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  • Brenda
    While reading the beginning of the chapter when the serpent spoke to Eve I had to wonder did the serpent have legs
  • Thabiso Gina
    Abel that is correct because it says i verse 22 after they ate the forbidden fruit He placed cherubims with a flaming sword so that they do not eat the tree of life meaning that had they not eaten the forbiden fruit they would continue eating in the tree of life and live forever just like God for he created them in his image
  • Abel D. Guah
    Someone please help me What would have happened if Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge and good Could they we live forever
  • Lionel
    The word tree here means the spine Talking about the backbone of the body not a tree you see outside Satan is the tree of knowledge of good and evil He was knowledge God gave him wisdom He was once a good Angel but turned evil within
  • Lionel
    First of all Satan is the tree of knowledge of good and evil and Christ is the tree of life Only through Christ can we have life The word touch means Naga in the Hebrew text It means to lie down with a woman Angels were not to intermix with flesh women
  • Vicki sanchez
    I have read the Bible on several ocassions but I have found a verse that others don't i understand God gives each one of our needs in (Genesis ) 3 verse (80) aND THEY HEARD THE VOICE OF THE lORD GOD WALKING IN THE GARDEN IN THE COOL OF THE DAY I thought it amazing and then was told how is a voice going to walk please help me to inderstand better
  • Sipho
    how did the serpent know about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
  • Ifer-Lynn
    Dear K Reddy, in the beginning we were indeed given fruits and vegetables for our sustenance but if you continue reading towards the great deluge past Noah's ark you will discover that God gives animals into the hand of man to be eaten. He creates fear of man in animals so that he may not gather them again, and gives them as food to be eaten from now on, so if you like a burger now and then don't be alarmed, God ordained it way back then.
  • Ifer-Lynn
    Dear grant, the original Hebrew says let us create man in our image and likeness. This is why we believe God to be three in one. There are not multiple beings talking but more like the different sides of God speaking. When we were created in his image it is believed we take on the characteristics of being multi layered like God. Jesus is the embodiment of God, he has a spirit, and of course father God, the creativity, the mental process, the marvelous mind behind all.
  • K S REDDY for verse 18
    God ordered to eat herbs.Are we not disobeying him by eating animal/fish/fowls?
  • K S REDDY for verse 15
    Enemity between the creatures is first introduced by God.
  • K S REDDY for verse 9
    God speaks to man and woman. This is the first appearance to Man /Woman.
  • K S REDDY for verse 8
    So Good walks. He has a form and walking mechanism
  • Lionel
    The verse in Genesis 3 verse 15 states that Eve
    will have children(her seed) and Satan also will have children. God put enmity between the woman seed and Satan.
  • Grant for verse 22
    Sorry trinitarians, the phrase God the Son or God the Spirit is not found in original translation of Gods word.
  • Shanna
    When the first man, Adam, deliberately disobeyed God's command, He said to him: "In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return." (Genesis 3:19) Where was Adam before Jehovah created him from the dust? Why, he was nowhere. He simply did not exist. So when Jehovah God said that Adam would "return to the ground," he meant that Adam would die and return to the elements in the ground. Adam would not cross over to the spirit realm. At death Adam would once again be nonexistent. His punishment was death-absence of life
  • Truth & Light
    Psychopathic Screening.

    1) Nkosinathi
    2) Richard
    3) Nshimba
    4) @MikeWinNormanOK
    5)Matthew Henry is in oblivion and such a soul would be hard to rescue.!

    Ye shall know them by their fruits

    ***Genesis 2:17

    But of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

  • @MikeWinNormanOK
    Adam did tell Eve as admitted by her.

    Wonder what would have happened if they repented rather than tried to shift the blame.

    Cain would have known about the need of a blood sacrifice as it says God did not speak into existence but made them. While God explained the loss of fellowship and showed them how to tan leather, He explained that just like the animal gave it's life to cover their sin, the animal sacrifice would be the placeholder for salvation until Jesus would come to make the final sacrifice.0
  • @MikeWinNormanOK
    Remember the Creation garden was perfect. Everything after must be carefully spiritually discerned whether it is God's perfect will, permissive will, or allowed until the perfect comes. For example, adultery OSS Biblicsl, in the Bible, but not spiritual, not taught as doctrine to do, but rather to avoid.

    Note eating bread, which our own experiments will confirm is turned by the body into sugar, isms part of the curse.

    We, as Christ's seed, and in His feet, get to bruise satan's head!
  • Nshimba
    Reading through verse 21 one finds the promise of the Christ, who is symbolically represented by the Creator's act of killing an animal and clothing the man and the woman.Here reference was made to the death of the Christ to cleanse our sins!
  • Nkosinathi for verse 22
    When JEHOVAH God says us he is talking to his Son JESUS (read John 17v5) when God created heaven and earth and everything in/on it he was with his Son and myriads of angels(read also Job38v4-10)
  • Juan Quezada
    In verse 14 says that snakes shall eat dust all the days of thy life. To my knowlege snakes do not eat dust. Why? If the bible was correct, snakes would be eating dust. I find this to be false. Eating dust means eating dust and snakes do not eat dust.
  • Richard
    Inverse 15 the serpent seed Put into all mankind This is so we can save our 1/3 of our brothers that turned against Christ before is to be put in all flesh .. So hopefully they will turn back to Christ..That's why Adam knew his wife was going to To be the mother of all living he had to have read it..I had witness to this last night With another woman and had the opportunity to receive the uncovering of Genesis chapter 3 that's been hidden for so long from God..Also the revealing of RevelationsAlso was witnessed.. enmity is the seed of Satan The seed of the snake from the beginning..This whoever reads and listens will open your eyes to the Bible .When you get to chapter 3 verse 5 and if you re read the Bible there will be a verse in there that is for you to see.. And then vers when you get there for second time will open your eyes and you the Bible will flow like living water from that point on in your veins.. Remember in the beginning the Word was with God and God with work chapter four the word starts with the flesh..God was waiting for the right time to tell somebody this and he did..Whoever tries to take this glory it will not matter because I was there to give testimony and witness for God last night.. This is sent to you in the spirit of Elijah and The grace of truth Jesus Christ amen..
  • Richard
    15 is the seed of the serpent the seed of the devil Satan. We all feel this so the 1/3 that turned against our Father in the beginning would have a chance to turn back to Christ..I've been confused so long that I had to witness last night to where I was fortunate enough to Receive this information from God. Information all of us have been wanting for so long The hosts of heaven were awesome and rejoicing like crazy, and my soul inside my flesh was leaping over the tallest mountain you can imagine..This is the truth, and nobody can dispute it..The only way the first three chapters of the Bible can be revealed in the beginning of someone would have to read them..The time is now people the angels are going to read and so.. The Testament has been witnessed to God ..The uncovering in Genesis and the revealing of Revelations has Been witnessed..
  • Richard
    Chapter 3 The reason why there is a lot of confusin on chapter 3 in the Bible as a whole is because vers 6 chapter 3 was put in as they were reading chapters 1 through 3 and six when they got there..Don't forget they were in the presence of God at this time In the beginning God was with the Word and the Word was with God the first three chapters of the Bible..Chapter 6 is while her and Adam were reading chapters 1 through 3 and five when they got 6 was put in by God as they were reading..And then verse 7 their eyes were wide open .. ..
  • Richard
    How How serious are you James p. About 315..?? I've been studying the Word of God for 8 years finally Unlocked the solid truth At the beginning of the Bible Concerning the first a chapter.. I will first give this information to my mom is proof..At the,, first eight chapters like you have never seen it before..I said that I would never be a preacher However I see the.
    I'll be waiting on your answer However when you make this decision you have to promise me one thing that from this point on that you will read the Bible verse by verse book by book ...
  • Evang moses Abreha for verse 9
    In Genesis 3:9. The intention of God is to have followship with man. But God was dissapointed becouse man was nowhere to be found. God have to call, '' Adam where art thou. God is still calling men till to day in Isaiah 1:18 HE said come let us reason together
  • Richard
    Also again people have to look up the words and what they mean Noah means Comforter I'll stick with that one word out of the definition because like I said 7th from Adam comforter starts to rain The beginning of the living water laws are introduced to man all kind Gods word being set in motion for mankind to have the opportunity For al to have the opportunity to turn back to Christ Our father is very fair and givs us all the tools We need to know his word for all of us to be on the same page of the word people just have to do it..And then the word comforter Jesus uses as the Holy Spirit..
  • James P Samuel
    it look very good informetion, but like to know more about 3:15 A promised woman son


  • Richard
    Noah was the 7th from Adam 7 means spiritual completeness And if you look up the word cursed in the Greek And God mentioned he has not caused it to rain nor tiller Of the ground A husbandmen A farmer He doesn't cause it to rain until Noah the 7th from Adam Nor starts of the law for mankind thou shall not murde have enmity premeditated ..Because of what happened in that second garden he made for God The Tree of Life Christ the tree of knowledge of good and evil Satan Adam and Eve the snake all were to set in motion the whole principle of why we are here..God did not start the laws of man untile after Noah got out of the ark..However he knew what the seed was of Lucifer Beguiled to holy seduce Eve And Adam To destroy that seed line of lucifer And the Fallen Angels yes And wait till that first falling away happened to destroy them... period ...And started the first mention of rain that is the living water The flood that covered the earth connotation to revelations the false prophet flood of lies that I take every soul practically that's in the earth they all whor after him By his lies connotation again the snake..

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