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  • André
    In fact those problems are the ones Jesus Christ came to solve, in telling the thruth about everything, including life, showing the way to life in God. Those that follow Jesus Christ in thruth will keep themselves away from such things. God bless you.
  • André
    @B. Clark,
    Yes, before the creation of the Sun, Moon and stars, God used another lightner which the Bible does not mention. However, days were still periods of 24 hours, because we don't see the Bible showing change in day's length after the creation of the Sun, Moon and others stars which took place on the 4th day. And since the 4th day, days have been the same to this day, so were they before.
  • Kimberly
    I am the way the truth and the life. what should be the way if there is many people doing so bad in this world, the truth when people don't believe in God; and the life if there are people that come over killing thier new born baby? Where is the way, the truth and the life?
  • B Clark
    If God made light before he made the Sun and Moon, then that light must have referred to something other than sunlight and the day referred to may not be a 24 hour day as we refer it to. Is it not possible that creation days are really periods of time and God used this time to expand his creation, before his next project.
  • Max Young Lynn
    Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to understanding the bible. I asked who is Matthew Henry, after checking further about this man, reading Genesis 1, I will never read another summation. I thank God for his guide to truth about false prophecy.
  • André
    The earth was without form, and void; is the consequence of Satan's fall and all disturbance it brought on earth which became shapeless. GOD did not create the earth shapeless in Genesis 1:1. Because so many years are believed to separate Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. It is in that space of time that we place the existence dinosaurs and the life of all fossils that existed some million of years ago. So the heaven and earth of Genesis 1:1 made a world with life, but different from ours. And after the fall of Satan, that life was completely destroyed, and the earth lost its shape, ... it's only in Genesis 1:3 that GOD started bringing it back to order. Otherwise, the earth was not shapeless at the beginning, it became shapeless with the fall of Satan.
    GOD bless you.
  • Robert preston

  • Ramon Roxas
    It was said that the earth was void or empty. But the Spirit of the God moved over the face of the waters. If there is water in the beginning then the earth was not empty.
    Darkness was upon the face of the deep. If there is depth, there is form.
    Please explain, I am confused, thank you.
  • Onsando denis
    Surely God made a very big change in the beginning. There was nothing but GOD created everything. A big change really! What do you need to change in your life? Just contemplate.
  • Silvester Ezhumala for verse 3
    I think the First Light shone on the universe is Christ when we consider John 1:4,9 and verse 23 of Revelation 21. He is God Himself in relation to man and the universe.
  • M Russell for verse 2
    Seems like no one here bothered to read Wesley's notes. Try reading it again. I think it answers all questions
  • McCoie
    Josh. You ask if the water has always been here. No it hasn't. God created it in verse 1 just before "His spirit moved upon the face of the waters"
  • TT
  • Joe
    Praise the Lord. God forgive me all that I had done and every thought that has ran through my mind I wish not to disappoint you again. AMEN.
  • "And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Now THIS part of the verse REALLY confuses me. Notice it says he moved upon the face of the waters. It doesnt say he CREATED the water, so does that mean its ALWAYS been here?
  • Kayce
    Genesis 1 paints a perfect creation and to me, that's incredible.
    Praise the Lord.
  • Gloyd
    They were in a fig grove. Wernt no apples. They hid there private parts. Not there lips of mouth. The serpent that old dragon the devil had sex with them and guess who showed up,Cain.
  • Gloyd
    The account of the fiirst verse is 45:18. The fiirst beginning and Peter spoke of the world of old and the one that was.
  • Gloyd
    When reading this chapter I would go read other accounts of the beginning. Isaiah 44:18 Job 38 and Proverbs 8:22 to 31. Also the first flood Jeremaih 4 about half way to the end of the chapter. We were all here in our spirit bodies. Same form, different puddy. God is a consuming fire, Hebrews 12.
  • Linda
    Genesis 1, the writer written messages that God is a spirit come from the deep darkness when the earth still void and no form of evolution, then later his spirit of life started from water.

    The writer have analogy meaning god created light and darkness. This meant the sun and moon, the fire flames to used in the dark. Jesus created as a lightbearer on earth.

    It was a law in an ancient tribe to be fruitful
    and multiply if happenned the tribe fell off in enemy's hand and become slaves. It was a customary law that chief wifes and chief husband can had many concubines as many as they could for the purpose of federation of kingships and join the federations for wars.

    Men as a servants of god do not know how to killed even for food. Men created in the image of god in the likeness of god, and eat only fruits, herbs and vegetables.

    God created him, and from him god created male and female.
  • Anonymous
    God can talks to the writer. And the writer was telling us God created the heaven and earth before us, or before anything else. The writer meant God is the beginning of all the living and non-living things on earth. And from the water god started new form of life and the creation. God created man in his image and dressed of Tunic skin and sent in the eastward of Eden.

    The Genesis is a beginning of why there were wars of god in the bible and how the religion and wars begin. It's all begin in the evolution of life in water. Then the air and the land. The planting in the garden of eve where fruits were signifies event. And apple was the most sacred and forbidden fruits and holy. In the garden what god refers to Adam and Eve, that the apple who was centered in the middle was sacred, this apple tree and fruit, the slave people were not allowed to touch or eat it, only the gods and godesses. Eve accepted the apple as a symbol as a signed accepting the proposal of the serpent tribe. A tribe that god appointed and created as his own domain. Then Adam that was Eve, the chief or captain of all her husband also encouraged to accept and choose the apple offered by the godesses and the aple that Adam choose created wars and disturbance, created, pestilence, drought, famine and havoc, cursed to Adam and Eve's wives, husbands and childrens that their descendants suffered.
  • Pastor
    The Bible is never wrong but its only that our revelation is limited.The man of Genesis 1has the image of God and God is a spirit.He created 'him'[single]'male and female created he them'.One spirit man with both a feminini and male spirit.This was a creation ie prodcing from nothing.In Genesis 2 God formed[not created] man,Adam and breathed the'he them of Genesis 1.Thus Adam had masculine and feminine spirit hence the need Genesis 2v21.Notice God neverr breathed into Eve and called her bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh but not spirit of my spirit
  • Alan
    If you read Chapter 2 verse 4-6, it does a generation summary of the heavens and the earth in creation. I believe verses 7 on are giving more details of day 6 of creation.
  • Garyloyd
    On the 6th day God filled the earth with man/woman. Then God created the Man and Woman that would bring the Christ. Let us make man in Our image, image is an exact seal or signant like on a kings ring or an exact duplicate. We look like we look from the first world age. Google search levendwater companion Bible appendixs and check 146 on the different terms for foundation so you can capture what Peter speaks of and they have appendixs on the different meanings of man. Ect ha adham, ha adham, and regular man adham in vs. 1:27 its so we can follow the blood line of Christ through the word and follow the sons of Cain the devils kids. They show up in Chro. 2:55 and start working as laborer in the church. You will see them in Ezra/ Jeremiah. There is a difference but all races were crreated and God said they are good. Its just a man may or maynot turn bad.
  • Doubting Thomas

    If we are to believe this creation account, why do they differ? Don't you and I deserve the truth?

    Genesis 1 says that BOTH Man and Woman were created simultaneously.

    Genesis 2 says that Woman was "created" by God from Adams rib because "but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him".

    All I am asking is why? Why is this a contradiction? We have 2 different accounts. If one is true then the other must be false. Since one must be false, then we have a issue with any claim of inerrancy.
  • MyGodluvsme for verse 28
    the word replenish there is replace.
  • Garyloyd
    The image is the same One in Genesis 14:18 Melchizedek who brought forth bread and wine to Abram, King of Salem or King of Peace. Mwlchizedek means King of the Righteous. Jesus said when you see me you have seen the Father. When God said let us, He didn't leave Himself out He said"Our" image. If Father send us here to live and die in the flesh I think you get the point. If you want to know who he was talking to at that time just go to Proverbs 8:31 when the creation of earth was and Job 38:7 will tell you all the souls of the children were pretty happy at the time of earth and the way the earth way created as it is spoken of in Isaiah 45:18. But then old devil who guarded the Mercy seat,Throne wanted to steal it and in the outline Revelation 12 the dragon had a political system set up and had stolen a third of God`s star/children and God got very mad and we read of that distruction in Jeremiah 4:22-27. We got stupid all of us. Maybe not as stupid as some where we learn the Parable of the tares in Matthew 13:36 thru 44 or sowhere satan sows his wicked seed the tares but maybe we didn't realize how good we had it and God turned off the lights and took us all back up. Father loves earth to, He married the land of Jerusalem and where ever God is Heaven is and He can be anywhere He wants. Then He seperated the good from the bad and we are being replenished. In the flesh. 2 Peter 3 can help in understanding the world that was submerged in water and this one reserved until the judgment of fire. Love God and wait for the true Christ and don't chase after the fake one that comes de-facto for at least 2 and half months sitting where he ought not. The Fire will burn evil but to them that love God and wait, a warm love. Now the D.N.A. of Adam was taken to make the woman Eve and she had two fraternal twins Cain and Able. You won't find Cains geneology in Adams because Cain belonged to the devil. But. We know that at least two of every flesh got on the boat for the 2nd flood of 5 months on the water because it was told to us and we see the kenites show up in 1 chron. 2:55. The LORD foretold us all things even when He cut the time down to 5 months from 7 years in Revelation 9 for the elect sake and that it would be at the end just like it was in Noahs time.
  • Bernice
    Doubting Thomas in verse 26 God states he made man in his own image God is Spirit John 4:24 in Genesis 2:19 the flesh is created and woman is taken from mans side this is explaining how man was formed of the dust of the earth
  • Grant
    Thank you God for giving me another day to live for you and for everything that you are doin in my work place. THANK YOU JESUS for answering my prayers. Revelation 12:11
    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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