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  • J D Kazar
    Hagar is called a maid or handmaid. 16.1,16.2 etc. in 16.3 "Sarah gave Hagar to her husband Abraham". I submit that if someone can give you to someone else you are a slave. Then Abraham proceeds to rape Hagar and impregnate her. When Sarah got angry, at Hagar!, over this although Hagar clearly had no say Abraham says she's yours do what you want to her 16.3. Lovely people
  • Teri
    this is a good lesson, and to apply to our lives, prayer lives, intercessory prayer for others. The only wisdom is that which comes from above. i know what it's like to go out without the counsel of the Lord, and i usually regret it!
  • Nez
    I believe god put haga in sarea life for that purpose he knows all of our thoughts also remember sarea told her husband to go into her
    God's favor upon men tend to contradict human good will explanations.
  • Samuel
    Where is it found that hangar was between Sarah knees in conception?
  • James Lee
    Things always seem to go wrong when we humans attempt to help the Lord.
    The waiting truly is the hardest part.
  • TE.
    Really. It is true. When God' favour is upon us, we need not despise other people because God can remove that fovour from us. but because He is a mercyfull God, He didn't do that to Hagar.

    We also need to wait upon the Lord and be still before Him.
  • Teenu
    Very true. He knows and is always with us in every walk of life.
  • A disciple
    "..And when Sarai dealt hardly with her, she fled from her face...And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Return to thy mistress, and submit thyself under her hands." Sarai was right to punish her and "deal hardly" with her: Hagar did wrong toward her Mistress when she arrogantly despised her. God's will for all of us is to be right and do right to each other by accepting rebukes and corrections.
  • Vigi
    truly sarah had lost faith
  • Mugenge george
    GODS time the best
  • BSP
    Verse 4: Hagar began to show disrespect towards Sarah. When we receive a privilege or good happens to us, we want to continue to show respect to other people and not look down on anyone.
  • Grant
    Thank God this website exists because there are no other things on the internet that are holy, except for other similar websites.
  • David Price
    Man thougths are not God thoughts, so I say unto you wait on the Lord, wait on the Lord!!!
  • Lanita
    The best chapter to praise the lord!
  • Lanita
    I love this chapter! It is the best chapter!
  • Valerie
    yes sometimes we do things without thinking an waiting on GOD to bring us out, then when reality hits us we want to cry out to the LORD for help when we was to listen to HIS voice, yes i done somethings i wish i can go back an erase but i just ask my GOD for forgiveness an turn away from the sin i so glad that HE dont give us what our deserve for our sins, AMEN.
  • Blessing Chika
    The fountain where the angel met Hagar is a symbol of Christ.Jesus is the fountain of life.When you come to Him,every trouble and confusion in your life recieve solution.Jesus is the Way and not a way.Hagar's life embraces peace as soon as she accepted the Way.She returned and was welcomed.
  • Sonja
    Sari didn't have the faith that she was going to have a child, having offered her maid toAbram. She brought all the negative things on herself and blamed everyone else for her actions. It was amazing that the Angel of the Lord spoke to Hagar and she acknowledged God.
  • Christopher
    The lord we serve is a living God that fulfill His promises. Let us learn how to remain focused on Him.He is a God that knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.
  • Olga
    God is great he gives us everything he says he is going to give us we just have to take a min to listen to what he is telling us and be patient ,
  • Alebiosu Philips
    Gen. 16, the God that we serve is a awesome God. He has told us that to everything there is a time. i think Sarah should have waited a bit, because the promise of God can not but be fulfilled in was the impatience of Sarai that brought the problem they encountered. However, the God that changeth not intervened and took control over everything. i think we should always allow God to direct us in every of our decisions so that we don't make mistake. Bless you.
  • Nomagugu Rozani
    I belive the world will be in harmony if we could learn to the gentle whispers of God but everyone is so self serving.
  • Abel D. Guaj for verse 16
    God does what he says, he never lies. He says my promises are ye and amen.
    what a lesson to learn, why we still are fighting today, judism and muslum
  • Lanne
    Derek...True words you have spoken...Amazing it is to me that Ishmael became the Father of Islam and Isaac became the Father of Jews and Christianity. This must be the longest family feud in the history of man!
  • Carman
    Habaakkuk 2 3 says it all. But Adam should 't have listened to Eve. Just as Abrahm Shouldn 't have listened to Sarai. Nevertheless God had a plan. AMEN.
  • Victor
    if we rely on our own understanding and try to give solution in our own way, it will add only sorrow to it Genesis 16 1 5 . and that 's what Sarai did and made a mistake by not waiting upon the Lord Proverbs 3 5 7
  • Oyeyinka Abiola
    No matter how situation you are passing through this is telling us that we should bear it for some time and God will find the solution to it. You will overcome your problem IJN. Amen
  • Derek for verse 12
    it appears that the state of unrest in the Middle East is directly related to this prophecy, as the modern day Arabs are direct descendants of Ishmael and when they are not fighting against when they are not fighting Israel they are fighting among themselves i

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