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  • RNM 1-8 GEN
    Genesis 1-8...Mr. K. so what you personally believe is God and His Holy Spirit has LIED to us! That 's quite an accusation to make. You sound like pope francis, he doesn 't believe it either. The truth is right here in this one verse, 2 TIMOTHY 3:16... All scripture is given by inspiration of GOD, ETC. Your statement diminishes GOD 's ability and POWER, and GOD would not allowed for the Holy men to get it wrong, if so what would have been the point in writing it at all. The real truth I don 't see or hear mentioned, or talked about very much maybe by a few, where it should be shouted from the rooftops because of the vital importance of it, next to the Blood redeeming value of our Lord and Savior, and faith in the belief of His Sacrifice, and by the Grace of GOD, is the Observance of GOD 's Holy Commandments including the Holy 7th day Sabbath of GOD, by rejecting this Commandment you are rejecting the GOD of Heaven and possibly FORFEITING your name in the LAMB 'S book of LIFE. By following after the catholic religious day, you are following after the pagan beliefs of Mithraism which is the worship of the sun-god on sun-day. Which is a form of Satanism, where people offered up their babies to be thrown into an alter of fire and burnt alive just to be an offering to this sick god satan WAKE UP, TIME IS RUNNING OUT. AMEN!!
  • Tamara
    Why does God say replenish the earth, this seems to be saying that it needed to be done again.
  • RNM 1-7 GEN
    Genesis 1-7...I notice from the comments I read, their seems to be an absence of honor, homage, or fear of the Lord, Psalms 111:10...The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments, his praise endureth for ever. Instead of accepting the word at face value, as if our Heavenly Father could not preserve his holy word, which were written by Holy men as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. It seems you are straining at the gnat to swallow the camel. You all seem to be concerned with everything but the right thing quibbling over 1st age, 2nd age, 3rd age, like you know, can 't you see, he 's got you by the hind end, right where he wants you. Totally blind and ignorant of the Truth. Hosea 4:6...My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I WILL REJECT THEE, that thou shall be no priest to me, seeing thou has forgotten the LAW of thy GOD, I will also forget thy children. Malachi 3:6...I AM THE LORD, I CHANGE NOT. To reject the 4th Commandment, you are rejecting GOD That 's exactly what satan wants you to do. PRAISE THE GOD OF THE SABBATH FOR HE CREATED EVERY LIVING THING IN SIX DAYS. AMEN!!
  • Tim K for verse 19
    I personally believe that the night and day were not necessarily 24 hours. The writer of Genesis had no reference for the Creation of the world. Obviously, God isn 't bound by what WE, the creatures that He created, think of as "day and night ". We cannot say with authority that it was a 24 hour period of time. It was, more likely, thousands or millions of what we call years. The author had no reference for what he was told was a night and day, so he assumed it was one of our days. For God, a millenium could be a blink of an eye. Who are we to judge? Creation is no less miraculous regardless of the time reference. How many of us could do what God did?
  • Word
    Defuss the word WAS is hayah and that translates became so the earth became without form and void and if you didn 't know the earth was beautiful as Isaiah 45 vs 18 tells us then you wouldn 't understand how God knew Jeremiah before he was in his Mother 's womb or how he could say I hated Esau and loved Jacob. You wouldn 't realize that the flood that covered the world and made it without form and void in Jeremiah 4 vs 22-27 was that first great flood. Then you would of never looked up all the foundation words in the New Testament and found that they mean katabole which is cast down overthrow and you would of never known that Satan tried and attempted overthrow to take God 's throne and failed but the one third of God 's children that followed Satan and God got mad and turned out the light from losing his children. So God turned back on the lights and it was good. And he divided what I think was the good children of the light from the children of darkness. Just a thought.
  • Donnovan henson
    god is the man he created us and earth!
  • Robert Walton
    Great chapter. Got a lot out of of.
  • Lawrence Mwamba
    Genesis Chapter 1 is the beginning of all life, this is where it all began. There is no other authenticated beginning of all life but the creation of the hevens and the earth by God. One important fact to take note is that God just spoke the worlds into existence. I do believe that the creative power in the spoken Word of God determined the expanse of his creation. The length, breadth, depth and height of the worlds were determined by his divine immensity, through his wisdom and creative power that is infinite.
  • Teresa
    The first chapter is similar to the introduction of a paper. I do not believe God created man and woman two times. The first description is the overview, the second was the topic in more detail.
  • Rich F
    The Bible is literal. People in their insolence to be smarter than God keep forgetting this. God says he created the Heavens and the Earth in 6 days. And that 's what he did. Not millions of years. Not thousands of days. But six days. Anything else is calling God a liar. Science has proven nothing. They speculate on the age of the Earth, Sun, stars and planets. Even the sedimentary layers of the Earth are being analyzed wrong. The sedimentary layers of the Earth correspond to the flood right to the tee. Each layer was formed as the water receded after the great flood.
  • Ron DeLeo for verse 22
    The fowl being of the sea made land their home or nesting place doesnt this sound like evolution if you have ever seen flying fish you could make the connection
  • Matt
    I think this is the beginning our time - mankind. God is speaking among his other essences - the Trinity. Verse 2 - manifests the Spirit of God. The Gospel of John tells us - in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word being God the Son. Let "us " make man in our image is to give man three parts - body, soul, and spirit.
  • Pd
    I believe he is talking to the 24 Elders, that sit around Gods throne. or another thought the Angels, but they have no soul. or have no opinion.Jesus hasn 't been born yet. Unless you have read Revelations, you probably don 't know about them.Revelation 4:4
  • Benedict Holomah for verse 7
    I believe in God and His words and the words are life unto my soul,that is what is making me who I am. The word of life is what every soul needed to sustain on this earth. Please let try as much as possible to bring back the lost. God Bless You as you win today.
  • Rick
    Verse 26 Who is God referring to when He states "...Let 's us make man in our image... "? Who is us and our? I never made this connection in prior readings of Genesis.
  • Lebo
    If God can make the World out of nothing,He can take empty places in our lives and creat beauty.
  • RNM 1-23 GEN
    Genesis 1-23...Using language like theophany in my humble opinion is humanistic slander to the Almighty God and to His Word, first off the word theophany 's origin is from the Greek philosophers way of explaining the Pagan mythical gods which made contact with humans. Secular Humanist eventually included the GOD of Creation under their profane umbrella 's definition. And even if the word was sound and pure, your including it in your comment was totally MISPLACED! And last their is not a human living, that has, had, or ever will have the slightest inkling of what transpired in the beginning with God and those that were with Him when He created the Earth and Man. Maybe one day we will. Those blessed, that are called up out of this World. UNTIL THEN, PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD AND HIS HOLY ALMIGHTY SON AMEN!!
  • Rev 10:7 for verse 26
    John 1:1-2 "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God " This word "Logos " that was with God at the beginning was the Theophany before manifested in a Physical body. So God is talking to his Theophany. For example: there 's a body that 's waiting for us as soon as we leave this one, so in there we enter into that body and that 's the kind of body that God was when He said "Let us make man in our own image and in our likeness ". Lastly: According to John 1:1-2,,,that Theophany came down and was made flesh and dwelt among us, to redeem the man.He 's not talking to the Angels nor Trinity, He 's talking to his Theophany.
  • I 'm important to God named jesus he did crate us he loves us if u email me I will tell u about God
  • RNM 1-22 GEN
    Genesis 1-22...Maybe E.B. you have answered your own question, maybe the only thing that has stood the test of time is the word, or scriptures. And the way man views them or understands them is the part that 's wrong, all you half to do is examine the scriptures yourself, and you can see the church world has it wrong. They believe that Jesus done away with the law, nailing it to his cross. But that 's NOT what the scripture says: Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets I AM NOT COME TO DESTROY, BUT TO FULFILL...Matthew 5:18 For verily I say unto you, till Heaven and Earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled....Why then is this not preached in the churches today, this is what our Messiah said, isn 't it. PRAISE THE LORD AMEN!!
  • Knightglc7 for verse 26
    The Word Heavenly Father 's Son is the One to create the man in an image of God according to his likeness.... READ on Hebrews ' verses of Chapter First from 8th to 10th.... REMMY: Father gave everything to his Son and no one have taken anything not one out of a hand....Matthew 11:27
  • Earl Bradley
    Greetings, I am confused because we claim that we believe God is the author and the Holy Spirit inspired man to write the 66 scriptures. Then why do we spend all our time trying to tear down the scriptures. I now question whether man believes there is a God. To get to Jesus we must believe in God the Creator and if we don 't how can we proclaim we believe in the Creator. We have spent all our time trying to get tithes from a people that do not believe. The example is in the scriptures. When Moses brought the people out of Egypt and showed himself night and day, fed the people and yet they turned their backs on all of his Love. If, the world believed in God and all the mega churches are praying for this world reveals that prayer without action is just that prayer.
  • Sandra for verse 1
    Before Day 1 there was zero or initial beginning . Time was non-relevant. God in his infinite wisdom is one and only one. The dimension of God is expressed as the Spirit of God versus the wisdom of God. The beginning of all things represents the initialization of the Heaven and earth as in initializing a variable by setting it to zero. So many times we start with Day 1 in relating to God 's creation when we should be starting at zero since that signifies the beginning
  • Roger Sadek
    A- This is what I observe in reading: 1 The Creator of that universe that I can recognize within my 5 since and the Creator of Spiritual world in this life and after or beyond is one and the same known by God. 2 God creates people persons of all gender with full potential to be perfect like God. B- People Persons are Responsible to take good care of themselves and all other creation down here and beyond other demission that God may revel it for us. C- This is how , what, when, why and where I apply that understanding on my daily life. 1 be continued personalized.individually....
  • Sandra for verse 1
    Before Day 1 there was zero or initial beginning . Time was non-relevant. God in his infinite wisdom is one and only one. The dimension of God is expressed as the Spirit of God versus the wisdom of God. The beginning of all things represents the initialization of the Heaven and earth as in initializing a variable by setting it to zero. So many times we start with Day 1 in relating to God 's creation when we should be starting at zero since that signifies the beginning
  • RNM 1-19 GEN
    Genesis 1-19...To answer your question Mr. Davis, I think we half to go back and look at the nature of mankind, They will take a word or verse and build a whole doctrine or belief around it, I have seen it over and over, take for instance in the book of Acts Chapter 20, verse 7, its written, And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow, and continued his speech until midnight. This is one scripture that Protestants use to declare that the LORD had changed the Sabbath to the first day of the week, which anybody with half a wit can see, their is no such command given in this scripture. But whole religions are created over these erroneous scriptures. The whole business of the GAP or 1st age was started much the same way, with the word replenish in the first chapter of Genesis, 28th verse, believed to mean repopulate the Earth, which is not true at all, a little research will prove that, the original meaning in the 1600 's meant only to fill or in this case populate the Earth, but anyway you can check for your self like anyone else, but its instances like this the some people like to jump to conclusions, combining Acts, with other scriptures in Jerimiah, then come up these wild tales of the Earth being re-created with man and beast. People just need to investigate more before going off on a tangent, 10 4. PRAISE GOD, AND PRAISE HIS HOLY SON, AMEN!!
  • Kalume kombe for verse 1
    we believe that Gods name appears in plural form: that is God the father and the Son and the Holy. Its a contradiction to again came out and say before heaven and earth were made God created Jesus who later used him to create heavens and earth.
  • ROSEMARY for verse 5
    I love the word of god Genesis 1.5
  • RNM 1-17 GEN
    Genesis 1-17...I did some research into this word replenish, Mr. Wilson: This word comes from an ancient word molae " which means fill. It wasn 't until 1650 a character by the name of Francis Bacon had come on the scene, and decided to add a second definition to the word replenish, that being re-fill , after 1852, Darwinism was becoming notorious and widespread, some thirty years later, people of influence began meddling as their way was, to use the power of language to enforce the theories of Darwin and Evolution, by 1892 the dictionaries in print were changed to read REFILL as the first definition of replenish, and fill was a secondary definition, where as of now, the original meaning FILL is now completely omitted, giving the word replenish and entirely new meaning! Which Satan has used to cast new shadows on the truth, using his powers of deception. And further enticing people to come up with false theories about God, using demeaning and suggestive ideas, that God can make mistakes and is not perfect, which His Children know Him to be Perfect in every way, without blemish, without fault. But in the mean time, simple deceptions like this opens the way for people such as yourself to fall into the trap, and conjure these fantastic tales, of a 1st age, 2nd age, whatever, when the Bible clearly tells us in I COR 15:45-- The FIRST MAN ADAM. Their were no other man before Adam, no other Earth, this is the only one. I hope this has helped you. Praise Our God, Praise Our King AMEN!!
  • Billy Davis for verse 1
    7 words in the Hebrew. 7 stands for perfection. You can not improve on perfection. The sun the moon the stars would not be created until three days later then Adam on the sixth day. There is a pattern being set here. Exodus 20:11 This pattern is that man would work six days and rest on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a type of the Kingdom which all those who will believe ALL that the prophets have spoken will receive very soon. The reason that Satan know the time is short is because this pattern is not messed up in Satan 's mind. Adam was created just over 6018 years ago according to the generations listed in Genesis 5 11 and then in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. We are running on overtime this is the mercy of our loving heavenly Father waiting on His children to come to perfection as the Messiah told us to do in Matthew 5:48. So what is your excuse?

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