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  • Mark
    David W There is only 1 tree that God gave commandment to not eat of, The tree of life was in the midst of the garden and they were allowed to eat of it. In verse 22, The man had already sinned, and now God is giving his judgment, Man must put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever Verses 23 and 24 God kicks out man from the garden and places Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. Today our Tree of life is JESUS.
  • David W Jessup for verse 22
    I was taught that Adam and Eve would have lived forever, had they not eaten the forbidden fruit. However we have God 's statement regarding the necessity of keeping them away from the tree of life lest they live forever. Does that not imply that although they might live very lengthy lives eventually they would face death even if they had they had remained obedient to God?
  • Word
    Revelation 12 9 Satan in the garden. 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.Note. Satan comes to deceive the world as instead of Christ, antichrist, looks like the Lamb but speaks as the dragon caus he is the dragon.
  • Wow
    So the earth was juuuust created and all that stuff to give rise to Satan already happened? I mean it must have if this snake is already there manipulating the situation. Also its interesting how had eve had some knowledge of good and evil before shed eaten the fruit she would have been less vulnerable to this creature.
  • Jim Cape for verse 8
    The "Voice " of God walking was God Himself that took upon a form such as that of Melchizedek. Until God used the womb of Mary to become flesh, He made himself known in various forms. But now, in Jesus Christ.
  • Charlie
    Show me where in the bible it says any one ate an apple.
  • Andrew for verse 15
    It is clear that Satan originally was able to deceive Eve through her trust of him, she used the words he beguiled me . Never having attended any school as we know it she well articulated the devious act. Which continues until this day St. John 8 44 While eating forbidden fruit did change the course of human history, it is clear that it alone did not have the power to bring about enmity between her and the serpent. So God did it himself, which is why we continually teach believers that Satan is your natural enemy and can never be anything less. God has opened her eyes to his true identity by revealing his rebellious demonic destructive nature .As well as his offspring by showing his desire is theirs which is to be man 's natural adversary which makes him Anti Christ.So it too is clear that there are others demons, devils, evil spirits that possess his same diabolical nature. So whether in music, art forms, mystical teachings,witchcraft, or what appears to be harmless cartoon characters. What you see is simply his seed playing tricks and doing all possible to bring about as much destruction as possible. But Thanks be to God the fath through Jesus Christ We win!
  • Mendoza
    Adam and Eve didn 't know "evil ",only "good ",until they both sinned.
  • Joyce for verse 10
    Can the word "afraid " be substituted with the word "ashamed " accurately? Thank you. Joyce
  • Mongo
    I think you 're all on something. Nowhere does it state the serpent was the devil satan. It states that by its very nature, the serpent was the most subtle creature. Also note that verse 6 indicates Adam was with Eve the entire time! That 's right he watched her eat the apple, then ate it himself without much encouragment from Eve. No wonder God gave Adam the harshest punishment. He knew what Eve was about to do was wrong, did nothing to stop it and then ate the fruit when she gave it to him. What a doofus.
  • Truth for verse 8
    I believe the meaning walking is actually echo. As we all know voices travel and is known as an echo. I believe God spoke to Adam and Eve it traveled through the Garden as an "echo " they heard His voice and hid. As always He knew where they were and got close and personal with them. Just as He does with us. We realize we have sinned and try to cover it up. He speaks directly to us in His Spirit and we ask for forgiveness. But the greatest part of this verse is the "cool of the day ". The same day they sinned, God promised them a Savior for the sin debt. AMEN
  • Marco Hinds
    Thank God for redeeming us after we have sold out our estate to the devil. In that act of covering them with animal skin was the first sacrifice, a shadow of the great sacrifice of Jesus
  • Peter for verse 9
    God place Adam in the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. But Adam give it up to the enemy,he was out of his position that God placed him in. He was away from his wife Eve out of position thats why the serpent could have convince his wife. He should have always kept her at his side. Husbands are not excluded from their position when God give them their help meet. when help comes to you,you dont walk away from your position and leave the helper to carry out what was instructed to you, the husband. God bless
  • Tim George for verse 6
    God created Adam last, and then He formed the woman from the rib of the man. God intended Adam to lead his wife Eve, but we see Adam being a passive husband allowing her to have a conversation with the Serpent. These three areas the Serpent uses to trick Eve the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Adam was not deceived, but Eve was. Adam disobeyed the command of God, and ate of the tree with his wife, of the knowledge of good and evil thus sin and death came into the world. Thank God for Jesus , the last Adam came into this world, and said the prince of this world comes to me, and finds nothing in me. Praise God that Jesus was victorious in the garden, by saying not my will, but thy will be done. Jesus went to the Cross, and took our sin debt, then nailed it to the tree. Now we are forgiven, and set free from the curse of sin and death. Praise God in the last Adam the Lord Jesus Christ all are made alive for evermore.
  • Delois for verse 21
    I think God cover them for protection. Knowledge is power and wisdom is needed
  • ROBERT MEDINA for verse 1
    All this happens before satan and his angels are thrown out from heaven?? I am confused???
  • Mr. Covington for verse 5
    I don 't take the Genisis story as science but as a moral allegory. "Ye shall be as Gods knowing Good and Evil " is the very first and oldest lie. It is the basis of all moral arrogance which says that Man may decide in place of God. The disobedience in eating the Fruit echoes the disobedience and doomed nature of the soul.
  • Since we 're made in His image, and God WALKS, no wonder this is the Creator of the universe JESUS CHRIST.
  • EveralSamuel
    beautiful. I enjoyed verse 15 that placed the son of man in the future to challenge lucifer. But, if the devil knew this in the beginning, why did he had Judas sell out the son of man? Did YHW tricked the devil into introducing GRACE on earth.
  • KAM C
    Genesis Chapter 2. This chapter shows the sly craftiness of the believer 's ultimate enemy, the Devil AKA Satan. He comes to the woman and puts the emphasis on what she cannot do instead of all the wonderful things she gets to do in the garden. In verses 2 and 3 Eve makes 6 mistakes and no longer has GOD 's word in her mind to tell her truth from error or sin. 1 She listens to the adversary. What form did serpent take to be able to dazzle Eve and keep her from talking to GOD instead of talking to him. 2 She considered his words. The adversary cannot tempt us if we do not considered his words. 3 She answered him. Instead of going directly to GOD, which she could have done since she had spirit. 4 She deleted the word "freely ". GOD said they may "freely " eat of the fruit of every tree in the garden with one exception. 5 She added the words "neither shall ye touch it ". They had to touch it, they were to keep and dress the garden. They would at some point have to trim the tree 's limbs at the very least. 6 She changed a word, she said "lest " "lest ye die " means maybe you 'll die. GOD said "ye shall surely die " meaning there is no doubt about it you will absolutely die, they did die spiritually. Now she no longer had GOD 's word or GOD 's commandment, she no longer had a way of distinguishing between right and wrong, good and evil. Now the serpent tells his BIGGEST lie, and the one he and his devil spirits keep many people believing. YOU SHALL NOT SURELY DIE. Ghosts, spirits of the dead, paranormal activity etc. is all trickery of devil spirits to keep the lie alive. THE DEAD ARE DEAD, but Satan and his legions of devil spirits are spirits and have power over the physical realm and they want people to believe that the dead are still alive, not true. At the end of this chapter GOD tells every one the consequences of their sin, even the serpent sinned since he had tricked Eve into disobedience.
  • KAM C
    Dori O 'Neil 's Genesis Chapter 3 comment about verse 15. Wonder no more, Adam and Eve now had sin nature, but were still very close to the perfection GOD had given them. Cain and Able had FREEWILL. GOD will never take that away from anyone. Cain was the first person to be "seed of the serpent ", a "child of the adversary ", or SOB "Son Of Belial ". He was a proto type of those who would worship Satan and be a thorn in the side of standing believers even to this day.
  • KAM C
    Truthfinder 's Genesis Chapter 3. GOD finds ALL guilty, anyone who says Adam is not as guilty as Eve is not paying attention. The serpent was the physical representation of Satan who did beguile or trick Eve, she admitted "the serpent beguiled me and I did eat. " She admitted her sin while explaining why she did it. Adam likewise admitted "the woman...gave to me and I did eat " he was not tricked, he knew what he was doing was sin, but Eve had been tricked and was uncertain as to what the truth was. She could have asked GOD since she had spirit before she sinned, but afterward her spirit died and there was no connection until GOD gave them spirit upon condition, meaning as long as they were standing believers they would have spirit and a connection straight to GOD. That is why GOD said they would die if they ate, because the spirit that had been created for each of them died right there and then, and they no longer had a connection with GOD. They were body and soul instead of body, soul, and spirit.
  • KAM C
    Muhammad Yungai 's Genesis Chapter 3 comment about verse 22. There were are no other races of people men. GOD is using the Royal Plural here as a figure of speech. "Sons of GOD " refers to believers and "Daughters of men " refer to unbelievers. No other races, Cain took a daughter of his parents or of his other paired off siblings. GOD had give man a PERFECT physical body and at that time it was OK to marry your sibling, sin has so corrupted the "blood " or genes of man that reproducing with a close relative is no longer acceptable nor wise.
  • Dori O\'Neil for verse 15
    Wonder about Cain Abel 's parents also. Pure blood line?
  • God ordered mankind to eat herbs after sin before sin Adam and Eve ate Nuts and Fruits
  • Muhammad Yungai for verse 22
    It should be obvious the he is talking about the other race of men who were considered gods at the time. These are the same men who fathered the daughters that Cain went somewhere and got. These are the same people that Genesis 6 2 refered to when it says "the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair "...
  • Truthfinder
    The serpent tempted Eve and she according to this bible made Adam fall into the trap THUS being cursed and sent with labour pains and other as punishment in this world the TOOL OF SATAN clearly misogynistic values I ve read that the Quran puts both Adam and Eve to fault satan is the true enemy not WOMEN
    Satan Lie 2 Make Eve Believed That She Would Not Die Let Us Always Hear From God Believe In Him In Everything We Do
  • Tneisig
    cherub t r b n pl cherubs cherubim 1 theol a member of the second order of angels whose distinctive gift is knowledge often represented as a winged child or winged head of a child 2 an innocent or sweet child Old English from Hebrew k r bh
  • In our world you are innocent before proven guilty The Serpent s name was subtil Before he said or done anything he was counted guilty Seeing everything God has made was good behold very good Next thing you know man saw something evil Isaiah 29 21 That make a man an offender for a word and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate and turn aside the just for a thing of nought Thing of nought meaning NO DEVIL

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