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  • Roger Gardner
    I think that this is where God changed the lanuages around so we would have different lanuages.
  • Norma
    Genesis 11:1-6 is about mankind, in this instance the descendants of Ham, chose to build a tower "That reaches up to heaven", so that if God decides to flood the world again, we will be above the water. This is in direct rebellion against God, and that in spite that [a] God had told them spread out, and [b] His promise that He would never flood the world again. They hadn't learnt a thing!
  • J.R.
    Try to think about this. If you just had a bouncing baby boy, whom you loved. And at 6 months old you had a vision, this baby, no matter how you raised him and what you did, would grow to be a domestic terrorist, could you kill him? Thatís why he didnít kill them then.
  • Ed
    I think the tower was not round-shaped but pyramid shaped. My theory is that it was a huge pyramid. Pyramid-shaped structures were built by almost every ancient culture. Pyramids are found worldwide in many shapes and sizes. The writers may have called it a 'tower' because a pyramid is usually just a stairway high place with a temple built atop of it. Huge round-shaped buildings weren't built at around the time of Genesis (2500 - 3500 BC).
  • Adelta
    God make man into his own likeness, but he knew that they would not be perfect, but let them realise that unity is strength, and they would make mistake, because when God put adam in the garden of eden, he give him instruction but he disobey, and disobedience brings punishment. when we sin there is a penalty for it. amen
    Ultimately, I believe GOD is all about relationship. The further up in altitude the "Babel" builders went, the further away from An acknowledgement of who really is "GOD". GOD LOVES US SO MUCH, HE DOES ALL TO SAVE US.
  • Laurel for verse 9
    How does God remind us to brush our teeth and make our bed and do your chores?
  • William Hall for verse 1
    I believe Hebrew is the original language!
  • J.R.R. for verse 6
    I belive that Genesis 11:6 is explaining the 3 powers that God gave all mankind. The Power of Unity, The power of submission and the power of speaking one language. Then God came down and changed one of these three powers and it all fell apart. UNITY - They were all United working for one goal. SUBMISSION - They were all submitting theyselves one to the other. SAME LANGUAGE - They could understand each other. The good new is that Good people can make this happen today. The bad news is that the bad people can make this happen today. Look around the world and see if you don't see these powers at work. That's just my opion.
  • Wyoming
    to answer THomas

    Thomas's Genesis Chapter 11 comment on 1/14/2012, 6:57am...

    I'm curious, if God knows the end from the beginning why did he see fit to destroy all flesh except that of Noah and his clan. Wouldn't he have seen the corruption coming when he made Adam and all that came after? Why didn't he just destroy them then and there?

    GOd knows the end but he has given free will and hopes many of his children will choose the right thing and he also knew he would send his Son Jesus (Yeshua) to save the creation he so dearly loves else why would he have created them in his own image. His ways are not yours or my ways that's why he thinks different.
  • J.R.
    Also to these two comments at the top......God is omniscient, I am not. However I do know exactly the temperments of man, he is hubris, arrogant, and prideful, and has, even since his conception a tendecny to ignore and disdain any regulations, laws or discipline. Think to yourselves then, what would man have done or thought if they were to succeed in this building endevor? Hmm?? All things are possible with God's help, with them creating this, not relying on God, they would have forsaken him completly.
  • Renee for verse 4
    Did they know that God would scatter them about the world before it happened?
  • Aubrey for verse 4
    why would god do this to the people.. did he fear that they may actually reach him with a tower?
  • Thomas
    I'm curious, if God knows the end from the beginning why did he see fit to destroy all flesh except that of Noah and his clan. Wouldn't he have seen the corruption coming when he made Adam and all that came after? Why didn't he just destroy them then and there?
  • Wesley's notes says," ...These children of men, if thus incorporated, will swallow up the little remnant of God's children..." What is this supposed to mean? I am reading a definite undertone hear....everyone has come out of Noah, from his children. They were all set upon with Gods promise. Please someone explain what that person was trying to say. It was completly irrelevent
  • Susan Dalton
    "And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." Here we see "let us," we see God speaking in the plural concerning Himself.
  • Trent
    I previously wondered how people possibly could have gone from 7 people in the time of Noah and the flood to disperse across the Earth into different races, languages, and cultures. I believe verse 8 and 9 explain exactly that: God scattered them across the Earth. Asians in SE Asia, Indians in North America, Latinos in Latin America and South America, Europeans in Europe, Africans in Africa. It makes sense.
  • Chris
    I disagree Ralph. That whole "we all really worship the same God" thing is spoken of in Revelations as the 1 world religion headed by the false prophet. Now, they all worship the same god - the god of this world or the devil. Yet the Scriptures are very clear, there is only 1 way to worship Him. For narrow is the gate that leads to salvation, and few their are that find it.
    GOD knew that people were going to start calling on HIS name in different tongues and practice different methods. HE KNEW, yet HE KNEW still they would be calling on ONE GOD, HIM.

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