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  • THE RESTRAINER aka The Holy Spirit on Genesis 10
    By Mishael

    2 Thessalonians 2:7, I believe the Restrainer is none other than the Holy Spirit, or we could say the Holy Spirit working through the New Testament Born again church.

    Supporting the idea that the Holy Spirit within the church is the Restrainer, is the fact that the restrainer is referenced both as a thing, and as a person, HE.

    Also, the power delaying Satan's masterplan, to unveil his false messiah; must be of God. It makes much more sense to say that the Holy Spirit is curbing the devil, than a political entity or even an angel. The Holy Spirit of God is the only Person with sufficient (supernatural) power to do this restraining. He co-created with God and the Word of God, at creation.

    Of course, the Spirit works through born again believers to accomplish this. The church, indwelt by the Spirit of God, has always been part of what holds society back from the swelling tide of lawless living.

    At some point, Paul says, the Spirit will STEP ASIDE from His restraining work, allowing sin to have dominion over mankind.

    Second Thessalonians 2:7 can be literally rendered, "The secret of lawlessness is already working, only it cannot be revealed until HE WHO NOW WITHHOLDS, disappears "from the midst." I believe this "disappearing from the midst" will happen at the time the church leaves the earth at the Caught Up (rapture) in the clouds to Jesus.

    The Holy Spirit will still be present in the earth, of course, but He will be taken out of the way in the sense that His unique sin restraining ministry through God's born again people, will be removed.

    It's been done before. (see Genesis 6:3).
  • Joel on Genesis 10
    Where in the Bible does it refer to God taking home a wayward or rebellious child earlier than he had planned for that person to live on the earth?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 10
    There is a scripture that says our days are written down. I'll look for that tomorrow.

    Stephen was being stoned on Sauls orders, and it is written that Stephen saw heaven opened and Jesus standing up; which means that Jesus was going to intervene. I believe he took Stephen up right then, by an Angel.

    I think it happens. I can not make an assumption without knowing if this child had ever attended Church, or had been taught about right , wrong , sin, righteousness; Jesus.

    People I know and pray for, still refuse to come to Christ. I still pray for them, but I cannot violate their right of free will.

    The Bible says ALL of our tears are saved in a bottle. In heaven He will wipe the tears away personally. There will be no memories of tears or loss.

    My nephew died in a fiery 18-wheeler accident; same age as my son. It didn't make me feel any better to know he died instantly. But I knew he was a Christian.

    Take Jesus's Life and give Him yours. Just hang on and let Him have that ache in your heart; the anger and all the loss. Someday you will know the truth of that tragedy.

    Alot of us are waiting for that day. I will lift you in prayer tonight.
  • S Benton on Genesis 10
    Jesus asked, Why callest thou me good? meaning, if you're going to call me good, you Must call me God, for "there is none good but God."
  • Jesse - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Yes indeed,

    This is where the Greek text gives clarification to the word good. In Matthew 19:16-17, it says And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?

    Now the word good in this verse is the Greek word AGATHOS. AGATHOS in English means good. But there are different Greek words for the term good.

    This particular word AGATHOS is the good of God. It's the good that the Holy Spirit produces. When Jesus went about doing good, He didn't do KALOS, which is humanitarian good. He went around doing AGATHOS. That is, He was touching people's souls, their spirits.

    When this man comes up to Jesus, he says, Good teacher. He didn't say KALOS, like we would use today if we were to say he or she is a good teacher.

    This man is saying AGATHOS, good. What AGATHOS, what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?

    And He said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

    So, in Verse 17, the first thing Jesus says to him is, why did you call me AGATHOS? There is none AGATHOS but one, and that is, God.

    So Jesus is saying, do you realize you just called me God? Do you know why you called me that?

    We see the word good in English and it means one thing to us which causes confusion because we know there are good people. However, in the Greek text, the word Agathos was used which can only be applied to the good of God. Human good is Kalos. But this man called Jesus Agathos. What I notice is that Jesus didn't correct this man and say you can't call me that. Why? Because Jesus is God. Jesus said there is none Agathos but God, and you just called me Agathos. This man knew exactly who Jesus was. What a great confession!
  • S Benton - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Oh, thank you! That is wonderful to know the Greek in that scripture! God bless you!
  • Bee on Genesis 10
    I have a complicated question. My girlfriend was once married to a man, but they are now divorced. However, he already have a wife before her. She was forced married by her parent to be the second wife against her will. After married, she was abused and her ex-husband slept with other women. Eventually, he got caught abusing her and was put to jail. They both file for divorce. Now she's my girlfriend. I want to marry her but it's difficult. I understand that if a man divorces his wife makes him commit adultery and when he remarried. She was forced into a marriage and paid the price for it. Is she still bound to him for being the second wife? The first wife did not divorce with him. Also, will this still be considered committing adultery even though she was forced to be second wife? Am i considered someone who committed adultery? Can I marry her?
  • Marriage by Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 10
    I suggest DATING. That is when you really get to know what that person likes; what they do with their time; money; how they honor their parents;

    Do they own a Bible? Do you see them read it? If you say we need to conserve moneydo they do it? Has any of her ex's stalked her; threatened her?

    You need to date till you've answered many of these questions.

    Read 1 Corinthians 7, the marriage chapter. If your Bible has center of each page columns, read those references too.

    Certainly read 1 Corinthians 13

    Selah means, pause, and think on these things.
  • Rosie on Genesis 10
    what was the main point in St. Luke 2:39-52?
  • Dianny Camacho on Genesis 10
    This is not Ecclesiastes, this is Ecclesiasticus, see the difference?
  • Alex on Genesis 10
    Comment about Matthew 13 the parable of the sower and his precious seed,the living WORD of GOD. ITS about a seed that is gonna form Christ in Humanity initiating a heavenly birth,I say humanity b/c Jesus said the field was the World,our hearts is the womb where that good seed is sown ( my lil children of whom i travail in birth till Christ is formed in you ) the Child is the H.G. as that which is born of the spirit is SPIRIT.THE WOMAN IS THE WORLD, God so loved the World etc .Unless ya receive the kingdom as a lil Child you will in no wise enter there in.Thats y the good seed is the pearl of great Price its the very seed of God,count the cost etc. its gonna cost ya everything .To whom the word came ( that good seed ) it made them Gods and put them in the very kingdom of God.Hearing and understanding that Word will result in conception n gestation in the spiritual realm. My lil children of whom i travail in birth Again till Christ is formed in you. Ya gotta realize that the sower of that good seed is Christ th bridegroom thats y he is saying the good seed are the children of the kingdom,when Isaiah saw the Kingdom coming he said unto us a Child is born unto us a son is given we have to receive it as a heavenly birth via his seed the living WORD. Thats y he is saying unless ya receive the kingdom as a lil child you will in no wise enter there in. SHE BROUGHT FORTH A MAN CHILD THAT IS GONNA RULE ALL NATIONS ,THE WOMAN IS THE WORLD HER CHILD IS THE H.G. OUR NEW INNERMAN OUR NEW HEART AND NEW SPIRIT CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY. Thou shall suck dry the breasts of the Gentiles, even the Gentiles are GONNA birth the SON OF MAN OUR FRUIT UNTO GOD VIA THAT GOOD SEED. Kings shall be your nursing fathers and Queens shall be your nursing mothers meaning men n women are qona birth a baby Christ which is the H.G. Oh that good seed is gona wreck satans world thats y there is war in heaven between satan n the manchild which is Christ in us via that good seed th woman is us gb
  • JOHN on Genesis 10
    Cross references of 1 corinthians 15
  • Ed on Genesis 10
    What is the herb in the bible
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 10
    A herb is a seed producing eatable plant.
  • Ed George - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Is the herb referred to in the Bible, Cannibas
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 10
    No. no, no no.
  • Stephen - in Reply on Genesis 10
    ED, you notice how Stanjett put edible. the exact verse is genesis 1:29. It says THE GIVING OF FOOD..... i know pot is made in edibles now, My advice is not to fall for this trap. I am 40 and the holy spirit recently convinced me of this sin. i had been smoking since i was 14. Here is my reference: Isaiah 5: 12, And the harp and the viol the tabret and PIPE and wine are in their feasts but they regard not the work of the LORD neither consider the operation of his hands. WE are to be of SOBER MIND. i used to think i was even while smoking pot... im afraid its just not the case though.
  • Mishael on This Earth Is NOT Our Home on Genesis 10
    2 Corinthians Chapter 5:1-6

    For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

    For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

    If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked.

    For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.

    Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, who also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit.

    Therefore we are always confident,

    knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

    Comment: All born again believers will be caught up to Jesus, in the clouds; dead or alive.

    Don't bet any big money on what you said about the continuing struggle of religious leaders to attain prestige and dominance over all those who ARE LEFT BEHIND.

    There are plenty of history pages on this website to sift through about comments On After the Caught Up. It will be a massive display of Game of Thrones; except it will not be a game! There will be a person who will rise who will fix all the problems of the chaos LEFT BEHIND. Who will seem so competent that people will worship him as the savior of Peace! One by one, he will eradicate the man made thrones, until he alone is supreme Leader. ANTICHRIST. And then the Tribulation. Either you take His Mark and worship him or he will take your head off your body.

    All those who die will be held for the Great White Throne Judgement. Google that.

    Living people who manage to stay alive can still confess Jesus as Lord and go to heaven but it's going to be hard to evade being murdered by Antichrist, before then. Do not recant your vow to Jesus.

    Earth will BURN. 2 Peter 3:7-10

    No one can stop scripture from happening!!
  • Gussie Marshall on Genesis 10
    My comment is there a book with all these question and answer in I can buy one and how much does it cost thank you
  • Robert Marino on Genesis 10
    Hi Chris,

    I have been real busy. You sound kind of post-trib or pre-wrath to me when you mentioned God's wrath in your comment. There is no reason to put a gap in st Thess. 4:13-18 just because harpazo and parousia are in verses 5 and 17. The Bible doesn't do that so we shouldn't do that. It seems to me that the rapture is THAT particular resurrection whether you want to believe in more than one. Yes, there is no gap in that passage just like there is no gap in Genesis 1:1 and verse 2 thta some scholars magically put in there ignoring grammar, context and the word yom.

    I believe it is this way.

    1. Satan pours out his wrath for 3/2 years based on Revelation stating a 3/2 year time period, not a 7 year that supposedly wasn't fulfilled in Daniel 9:24 because the Bible clearly states that Jesus died in the middle of the 70th week if you follow the antecedent of 'he' in verse 27 as it points to Matthew, 23's curse. This is why verse 27 in Daniel 9 doesn't say abomination but plural abominationS. This verse has nothing to do with a future antichrist but is Jesus Himself as that is what the passage is about and fulfills all the warnings of Matthew 20, and 23.The abominationS is the return to animal sacrifice for 40 years after Jesus died.

    2. God pours out his wrath with plagues for an indeterminate amount of time. We know ONE plague lasts 5 months alone so my guess is at least a few years to ten or more. The Bible doesn't state either way. My question for you here is since this is typology of the time God brought Israel out of Egypt, 1. where were the children of Israel at the time of the plagues?, Answer: still in Egypt and Egypt is a type of the world.

    3. Grapes of WRATH. THE RETURN OF JESUS. This wrath really is the beginning of judgment where the wicked are taken first as in the days of Noah.

    God Bless!
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Robert, your comment appeared in a new thread, so wasn't able to reference the original. Anyway, I'll try to comment at face value at what you've written here.

    1. I believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture, believing that God's Wrath upon the Earth is directed solely to those deserving it (those living in wickedness & rejecting Christ). If (true) believers are also subject to that Wrath, then one has to wonder why we have to be judged for our sins again. I know we suffer tribulation throughout our earthly lives (as even Jesus warned), but we are dealing with a special occasion of God's Anger upon all godless.

    2. Re: Dan 9:26,27. I think I'm reading correctly from your comment that it is Jesus that is seen in this passage. We see the Messiah cut off (v26) & then "the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city". Are you seeing Jesus here as well? Then who are the "people of Jesus (the prince)" that shall come to destroy? You said that "this has nothing to do with a future anti-Christ". And if v27 refers to Jesus, doesn't this aspect of 'confirming the covenant' resemble anti-Christ's plan to go against Israel & introduce his own abominations to desecrate the Temple?

    3. I understand your typology of Egypt & Israelites living there in spite of the plagues. However, is this a correct analogy? In the case of Egypt, they indeed suffered with the various plagues, but they continued on as a nation, except for the loss of some life & death of their first born children & animals. It was indeed God's Wrath but Pharaoh finally relented. The picture of the loss of life & destruction of the land bears little resemblance to what the Great Tribulation will accomplish in the future. I liken it to resembling the full devastation of the Flood or of Sodom & Gomorrah where all life was annihilated except for those righteous ones.
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Here is what the church always taught until 1830.


    Daniel 9:27

    And he (a) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to (b) cease, (c) and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    (a) By the preaching of the Gospel he affirmed his promise, first to the Jews, and after to the Gentiles.

    (b) Christ accomplished this by his death and resurrection.

    (c) Meaning that Jerusalem and the sanctuary would be utterly destroyed because of their rebellion against God, and their idolatry: or as some read, that the plague will be so great, that they will all be astonished at them.


    Daniel 9:27

    He shall confirm - Christ confirmed the new covenant, By the testimony of angels, of John baptist, of the wise men, of the saints then living, of Moses and Elias. By his preaching. By signs and wonders. By his holy life. By his resurrection and ascension. By his death and blood shedding. Shall cause the sacrifice to cease - All the Jewish rites, and Levitical worship. By his death he abrogated, and put an end to this laborious service, for ever. And that determined - That spirit of slumber, which God has determined to pour on the desolate nation, 'till the time draws near, when all Israel shall be saved.

    CHECK OUT ALSO MATTHEW HENRY, JOHN GILL, etc. Matthew Henry is probably the best Bible commentator of all time.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Page 3.

    c. You: "So when someone says the Joos can be saved by grace and keeping the law during a future time period they are contradicting dozens of passages in both the old and new testaments."

    Me: I heartily agree, as Grace & Faith are required for salvation today, there can't be a reversion back to either just the Law or a fusing of both. For those who will die until the Millenial rule of Christ, their destinies are either Heaven or Hell. For those still alive at Christ's reign & hear the Gospel preached (Rev 14:6), it would still be the Gospel of Faith without the Law. And lest any think that this is a 'second chance Gospel' given for all, I sense that it is still the same Gospel sent to those living at that time, whereas those who rejected it earlier, perished because of their rejection of it. It seems that the validity of the Gospel is not based on a specific duration (i.e. a cut off time) but on its eternal value & offer to all living. And of course, where the Holy Spirit is absent there can't be conviction; but when Christ is present (Millenium), His Spirit goes to work. And the fact that it is preached today in all love & urgency as the Spirit still abides, is so that those who choose to reject it now & die, will never receive a second chance for eternal life, even though it remains valid.
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    This is how I see it brother.

    2Th 2:5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

    they thought the LAST antichrist was going to arise during their time or the warning would not have gone out at that time in this epistle. They did have their antichrist Caesar Nero which did add up to 666.

    2Th 2:6 And now ye know what (what do you think this what is?) withholdeth (holds back) that he (the antichrist) might be revealed in his time.

    The Holy Spirit is not a WHAT. I personally think this WHAT is the Holy Spirit's "restraining power". I can't say this 100% for sure but it makes sense. Your thoughts?

    On Daniel 9:27, the "he" - do you know what an antecedent is?
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Hi Chris, I agree with all of that. There is one gospel forever. Many pre-trib teachers hold to grace and law during what they would call the enxt dispensation. Most pre-tribbers that hold to pre-trib never give this much thought. But that is what many teachers teach. One fo the biggest propagators, C.I. Scofield was one fo them.

    On the Holy Spirit, He will never be absent or no one could be saved and no miracles could happen with the two witnesses as it is through the Holy Spirit that all miracles are performed. I site 1st Corinthians.

    1Co_12:3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.

    1Co_12:8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

    1Co_12:9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

    The Holy Spirit may allow or lift His hand back to some degree to allow the antichrist to arise but the antichrist still can only do what the Holy Spirit allows.

    i think you are thinking of this verse which i will send in next comment.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Page 2.

    The Anti-Christ proponents say that the verse speaks of the Anti-Christ in position for 7 years, first coming as a peace-maker (confirming the covenant he makes to this end). In the midst of the week (3 years), he breaks that covenant, stopping all Jewish worship & his position on the 'throne' desecrates & makes the Temple an abomination. Now I realize you are aware of the various ways to look at it, & even Carlos (I think) alerted me to the "he" in verse 27 as referring to Jesus. So, I'm well aware of both positions by taking off my 'pre-trib hat' & even admit that this understanding could be valid. And also, as you would know, there are many scholars who just can't fit the events of v 27 to anyone but the spirit of Satan. So that's where we're at: two opinions who firmly believe their understanding of this verse is correct.

    b. You: "Isn't the chapter about Jesus confirming THE covenant (verses 4 and 25)? It's all about that. to make an end of sins, THE TESTATOR must die in order for the will or covenant to become in affect. All over Hebrews."

    Me: I agree that it is Jesus that is spoken about in vv 24. But when you look at the 'weeks' of years given in vv 24-27, we see that Jesus was already crucified (v 26) & Jerusalem destroyed by Titus in AD 70 (69 weeks). Then in v 27 "he confirms the covenant for 1 week (the remaining week from the 70 weeks)". How do you understand this in the light that Jesus was already crucified at the 62nd week?
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    They will put antichrist into power & will continue to persecute the true remnant church. As far as the 70 weeks go, I mentioned this before.

    Jesus died in the middle of the 70th week or at 486/2 years because of the word AFTER in verse 26.

    That leaves 3/2 years to be fulfilled. Here are three possibilities. I hold to #2.

    1. The death of Stephen 3/2 years after Jesus died. This is a belief of the 7th Day ADventists but there is no way to prove his martyrdom historically or biblically on that time. But it is true the gospel really went to the Gentiles at that point so it might be true. Thta would ahve fulfilled the end of 70 weeks then.

    2. the 3/2 years of the Great Revolt War starting in spring of 66AD and ending in fall of 70 AD. I hold to this one because part of the Daniel 9 prophecy has to do with the destruction fo the temple and historically it did last 3/2 years.

    3. the 3/2 years mentioned in Revelation might be it but it doesn't make sense to me as there is nothing in the prophecy talking 2 years later & the temple being destroyed was part of the prophecy.

    I am open to the other two possibilities but it is interesting that the Great Revolt lasted 3/2 years, fits the prophecy perfectly & is exactly 40 years AFTER the death of Jesus and 40 is the number for testing, trials, etc. I see God granting grace of an extra 40 years since the crucifixion of Jesus even though they were causing many Jewish Christians to be killed by themselves and stirring up government against the Christians as they do to this very day in America with the ADL, ACLU, SPC, and many other organizations that have been taking away our rights for several decades now. We are the persecuted ones. They are hated by many because of what they do and say about Gentiles in their writings. Ever read the Talmud at all? Jesus is called a bastardd and burning in hell in excrement forever just to name one thing they say about Him. 1/3 of the world is SHEMitic. They make up words.
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10

    Now, I realize that you've also given a fuller explanation of this & it is noted & appreciated. However, to fully appreciate both sides of understanding verse 27 (whether speaking of Jesus or Anti-Christ), we would need to understand "confirming the covenant", "for one week (7 years)", & a "ceasing & removal of the sacrifices & abominations". You've said that Jesus affirmed the promise through the Gospel (how so for 7 years?), the sacrifices/oblations ceased through His death & resurrection, & the desolation of the abominations at His Second Coming (I assume)."


    Remember what Daniel's prayer was. The answer from Gabriel was concerning HIS people (the Jews), the Messiah, and the destruction of the 2nd temple. The end of the Jewish age ended the 70th week.

    Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon THY people and upon thy holy city,

    Mat 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

    Three different words for WORLD in Matthew 24 explains this. Also, THIS GENERATION shall not pass till ALL these things be in Matthew 23's prophecy. See the FULL futurists confuse this by thinking none of Matthew 24 happened. And the FULL preterist goes to far thinking all of it happened and that there isn't a double meaning with it.

    We are all ONE people now. To divide up Jew and Gentile goes against the whole new covenant. Paul said WE are the temple. We are all ONE in Christ. The middle wall of perdition is gone. We have to ignore all of these verses that hurt the pre-trib teaching.

    One major problem is Judah is just one tribe so even if God never fuflilled His CONDITIONAL promise to them, they would only get 1/12th of the land today, not all of Israel, most of Jordan and parts of two other nations. This is a major theological problem. Joshua and 1st Kings said God already kept his promise and gave them all the land in three passages. It was fulfilled.

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