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  • SharonkKay hunn
    Lord jesus love us
  • Dirk Odendaal
    The Bible was not written for those who wants to think naturally but for those who are spiritual. READ John 4V24. This stands true for everything in the Bible from in the beginning in Genesis 1v1to Amen at the end in Revelation 21. We can then say that the creation in the beginning would refer to a spiritual creation and not a natural one. The earth then refers to something else which can be explained through the scriptures. Therefore you are right that no one can accurately say how old the earth is. It will be many millions of years. God said that 1000 years for us to him is like a moment to Him. Therefore the 6 days referred to in Genesis might be over 6000 years.
  • William hulsey
    I think only Adam was on Earth and he ate the forbidden fruit and God game to him and ask him why my son. Adam said to him I want to know your knowledge where God gave him Eve and said. When you figure her out you know as much as Me!!1
  • Kemaury Stringer
    Was God alive before heaven was created
  • Fredrick t glave
    In Genesis it says that God created everything the earth and the heavens and universe in 6 days. How can we explain that scientists who are christians and biblical scholars agree that stars and galaxies have been accurately measured to be many millions of light years away. This of course makes the calculation of the age of the heavens to be older than the bible can account for by the calculations of theologists.
  • Dave
    Why are science and the Bible so at odds over dates? Both the date of the creation of Earth and the date of the creation of man are vastly different depending on the source.
  • Deborah
    GOD is the creator of all man kind and every thing that is on the earth and that is in heaven so let us just praise his Holy Name for all the awesome and wonderful things that HE has done for us.
  • Randy Anderson
    In reference to cheats comment that Jesus was the light created is saying that Jesus was created. Rather, this light is the plan of salvation to be offered once the sin has been committed.
  • Shanti
    really it was a wonderful, marvelous and great to think, how god created this world. after all we are because of him today. there is no words, how to thank and praise and to how and in what way should i praise him for giving such a world within all facilities etc.,
  • Peter
    Did God design plate tectonics, tsunamis, aids, cancer,, asteroids, hurricanes, etc....., or is that also a result of sin Eve ate a piece of fruit ? If you ask me, God overreacted.
  • Brandon
    Were was God before he created the heavens?
  • Kayla
    I LOVE GOD SO Much!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Glenda taylor
    i believe the entire bible,just like it is written,god loved us,he made a way for us and all he wants in return is for us to love jesus,because he first loved us,he gave his only begotten son to die on the cross,so we may have a change to be saved and worship eveyday and praise him and live for him and honor him.
  • Stanley A Zimmerman
    To Questioner Storms,earthquakes, droughts, storms and such are a natural result of the geological and weather related actions of the earth itself. They were not specifically created. If we believe life should not contain such unpleasant things, or God is to blame, Then we do not have a realistic or even intelligent view of life.
  • Dr. Carl Hogue
    Questioner 's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 4 09 2014, 9 05pm... Floods, earthquakes, tornados and such were part of the original creation process the plagues, drought, famines and all the other bad stuff in your question, were not part of God 's original plan they were a result of living in a fallen world, and brought on by man himself through disobedience and rejection of God and His Word.
  • Kayla for verse 1
    I love every book of the bible they are all inspiring and awesome to comment to people about.
  • ZeeZee
    I loved it
  • Cheba for verse 3
    I would not have a different opinion save to consolidate the fact that God does not do things alone not that He can 't but because He is a triune God.So Jesus is the One spoken as the Light that came in the dark world
  • Gail Neal for verse 1
  • I know that Genesis 1 1 is beautiful.
  • Questioner
    So on which day did God create floods, earthquakes, tornados, plagues, drought, famines and all the other bad stuff. And why?
  • Albert Tabler
    It was great
  • Debra Grocesley for verse 26
    Let us make man in our image. Sounds great! Now my father wants children,on earth. His wheels were turning giving man domion. over land,sea,air. How powerful and from the Lord himself? God wants man to "enjoy " his work.
  • Debra Groesley
    To think that the Lord God watched over the earth as his baby. To bring forth food. To bring us water,fruit,trees and so on.The Lord had provided insight on how he is was. How he want 's it. How it should be done. This is the plan.
  • Christi smith
    Genesis strengthens my faith. It is scientifically and historically accurate. Those who claim the world is millions of years old and that we have evolved rejects the teachings that our Creator formed us right at the beginning of time. We were always in His mind, not evolving but amazingly created and placed in the world in which we live.
  • Kayla
    I agree this is what i use to teach people what our God can do. It really explains alot.
  • Furanki
    Genesis do teach us alot of things and on the creation part it truly shows us that everythng was created for a reason, and creation was done in an orderly manner . Thank you
  • Bernard Leonard Tembo
    God made the earth for us his people that 's why he put everything in place for shows the love of God to us humankind
  • Erick for verse 27
    GOD allowed me to see what is written because of my faith but I cannot share perspective without being hit by opinions. The flood of Noah did not last 40 days and 40 nights people over almost a year and a Half.
  • Rishi Peterson
    I have translated various portions of the Bible, including Genesis from the Hebrew, and found that the many translations of it in print are far from accurate. The beginning of Genesis is not about the creation of the universe, it is about you, and how you can rise above the mortal condition. In this way a person has a choice, they can live and die upon the earth repeatedly or begin walking the Path to heaven. The Path is compassion for all the living, and heaven is a reward for service to heaven upon the earth. Having a belief in such a place will not do it, you must work at it. In response to a recent comment, the Divine Absolute is known by many names Brahma, the Universal, the Eternal, the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe and so on. Everything created has an end, and you can look around and easily discover that to be true. It can take a short time or a long time, but it will be the same. Everything is a manifestation of the Creator, however, Brahma is Uncreated, Unborn, and without beginning or end.

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