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  • Rael on Genesis 11
    God saw the end times at the beginning caused confusion amongst a united group that had planned to rebel against Him, the beginning of Antichrist. He still does it today. God help us be willing to learn from you that we will not miss heaven. Genesis 11 is an eye opener of what is to take place at the end of our life; the rebellious will inherit hell and the righteous will inherit eternity with God!
  • Mark Ariel T Fernandez on Genesis 11
    I believe that the Tower of Babel is the origin of the Antichrist. The World was "One". And then God came in to the picture and confused the languages of men, thus spread throughout the world. As each generation goes by, and we're talking centuries... until present day... Men have been / are working together as "unity" to become "One".... once again to create the New World Order by deception. But i pray, that when that time happens in these last days, I pray that me and my family will be taken up by Christ Jesus at the rapture event, and won't have to experience the short time tribulation period... of the system. Yes, Lord I believe that Christ Jesus is the one and only way, and who can save anybody and will bring to everlasting life anyone who believes in him.. Thy will be done oh Lord.
  • Bob on Genesis 11
    The idea is not to hoard cash, but use it regularly instead of the cashless system. If people use it , it will take longer to lose it. The future of eftpos is an implant into the body "hand" or facial recognition "the fore head" . If anyone submits to this voluntarily, they give their person to the world system and no longer to God. They will become enslaved and marked, easily manipulated and tracked, they will no longer be free.
  • Bob on Genesis 11
    The internet is the new tower of Babel. Be careful how you use it. Its interesting that its called the world wide web and what is a web for? catch prey of course. Interesting too that one of the worlds largest tech companies has a symbol of a bight out of an apple. This symbolizes the choice of the knowledge of good and evil over being a child of God. The beast of Revelation could only enslave humanity by using the world wide web. Its what connects everyone together so be wary of your future choices and have a plan. Pay cash for everything and avoid the cashless society as much as possible. Can you imagine the eftpos charges by the banking system if there was no cash?..We would become slaves to a new world order. Resistance is not futile and a Godly choice for all who are wise and choose freedom.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 11
    Good comments.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 11
    I was wondering. If we take out all our cash and coins; couldn't Antichrist change the currency worldwide?

    Would Gold and Silver bars be safer? Coins?

    I'm not going to be here but I thought I would leave it for stubborn bonehead relatives :/
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Genesis 11
    Mishael, not to pick a fight or anything and you are right the antichrist can / will change the money.

    in 1933 President Roosevelt made ownership of gold illegal. Prior to this the USA had legal gold coins and silver.

    Silver coins were removed in 1965 and I remember them as a kid.

    I bought 2 large candy bars for a silver dime. What do they cost today.

    Yet can we eat gold and silver? They could make it illegal?

    I suspect food seeds might be a better investment for the future.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 11

    I agree. Seeds do sound more valuable than gold or silver. It makes me wonder now, if it's possible to obtain non-gmo seeds? I'll have to check that out.

    Pond water purification machines.

    It's going to be real hard for people to get medications they're going to need. We don't have the knowledge to look for plants that are medicinal. Folk medicine.

    The other side of this is why not skip silly plans to survive the wholesale destruction of humans who refuse to worship Antichrist?

    They're just living moment to moment.

    People don't want to believe that God is going forth with end time plans. They just don't think about anything eternal.

    I'm just praying that in heaven there will be no memory of all those that chose death, rather than life everlasting.

    I guess the time to grieve is now. Maybe we'll be strong and preach Life to our families now.

    It's hard to see crowds of hundreds of people rioting and know one day their voices will turn to weeping and regret. Too late to do anything.

    The police that Antichrist employs won't care what their issues are. They'll have real bullets and use them. Those people are as blinded and deafened as the Jews that believe there is no way that God will abandon them to their choices. I believe the 144,000 will preach salvation and then that's the end of striving to save chronic unbelievers.

    I want to be at the Wedding Supper of the Son of God! No more tears and painful heartache of loss. I want to hold my grandma's hand and my parents. My whole life has been defined by helping the helpless. My spirit yearns for release to live in joy and freedom.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Genesis 11
    Mishael - I agree and non GMO seeds are the way to go. What the Lord created is right and not what mankind / satan messes with and destroys. right now it is very difficult to find places that even have seeds for sale and non gmo also.

    Hosstools has seeds in stock and you can ask them about gmo. anything that says Heirloom means non gmo. they have lots of heirloom products. My old sources for seeds are either sold out or only selling to commercial concerns.

    Things are bad and shall get worse. Any nation that tolerates the church of satan in their midst deserves what she is going to get. The US military has chaplains for the church of satan. I suppose their "gospel" is just be yourself....
  • Ron on Genesis 11
    R4Love The us in Genesis 1v26 is the word Elohim ,or angles doing Gods work.Read also Gen11v7. Cheers.
  • Styron on Genesis 11
    Men can command the respect of God immensely if they are united with purpose. The conviction to continue Babel was so strong, God had to intervene. Am super impressed with their unity
  • Trish on Genesis 11
    This shows how quickly the enemy came in with the attempt to build the tower of Babel . He wasted no time. Satan was is ready to bring in rebellion and corrupt humanity instantly. The enemy is truly evil. Yes, we must stay sober and vigilant and never cease in praying. The enemy walks about to and from seeking whomever he can steal, kill and destroy. He never waits! Yet always fails!!
  • Comfused - in Reply on Genesis 11
    If he always fails, then why is there so much sin in the world today?
  • Student on Genesis 11
    This is so amazing
  • Stanjett on Genesis 11
    Chaldees were the people of Babylon.
  • Nqobani Sibanda on Genesis 11
    The Lord is good all the time. He is the author and finisher of all things. Glory be to Him The Almighty living God
  • Gods on Genesis 11
    I lovvee god.God is so good wawwwwwww
  • Vanessa on Genesis 11
    it's not just one culture either, there is followers of Christ in all and then there is deniers, and do the work of the evil one, but God does know the hearts of all, so pray for all, as I said he loves us all, but not sin, he gave us the way to be free from our sin in our Lord and savior, he is the only way in God Bless you all
  • Vanessa on Genesis 11
    God told Noah his family would seed the world,but as for some saying God cursed anyone , i think they would want to consider who comes into ones heart and mind that seeks to steal and destroy, God made a oath to Noah and God never lies, I pray for those that misconstrue the word of God keep asking for wisdom.
  • ROBERTHYCHE on Genesis 11
  • Tata Teete on Genesis 11
    I love God. He is my savior and the reason for my birth. GAWD BWESS!
  • Laquisha Riot on Genesis 11
    The Lord is beautiful, but do not be disillusioned by the misogynist views within the book. Wives, do not be subordinate to your their equals. Eat shellfish and let others love who they want to love. Hate is not allowed. God Bless.
  • Love god - in Reply on Genesis 11
    god is very very good
  • Bianca douglas on Genesis 11
    As we know the heart is deceitful and wicked above all things. God who has the ability to see the hearts of all men look at the motive that was behind the people true desires to build there own city and own tower to reach heaven. I believe in there own selfish will those words were utter not to build for God's glory but rather than to glorify themselves. We must remember God is the creator.
  • Mitchell Chandler on Genesis 11
    God is Excellent Also Jesus his Son and King who came in the Flesh AAAllllllreadddyyyy
  • Confused on Genesis 11
    I am having a real problem with this chapter. "confound their language" "scattered them abroad"

    Does God segregated them, one from another, and change their languate in order to keep them from plotting and planning evil and working together to go against his word? God's intent seems clear that they were to live apart. So are all cultures a product of this action by God?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 11
    I think the main reason was to populate the whole earth.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 11
    Sure seems like it since they were the only people on earth at that time.
  • Heather Smith - in Reply on Genesis 11
    To Confused: Yes and no. God intended to stop them from building. It was not his intention to cause strife that is all man's doing.
  • Uriel - in Reply on Genesis 11
    The confounding of the languages is what spured the scattering

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