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  • EIssa
    what 's the meaning of Genesis 6 2 ? explaining it ,please . thanks . brother Eissa
  • Brian
    hi camila read verse 2 this i hope will answer your question,
  • Word
    Just a thought after God created all the animals He created flesh man, vs.26,27,28 and covered the world with them. Just at that time in verse 26 we stood there after the katabole, meaning cast down and attempted overthrow of Satan. In the strong 's you would have to look up the word foundation or google search companion Bible appendixs and check appendix 146 it will explain it. God brought back the solar children, spirit and souls, and we stood there and He, the Word, on the throne said let us create man in our image and sent us down, 6th day creation, fishermen and hunters. Were back!
  • Word
    2 Peter 3 speaks of the age we lived in before this one, the world that was that was destroyed buy watered. Hebrew says it was submerged in water and God washed it like a bowl,plate turning it upside down washing it real good. You see in Genesis 6 the fallen angels just took women to have children to try to stop God 's plan of salvation, get all the blood lines mixed so Christ couldn 't come but Noah and family were God 's good children. Anyway the flood was targeted in that area where fallen angels were working around the blood line of Christ and most of the world was dry I believe cause the 6th day children were not effected by the flood all that much.
  • Word
    BJ you need to know the rest of the story. Genesis 1 1 God stated He created the heaven and the earth. Isaiah 45 18 God created the earth beautiful and inhabited. Job 38 7 all the sons of God and the stars rejoiced, Read Proverbs 8 22 to 31 God and His wisdom created earth, not choas but chaos came when Satan stole a third of God 's children in Revelation 12 4 So, then in Genesis 1 2 you need to look up the word "was " Strong 's 1961 became without form and void. Then you need to read the distruction of that first earth age in Jeremiah 4 20 to 27 and that 's why Peter in 3 speaks of the world that was being destroyed by water but this one is reserved for fire of ungodly men when speaking of the earth age before. anyway that distruction happened and then God turned on the lights and He seperated the children of light from the children of darkness, them with Satan. Matthew 13 36 44 will tell you what the wicked one does with his children, yup, sends them to earth just like God, the field is the world and your on it to take sides. You either love God our Father or you can love Satan.
  • Ina wright
    this really helped me out when I was looking up verses.
  • JB
    Nothing existing is darkness...
  • Mary
    In the beginning. when Read 2nd peter 3.8 the world that then was and is now and is to come,,
  • Camila
    wait how was there all darkness at the beginning if nothing existed?
  • JB
    I have a two fold question for all you Bible scholars. 1 When GOD divided the light from the darkness what really happened spiritually? 2 We know that GOD is the light, so who is darkness? Clue darkness is certainly not GOD and darkness is also not Lucifer....Who was the Arch angel of GOD.
  • I particularly love Enzo 's comment... "see how many stupidity there are " ...this is obviously a person who is qualified to judge stupidity lol. In fact Enzo and whoever else may be reading this, there are zero contradictions. To one who is only reading partially or doesn 't understand who is saying what, there may appear to be a few. However, when you read further or look at who is speaking, you will find clarity. I have been studying the Bible for a few years now, read it cover to cover and have ready many of the books multiple times looking meticulously for mistakes I have yet to find one. I have also gone through much of the list in the book "1001 contradictions of the Bible "...I finally stopped when none of them stumped me and had very clear resolution. "Contradictions " can be found repeatedly when you only read one verse or don 't understand who is speaking. My suggestion is to actually read it for yourself like very few people actually do. At least so you know what you are talking about when you make such ignorant claims.
  • Pat
    According to chapter one verse one, the earth was created....verse two..and the earth was without form and void, in my understanding verse one was a plan of earth in gods mind, therefore its not surprising that god knows everything even before it occurs. Pray for all sinners
  • Hawii
    The book of genesis is awesome ppl thank the son more then the father. The father is the creator.
  • Mark Mendoza for verse 1
    I believe God Can do anything but the words "Let there be " are words of restoration. Witch indicates that the earth was here. It says it was void "frozen Iced up " pretty much a big ball of ice A star? with no atmosphere? and it must have been pretty bad. there was no sun there was no running water it was frozen in space. as his spirit moves on the face of the deep he seem to calculate how he is about to put this all in place. God from what I understands he is very specific detailed and Artistic so math formulas are being put together and its almost like this we see a web page but there are formulas working to bring to a nice site. So then God comes up with the plan and Speaks words of restoration and says Let there be light and light was this was his light until he puts the sun in place. and so you know the rest of the story.. hoped I help..
  • W E Harris
    I love everything about this verse and I love god the one who sits high and looks low.
  • Mafasa bopape
    These verses give us light to see that God can do anything at his time because have power 2 do so. Halejah
  • Joe
    God made everything and it was good. Every time I read it may me feel great that God is our Father.
  • Sonja Long
    I love Genesis this is one of the best parts of the Bible. This shows how powerful and commanding God is he created such beautiful things.
  • Era
    i luv it is so intresting
  • Deb
    that 's when everything started. I think it is awesome. I think it is a beautiful thing how God can just speak and it is done.
  • Phumy Nomfundo Jabulisiwe Mnqayi
    In the beginning God created is very powerful the word of God then God created the man image like u ,ohh Jesus thank u
  • Zabby
    God is a powerful God, when He commanded that let there be by the word of mouth that no man can do contrary from his commands
  • Sunday
    i love the word of God
  • Mark
    "Be fruitful and multiply " is not a commandment, It is a blessing from God.
  • Jehovah God created man in His image, according to his likeness. God thus endowed humans with qualities that mirror his own.
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube for verse 19
    And the evening and the morning was the second day. Note that this specification is metaphorical. The evening, as the close of day is hereby referred to as the beginning of another day that consequently matures to a night and the morning opens the blanket of light for tat whole period until the evening come ans covers that light.So we can say that evening and night are one, morning and day are one as well, and God , who makes the twain one, unites both as a day.In all things God constantly shows us and teaches us about unity and that is revealed once again when Adam and Eve are remade 1.God simply marries things in His order.
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube for verse 22
    Be fruitful and multiply....makes me think about the secular christians who follow advice on the overpopulation of earth and resort to vasectomies, birth control medications and abortions. Did God really say that os it it human freewill. Ministers of God, please let us teach the true gospel that will be accepted by a chosen few and not everybody.
  • Nkosinathi for verse 8
    .........And the evening and the morning were the second day.How far we 've all fallen from the gospel Truth into the depths of human doctrine.The keepers of the sabbath friday sunset to saturday sunset ought to understand that it is not only the sabbath to be kept thus but all days, according to God 's calendar, are such.The Roman 's, in their desperation for absolute power and or persecution of the true Christian, introduced their own 24 hour day calendar midnight to midnight as 1 day calendar and thereafter became even more aggressive in the persecution of the sabbath keeper that the Sabbath worship ended up being sunday worship as those foxes were the worshippers of the Sun.This is a large part of the wolves that Apostle Paul warned the church about in tears.We ought to go back to the beginning so as to undo all these lies and the confusion that catholicism, satanism and tradition have fed us as propaganda.
  • Word
    Oliver Satan,Lucifer was one of God 's men that worked his way up to watching the Mercy Seat. Lucifer was right there at the throne. Ez. 28 will explain a lot about Satan as the prince of Tyrus, meaning little rock which check Deuteronomy 32 there rock is not our Rock speaking of the kenites, sons of Cain. Scripture will tell you Satan was in the garden and thought he was a great big tree but all he was was an old box cedar Ezekiel 31 3 article is left out. Then in verse 9 you will read about him in the garden. He is the son of perdition cause in Ezekiel 28 18,19 His death sentence has happened. Only son named to die.

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