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  • Stan jett
    Sarah: (The Jews in ISRAEL today are of Russian descent. ) Really? I thought that in 1948 they came back from ALL nations.
  • Majesty
    Leah had many children but still received no love from Jacob
  • Norah
    For Jacob to have married two sisters was to fulfill Gods purpose for all Jacob's sons represents the twelve princess and twelve tribes
  • A web search showed that the Hebrew name Levi means "Joined in Harmony ".
  • Geraldine cole
    To get the truth we must go back and read ch 24. 25.26. 28 then 29 because Issac call his son Esau in because he knew he was dying and Isaac told his to go get his food that he love and cook it.his wife heard him and told Jocob her son to pretend he was Isaac oldest son so that his father could bless him and he would own all of Isaac when Jacob and his mother decieved Isaac everything went wrong Esau hated his brother for what he did he stole his birthright everything went wrong from that lie u no a family lie can travel down threw a family until someone stand u and speak the truth
  • Hannah for verse 17
    I thinks it 's beautiful that in the end Jacob wanted to be buried with leah and not rachel. Out ward beauty doesn 't matter
  • Mark Nunes for verse 17
    Leah had beautiful tender sad eyes far apart and slanting down at the sides like Marylin Monroe This was her best feature but Rachel still had more going for her and was beautiful also and had a nice body. Fat was considered beautiful back then at a time when everyone worked so hard, ate so little and hardly any one got overweight. So maybe Leah was skinny. Well favored probably meant Rachel had a fuller figure but with a nice hourglass shape.
  • Sarah for verse 17
    No she was not blue eyed ,nor white, how did you gather that from that passage? You pastor knows not the word. All the nation of ISRAEL was, and is dark unto this day. She was pleasing to the eye, but not like Rachel . The Jews in ISRAEL today are of Russian descent.
  • Brigit
    What I get from this story the fact that we don 't always see what 's ahead of us nor do we understand why God would allow certain things to happen in our lives i.e Leah 's marriage to Jacob BUT we have to trust that no matter what happens we have to remain faithful to our spouses and God turn that which appears bad into good for out of the tribe of Judah our Lord our Savior was born hence deliverance for mankind...may faith, hope, charity and love abide in you all.
  • Kayla
    I love this scripture sometimes one child is always more favored more then the other if you think back 2 chapter back in Genesis that happened with Jacob and Esau. So, he meets to siblings and ended up favoring one then the other based off of looks because of that I think also god is trying to show us a message that you can 't go by just looks and favoritism it can either end up good or bad. you need to love each child the same no matter what their differences are and that you need to have other options open not just based on looks. God shows us these things o helps us with day to day life and how to deal with situations and he helps you through anything if you believe in him he will carry through even if you haven 't put all your faith in him he still carries through even if he doesn 't he knows some things is better for you and is not going to work for you.
  • Ayuk Besong for verse 2
    I see a great hope from the sheep even though the well is closed they didn t go away they stayed there I have once been watered from here now that i don t see water i will stay in the side of the well
  • Goddy
    no matter leahs' disabilities,she was blessed by GOD,her destiney was predestined by GOD.No one can be a barrier to ur succes,if God says yes.
  • Celestine cuffy
    that even if the enemie does all in his power to cheat you or cause a delay in your life,what is destine to be will be.jacob was cheated but God gave him double for all of his trouble and yes, the Lord did came out of it, so in our troubles god will bring forth our savoiur, deliverer,healer and most of all our KING. so dear frien dont loose hope.
    Wondering if Laban was the only one in on this deception. If it wasn't done so in their country, seems Rachel and Leah would know that. In the first seven years, did Jacob not have any conversation with either of them?
  • Ncebakazi
    To Leah she tried all means for the first 3 children to make Jacob love her. But to the fourth one he turned his back to Jacob and praise the Lord. What is important in every situation that you are in, never leave the Lord, or try to impress others. Remember everything is possible in His name.
    God will bless you even if you are despised like Leah!She bore sons
  • Gilbert for verse 17
    Our pastor told is it meant she was blue eyed, and fair complected, which was considered a birth defect among brown eyed, dark skinned people.
  • Fran
    I believe Leah was just plan looking. But God does what he wants to do.They both were important people in the bible. but who would have though that Leah would have been chosen to bring forth the Jesus in he down line. Man looks on the out side but God looks at the heart.
  • Rubystars
    Judah and Levi are the two tribes that are still recognizable today, they are not among the "lost tribes." So Leah's sons Judah and Levi were extremely important people. Jesus was descended from Judah. Leah was much more blessed than she realized at the time and the trial she went through knowing that her husband loved her sister more was worth it for what her seed brought to the world and I am certain she is also richly blessed in heaven for having been given this honor.
  • Anonymous for verse 17
    I think this statement means the Leah was ugly and at the least unattractive.
    Sound like Leah was beautiful for this day and age.She had more kids than Rachel,so she wasn't to bad looking or acting.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Well chickens come home to feed.Be not deceived whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. Jacob had deceived his brother, and now he was reaping what he had sowed from uncle Laban. This chapter brings about some important questions, and does God approve of multiple wives? We know in the New Testament God commanded that every man is to have his own wife, and every woman her own husband. These things that happened in the Old Testament are examples to us, and we are to learn from the mistakes that they made by not making them too. A man is to leave father and mother, and cleave unto his wife. We see that Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah, and this became a point of contention in the family. This is why God commanded one man, and one woman in marriage. When we go outside of the will of God consequences result that cause problems for future generations. God has commanded that all men repent, and follow Jesus. We have the Holy Spirit to give us the victory over the flesh. Faith is our victory over this world. So thank God for your wife, and live joyfully with the wife of thy youth. Wives see to it that you respect your husband.
    And he said, Lo, [it is] yet high day, neither [is it] time that the cattle should be gathered together: water ye the sheep, and go [and] feed [them].

    I see the symbolism of GOD (the father) telling his son Jesus that the scriptures has not been filled and it is not reaping time, and to go out and feed the children of GOD.
  • Titus
    Annie, hear this, you are made in the image of God. In His eyes, you are more precious than gold. In the eyes of men, beauty lies in their eyes only. Who is beautiful and who is not? Is not the same made them both? One vessel that is less regarded and covered by men is preserved for the most honor. And that which is most visible, is of less honor and of less value. Their is no fat and ugly before my Father...only accepted in the beloved. I love you just as you are.
  • Annie for verse 17
    I have read that Leah was fat or heavy set and can not remember what chapter I had found it. Could help with this?

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