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  • Obbie Beal on Genesis 27
    In the book of 'James' we are instructed to ask GOD for 'his wisdom'... because, as we see in this chapter the subtle-deception shall come; whether it come from mother, farther, brother, sister, friends, government,... BUT GOD's wisdom will enable one to both, recognize and /or prepare our heart, mind, soul, for that hour... WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • Bruce on Genesis 27
    First Born are always rejected. Second Born are accepted and Blessed. Picture of us and Our Salvation. We must be Born-again.
  • Jim Louttit on Genesis 27
    God favour Jacob over Esau. But all the main people in this story tried to overrule God's plan by their own plans. God is sovereign and His way is sure and will rule in the end. Everyone pays for their deception in the end. Esau loses his birthright and blessing. Rebekah loses Jacob because she gets him cheat and jJacob has to flee because he went along with his mother and cheated His brother.
  • BG on Genesis 27
    End of Daily Bible Reading for this day. Join in. I like to read along as I listen to the audio version. Being an heir is important. Being a co-heir is what believers should strive to be. The firstborn son was important because of the birthright attached to it, but Esau didn't see it that way. To him the birthright only had value if he could use it for his own purpose: not for God or family.
  • BSP on Genesis 27
    Verses 28-30: Esau had sold his birthright earlier to Jacob so when he received the blessing from Isaac, it was rightfully his to receive.
  • Taylor on Genesis 27
    Loved it!đź’—đź’—đź’—đź’—đź’— Jesus
  • Prakash on Genesis 27
    All the events that happened in this chapter was because of the Isaac. It was made clear before the birth of the twins that elder will serve the younger. Isaac was well aware that God has chosen Jacob but he chose Esau on the ground of food. Isaac became a carnal believer because he tried to change the decision of God. This rebellion upon the Word of God is the reason for those evil deeds.
  • Matt on Genesis 27
    Jacob was meant to get the blessing and become Israel. I wouldn't feel too sorry for Esau, because he didn't care about God. He sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentils in Gen. 25 v. 29-34. He also had two wives that were satanic (Hittite), which further shows he didn't care about God. That is why God hated Esau and loved Jacob (Mal. ch. 1
  • Farmeta on Genesis 27
    I see in this story how dishonest in a family brings decision.
  • James on Genesis 27
    Need to read the whole story, God promised Jacob the blessing but like all man he did it his way, and paid a price for it. Esa didn't want any part of God, same today. Isaac was like Most Church Leaders today, they seem to follow that same path. ? What is that word??? Oh yeah, PRIDE
  • Cousinsruby2 on Genesis 27
    I felt so badly in this story for Esaw because his brother Jacob stole his blessing. This is an example living in to days life. It doesn't make since to take some thing that is not ours in a forceful manner. When we steel something it become such curse in our lives. Both Rebekah and Jacob coveted Esaws, blessings and they were in trouble of being very dishonest.
  • Evangelist Agyei on Genesis 27
    genesis 27 is good hapter in bible and i really love this website.
  • Lexy on Genesis 27
    Genesis 27 is a wonderful chapter in the Bible that teaches us how favoritism displayed among your children is very damaging to the entire family structure! Isaac loved Esau and Rebecca loved Jacob. Rebecca knew God told her the oldest would serve the youngest, but after she heard what Isaac told Esau, she feared Jacob would not inherit the Birth right. Rebekah schemed and plotted with Jacob to order things in his favor...but everything was already in Jacob 's favor! God knew his heart even before he was born..Esau DESPISED his Birthright but Jacob dreamed about the birthright! Esau lost his birthright not because he was starving with hunger, or because of Rebecca 's scheming, but because he "despised " it!...Despise means to regard with contempt or scorn To dislike intensely to loathe...this is how Esau truly felt about the birthright...God chose Jacob over Esau because of foreknowledge..God said, "Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated. " Esau was a hater of the things of God! He even chose Hittite women over godly women knowing it broke his parent 's heart! It was proper and fitting that Esau lost the Birthright...this chapter teaches us to honor and never despise the gifts of God.
  • Bubba Mitchell on Genesis 27:3
    I am a Hunter Education instructor in the state of Arkansas...Almost every class, I have some person say I don 't believe in hunting...I ask them "Do you believe in the Bible? " every time it is yes...then I tell them to read Gen 27:3....
  • Dewey J on Genesis 27
    Larry Ely, good post. I do agree with Bibi 's comments on reaping and sowing also one of self control. If Esau had any true value for almighty God and his blessings he would not have sold blessing for what some consider a Big Mac attack. All four parties are to be blamed he for their human weakness and lack of faith in God by attempting to bring to past the divine purpose of God by pitiful human means. God told Rebekah before the birth of her sons when she inquired of him when she was having difficulty with her pregnancy. God explained to her that there were two nations of people in her womb and that the elder Esau was going to serve the younger Jacob Gen. 25:23. God knew the character of both men and which one would value him and his blessings more Jocob and made the decision of who was to receive him based on the content of their character Rom. 9:15. God bless all and in the understanding of his word. Glory be to God in the high through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Dewey J on Genesis 27
    John Paul, that 's incorrect Esau 's descendants didn 't rescue Jacob 's descendants from slavery. God did from slavery in Egypt. God bless us all and in the reading and understanding of his word. Amen.
  • Larry Ely on Genesis 27
    I cannot quite agree with the above comment about "self-control ", etc. First, Esau sold his birthright for a meal, true, but the narrative makes it clear that he wasn 't just a little hungry, his starvation was life threatening, perhaps 25:32 . So Jacob, pressing his advantage, says in effect, OK, I 'll save your life for a price. Not exactly the loving brother. And as to the trickery and deceit in stealing the blessing intended for Esau, well Jacob was wise as a serpent, but I will not comment on the gentle as a dove part. It is interesting the belief about blessing illustrated here. In his heart, Isaac was blessing Esau he believed it was Esau, and Jacob lied and said he was Esau, so how was Isaac NOT blessing Esau? And of this blessing business, is it implicit here that God somehow is obliged to bring to pass what is promised in the blessing? Then, would omnipotent and omniscient God be obliged to honor a blessing stolen through fraud and deceit? The story, I believe, is rich in the beliefs of a bygone time, and in human nature, which hasn 't changed at all since then. The mother who schemes to defraud her husband to the advantage of her favorite son, the envy of the younger son and his schemes against his slightly older--and perhaps not too bright--brother. The love hate of fraternal twins. And the petty schemes and dreams of all of these very human sinners somehow coming together to advance the Plan of God Almighty.
  • Bibi on Genesis 27
    This chapter reminds me of reaping sowing and self control. Esau reaped what he sowed, he sold his birthright for 1 meal. He is such a barbarian that he did not consider the value of his birthright. He had no self control, because he was hungry. When Jesus , who descended from Jacob 's lineage, was hungry after fasting 40 days and 40 nights, he did not allow himself to be tricked! Esau 's lineage was not capable of producing a man like Jesus! Esau had already grieved his parents by marrying Hittite women. Jacob was wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove. Also Jacob obeyed his mother by following her instructions, which God allowed, because God hated Esau. He knew that Esau would not be obedient and he would also raise his children as wild brutes. This would have grieved God, Abraham, and Sarah.
  • John Paul on Genesis 27
    This was a story about love and respect in the family. We are all one and should abide by the sayings of our parents, Esau was next in line because he was oldest and age means experience!! Jacob was younger and he was not ready to take the place of his father and therefore not ready to be blessed for the role in question. By lying to his father he incurred the wrath of his brother! So enraged by the cheat he wanted to kill his brother not fully understanding that his father told him that his people would save Jacobs people from bondage Slavery....
  • Stella on Genesis 27
    This is a lesson may God have mercy.
  • Wayne on Genesis 27
    this is a story about, lying, cheating, stealing, through the influence of a women. It is about greed and how it can hurt some and help others. It is about right and wrong. This is the same from the beginning like with Eve.
  • Emajesty on Genesis 27:29
    From the perspective of the son, its a blessing of the Father 's love. The Father CHOSE to bless who He wanted. As a GOOD man, He gave His son an Inheritance.Selah!
  • God never change on Genesis 27
    Early mistakes in life can affect one s destiny avoid mistake so dat ur may not b altered
  • Searchwayorg on Genesis 27:4
    Do good things for others and they will bless you Blessing brings blessings
  • Even though Jacob was about 40 years old at this time he valued and listened to his mom s advice and because he did he received a blessing This shows that we are never too old to learn something valuable from our parents and especially if they value spiritual things
  • Eleanor on Genesis 27:41
    This was very good info for me
  • Ben Z. on Genesis 27
    This is a very important topic to talk about. The story is a story of obeindence
  • Emmanuel Adegoke Ezekiel on Genesis 27
    God's word never fails! Just as Judas Iscariot made himself to fulfill the prophecies of betrayal; Esau by carelessly sold his birthright played his part in fulfilling the prophecy. Rebecca being the custodian of the prophecy just played along. What a mighty and unquestionable God we serve!
  • Markus Flaig on Genesis 27
    Only the firstborn can receive the blessing of the firstborn. Therefore, in order to receive the blessing, Jacob first had to become the firstborn; just as we have to become one with Jesus, the “firstborn of all creature”, in order to become part of his kingdom. By “transforming” Jacob into the firstborn Esau, Rebecca does exactly the one thing that is needed, so God’s word can be fulfilled! It is NOT by means of deception that Jacob receives the blessing, because by virtue of the prophecy Rebecca received before the twins were born, Jacob IS the firstborn!
  • PENELOPE on Genesis 27:12
    looking at GENESIS 27:6-13 REBEKAH(MOTHER)was the deceiver not JACOB the son.

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