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  • Billy Davis for verse 19
    Make one wonder what part of the 4th day it is that folks refuse to believe? According to this there was no sun for the earth to be revolving around those first three days. This is why we read what we do in Joshua 10:12-14.
  • Billy Davis for verse 1
    Blank, No Space, No Time, No Matter, there was nothing, then Yahweh spoke this universe into being. Here was the place He would go to work His workshop and He would create mankind into His likeness. This creation act so impressed ALL His son till they all shouted for joy as we can read in Job 38:4-7.
  • Marilyn Turner for verse 5
    Light was created first here. God named it day. Christ said, "Are there not twelve hours in a day? " So we have a day created here, what comes after day, I would say evening, then one! The rest is history!
  • David Wilson
    In response to Damian: He was talking to Jesus,who when he came as the savior was referred to as "The Word made flesh ".In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God and the Word was God.God is a trinity and that trinity consists of God the father,God the son,and God the Holy Ghost.Jesus was up in Heaven with God before he took on the mission of becoming man 's Savior.As for repleneshing the Earth,The first Earth had the dinosaurs and cavemen.When God cast Lucifer out of Heaven and down to the Earth he wiped out that first creation and the Earth became like it is described in Genesis 1:2.In Genesis 1:3 God begins to restore the Earth and this time he makes the first man with an eternal soul,Adam.this is how the Earth was replenished.
  • Pamela Page for verse 18
    Genesis is a book that have to read to realize the thought that god put into a world of love,and beauty.and to also remember the wrong and hurt people put on one another. to treat eachother with respect and care thank you lord for your words .
  • RNM 1-15 GEN
    Genesis 1-15...If one believes in God, and believed He is the creator of the Universe, Earth and man, then it is safe to say He knew exactly what He was doing when at first He created them, and subsequently would not have had to tamper with anything right! Also I recall in the Biblical times they went by a 30 day per month cycle. And as God is the Creator of all things, then it is safe to say all things belong to the Lord not just the days, that is just one more excuse that don 't hold water when it comes to being Obedient to God 's Ten Commandments, Obedience is the only way to Please GOD. Think about that! Either follow the commandments of man or the Commandments of GOD that is your choice. PRAISE GOD PRAISE HIS SON. AMEN
  • Damian
    Who is God talking to when he says "let us make man in OUR meaning more than one of image. Is it other gods? And then made man in his OWN image. So naturally man would take after him rather than who he is talking to. Also he says to man to REPLENISH meaning FILL AGAIN the earth. Does than mean man was here before?
  • Boyd
    God created the lesser light, moon " to rule the night on the third day. There are 4 x 7 day weeks in the 28 day cycles of the moon. God created the moon during the third day of creation. God rested on the seventh day, the fifth day after the moon was cerated. The subsequent days of rest would be on the 12th, 19, 26. God tampered with the suns cycle but if He didn t tamper with the moons cycle those times would hold true today. However since it is finished ever day is the lords day.
  • RNM 1-9 GEN
    Genesis 1-9...This was not frozen water before God 's Throne. 6 And before the Throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal, the writer, John wrote what he saw describes it the way the Holy Spirit led him, he could have been speaking using a figure of speech, but what ever it was, it had to be one awesome sight. AMEN!!
  • Gary sir. for verse 3
    Can someone tell me the reason for the frozen waters beyond the cosmos jut below the throne of god revelations c4 v6
  • Arnold Joseph Bur for verse 3
    Genesis 1:16 God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, the lesser light to govern the night and He made the stars also. Verse 19 There was evening and there was morning, a Fourth day. The City does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. Revelation 22:5
  • RNM GEN 1
    Genesis 1-4...Christopher, I am in agreement 100 , it is the nature of man, to be led by the vanity of the flesh, to be puffed up or seem to be all knowing and have some form of super natural intelligence, to read into the scriptures and come up with theories and conjecture of how GOD created the earth and life, Romans 1:22--Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. It 's a nice break to hear someone that has a clear perspective of GOD. AMEN!!
  • Christopher
    In a point in time, the ruler of the universe brought into existence everything out of nothing.
  • RNM GEN 1---29
    Genesis 1-29...GOD does not rule over HIS universe in a random, haphazard manor, GOD is perfect in every way, which also means He is hindered by nothing! Even the darkness reveals itself to THIS SUPREME GOD...Isaiah 66:22-For as the new Heavens and new Earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain...Isaiah 66:23-And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship me, saith the LORD...The reason I noted these two verses was This scripture corresponds with Revelations about God creating a new Heaven and Earth, but in verse 23 it explains perfectly they will be a sun and moon, ONE, you would not know the moon was there but for the suns reflecting light TWO, the Sun governed the passing of days, so from one Sabbath to another means there would be a method of regulating the weekly cycle, by the way you Sabbath Saboteurs, that bit of information will probably sicken you. Knowing you 'll half to keep the 7th day Sabbath in Heaven. The only place on the NEW EARTH that won 't have need of the sun, is within the HOLY CITY...And the City had no need of the sun neither of the moon, to shine in it. for the Glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light there of. Revelation 21:23 ... AMEN!!
  • Grant
    why are there 2 creations? Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7?
  • Word
    RNM you were right to say there was no Sun because there was only the light of the Lord as in the age to come it states in revelation there is no need for a sun for the light will be the Lord. If all through the Bible it speaks of a first earth age then you can bet there was but you toss out the first earth age because you don 't think God can provide light. God don 't need no ball of fire if 'n He don 't want none.
  • Jim daly
    very beautifu. gods creation,just love to c the stars and ocean and creatures.that god has giv n
  • Kimberly Hale
    Everything was created in perfect order
  • Rand
    hey I love jesus he is my saver
  • Conscious Hadebe for verse 26
    I have read and I understood it..God after he created us Human according to his image,acts,mind..he created us on his image for us not to suffer,not to be troubled..he is a living God
  • Jacob for verse 3
    John 1:1 says it all.Jesus himself is the LIGHT spoken in the book of Genesis 1:3.
  • John
    Never use your knowledge to validate God or his reasons.
  • Donald for verse 3
    In verse two it tells us that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.God is spoken of as being light. Light moves at around 186,000 miles per second.That could circle the earth about 7 1 2 times per second. A particular sound frequency subjected to water causes sonoluminescence. Consider the possibility of God moving around the globe at the speed of light, speaking at the frequency that causes sonoluminescence.
  • Sun shine jones
    I love every chapter of genesis I just love the bible
  • Kimberley Carter for verse 26
    "us " and "our " is GOD speaking in the royal plural just as the Queen of England does today when she says something like "we are not amused ". She is speaking as a ruler she is not more than one person, but using a figure of speech to emphasize that she represents the whole of her country. Also GOD is spirit neither male nor female so "man " in GOD 's image - this is man 's spiritual creation and the second chapter focuses on the body soul part of man being formed, made, and created.
  • Clarisse mantila
    I like to read it And to know how big is GOD.
  • Word
    Andrew in the beginning God created a beautiful earth to be inhabited Isaiah 45 vs 18 and in Proverbs 8 vs 22 thru 30 wisdom was with God and wisdom doesn 't create chaos so it was established meaning perfection and beautiful. Now with wisdom was sons of God and in Job 38 vs 7 also at creation was the stars that sang for joy so inhabited we lived on earth with God His Image Jesus. Then Satan Revelation 12 set up a political system and in vs 4 he drew a third of God 's children-stars that followed Satan and read Matthew 13. vs 36-44 Satan plants-sows his seeds-tares to earth just as Father God does. Anyway Satan stole Gods children and God got mad and Jeremiah 4 vs 22-27 tells us of the great flood that covered the earth the first time and wiped out everything to a wilderness. Then we replenished the earth. 2 Peter 3 tells you of the earth ages and vs 5 an 6 tell of the destruction of that earth and then when we replenished this one it is reserved for fire of ungodly men.
  • Andrew
    "in the beginning " in English western thought! Hebrew in the summit there of "a beginning ". "create " in English western thought something from nothing, no "create " in Hebrew, but a "fattening " happened elements already there just put in order like create but not the way the west sees it. Genesis is remember from an eastern culture thought process.
  • RNM GEN 1-----13
    Leon, I agree, GOD is GREAT, their is no words or thoughts that can describe His EXCELLENCE, but I half to tell you this, but, its going to throw a wrench in your earth-already existed theory, WHERE WAS THE SUN!!! The Sun was created the first day along with the Heaven and Earth, If the Earth was already here without the Sun like your theory shows, the Earth would have been a FROZEN WASTELAND but it wasn 't Gods word says DARKNESS was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters, and GOD said let there be light, and there was light. There is a multitude of people that are continually looking to put some spiritual twist to the scriptures that just really isn 't there, but, GOD wants us to be honest, and obedient and the Holy Sprit of God will reveal these mysteries to us. Repent, keep the Commandments, give your life to the Messiah, be baptized, and be obedient. AMEN!!!
  • Mr. Firefox for verse 1
    Brianna, it clearly states:- "In the BEGINNING "... that is the beginning of all things and life in heaven and on earth... when creation itself as a whole started... there was NO heaven NOR earth created before the creation of heaven and earth started..

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