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  • Kenyon Israel
    I don't know what any of y'all talkin about because my understanding ain't y'all understand I mean no disrespect but I only know one nation of people that's red and hairy all over today they red when they laugh they red when they cry they red when they's mad and they Hairy all over we Caucasian people period and there is no description of Jacob because Jacob looked like everything else on the face of the Earth at that time which was Brown the Bible is not hard to read it's simple man and woman make it hard to understand but God's understanding is clear at least to me it is
  • Bobby
    That's not true, kindly checkout when Muslims came into existence breathren. Kindly listen this wonderful story by brother veath, it's history. The devil is a liar do kindly explain what u mean by saying that the edomites sre like Muslims today... Go you tube and type in , the origin of the muslims and the Catholic Church by brother Veith
  • Charley
    essau despised his birthright. jacob have i loved essau have i hated, essau was part of the edomites who were a type of the muslims today,edomites are descendants of esau history repeats itself the the middle east will never have peace till the lord jesus christ will come and settle the issue with great vengence. 2ndthess1-8-9
  • Me again
    ESAU DESPISED HIS BIRTH RIGHT. The Scriptures tell you that.
    Genesis 25:34
    "Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright".


    And God ALREADY TOLD HER WHO was going to have the birthright. It was GODS plan. ESAU WAS ALREADY HATED AND SET FOR DESTRUCTION by GOD.
    God knows what you going to do before you do it .god dont make you do it but knows your answer to what you will choose to was already plan before you was born.that why he is god
  • Biblical Speaker
    I love this site, it makes it so easy to live my life knowing I have a bible at all times with me in my pocket. I will raise my children in the name of god, I will obey his every word, I will be his servant. He is my shepherd. I am not perfect, I am nowhere near perfect. But I am a servant who serves in the name of The Holy Savior. He is my life, my love, my father, my friend. No love compares,God
  • BSP
    Verse 21~Children are a gift from God as shown here when Isaac was entreating Jehovah God in regards to Rebekah having a child.
  • Leigh
    It wasn't about which son was stronger.
    Two nations were in her womb and one people would be stronger than the other.
  • A disciple
    No Jason, you are wrong! The Scriptures say that God loved Jacob and hated Esau. Why? Because Esau hated the things of the LORD and despised his sacred heritage; choosing instead to be heathen like the Canaanites his neighbors, and Ishmael the wild man who despised his father Isaac. Esau thought more of his pride and his natural appetites than the holy promise of Christ, and God's covenant!
  • Jason
    Incorrect. You say Esau gave up his birthright because he despised it.I dont think that's true at all.Isaac like Esau but loved them both. Rebekah was plotting with Jacob to be deceiving. It's in other scriptures.That's why when Esau said he was hungry Jacob instantly jumped right to him wanting his birthright.The most high NEVER SAID the younger was stronger.Esau was clearly the stronger one.
  • A disciple
    Teri Greene; It was Esau who despised his birthright and the things of God. Because Jacob saw that as a very real aspect of his brother's character, that his mind and heart was only ever toward the pride of the heathen; he took him up on his own hostility to the spiritual things of the Family's Divine Inheritance. God said that Jacob, as a Prince, has power with men and God, and has prevailed!
  • Teri Greene
    People try teaching on this, misleading people on this subject. I don't think they understand the importance of giving away inheritances. They add and take away from the truth, and put in their own desires into God's message. Twins are different, they're like that in the womb and out. Parents had their favorites, and the mother tricked the blind father. The brother ran fearing death from his twin.
  • Samuel Israel
    Esau sold his birthright for a morsel of red meat. In Rebecca womb The Most High said that younger would be stronger than the older. God said there was two nation of people in her womb. But the Bible made a distinction about Esau being hairy and red. Esau is not the Arab man the Arab man is from Ishmael. Esau is the so called white race the bible call red man.
  • A disciple
    "And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?..and he sold his birthright unto Jacob..thus Esau despised his birthright." The Scriptures declare clearly what kind of man Esau was; yet most find fault with Jacob for his scheming, but hardly say a peep about Esau the heathen hater of the LORD. God knew what kind both men were, and chose Jacob.
  • Georgia
    Man's goings are of the Lords." He declares the beginning to the end.
  • Irene123
    V. 6 - the "east country" would be what is now Iran (formerly Persia; King Cyrus, whom God used to help rebuild the 2nd temple) Persia was his country.
  • Anne
    I think that Jacob cared about his future more than Esau did his. Esau just wanted to satisfy his appetite there and then and did not think about what he was agreeing with. We should not be blinded by lust of the eyes
    But keep our eyes on Jesus.
  • GeraldineCole
    We must remember the Lord Jesus knew the boys before they were born he knew their harts .so he already knew what would happen u see God allow all that to happen other wise it would'nt have happen before birth God already had chosen the one he love that did not mean he did not love the other .but this where family devision started and today it is still happen stealing birth rights .GOD HATES SIN
  • Kevin
    Re Nancy
    There is a theme which runs through the bible. Our human nature (firstborn nature) (Esau nature) does not give us a place in heaven. But our human nature must submit to the Devine nature (Born again nature from God) so we can have a place in heaven. Esau pleased his human nature and didn't think of God . Jacob gave God his all. (Whole sacrifice) and it pleased God.
  • Vera
    Jacob wanted the Esau birthright to gain power over him. Rebekah their mother should have said something when this was done but did not becausr she had her own agenda. Jacob knew his father favored Esau and wanted that same attention by getting his brother's birthright.
  • Eunice Agyemang
    Whatever plans God has for you will come to pass, because even before Esua and Jacob was born their mother Rebecca asked God and she was told Jacob will be great . So Esau exchanging his birthright for was God's way of making that come to pass.
  • Nancy
    I think Jacob was selfish and care only about himself. Easu did not appreciate his blessing of being the first born. I have never understood what God was meaning by Jacob I loved Eaus I hated. If anyone can explain what God was saying by these words I would appreciate it.
  • Erick
    Wonderful. In fact it gives us a very elaborate history in short
  • Sherri rogers
    I really enjoyed reading this scripture,it was what we had studied last night so now that I know I must continue with the readings,thank you
  • Adetiba rachael
    God knew his weakness right frm his mothers womb. He lost his birthright unconciously. It was 2 late whn he sought it wit tears.
  • Anonymous
    i think Esua was just thinking about the present forgetting that the present affects the future
  • Teye Amewudah Patrick
    Jacob was a greedy person for adding conditions before giving out the food
  • Gozie Mcinnocent for verse 29
    I think Esau made a mistake in depending on Jacob 's meal. Their mother was still alive. He should have gone to her for his food!
  • DAMON SUMMERS for verse 22
    I think. That the. Struggle is still happening. Today for people.
  • Where is the land of the east ? Could it be Asia

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