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  • Frenz
    Genesis 1:1 says In the beginning God created the heaven & earth. meaning God is already there from the beginning of creation, he is existing already because God has no beginning and ending, and God cannot cover by the time, and that is why John 4:24 says God is Spirit!And that is why in (John 1:1) In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD! and if we jump to verse 14 and the WORD became FLESH in the person of Jesus Christ, the word is none other than God and these word became flesh (1 Timothy 3:16) God was manifest in the flesh. So God has NO BEGINNING AND ENDING (Book of Revelation.) For you now Venus, i will return to you the question you asking, FOR YOU where did God came from?
  • A follower
    I must not comment anything on the Bible because God does not want that,I'm talking to you guys,do not criticise God for anything,seek His wisdom you'll understand everything.
  • Sophia
    God is d creator of everything including heaven and earth but He himself is not created he is self existing
  • replenish
    (probably) more in the sense of: to fill, as in settling on (about) every continent (regarding humans generally)
    replace re humans does not really make sense, unless we (hypothetically) talk about souls (in different kind of bodies)

    "be fruitful, ..., replenish the earth, and subdue it"
    sounds very agriculturalistic, does it not?
  • Theresa
    The bible is an instuction with wisdom and knowledge for the children of God. Genesis shows how God created the earth in 6 days and rested the 7th. God shows how the light represents Jesus and the darkness represents Satan by dividing the light of the day from the darkness of the night. God had a plan and the earth is that stage. He knew what would happen that Satan and the angels would fall and rebel against him. God's children has dominon over the earth today as well as Adam and Eve did, but do not exercise the power given to us. We sit back and let Satan have his way in the earth today. Yes we need to do and be what God made us for. And that is decipleship and follow the ways of Jesus as he lived upon this earth. We are here to become a son as Jesus is his first born, then we follow in his footsteps. God created a place for us to live and what we are to eat and have dominon over it. All God has created is good. It's what we do with it. Give God all the praise, honor and Glory for loving us so much he sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us through these last days, becuase Satan know his time is coming to an end and he is running rapid and scared. We have the power and authority over him. We need to pray for guidence and wisdom and pray for your sister and brothers that we all win the race set before us from the beginning of time (THE CREATION). GOD LOVES US. HE DID NOT EVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US. We need to study the instructions he gave to us. THE HOLY BIBLE (King James verison) Live by them, ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help you develope the fruits of the spirit. GOD said by his fruits you shall know them. God's children. GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO SEEK HIM. JESUS LOVES YOU
  • Chris

    I don't know if Satan is a homosexual or not. He could be as an act of rebellion. I do believe the Antichrist will be a homosexual though. Daniel 11:37 shows he "lacks the desire of women" which we call homosexuality today. Which in my opinion is why we have the HUGE push for making homosexuality "normal." The television (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), the movies (Brokeback Mountain), music (I Kissed a Girl, by Katy Perry), public education system and children's books (Sally Has 2 Mommies, and the Prince and the Prince), even the p*rn industry (bi movies and lesbian scenes), modern medicine (they were born that way, so it's ok), etc. are all pushing the homosexual movement forward. There are many more examples than these everywhere you turn around. If you yahoo search the phrase "is Jesus gay" you get pages upon pages of people trying to twist Scriptures to prove He was, or just general debate. It has gotten to that point.

    Also, leave the churches. The Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon spoken of in Revelation 17. That makes ALL of the denominations her daughters. Flee them all. Don't misunderstand me, the Bible is real, but the "churches" are false. Remember; "many will come in my name, saying I am the Christ. Do not follow them." Yes, they are called Christians. Christians come in His name (Christ) and say He is the Christ. Don't follow them.
    Come out of her my people!
  • Anthony for verse 12
    if god created the heavens and earth how does man own it? unless its freely obtained. let me know what u think
  • Venus for verse 1
    If God created heaven and earth, where does God come from?
  • Ray
    yes satan destroyed the earth. that why it was dark and void. we were all with our lord in heaven at one time. when satan wared against our LORD; he didnt do it by himself, is what i understand. im trying to find out the truth. the first will be last and the last will be first. ths first ones to go with satan knew full well what they rere doing, but what i heard is the last half were tricked. so theLORD; put them on the eart first, with less temptation. the first ones to go he put here last. now till the end. the real bad ones. that why our morality has degraded so much. promoteing homosexuality on tv and in our schools and so on. i was told satan is a homosexual. but he will use women, just to degrade them. because he hates them. has anybody heard this. their are so many different churches and everybody tell me somerhing different. i dont know waht to belive.
  • Missi H.
    I enjoyed reading all of your comments. For me though I try remember what issues really matter. My pastor told me once, that if it isn't a a heaven or hell issue, don't argue about it. I also want to say, satin may have raged war in heaven, he however,only did so because he was given his choice. God is the Almighty, there is none greater before or after Him. May you all be blessed with peace and joy, Sister H.
  • JasiEL
    how basic has the FATHER let us know through the Word how all things were created, why must we argue amongst eachother as if to seek favour through ones wisdom of understanding, we could never fully understand, however we can glorify God, give him praise,honour,glory and so much more for who are we but children to question the FATHER's work, for although Job was faithful and true he too also had to be put in his place,
    "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding".
  • Phil Slabb
    I think the Bible is like an instruction book as well as real stories. I use it when I parent. Genesis is particularly interesting isn't it?
  • Claudia Cole
    In the book of Genesis where it says let us, he is referring to him and his father making man in their image. Remember Elohim and Yahweh is one. So he and the father made these images. In the beginning was the word which is Elohim, and the word was made flesh wish is Yahshua wish you would have to look at John 1= 1. To understand that there is no separation.
  • Robert Toombs for verse 26
    I understand the use of "our image" as refering to "us" as his childern when we where yet angels of God before time began."Elohim the family of God".God then made us flesh in his image."Jeremiah 1;5" as reference to God knowing us before we where flesh.
  • Vishal
    In Genesis Chapter 1:3 when god created light heaven and earth where not divided i think when we will go to heaven there will be no sun no moon there will be only light

    in Chapter 1:17 it says ( And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth)

    it means the sun and the moon is just to give the light to earth so in heaven god have other provision for light
  • Chris
    Butch - The earth itself and the solar system are older than 6000 years according to Scriptures. It's from the Garden of Eden until now that's only 6000 years old or so.

    There is a mistranslation (I think deliberate, but meh) in Genesis 1:2. Where it says the world was without form and void in English Bibles, the original Hebrew is different. The word used for the "was" word is H1961 in the Concordance - hayah. It means became or to become. So God made the heavens and the earth, and the earth BECAME without form and void. Meaning it wasn't that way when He originally made it, and that this earth from the Garden until now is the 2nd making of the planet.

    We also know from Isaiah 14:17 that the devil destroyed the whole world once before. The Hebrew word for "wilderness" is H4057 - midbar, which means uninhabitable. This is not the flood event, since God did that and not the devil.

    We also know that the devil waged a war in heaven during his rebellion before the Garden of Eden, since he was already the devil at that time. Look around the solar system and see all the destruction, what looks like potential running water, etc. on some of the planets and now there is nothing. The Kuiper belt is believed by many to have been either a planet or a failed planet at one point in time due to the size and location (located where another planet should be). It looks like a giant galactic battlefield basically. It is possible that all the destruction is basically collateral damage from that war. Then God remade the earth for one last attempt, since He said to let everything be established by 2 witnesses.
    This is our 2nd try to establish our choice. You don't have to make the same decision, but you will make 2.
  • Daphne
    In response to some of the comments ( I did not read all of them) Genesis ( and any book of the bible for that matter) should not be read scientifically but spiritually. God's word is alive and it's meant to speak to us in deeper meanings than just understanding something that happened. The bible says that the old testament was a foreshadowing of things to come in the new testament. This chapter shows the beauty of salvation that God had planned from the beginning. Light often times is referred to as God and darkness to sin or death. As far as God saying 'let us' and 'our' goes, this is called a majestic plural. Plural is defined as 'consisting of, containing, or pertaining to more than one.' I hope that this commenter is not suggesting that there is more than one God the bible clearly states that there is only one God: Deuteronomy 6:4; 1 Corinth 8:6; 1 Tim 3:16 John 1-15 (this is also a reference to the light discussion for genesis)
  • Susan Dalton for verse 26
    "And God said, Let us make man in our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." Genesis 1:26. Here we see "let us," "our image," and "our likeness." God revealing God's pluralism.
  • Trent
    Genesis 1 is action packed. God could have easily decided to do things differently, but he specifically planned in advance and realized the utility of dividing time and giving life day and night with the need for rest in between. He could have easily created life that did not need rest and had no night. It didn't have to have water or land- things could have been so much different, but it was specifically chosen to be this way and I find that amazing that something that is so normal to us that we don't know any different, was specifically chosen to be this way among the unlimited choices of what creation could have been.
  • Priya
    Found some scientific errors for the formation of universe.. Can anyone explain to me??? Genesis Chap 1 Vers 3-5 says that light was created on the first day.. Genisis chap 1 Vers 14-19 says dat the causes of light " Sun and Stras" was created on the fourth day. How can the causes of light be created on thefourth day???? later than the light which came in to existence on the first day??????? this is unscientific..
  • Derk
    If you look at the creation of the earth in the context of pure science and refer back to original language in it's proper context Moses becomes one of three things.
    1- He is the best at guessing about creation.
    2- Moses was the greatest researcher of all time.
    3- Or Moses was a prophet and was given a short history of the world.
    In the original Hebrew Day is "yom" which like day can mean
    A- A twenty four hour time period
    B- A unspecified time period
    C- A event not tied to a time period. Such as many references which say "and in that day" these are not time specific, they are events which often times overlap other event.
    Such is the case for the events mentioned in Genesis.
    Day 5 is one of the strongest points in favor of the conclusion that Moses was a prophet.
    Again referring to the original Hebrew the word Whales was a replacement for the word "Tannanm" (Sp)which means (Long or stretched ones, or sea monster). Again science backs up Genesis.
    Genesis 1:21
    And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that [it was] good.
    Science indicates that life came from the waters, Fouls were some of the first land animals and "Whales or Tanninm, or what we would refer to as dinosaurs) were upon the land.
    Conclusion Moses was either the greatest scientist and researcher of all time or he was a prophet of God. To me it takes far less faith to believe in the bible as the word of god than all the fantastic theories of the Godless.
  • Mandisi Nonkonyana
    what is the evening and what is the morning. if God created light in verse 3.and in verse 14 the sun and the moon were creted? explain for me the meaning.
  • Dushun for verse 6
    Hey david, simply put, the content of the firmament is the genesis account itself, and as you know it has been reviewed to no end nor resolve... The genesis account which is held to be the words of God and the lone origin to the entire dispute, procaims A firmament 'MADE' created a divide or space between now two waters, above and under, the space or divide between the two was just then called 'heaven' with half or so of the waters on the planet now off of it the 'DRY' could appear and furthermore everything else chronologically in the account can occur... The firmament is the visible declaration of the creation account, not the universe... nor is there any recorded documentation to testify of anything 'prior' to this formless and void condition of the planet He called the dry earth. thereby rendering our history nonexistant... If you might take a little time to indeed view firmament-theresolve, you might be surprised what you could see although this is just a brief vision of what this reason of truth will reveal... take care,
  • David
    Just to clarify; God created Earth on day one, vegetation on day three and the moon sun and stars on day four. Now since we are able to observe star systems at all stages of development and none that I know of start with planets and then produce suns, I wonder did God simply make an exception when creating the solar system? Also if the Earth is older than the stars, how is it that we are able to see so many of the most distant ones. We should not be able to see anything more distant than about 4.5 billion light years away. Of course things get much worse if you believe in a young Earth because the limit would then be a mere few thousand light years which means we shouldn't even be able to see most of our own galaxy.

    Now since the content of 'firmament the resolve' neither appears in any peer reviewed scientific journal nor claims to be the word of God. I fail to see with what authority it speaks!

    Finally since Genesis is a Jewish creation 'myth'. I also fail to see what Jesus has got to do with it.
    Genesis 1VS 2
    and the earth was waste and void,and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
    the earth was dark
    nothing exit
  • Dushun
    Sunil, go to firmament-theresolve dotcom and read the second resolve, garanteed you will clearly see the detail you are seeking, and it will not contradict science or logic. The more of it you read the more you will see.
  • SUNIL for verse 16
    According to Science Moon doesn't have it's own light, and Moon light borrowed from the Sun.. What this Genesis 1:16 says and What Science says kindly get me the details..
    in His service
  • Dushun for verse 6
    Wow, a sea of controversy, with no apparant resolve in sight, we are all looking in the right area though for truth. The firmament is the visible varification to everything but our inability to clearly see it is the dilemma to our unity. At some point we have been diverted to the origin of the universe as the proclaimation of the source of the dispute, with no documented record of such an account. I wanted to share with you introduced (unknown) information that has been brought to my awareness that you might if found to be interesting, contemplate with your peers, information that would not only shed new light on this ancient question but resolve it as well… It is the best and most clear resolve to this dispute I have ever heard of, and as you know over the last hundred years or so we have heard a lot, to no end or resolve…
    Apparently, according to this information we have fallen away from the 'source' of the entire dispute regarding the question of evolution or creation of the universe and/or man.
    It is not a question of the origin of the universe, rather, according to the SOURCE, it is a question of a FIRMAMENT, that divided the waters from the waters (a mystery this info clearly resolved as well)… Regardless of 'how' the origin of the universe; Either way, It only evolved to a huge mass of formless and void rock, suspended in space, covered entirely with water, and UNTIL or UNLESS a firmament was made in the midst of the waters, this huge mass of rock would STILL, be formless and void, suspended in space, covered in water and furthermore, in a state or condition that could not sustain life as we know it 'here' to date…
    Of course this is just a brief vision of what this reason of truth has to reveal but with just a little time at your leisure, you will find as I, this resolve will not only clearly show the firmament in truth but can restore the validity and authority of the 'source' itself…
    This short but concise information was stumbled across at firmament-theresolvedotcom …
    We are meant to clearly see His testament.
    Thank you for your time.
  • Dwight E.
    No Joey God Inspirict man to wright his word down in a Book what we call the Bible . God is a spirit and man wrote the word of God. In the spirit, and theirfore man or a woman hasn't to be filled with the spirit to under stand the word of God. Even thenthe spirit will only reavel what you need to now it.Turn to Jesus as your sover then you know what is tlling you in in his word
  • P.malveaux2
    god created the heaven and earth,god did everything in order from the days he started creating,god took time to do this for us,god breathed life into our souls,god did the altimate sacrifice and died for us,in the beginging was the word,and the word was with god,and the word was god...first apostlic church of opelousas,la

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