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  • Thaina Camargo for verse 48
    Why does it call Rebekah "my master's brother's daughter" when she was Nahor's granddaughter?
  • Chris for verse 48
    Thaina, you've observed correctly. However, we need to note that in biblical days (as also in eastern cultures today), the relationship shown is not always one that meets our 'strict requirements'. So in Genesis 24:48, though Rebekah is Nahor's granddaughter, Abraham's servant regards her as "Abraham's brother's daughter" (i.e. as if 'out of his brother's loins'). You can see a similar example in Genesis 14:12-16, which shows Abraham's nephew, Lot, as Abraham's brother; in their understanding, because of the closeness of a nephew, he is looked upon as a son. In India, often when meeting a young man & his cousin in a house, I ask the man about the guy standing with him, he will say "He's my brother" even though strictly he is his cousin. So the relationship demarcation gets a little blurred in eastern thought.
  • Stanjett
    Bless Abraham's servant. Who is never named. May I see him in Heaven and thank him personally.
  • Ivy Johnson
    What Faith in God can accomplish: From Abraham to his servant The God of Abraham : his Servant: trusted: depended: believed: acknowledged: Rebekah: Laban: mother: also: God made it all happen: they were all in agreement: Thank God!
  • Anne
    It is a blessing to have faithful and Godly employees who pray to ensure the success in your vision.
  • BSP
    Verse 19~Rebekah went above and beyond and was willing to be self-sacrificing. She had fine qualities as a potential wife.
  • BSP
    Verse 63: Isaac chose to go out to a quiet place and meditate. We must create the right conditions and environment in order to meditate on the Bible properly.
  • BSP
    Verse 3: Abraham wanted to make sure his son had a wife who worshipped the same God as he worshipped and not a worldly woman. Abraham was imitating Jehovah God in what he wants for his servants.
  • Osomo mojisola
    Abraham sent his servant to bring a wife for his son from his country,not just his country but from his kindren cos he is very sure that his son will not be lure out of serving God.cos he is very sure of the love of God in them.unlike the cananites, they easily lure his son out of loving God
  • Seven Trumpets
    The same Faithful and Loving God of Abraham, is our God as well, when we follow in the steps of the same Faith and Love of Abraham's God. This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, for how it shows the LORD's care and guidance in the good and natural things of this life. I also like very much, how everyone acted with respect to God's guidance: what a happy world it would be when we do also.
  • Ken Hucksoll
    I am using this for my bible study...have it on a 40" screen and very easy on these old eyes...Thank You Ken
  • Karl
    Does anybody really read scripture anymore? In Exodus 24:10, Moses and 70 elders "saw" GOD, where did the same experience of the prophets come from - was their "vision" corrupted by their own perspectives or intentionally enhanced to suit their audience? Does anyone read past the words on the page anymore - or just reflexively quote verse without seeking the deeper meaning? Can you see beyond?
  • Stanjett
    No one have seen God. These 70 saw a cloud and God spoke to them out of the cloud. The closest anyone have had to see God, was Moses who only saw the backside of God as he was walking away. After Moses asked to see him. God covered Moses face with his hand as he pasted by and only allowed him to see his back, not his face.
  • Godwin Incipient
    I reason along with this scripture, Rebecca covered her face as soon as she was told that Isaac is the servant's master, let this be a lesson to all ladies that bed should be kept undefiled till wedding. Also,when you truly serve the Lord,people who doesn't have much faith in the Lord will believe through you, this is in case of Abraham's eldest servant. May God bless us all.
  • Seth Grant.
    Right from Abraham to his servant; there's a real show of belief in none, but the LORD alone.
    This episode proves the faithfulness of the LORD. Also it reveals how much God cares and listens to
    His committed children. The story encourages all who want to really walk with God in their Christian endeavor.
  • Michael Budeyo
    As I look at this Bible massage, it's always better to be faithful to God and to walk in his righteousness. Through his righteousness together with faithful prayers God will provide us with genuine wisdom and generation blessings. Indeed God will provide us with what's EXTREMELY good and at a right time. May God strongly be Blessed in Christ Jesus.
  • Godfrey Odobi
    That Abraham return to his kindred to take a wife for his son, the lesson for me here is that as Christians we should strive to marry fellow Christians especially that cousin marriage is no longer tenable in our world today more so, the simplicity of the union at the time cannot be compared to the complicated world of today. God therefore is key in the union of two people now than ever before.
  • Stephanie Ocken
    I thought it was beautiful how Abraham sent his favorite oldest servant to find his son a wife how happy in love they were with each other. It was a blessing that GOD, our HEAVENLY FATHER chose Abraham to send the servant out to make sure he found the perfect wife for his son so they could have many children then their children have more children to bring up a mighty nation.
  • I like the script of genesis
  • Geraldine cole for verse 63
    What I received from this is God love is owesome he love these people so much they did not want for nothing because these people honor God they were rich in many things they obey God they love their families they were not against each other they had servant, and nurses they were wealthy this bless me to no that if we honor God he will do and give us anything thing we want and more .it like this God the father loved us so much he sent his son to die for us and his son loved his father so much he honor his father by obeying what he sent him to do and thats why right now we have a savor because the son obeyed his father God.we are a bless people .Amen
  • Donna George
    I believe the veil is used when you are about to be married, as Rebekah knew she had met the man that would have been her husband. It is probably not to be used in all instances. I believe it is used correctly by the Christians? Because it was not said that she was wearing it before she met her husband
  • Joseph
    Like Father like Son! Isaac must have learnt a lot from his father Abraham and he knew how to commune with God and spend quiet moments alone with God. Eliezar must have learnt from Abraham his master, how to worship, praise God and depend upon God in prayers while exercising faith. Our lives is like a book that people are reading daily. We must endeavour and strive to make sure it points all those around us to Jesus Christ.
  • David Nwosu for verse 65
    The action f Rebekah, was a form of symbolism. It teaches that a married woman should not shawn or shave her hair while her husband is alive except that she is mourning. Check 1Cor.11:3, 6,7 and 10. Note that the glory of the woman is her hair. (I am open to correction pl.)
  • George nwaneri
    God is really wonderful, i actually gain alot from this passage. It is good to depend on the Lord before we enbark on anything or any journey, but today the youth of today do there own things in diferent way. They can marry anywhere wheather good or bad in the name of love, yet those love is not actually the true love but lust. The bible says there is something that look right to a man but the end is the way of dead.
  • Ajagbe for verse 65
    This verse of the Bible is an evidence against christians who fight muslims women for using veil or Hijaab. He who like jesus from now on should start be using veil without shyness and fear.
  • Like you need to know
    GOD is the best thing ever!
  • Osaki for verse 12
    This verse encourage me so mush and give me hope to have success in finding my wife.
  • B J Manuel for verse 3
    Harmony in families often relies upon the parents sharing the same belief system. In fact, children are even blessed when their parents share the same faith and obedience to God in Christ throughout their lives. Also, obedience to parents transferred as obedience to God and with this practice came the blessing of long life and living generally well. There exists also this warning to those contemplating marriage and/or other contractual agreements with unbelievers: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"(1 Corinthians 6:14)(Read also verses 15 through 18 of the same chapter.) To those who love God there is no grief here, but rather joy in doing God's pleasure.
  • Shingie for verse 63
    Every successful man in the bible took time to meditate on the word of God, Psalms 1, Philippians 4:8, Joshua 1:8.
  • Jack
    @KP this is not weird its the will of te lord that his people's purity be preserved till JesusChrist was born.

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