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  • Peter for verse 25
    Deception; I think is what it is really all about

    Also for me, it is about the nature of my research and my thinking, I check it as soon as I think about it. The problem is that I wake up early, when it is still dark, thinking about it and if I don't do it then; I can't remember my thoughts on it in the in the morning. I have research all issues; all in vanity; and it was enjoyable; except I was younger then and now; it is time for good nights of sleeping and a regular life style,

    I once thought that I would become a writer when I got older and that sleeping in the day and writing during the nights; my best hours for thinking would become my lifestyle and that I could do it as God is with me; but I don't think that He minds if I quit because I feel that I have done the job that He trained me to do.

    And I think deception is deceiving people and we know that the Bible does not agree with that. So I would say that it say that we are suppose to discus the Bible of course as Christians as other, of course discus their religions also and in so doing; we can look after one another. Take care that no man deceives you and that you deceives no man; and that is why we discuss scriptures to be sure we do that.

    I did not come to discuss scriptures, I came to do the job that I was trained to do; and I think that I have done that. If I am right on with what I say scriptures say about deception; then I know that my job is done, and it is time for good nights of sleeping and a regular life style,
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 25
    Greetings and God bless you Misheal - I always revert to - How does it compare to what The word Of God says.

    Most of the "Scientists?" believe in a big bang starting life, and Apes turning into humans.

    Strange but I can't seem to find that in any of the bible translations. Another thing I 'll run by you Misheal is this

    They also tell us we are spinning around the Sun and the Moon!

    I read in the Bible - In the beginning God created the heaven (singular) and Earth - The Sun and Moon had not been created until V :16 - what was the Earth spinning around then?

    No Christian has yet to been able to give me CH & V to show me it spins and set my mind at rest, So I keep coming up with questions they would rather not hear All they can muster is Isaiah 40:22 But Hey! a CIRCLE is not a Ball

    Any picture the scientists present are all CGI including the Earth

    what are your thoughts on that Mate?

    I'm not pointing a finger at anybody and saying "You are wrong!" All I want is someone to give me scriptural proof that i am the one that is wrong

    Gods rich blessings to you and your family
  • Peter for verse 25
    Searches related to

    are humans the only animals that can think about their own thinking

    My answer Yes, we are the only animal with a mind.

    are humans the only animalsto have language? No, other animals have repetitious language. Look at a sparrow for example.

    can animals thinkand reason No. animal develop their Brains, repetitiously,

    how doanimals thinkwithout language once again, animals do not think; but they develop their Brain repetitiously and Neuroscientists, evolutionists and genetistist call it thinking as they believe that thinking comes from the brain and people do not have minds.

    can animals thinkarticle no. they see articles and develop then repetitiously;

    Also I call it semiconsciously developments as opposed to subconsciously thinking. My Theory of mind development is sub too conscious to unconscious. Animals are semiconscious too conscious to unconscious. We can do both but generally we only go the the semiconscious stage unless we decide to use repetitions in our development. If we go further than the semiconscious repetitious stage accidentally; we develop disorders. .

    can animals thinkrationally NO; Brains only repetitiously

    what doanimals thinkofhumans,

    depends how repetitious we are, and they are. it depend on we and they but, of course animals do not think but you can develop them repetitiously quite a bit; and they get use to responding to you and others depending on how you treat them;

    however there was a man on twitter who had a bear trained repetitiously and had a picture of the grizzly with his head in the bears mouth. i advise him that that was still a wild animal who any second could eat his head. he was never heard from on twitter after.
  • One thing that everyone seems to miss when talking about plants and fruits is that Genesis 1:29 states that only seeds bearing plants and fruits with seeds are for food. Which implies that if the fruit has no seed we shall not eat.
  • Chris for verse 29
    Apologies, my last sentence should have read, "Though I suppose if someone is strict about this matter, then for conscience sake they would avoid any fruit that has seed within it, regardless as to whether at some point earlier, the fruit was actually produced from a seed & had seeds in it."
  • Chris for verse 29
    That was an interesting discovery, Ceyz. Most of our fruit & vegetables today are either grown from seed or have seed in them. There are instances where a very few manage to fruit without fertilization or where farmers/scientists have genetically modified the plant to produce another variety with no seed. However, I wonder whether any of these existed when God created the vegetation for the Earth & therefore gave that declaration, "the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." And whether God didn't anticipate us modifying His creation when He made that declaration? Or, could it mean that in the original creation as for any plant today, there must have been a time when the existence of that plant was from a seed & it produced seed in its natural survival of its species? Though I suppose if someone is strict about this matter, then for conscience sake they would avoid any fruit that has no evident seed within it, regardless as to whether at some point earlier, the fruit was actually produced from a seed & had seeds in it.
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 16
    I ask this simple question - If the Moon is a light, as God proclaims it to be - how come NASA claim they have been walking around on it!?

    Also, if the light of the Moon is supposedly reflected sunlight - Why is it colder in the moons light than in its shadow? (Not a theory - But a proven fact)

    Furthermore - When I observe the Sun and the Moon in view at certain times - With the Sun fully risen in the East - Why is the Moon only partially lit in the West?

    Should it not be fully lit if there is no interference from the so called GLOBE Earth?

    "Debating cosmology of the creation of Yahweh has zero to do with salvation I readily admit -

    But all to do with DECEPTION!

    In Matthew 24:3,4

    When the disciples asked the Lord - "What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the world - He simply said - take heed no man deceive you - YES! i understand he was talking about false Christ's.

    But regardless, deception is designed to deceive! And it presents its self in a multitude of ways.

    What I am simply trying to point out is this - If this so called "Giant step for mankind" on a so called solid surface of the Moon is presented as fact - Then what do we do with Yahweh's words of truth in Genesis 1:16 that states, it is a LIGHT ( Check out what Wesley's comment about light!)

    PLEASE!!! - If you cannot reply with fact or scripture - I won't waste my time in reply!

    Sarcasm and ridicule were never attributed our Savior - So if you proclaim to be a Christian Please follow his example!

    My ultimate result from anything I post is simply this - "What is the TRUTH" and weed out DECEPTION- "Ignorance is no excuse - If an alternate point of view is presented - And willfully ignored!"

    As I said before - If anyone can give me fact and or Scripture to prove what I believe is wrong, then the truth will set me free! - If you cannot, all I ask is you have an open mind to research what I have said - Then I pray, the truth will set you free!!

    God's Blessing to all who read this
  • Peter for verse 25
    Thank you for referring me to Job, I loved that chapter. I always thought that job was the man who got sick and when his friends sort of mocked God by saying things to Job; jpb would not against God and in this chapter God says so many things that he knows of course is true whule at the same time He asks Job so much like for example when I prayed years ago " father in heaven i know that when 3 people are gather in your name, you will hear their prayer but i am only one; and have noone to pray with and so i don't if you can hear my prayer???? do you know what he said to me. what would ypu say as I did say that you sound like an intelligent man and you were from Australia. and I wanted to ask you about "the ape people who remains they found in Australia and they were even a couple of millon years older than cave men. Do u know anything about them; and what answer did you have for my first question> What do you mean you didn't know? and after that I changed or he changed me; and i won't tell you or anyone what else he said. It is too frightfull; and i don't think anyone will believe me and i am afraid that they will. would you believe a mental patient? I don't think that i would believe them all without God; and when I consider that; i don't know what i would do? Let me know abput those ape people.
  • Peter for verse 25
    you seem to be very intelligent but it is so difficult to answer all your questions at the same time and non productive as generally try to explain many things at the same time is confusing; and often you need to use references to verses and I i'm not use to do that; however some of your questions, the first are science, very general science in fact; and of course I have heard of these things but never in the manner or forms of questions as you have put it;Take the first question for example:

    If the Moon is a light, as God proclaims it to be - how come NASA claim they have been walking around on it!? You must be joking. It reflex light; and so it gives light; and everyone knows it is solid; as for NASA, ask them, However, there is nothing wrong with jokes but i never seen joking on so many questions especially all at the same time of seriously looking for serious information on the Bible; and it seems to me, not the thing to do; as for those other questions; I couldn't refer you to appropriate verses.
  • Peter for verse 25
    i do not want to add even one word to the Bible; or take one word that is in it away: but I do respond to things that i think I know about and I do make mistakes in typing; and when I said 3 on my last message; I meant 2 as most people would be aware of and so I usually may not repond to obvious errors; and of course, I did respond to an evolutionist remark as I did not agree with that particular remark and ideas as I know that the Bible tells it differently and that the Bible tells the truth. The Bible also says we are born with a mind and the brain does not create the mind as evolutiom believes. They like a lot of other people also don't realize that we only have a tiny mind when we are born and we must develop it and once we are stimulated with enough stimulations to be associated into one thought; you are ready for development and as long as the stimulations are right; you will have a right mind.
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 25
    Well Pete how are you? - You say I must be joking regarding the cosmology of the Moon - Believe me I am not! I never joke about the word of GOD and the Bible

    God says the Moon is a light - NASA says it is solid - You told me everyone knows the Moon is solid!

    So tell me this - How do they know - Has everyone been to the Moon? - No not at all! Most people blindly believe what they are told by Scientists and NASA ( That openly displays in red "THE SERPENTS FORKED TONGUE")

    I encourage you to do some research on them Science also tells us we came from Apes!!! Do you believe that?

    Let God be true and every man a liar Romans 3:4

    The Bible tells me - The Earth is a flat non- rotating plain - The center of what is known as the FIRMAMENT - The Moon Sun and the stars revolve around us

    In the beginning God created the heaven and Earth - The Sun and Moon had not been created until V :16

    Another question for you ! ....... Does it mention it was spinning?? - If it indeed does spin give me Chapter and verse because I have missed it - Because I also want to know" WHAT WAS IT SPINNING AROUND" as the SUN MOON & STARS were not there!!

    Cheers Mate -I'll give you time to digest that information
  • Mishael on NASA for verse 25
    I never think about NASA. They build spaceships.

    I did watch a show recently: someone proved that all the planets had water at some time. Now they are ice worlds with no water or life.

    Only earth has water and life. Wonder why?

    Ice on the "poles". :D
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia for verse 25
    Greetings Peter And my god richly bless you! - Thank for YOUR INTELLIGENT reply!

    I will try to address your quires as best I can - possibly not all in one email - If I do manage to - Well and good!

    Firstly what do I think God would say to a person asking God "Do you hear my prayer?" I think he would have said - "Of course I hear your pray Peter! My Holy spirit dwells within you! I hear your every word speak, in prayer or ingest - Your every thought, and in fact, I know exactly how many breaths you have taken , and exactly how many you have left.

    Do not think that you were stupid asking that question! - Even David in the many Psalms he wrote kept crying out "Hear my cry oh Father, hear my cry oh Lord. Even though the Lord had done many things for him,

    I believe that the scripture "where two or more are gathered etc" is related to the prayer of agreement in the verse above

    19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

    20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

    I'm am not a bible teacher by any means But - I am sure this means that there is more power for God to act when two or more UNITE IN prayer As in -

    Deuteronomy 32:30

    How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up?

    You see there is power in numbers - when people get together pray and do anything in the name of the Lord


    Even when you are alone God still hears you - Did he not enter you life when you asked for salvation?

    Matthew 21:22

    And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive, and you shall have them

    Well Mate! I will leave it there for now and work through your questions slowly - you will hear from me tomorrow -

    Gods blessings to you and your family

    By the way - Where do you live?
  • Peter- message to for verse 25
    I am saying this now but why has god hasn't stopped coronavirus? is it impossible to stop or is it the evil devil

    Peter Mcaleer
  • Peter- message to you all for verse 25
    does god have faith to live

    peter Mcaleer
  • Peter- message to u all for verse 25
    I have read the hole bible and here is a list of some words describing the bible

    hope, faith, trust, expectation, and a good bible

    your sincerely

    Peter Mcaleer
  • Peter- message to all of u for verse 25
    These comments are fab, back to my story I love bibles because they make me smile and make me happy and I have a couple of bibles. I have a comment I love Genesis 3 let there be light.

    Peter Mcaleer
  • Peter for verse 25
    I love the bible because it helps me have faith, thank for the comments :)
  • T.
    To Peter, et. al. (and others),

    To get a true understanding of the Bible, you must first pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you (your mind) into all truth. We cannot read the Bible like any other book. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned (understood) 1 Cor. 2:14, last part. If you don't ask Him into your study, there is an enemy who will be very happy to show you things the way he wants you to see them. You don't want that. That is called deception, and it's on the highest order, coming from him. The devil knows his KJV of the Bible better than most people. I will pray for all of you so you will remember to ask Him - first, to lead & guide you as you study & read. The Bible (KJV) is God's word to all of us. We Must read it and understand what we read so that it will become a part of our daily lives. We also need a very serious relationship with God (in these last days), to have Jesus' Righteous character given to us. We must Know God to be saved. John 17:3. I hope this comment helps.
  • Mariah Foster for verse 1
    Hallelujah amen
  • Peter for verse 1
    I don'i read much because of my bad eye sight ; but I always thought that God put together leaves to make a covering for the private areas of Adam and Eve;. Actually, He used skins.
  • Peter- message to you for verse 25
    that is not true
  • Peter for verse 25
    thank you

    I now know that the Adam made used the leaves to make a covering and that God used skins to do so.

    Thank you and please comment to me again of you think that I have what God made wrong.
  • Peter
    a continuation to the previou message

    and so it would happen slowly

    as a perfect earth just can suddenly stop from being perfect by creating weeds and when God says he is going to do something; he sure does it; and so why not take what you gave to man and bring it right to the opposite to teach him for the benefit of man. He did it with the flood and so why not continue to make it difficult if they continue to sin and we know that every time the earth is threaten with plagues etc; after that there is usually a revival of Christianity. I don't know about other one God religions although I would expect the the same thing there
  • Peter
    The other day I read that "Scientists of evolution base it on theimmutability of species. The idea that each individualspecieson the planet was specially created by God (and could never fundamentally change") I bracketed the part I disagree with; as God never said that; and conditions and foods and friendliness changed greatly since that. The ecology is not the same at all. Man and animals had to eat meat after that and some animals, as we can see today became very vicious and successful at killing for food and today, there is even a constant battle for survival in nature; everything is all quite different than the peaceful compatible Garden of Eden.

    All Adam and Eve had was leaves for a small piece of cloth that God made so that they could cover them selves; and with that he had to leave the garden and he never even knew how to build a fire. I don't even know if he knew what fire was.

    I don't know where evolutionists got that our how they figured it out but they were wrong to base something on that and also to teach it; as when it comes to the Bible; I have read Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3 often; but after that; generations of people get complicated to me but I know about the common things like Noah's flood and as someone pointed out; that was the first time it rained and that in itself would have changed a lot of things.

    So, in conclusion, animals and even man would have changed but basically man is still as he was created except he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and he has being developing his thinking and his mind ever since. I wonder was it Adam who discovered fire and use it. I don't think so.

    Conditions had to start to go right down hill from a perfect earth to the caveman stage and thru science; we know that cave men invented fire and started to cook meat; and advanced too as we are today. God said to Adam how the land would give weeds etc but he did not say that that would happen immediately; and so it would happen slowly as a perfect
  • Peter
    I am fascinated by Genesis 1 and 2 and I have tried to interpret various verses always saying that we should look at them in context meaning along with the other verses in the chapter; however; now i think that along with that; it should be in context with other related verses in the Bible; and I always said that maybe the Bible and God does not tell us everything; but now I think that maybe it does; if I indeed could do that; and some people are good at it; I see their references and comments; and I always appreciate them; and I usually or generally check them; and indeed do like reading them; but I am generally not good at doing that and sometimes get a bit hazy or it sometimes confuses me; however; starting at 1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. I wonder what i would find if i were to read all the other verses in the Bible connected with what He put in the Heaven at that time; and some of those things of course are mentioned in Genesis 1 and 2 but I wonder what else because i know that there were angels in Heaven but I always assumed that when we died; that was what we became plus I have heard about the archangel etc. and now that too probably should be considered, I think, in interpreting these first 5 verses, for example, and i think that I would also need more information I think that is available in the Bible for interpretations on Adam and Eve and who sinned ...etc.
  • Chris
    Peter, that would be an interesting exercise to pursue & I'm sure you will gather a whole lot of good information, though it might take you a long while. The only thing of course, is that you would need to exercise wisdom in what you're reading; i.e. sometimes words, or verses, may have other meanings that may cloud your focus on a particular word. Or the word you choose, might be expressed by another word. So, you could start off by typing a word, e.g. Heaven, in the 'Search the Bible' box at the top left of the main page & see where the word appears all over the OT & NT & read around that verse. But, bear in mind, that heaven is also referred to as 'sky' or heavenlies, as the worlds in the universe. So, you need to be aware of that as well & include that in your search.

    Or, 'angels': they can be the inhabitants/messengers of Heaven or those come in human form (e.g. to Abraham, to Lot's house, who wrestled with Jacob, whom we might entertain unawares, etc.), so there are inferences here too. Often, even using the internet to do a search can bring up useful results. But nothing better than to systematically read the Bible from cover to cover & make notes to accomplish your goals.
  • Peter
    Chris; Thank you for your comments and for sure, it would be interesting and I would get a lot of good info but unfortunately; it would be to difficult to do considering my age and health; but nevertheless; I enjoy this christian site and the comments and I do like giving my comments on what I am familiar with; namely Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3; the ten commandments; and the usually things that most people are familiar with as we learned it in childhood, and I also love listening to Hymns especially with the history; some very interesting stories; Fanny Crosbie for example. She was fantastic. All is well with my soul; another fantastic storya treasure of hymns and stories.

    In regard to words, verses; searching on site and on the internet; and interpretations of these things; these things are no doubt important and the words we pick are extremely important as if we do not pick the most appropriate words; then we do not get the most appropriate answers; and very few people get the same answers if they do not put the time in on it; and in fact study the whole Bible; and even then; there are questions for example on what should we eat as when we were created; we were suppose to eat plant based foods, etc.: and of course; I see comments on these things and often look at any references; and lately I used the search feature to check things that I am interested in; and I was surprised to find one thing that changed my view of one of the things that I had doubt on and never meant to comment on but forgot and did. So that made me realize that I should be checking for myself instead of waiting until I see some one else's comments to straighten me out. It made me feel lazy. ; the one thing that I don't want to be and can't afford to be.

    Once again, Thank you for your comments and help in understanding the Bible
  • Chris
    Thanks for those great comments, Peter. Indeed, as we get older, there's no better way to keep both mind & spirit alert & active, than by studying & searching the Scriptures: both for knowledge & that special ministry from the Holy Spirit. There are many things that we will never fully comprehend from the Word, & those who are particularly skilled/gifted to examine Scriptures, do offer extra insight into our study or questions arising from it.

    I'll look forward to seeing further comments from you here, as I do with all others, & may the Lord help you in your endeavours to know Him better.
  • Reading the bible helps me grow in my faith. I could not have been the person who I am today without the holy bible.

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