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  • Ella
    On Genesis 1:3, I have been told there were beings before Adam and Eve. And God was not pleased with them. They were not made in God's image. True or false? Ron, Genesis 1 is about the beings before Adam and Eve (and during the time of Adam and Eve and after Adam and Eve). Adam and Eve came in Chapter 2. In Chapter 1, God "created" man and woman. In Chapter 2, God "forms" a man and calls his name Adam and breathes into his nostrils the breath of life and Man becomes a living soul. Then He "forms" a woman and calls her Eve. In this Bible (above), God had a home base, if you will, in what we now call Israel. But, when God said, "let there be light", He didn't just put light in Israel. He put light all over the world. Same with plants, trees, and animals. The same is true for "them" he "created". The Old Testament is a Jewish history book and the focus is on the descendants of Adam and Eve (specifically, Seth and his heirs down to Isaac and his 12 sons (the 12 tribes of Israel) and their journey with God through multiple generations.
  • Cheri
    All I can say is, I read the holy bible, our lord's words. I love the it, I can feel it deep in my spirit, soul, body, mind. How wonderful that is and to just say how God has every hair numbered on our head, and he knows the number and when one hair falls out; [wow] we are the apple of his eye, I can say I need more of his word. God loves you all.
  • Garyloyd
    Cast nothing before the swine. Most likely he is a kenite. God's children know He is with us and His words are true. Do I feel sorry for the dude. Have a nice trip all the way down.
  • John
    @Gary Mixon,
    Genius, why don't you just take the word of God for what it is, pure and simply put. When you analyze it you are using man's interpretation of what he thinks, and not the way it is written and supposed to be taken. Also, we, the simple, may take the bible because we believe, but you Sir, are the hopeless, and need to come back to God. He still loves you and forgives you.
  • Gary mixon for verse 26
    The problem, is that most of you (respondents) re-quote and come with a pre supposition that is not inclined to exegesis, anthropology, and ancient near east history. And therefore I am dismayed to the responses. To most scholars - we turmoil of the translation of Hebrew. The known errors from Hebrew to Greek are numerous at best, let alone the translations to the Septuagint (Latin), which become astronomical. The fact remains that ONE POSSIBILITY OF TRANSLATION of the above text is a plethora or numerous [gods]. It's like the many mysteries of the Torah, law and prophets. One other being, the Yam Suf, or fresh water reeds crossing, Jacob's ladder, etc. Believing and enforcing dogma, breeds criticism to violent ends, mostly due the fact that the ignorant choose not to learn or study, but to believe and vehemently enforce a dogma. So very sad, that laymen have an opinion of any subject due to lack of empirical or critical experience. I can go on and on here with facts.... but why bother?
  • Kk
    Where there is water there is life, and the water was created when God created "the heavens and earth" so, it always was, that is the tree of life, the essence of Christ!
  • I have been told there were beings before Adam and Eve. And God was not pleased with them. They were not made in God's image. True or false?
  • It is very hard for me to understand, was the water frozen? Was all the earth cool, it was without form.
  • Edu son
    It pains to see that we deviated from God`s original plan for our lives. I wish we all return and beg God for his mercies.
  • Evelyn
    According to verse 26, God created us in his own image and this shows us that he want us to be like him even in heart. He also gave dominion over the earth meaning that we don't have to fear anything because Greater is He that is in us than the one the world.
  • Garyloyd
    When you read the second verse and if you look up the word "was" code # 1961 in the Exhaustive Strong's Concordance you will find out that the word "was" is become or meaning became, so the earth became without form and void. It wasn't created that way. It became that way and that happened in Jeremiah 4:22-27. Read the word and look at things for yourself and don't listen to men.
  • Joseph for verse 8
    Heaven, as the firmament in Genesis 1:6-8, is interpreted by some as the sky, and it is also understood by some as spiritual Heaven, a spiritual firmament. The waters that Heaven divides that are above and below may also be interpreted as spiritual waters.
  • Emma
    This chapter is about the beginning. Everything is the first; All new. Just as a painter putting paint to a fresh clean canvass. I am in awe, that the world was "spoken" into being. That man was "spoken" into being. And that His plan was preordained when He created it.
  • Chanel
    Our God speaks life, his word is the word of life.
  • Garyloyd
    The light I feel God is speaking of is the separation from the light and darkness. I think of this light spoken of is goodness and badness. Like in the scriptures as you read verses you will notice that solar children are separated from the lunatics or children of darkness. A lot happens in these first few verses of the word of God. Isaiah 45:18 is the first verse. Then a war happened because of Ezekiel 28 and what Satan as the prince of Tyrus and Revelation 12:4 and we know who the stars are by reading Job 38:7 and Proverbs 8:31. So, in these first few verses Satan tried attempted overthrow and had stolen a third of God's children and God got mad and the destruction is in Jeremiah 4:22-27. Then God separated the light from the darkness so I think He separating good from evil. Then He begins to re-new the earth as it was and we were replenished in the flesh to see if we can be good enough to make it home. Judgment is in our hands, you could say because what you do on earth this time is how your ending will be. Thank God for the LORD Jesus Christ and through Him we can be forgiven. Them that don't think Jesus is who the Word says He is, well, I feel sorry for them because He is the only WAY.
    Whatever God did, he made sure that it was good before proceeding to the next task. And because he lives in us, we should also make sure that whatever we do is good before we move on to the next task.
  • Joseph for verse 3
    The light spoken of in Genesis 1:3 has been the subject of commentaries, which describe it as spiritual light. God is often spoken of as the highest light, as in Isaiah 60:19. Physical light, the sun, stars, and moon, were created later, as described in Genesis 1:16.
  • Joseph for verse 3
    The light spoken of in Genesis 1:3 may likely be the light of being, as God is the highest light, and all other beings are other qualities of light. The sun, stars, and moon, were created later.
  • Siphathisiwe ncube
    God is in charge of His Word. Things came into being by the words of His mouth and it was so.
  • Garyloyd
    We are not all decedents from Noah but we were all created by God and we are His children. When God created man and woman on the 6th day from Genesis 1:26-31, He created all the races of the earth. And in verse 31, He had saw everything done and it was good and then the word says and it was the end of the 6th day. In Adam's case, God saw there were no farmers to till the soil, so in 2:5 you will read that.
  • Enoch Gyas
    GOD is unimaginable, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and creative. I am short of words that can be ascribed to this great and awesome GOD. That is why we must continually worship HIM.
  • Alex Hinds
    My God is magnificent, wonderful, and loving. He made this world for us to enjoy, yet some pervert his handiwork by saying we were born of apes.
  • Ashley :)
    Will I think that what God says has happened?
  • Briana grant for verse 27
    Well I think it was great because this is my first time ever reading this I liked it.
  • B.J.
    God is infinite...He was before the earth and would be even after...God's display of power with the creation shows He can turn any situation around just by the words of His!
  • Manpreet
    Hi .. I am sikh and I am an Indian. I found bible very helpful. I really wonder we all are the decedents of Noah. We all are equal but 95% people among us do not understand this and they keep on distinguishing themselves.
  • Eli torres
    It's hard for me to believe world is millions of years old, look how God created first two people did not create them as babies. God can do anything.
  • Jamil for verse 1
    I need to ask some question regarding bible so can anyone help Me?
  • Cleopas Makonese
    God is God of order in verses 21 and 22, the bible dispels the chicken and egg confusion as to which one comes first.
  • There`s no mistakes. God`s word is correct. The word replenish is the same word given to Noah after the flood. There were a people before indicated by the fossils left behind of people and dinosaurs. From scripture and "guessing" these people were not like Adam. They were like the hosts of heaven which serve but I DO NOT BELIEVE they had a will, as you can see in the beginning the Earth was void. God doesn`t create voids. He is a God of order, not of chaos. The first people were destroyed by sin. But they were not redeemed as I do not believe they had an eternal spirit. Genesis is the beginning, but it's not the beginning story for man, nor for all of creation. There were no dinosaurs in Adam`s time and following the lineage from Adam to the present day is far from millions of years, yet dinosaur fossils date from millions of years back. I WOULD MEDITATE ON this as God is not above wiping out creation due to sin. And waiting for someone else...someone more obedient to be there to commune with us as we live. This generation shall not see the land of milk and honey. God left a whole generation of disobedient Israelites die off so that their obedient children could inherit the promised land.

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