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  • what is "an hundred and seven and twenty" years old
  • I believe it is 127 years of age. A hundred (100) and (+) seven (7) and (+) twenty (20) = 100 + 7 + 20 = 127.
  • Catrice Hawkins-mayo
    i think that abraham was a man that was greatly looked up to. I feel he also highly favored by people.
  • BSP
    Verse 11- Abraham earned the respect of his neighbors because he was a faithful and God-fearing man.
  • Irene123
    Psalms 90:10 - this Psalm was written by Moses; he had nothing to do with Gentiles as a whole (only a very few that recognized the God of Israel and were accepted); the ages are spoken of for God's people - of which the few Gentiles were counted as. The same for ch. 91.
  • Reginald Woodbridge
    Abraham was a man who practiced faithfullness.he honoured his wife who also is mentioned in Hebrews11.He set an example that The Son Isaac honoured Genesis25 8-10 burying Abraham with his wife.Today it is an Islaamic holy place no christian or Jew is permitted there.Christians .Jews and Islaamic all belive the promise to Abraham was for them.God in the new testament declares the blessing of Abraham was through the faithseed..Christ..see Galatians3 16
  • Reginald Woodbridge
    The ages of people started to drop after the flood....probably due to the water above the firmanent being removed as it protected man from the suns rays.also God said mans days would be 120 years.which i believe is the lifespan he gave after the flood.psalm90;10 is for a backslidden people[only reference in bible]..psalm91;16 for obedient. [many refs].Sara lived a lifespan in line with my comments
  • Jane
    Compared how long people lived in their days note that sarah did early at 127yrs. Why?
  • Colby N. Shu
    God is honored when we behave in a christlike manner after the death of a dear one!
  • Joseph
    The lesson i learnt from the life of Abraham in this Chapter is not to take anything for granted when you are making any purchase like land, property, car etc. Make sure you get a clean verifiable, authenticated receipt so there is no dispute in the future. The tendency is to forget collecting a receipt from the seller who is very familiar or close to you. Our Spirituality does not mean we should forsake good common sense in our daily transactions. Abraham was very rich but was not a money waster who spent foolishly. He must have been a good saver and prudent in his spending. This is food for thought.
  • OWEN KHUPE for verse 3
    It is giving us a type of Christ in Abraham. Christ will come to a place where he will now change the image of his bride the church and bury the old, just as Abraham buried Sarah his wife. Christ's action will not be opposed even by people who are earthly as opposed to heavenly people. They will even recognize him as the Prince and Lord on that day. His power will prove unmatched by the Devil's power.The people at Mamre succumbed to Abraham's request as a stranger.
  • Enoch
    Abraham who walked away from his kingdom trusting the word of GOD, has become a "mighty prince" as said by the inhabitants of kirjath-arba. Follow the word of GOD and be followed by blessing.
  • Andreatta
    Abraham was indeed a humble man and a man of faith.
  • James R.
    Ok, so Sarah died in Kirith-arba, and it is also called Hebron. It makes me wonder, was Arba still alive at this time? If you do a lot (i mean a lot) of reasearch on the "Anakim" as mentioned in the bible, is says that most were settled in Kirith-arba. This is not spoken of untill later, after the bible traces the lineage of some of the giants. Like Goliath, from Gath or Gad, and several others.
    Abraham, even though considered great, he showed humility in the jesture of bowing.

    We as a people each should show humility to those both of high degree and of a lower state.
  • Doris
    This is a good example of looking forward to the resurrection and not gathering things on this earth to leave behind for moth and rust to take....
  • James mcnair
    It lets me know that we ought not think of our self as too all that wer possess.For it all belongs to God,and he is a rewards us for being obedient to his word.Even to the very end have faith in God that he will provide all our needs.

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