people up to that point but Noah and his family were the only living relatives of Adam and Eve. because they were spaired to produce the house of David in the future which led to Christ the man...It's the original story of "Good v Evil"
  • Richard for verse 15
    To have the desier to murder ones brother is the reason.. a fill of such evil to that you want him gone buy a pre metatated thought to do so Cain new what he was going to do and the lord said sin is at your door and wants you and turn away..
  • Angel
    First off I don't understand how anyone can call Jesus the serpent and the devil this is an untruth. The serpent was the devil but Jesus is the Son of God.

    As for Adam he was standing right there when Eve was conversing with the serpent so why didn't he speak up? Why didn't he say stop to Eve? Eve was wrong for listening but Adam was the one God originally spoke to and gave instructions to so more than likely he was the one to instruct Eve. Both were guilty, both put blame elsewhere rather than repenting right there and then to God who they knew was the one and only true God that gave them life.
  • Cheryl
    I think it is sad that from the beginning we are weak. With all the other things at her disposal how could one "do not touch" item have so beguiled Eve. Why wasn't the walking and talking with God everyday enough? Why did the "you will be like gods" move her one way or the other.
    I will say that for a time when there was perfectness in the garden of Eden, it had to have been beyond our wildest imagination.
    As a follower of Christ Jesus, the only wise God, our Saviour, I am looking forward to the day when he returns to setup his eternal kingdom and he restores the world to it original purpose.
    Even so come, Lord Jesus. AMEN!
  • Createams
    17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; (cursed is the ground for thy sake) in sorrow to know good and (EVIL) Adam was just introduced to the seven deadly sins and in sorrow we must overcome, Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 1 Cor. 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. St Matthew 10:10 Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat. Jeremiah 31:33-34 But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.
  • Rosella alm
    In my judgment the temptation of the serpent of Eve and Eve's cajoling of Adam is not the essence of this parable. The central theme is in the end game, God's so-called curse,"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

    This is not a curse, it is a blessing. The best thing a person can do is to have work to do each day. I have worked at a number of different jobs, occupations and vocations during my life so far, and dislike idleness more than anything else. So thank God for his blessing. I can handle thorns and thistles, as long as I earn some potatoes and peanuts.
  • Createams
    Genesis 3:5For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
    22And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
    Adam was a child with freewill and was now handed a loaded gun and as a child he had no understanding of the power he held. 2And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:
    Being put out of the garden and having eaten of the tree of life Adam lived 930 years. To be a true part of heaven we haft to know what evil is and more importantly right from wrong. God knew what the devil had planned but had God stopped him, the devil would have spent the last 10,000 years or so cursed for something he didn't actually do and we would have spent the time running around naked more like pets without the knowledge of good and evil. What the devil didn't see was how God used him to give us the opportunity to be closer to him and even Jesus's love for us was to call us his brother's and sister's and that's an equality we tend to take as a grain of salt.
    St. Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
    St. John 17:5 And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.
  • Steve for verse 15
    Kimbers comment makes sense, women have no seed, but God created it in women. Jesus Christ was the second Adam because God had to start over when the first Adam blew it! Eve was deceive Adam had his eyes wide open.
  • Samcockrell
    tell the truth about the serpent who modern
    Day name all over the world is Jesus who
    Is the devil
  • Word
    Well I myself don't want nothing to do with the tree of good that turned evil because he the snake beguiled Eve and Nasha means wholly seduced, or had sex, and brought about a murder that killed Able. Cain's kenites were screaming out in the crowd kill him, meaning Christ. If you check Genesis 3:15 seed is Zera meaning descendants of a person and that controversy between the seeds began there in the garden and as you check out 1 Chro. 2:55 and all through the scriptures you will see kenites always causing trouble.
  • What to know can my body be returned to ground.
  • Hesborn obare for verse 22
    here God the Father is refering to the God the Son and God the Spirit when He say lest man become as one of us live for ever
  • Diane harley
    Be careful who you listen too.
  • A L Harrison for verse 16
    the word of GOd is right from the begining to the end. If GOD said that the husband should rule over his wife, then it is just what it is. The word says also that the husband should rule his wife as christ ruled and rules the church. To know your job as a husband, find out about christ and his job as savior.
  • _Rosalina_Sayson_Ko_Tapay_
    Genesis Chapter 3 is so BEAUTIFUL! God planted two GOOD trees in the MIDST of the garden of Eden: The tree of "LIFE" and the tree of "THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL" (Genesis 3:3,3:24,2:9). It was only the fruit of the tree of THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL which God forbidden for a man to eat (Genesis 2:17). But God allowed man to eat all of the fruits of the garden of Eden, therefore the fruit of the tree of "LIFE" was also included (Genesis 2:16). Since the fruit of the tree of "LIFE" shall make a man to live for ever (Genesis 3:22), therefore it only proves than in the beginning, before the man disobey the commandment of God, He seen it good also for a man to live for ever like Him and His Angels. That if a man be with Him, he shall be alive and shall not die.
  • JOSE holy lodi for verse 1
  • _Rosalina_Sayson_Ko_Tapay_
    The book of GENESIS Chapter 3 tells us the exact scenario that happened in the garden of Eden involving the snake, Eve, and Adam. If ever God mean anything other than this then for sure He won't left it unrevealed but rather He shall show us the interpretation thereof.
  • Jason for verse 22
    God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, they are infact 3 different beings, they are One. "let 'Us' make man in 'Our' image". People think that the trinity is one person but if you go through the scriptures you will find that they are different beings. Jesus is know as the Son of God, He says..I am in the Father and the Father is in me...They are in agreement!! Like one church has many bodies,different people but they are all in agreement to God..Jesus also said on the cross..Father, why have you forsaken me? the scriptures have the answers to all your questions..don't take my word for it..go and study. Seek and you will find. Pray for wisdom. God bless. Amen
  • Evangelist Onwenna Onyeka
    The principle of double reference will be apply in this explanation. The seed of a woman could either be use literarily or symbollically.The first literal meaning is the first reaction of the seed of a woman (man) and a snake when their come in contact.Either the man or the snake will try to hurt each other. The second principle had interpretation in the spiritual dimension.In this case,the seed of a woman represent Jesus Christ and all those who are spiritual sons through salvation(John 1:12).The spiritual battle between satan and man,with the defeat of satan on the cross ,the pain satan inflicted on man and inturn the later victory of the christains were as a result of this inherited curse in Genesis 3:15.Jesus even had to go through pain before He attain glory.Hence the first son,Jesus and other sons had finally bruise the head of serpent.
  • Rosalina
    (This is my response to Shane's comment dated 9/12/2013 at 3:46am on Genesis Chapter 3):

    It is FALSE to say that the devil was with God in the beginning because God said in Isaiah 45:7, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things" which means that God was already there before He created evil and that includes Satan, the Devil.
  • Shirley Gadson for verse 15
    Why is it that no one really addresses the first part of this verse "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman" What does this mean. You keep answering the latter part of this verse. Please stick to answering just the first part only please, please
  • Demitrious Robinson for verse 19
    This scripture proves that people do not burn in a fiery hell. "For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return," is fairly clear.
  • Atrina Cherry for verse 1
    I feel the Satan hide himself using a serpent, i just only wish Eve would have been more on point i mean a snake talking to you, i would have found that really strange but we are all human and God is the perfect one, but thank him for grace and mercy. lets just pray for one another and agree on the internet prayer has no distance. we don't have to know one another just believe.
  • Shane
    When god said behold he has become as one of us to know good and evil : understand the snake or serpent was the devil even in his very name the devil has evil if you take that away , and God good? You see it's plain and simple he has become to know the specifics of knowledge good and evil therefore meaning to know there are two choices in life god and evil. The devil was with God in the beginning.
  • Frances
    when speaking one of us I believe he is talking about Jesus becauce Jesus was still with God at this point

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