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  • Florence
    11 Lots daughters became distant relatives of the Jewis h nation,they became part of the Moabites who were prohibited from the LORDS assembly. Moab and the Moabites were an idolatrous nation. who believed in chlld sacrifices.Moab was a lot like sodom and Gomorrah. One good person to come out of that nation was RUTH the Moab.P.T.L. She married Boaz.
  • Robert smith
    its just as real today as it was then.just look around.only kin is not supposed to be with kin today,cuz there is plenty of pe0ple to go around.boys with girls an so on.any other way is sin
  • Vanessa
    they were corrupt in sexual activities that went against the will God other wise why did Lot offer them to have their way with his daughters being virgins, they raped the land and were not generous to those in need, they even abused animals, they were wicked in so many ways
  • Vanessa
    Abraham was never a idolator, read about him, learn about him, sad at the events of the beginning of his life had to begin , but when it's the will of God we do not question it.
  • Echo
    Shakeem for verse 5 ""This seems like a form of gang rape. However it didn 't say that they wanted to have sexual relations with them it said they wanted to know them, but know them informally. Yet this still remains a mystery to us because we cant prove but give opinion since it was something wicked."" The next verse clearly explains the intent of the men.. Read vs 6 and 7
    God's purpose has been and will aligned with men. Women are absolutely necessary, however, men are used for specific purposes on earth. Eve ate of the forbidden Tree, yet nothing happened...It was only when Adam ate of the Tree that "sin entered the world". Achan sinned by robbing God of the first cities spoils (1 of the 10 cities, referring to the tithe) and so his entire family died.
  • Chrystal
    I don't understand why the daughter's did not get punished for their sin? What am I missing? This reflects the actions of the world today. In some case's no punishment!
    WHY?WHY? How can daughter's conceive by their father?? It's not explained after Lot woke up. He didn't know his daughter's gave birth to his own children? Someone help me with this. Thank You. God Bless!
  • Stanjett
    sometimes it don't tell what happened to those that did wrong. I'm sure they were punished because you don't hear about them after they sinned except for the the sons that they had.
  • Stephen B
    Amen, Jodie Pessolano!
  • BSp
    Verse 16~Jehovah God showed great patience and loving kindness towards Lot when he kept lingering. It is better to obey God immediately and not procrastinate.
  • Jodie Pessolano
    Without Christ, I am no better than those of Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Maria Hernandez
    I believe that it speaks to all The Christens Hearts
  • BG
    It is very clear that the cities were wicked and a demonstration of that wickedness was the sexual perversions of the men of the city of Sodom. Lot vexed his soul and lost the majority of his family.
  • Emanuel Fernandes
    Yes thats correct but lot was nothing compared to the people of SODOM which is why the Lord spared them. all the saints in the bible still had wicked flesh like us they were not sinlessly perfect. ABRAHAM was an idolator he was from bablyon. ONLY GOD can make you righteous works salvation is self righteous. the only man that IS self righteous is THE LORD JESUS
  • Rockpicker John
    Lot was prepared to give his own children to be raped. A good man then? I think not. Read Ezekiel on the sin of Sodom.
  • BSP
    Verse 3: Lot showed hospitality to the angels. Lot knew how corrupt the city was and he made sure he took the angles into his house to provide for them and to protect them.
  • Mari
    Serrallez, read verse 37. The 2 daughters now have sons. (They "laid" w him)

  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Down through the ages, God has been consistent in warning about His impending wrath. He never leaves us in doubt of his plan and oftentimes we are too blind or obstinate to see. This chapter exemplifies God's second chance opportunity for humanity and the inclination of humans to keep regressing into sin like Lot's wife did by looking back. May His Grace help us walk along the narrow way to heaven
  • Meesha
    Let's not forget that Abraham and GOD had a covenant and that covenant was between GOD and Abraham not Lot. When GOD called Abraham out of the land of which his family, Lot was not supposed to come. No where in previous scripture do we notice a covenant or fellowship that occurred between Lot and GOD so it is safe to say that the mercy extended on Lot was on the strength of Abraham Genesis 19:29
  • Eve
    Lot's wife looking back, would simply suggest that she went back to her sinful life being that Sodom and Gomorrah was a sinful city hence it could be that her heart was of lust of the world; the vanity of what she is leaving behind and that her heart wasn't towards God. The word of God declares in psalms 24:3-4 in order for us to enter in God's presence we gave to be set apart, we can't b lustful
  • Lynn
    Even when God sent his angels to bring Lot out of danger Lot was reluctant to go. The Angels had to put their hands on him and his family and quide them out. I hope for this mercy in my own life, for I'm often slow to do what I should do.

  • William t. Duran
    love this chapter ! hard to discern the meaning after lot comes out and go"s and his daughters lay with?
  • Allwell philips for verse 26
    TRUST IN the LORD But She disobeyed God!
  • Dewey J
    Jacques, it is interesting that Lot 's wife was so close to life but looked back and died. Jesus Christ through Scripture stress that Christians must endure until the end. I believe the angel didn 't mention Lot 's daughter-in-laws is because he had no sons. All the trials and test we face in life we must endure until the end for they that endure until the end the same shall be saved Matt.24:13. God bless us all and in the understanding of His Word. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen.
  • Dewey J
    Anonymous, I believe that by recording this Biblical account of Lot 's life the Scripture is confirming that God is no respector of person. All men failures and successes regardless of how great they are or how favored they are in God 's sight. I believe one reason the angel didn 't mention any daughter-in-laws of Lot is because he probably had no sons. I also, believe that like the proverb says necessity is the mother of invention there were no men or no righteous men around to continue the seed or blood line of righteous Lot therefore his daughters devised their plot to carry on his seed. They didn 't have the faith or patience to wait for God to provide. Incest was not frown on as much then as it is today. After all is said and done God allowed the plot to succeed. God bless us al and in the understanding of His Word glory be to God in the highest. Amen.
  • Anonymous for verse 36
    How the god 's book contains the story of this kinds of incest. What is the lesson from this tale.
  • Jacques
    It scares me to know Lot 's Wife actually made it in to Zoar AND THEN looked back...Then they wound up going into the mountain anyways as the Angel already commanded . Did anybody realize that the Angels asked if he had "son-in-laws " but not "daughter-in-laws "?...I wonder what his sons had gotten into in a city like that?
  • Tom sandoval
    I notice before Gods wrath Abraham sacrificed a calf as a sort of priest before God. And made duplication for lots sake. Lot as a saved by grace man celebrates a type of passover with unlevend bread perhaps the first passover?
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Hello Nicola, You are right all that glitter 's is not gold. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
  • Nicola
    Now we see that the moabites were born out of incess and that is where the problem lies. Also the men requesting the release of Lot "s visitor suggest the forbidden act they wanted to perform. Initially Lot chose the seemingly better land only to find out not all that glitters is gold

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