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  • Lisa
    I like to listen to the narrator read the scriptures out loud, as I read along in my bible. Using both sight and hearing helps me to retain God's holy word better. I did catch a mistake the narrator made in reading Genesis 12:19. His words did not line up with God's words. Humans make mistakes. God does not.
  • Teri
    Father of the faith, even with the "lie", to obey is better than sacrifice and to whom else has God called them "friend"??? His faith was tested, as is ours today. i wanna be like believing Abraham!
  • Stanjett
    Really it wasn't a lie. Sarah was his sister. Daughter of his mother but not the daughter of his father.
  • Carl
    It was most certainly a lie, when its purpose was to deceive.
  • Comfused
    How can truth be a lie? I don't know about some of you people. Isn't the purpose to tell the truth?
  • Rain
    Here in Genesis Abram was trusting and obedient to GOD. Abram Faith was at work. Because faith without work is dead. Abram did as he was directed. This was the first call out of the three in which he was called. After receiving directions from GOD, Abram began on his journey. There was a famine in the land of Egypt. Abram knew that he would be killed if he hadn't to a lie that Sari was is sister.
  • Jetts0n
    Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they shall say, This is his wife: and they will kill me, but they will save thee alive.
    Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee.
    Seems to me that they would have took her if they thought she was only his Sister and not his wife.
  • BSP
    Verse 11~Sarah was a beautiful older woman and so Abraham took precautions to keep him and his family safe while they travelled.
  • A disciple
    Cheryl; I don't think there's any indication in the Bible, or ever in history, that would lead us to believe that years today are somehow different from years back then. If God wants someone to live for 175 years like Abraham, that's God's business; our part is to follow Jesus. 12:3/curse; execrate; to have or show feelings of hate towards someone or something;to detest,or to express great hatred.
  • Lu2677
    Genesis 3:15-19 (is a good example of a curse) He cursed women to have "sorrow"= pain during child birth.He cursed women to (desire) their husband."desire" here means that she will rule over him, yet,the husband will rule over her. This explains why women want to be in control of everything. It lasts forever on earth, unless he removes it. It is important for women to fight the urge to control.
  • Cheryl Gorley
    Chapter 12 verse 4 is seventy-five years then as seventy-five years is now. also what did God mean when he said he would curse someone
  • Lu2677
    Hebrews 10:31, Some one that believes this verse to be true, and has understanding of what "in the hands of the living God" means, certainly would be afraid of him!
  • A disciple
    continuing; We can add up the years that God had Moses record, to see that Shem was still alive when Abraham lived. Ancient stories from many countries tell of how Shem was the one who killed Nimrod; and forced the remaining devotees to go into hiding, and shroud their cult in perverted mysteries. But the "Pandora's box" was already opened, and the poisoning of men's minds and conscience was done.
  • A disciple
    To help us relate to Abraham in his times, it is important to know that we have the same calling and election from God concerning the Saviour the Anointed, who is the Son of God come in flesh. In Abraham's world, the rise of Nimrod and his murderous antichrist ideology had infected the most of the world; it was the first beast in Revelation. Shem, who put Nimrod down, outlived Abraham by 35 years.
  • Bruce
    Mary: it's a fearful thing to fall into The Hands of The Living God. Hebrews 10:31
  • Amb.Ifeoma Mary Ejiogu
    it is a dangerous thing to fall in the hands of an angry God.God fights for his own .we need not fight our battles or lean on our positions, connections ,strengths or wisdom.Lets all look unto God always He is able to keep us .
  • Rain
    Yes he is. The battle is not ours it belong to GOD. GOD is our refuge.
    Abraham exhibited a character that is rare indeed ,he believed God to the point of forfeiting cultural ties ,position,what the world will say,but believe God for all he needed in life.l personally was challenged to follow the footstool of Abraham and to claim his daughter for life.
  • Is journy of faith and also arewatdable jpurney it is faith that pleaded God
    Let us have faith in God

  • Carmella
    This is a good example of obedience of believers. Obedience to God is the best thing that God can ask from us. Reading how Abram is God chosen and blessed, I'm striving to be obedient to God and deny myself before him.
  • Wayne
    Actually Irene, the only way to get to understand the scriptures, as mentioned in the Bible, is to ask God for wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures. He upbraideth not. People get in trouble trying to use their own brains. Brings confusion. More gospels that are not gospels. Leading more people astray. GB
  • Adedoyin florence adesayo
    God is particularly consigned abt Abrams lives n his future
  • Pastor Akwolu Godwin
    We should must follow God that He will Direct Guide and Protect us because He Said His Plan Toward us is of Good and not of evil to Give us A Good Expected End
  • Irene123
    Isaiah 1:18- The Lord is not the author of confusion - 1 Corinthians 14:33. He wants us to 'reason' out His word, to use the brains He gave us. V. 3 - " ..... a great nation ..... "; that's Israel. God doesn't have to spell everything out for us.
  • BSP
    God told Abram that he would make a great nation out of him. This proved true in the formation of the Israelites.
    I don't see the word Israel in verse 3. I see the word ( I will bless them, that bless thee.)
    I believe God Was talking about Abraham and not Israel. which lead me to think that God was speaking of Jesus later on in the new testament
  • Pastor J.S.olu.Aina
    Re:Vizavis V.3. This is the only place where such was mentioned in the Bible. That plural must referred to those who might have enjoyed his blessings while single referred to Satan whom I think can never be pleased with such a good promise that permanently eluded him. Up till now, nobody has ever been recorded of such attempt.
  • Pastor J.S.Olu.Aina
    God was so good not to have allowed anything to destroy the union of the couple. Sarah agreed to be the scape goat based on love, trust and loyalty. Abram lied in order to be well with him! Would it have been well with his own wife if not for God's intervention? I salute Sarah's courage. Present days christian wives to emulate her.
  • Kevin
    We must trust the lord he will open up a way for us even if we feel our backs are against the wall trust him and follow him with our hearts he will guide us on the right track
  • Olga
    Even how we might think that it is not able to do as Abram was instructed by The LORD Just get up an go and leave everything you no but our Almighty god does take us and gives us direction and we must follow his orders for he is our guide and he has a plan for us.

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