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  • Bob
    This is one of my favorite chapters in the bible. Firstly we see the Son of God before He was called Jesus visiting Abraham again in person accompanied by two angels. We see His sense of humor when He calls out Sarah for laughing in the tent. She thought it was so funny that she was going "to have pleasure" with old Abraham. Well past her menstrual time as well so a real miracle indeed to have a baby named Isaac "laughter". Then we see Abraham actually bargaining with God. He must have really been Gods friend to say things like "shall not the judge of all the earth do right"...thats gutsy and you only talk like that to a real friend especially if they are God.I'm so encouraged by the fact that we can talk to God as a friend, also that He has a real connection to us through His son, firstly as creator and old testament visitor, then via Mary, a fellow human and saviour of the world.
  • Lenoria
    I just read this story again and I could really laugh with Sarah. She had such a sense of humor! Surely the Lord was not referring to her in her old age and yet God brought it to past. Sometimes God speaks to us and tell us things that with our finite minds we can not grasp. wrap our heads around it, or simple because it seems too far-fetched we dare to believe and lose our reward. Thank GOD, He did not let Sarah's laughing deter His overall plan of making Abraham, who he is, the father of many nations.
  • I was telling someone about this story of Abraham recently, it appears to me the lord an the two angels spent some time with Abraham
  • Jayzeauz
    Ayup my name jay and I like to read the bible
  • Comfused
    I think I met an angel once. I was going to work, something told me to pick up a hitchhiker and he told me to let him off at the next exit which was only around 1/4 mile and that was where I was going to get off anyway but I had it in my heart to carry him where he wanted to go. When he got out I gave him my paper bag lunch. He said God Bless you and that's the last I saw of him.
  • Galen
    Can a person forgive the same person to much on the same problem?
  • Comfused
    And one asked this question once. How often should I forgive my brother til 7 times? And the Lord said to him, I say not 7 times but 7 times 7 times.
  • Lisa
    70 x 7=490 she put 7 x7 it's 7 x 70
  • Stan jett
    And he lift up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood by him: And one of the three, I think was Jesus. He was the one that answered all of Abrahams questions. The other two were angels, because only two angels entered into Sodom.
  • LthrnZack
    The three men are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
    It was the lord (god) himself who was speaking to abraham and 2 of his angels .
  • BSP
    Verses 4,5~Hospitality was a very important custom in ancient Israel. Hospitality should be important to us today.
  • BG
    vs 19 - God's foreknowledge of Abraham's dependence upon God for good works is shown here. Abraham, will by faith, act upon the promises and truth God has given him.
  • BSP
    This chapter highlights Jehovah God's patience in dealing with Abraham. He allowed him to question him multiple times and he gave him an answer each time.
  • A disciple
    Dear Jonathan; Why do you not spell out the word God? He is not offended or challenged by our unworthiness; but He rather loves us and seeks to save us! (John 3:16-17) There is a prophecy in Amos about the disobedient Jews at one point being no longer allowed to mention the LORD's Name; but it is not for us who believe and love the Name of our God and Saviour! What are your thoughts? Please write!
  • Jonathan lear flaum
    It is amazing Sara giving birth in her nineties However With G_D nothing is too hard
  • David
    it's not as ''''amazing as you think''' in the sense that after living 900 yrs and the LORD reducing the yrs down to 120... you're thinking in the context of todays '''90'''' years old.
  • Adam
    I used to think that if they lived to be 900 then if proportional to our current growth/age cycle then the average person would reach puberty around 144 years and look like a typical teenager at that age. However, this is not the case, because women gave birth young then too, adult men worked through 20s, 30s, and even Sara laughed at the thought of her giving birth, because she thought it was a joke. So, I think she was likely in menopause by then, but perhaps the age rate slowed from 100-900 years? There's no indication I'm aware of that 700 year olds were physically active, running, fighting, etc.
  • A disciple
    To Marty's comment 2/2016; How does one open the Bible, and not be afraid to think and say what you said? The episode with Noah is glaringly apparent; Ham had no compunctions about looking on his father's nakedness, and no respect or fear to talk about it out loud! He was a filthy rebel in his heart, and it manifested in his descendants after him! Japheth and Shem loved and honored their father!
  • A disciple
    Dear Ron; I'm so sorry to read about your sickness. I will pray for you to be healed also, and for the Lord to help you with all the strength and comfort you need. There are things I think are too hard for us in this life, and we just want to be strong and feel like we were before. It may be unbelief; it may be that we have to search our hearts and give account to God; it may be we have to wait?
  • Lu2677
    Ron,'what will it take for him to heal me." God wounds us and heals us for many different reasons. There is no set formula, He heals the wicked as well as the righteous, as it pleases him. Psalms;"I know that it is good for me to be afflicted, that I might learn your statutes."Read chapter 2 Cor. 12, V.7 Paul asked him 3 times to remove the pain (thorn) in his side. Job 13:15 ,Job 23:12-16.
  • Bruce
    Ron: Without His Spirit Living within,You can Read The Bible a 1000-x. Not much will happen. Only when You ask Forgiveness:1John 1:9-2:2. You will be Washed by His Blood:Revelation 1:5. You will be Baptized with The Holy Ghost:Mark 1:8. You will be Changed:2Corinthians 5:17 You will Know!/ This happens when You are Called,a Tug in Your Heart:John 6:44. His Word will Open to You a New Life!
  • Bud
    Ron; Sorry to hear about your crippling accident. The LORD has a purpose for all things and will work them out for good. WE can only pray and wait on the LORD to do what HE has on HIS mind. Like I said sorry to hear about your accident but I will be praying with you in your time of need.
  • Ron
    I was in a bad accident tat left me wit foot drop syndrome in both legs.I used to be very active now all i do is just set and rot because I can't walk.I have read the bible once and now I am reading it again,what will it take for God to heel me I pray to him and talk to him what will it take for him to heel me.
  • Lane
    Hello Saints!

    In Genesis 18-1, it is truly amazing how our father Abraham, recognize, Yahweh, and the two Cherubs instantly. I wonder how many time have Lord Jesus, approach us in homelessness, or any other basic human need and we did not recognized, or help!
  • Lily
    Marty, I hope that you will never lose a desire to read God's word. I pray you would have a burning desire to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. God can only work in hearts that are open and willing to be moldable in His hands. The more i read God's word and memorize it and meditate upon it the more I learn about how mighty and powerful God really is.
  • BSP
    Abraham was being hospitable in the opening verses. This is a good quality to have.
  • Nyani
    Its interesting how i have read this verse several times, but just came to this epiphany; It is not God's will for the righteous to perish with the wicked. That's injustice in God's sight. Supplementary prayer is key. I bless God for such a revelation.
  • Stephen F. Zielski
  • Matt
    Marty, If you are trying to find God I suggest you first start in prayer. Second get into a good church where the elders can help lead you. When I first read the Bible I read the new testament first then the old testament. Jesus Christ is who your looking for. I'd suggest you first read about him then come back and read what lead up to our Savior. May God bless you with wisdom and understanding and may you except your gift of life eternal. I love you and Jesus does to.

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