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  • Anand babu
    Jesus real God
  • Rick
    Tony Chapman, you think that is curiously awesome? Pay very close attention to Genesis 1:4 God divided the light from the darkness--indicating that at one time they were co-mingled. I can't even imagine what that would look like!
  • Rex Thomas
    Genesis 1:1 clearly shows us how powerfull our God is. He created the heavens and the Earth out of nothing.
  • Tony Chapman
    I am very curious,and fascinated with the firmament, ie.waters above,waters below.How incredible is our GOD!!!
  • Mavintshi
    lovely understandable
  • Roz
    It's very clear that God created humans in Their likeness. They were ordered to be fruitful and multiply and take dominion over all the earth. On the 6th day v. 27...He completed all His creation. He rested on the 7th. Oh , but then He created a garden... and then He created that explains how Cain met his wife. The earth had multiplied with man
  • Bud
    To Michael butler: You have believe with your heart that JESUS is LORD and SAVIOR HE conceive of the HO{Y SPIRIT, born of a virgin, was buried, raised from the dead by GOD the FATHER seen by many , Assented to the FATHER, and sets on GOD'S right hand to judge the living and the dead. Confess all your passed sins and ask the LORD to forgive them, and seek the mercy that gives out. John 3: 16
  • Apostle Cave
    Hello Mr Butler very nice to admit who you are and what you are. All you have to do is tell God you sorry for your sins and ask him to forgive you. God is faithful to forgive the most vilest sinner. It's really that simple. Ask Jesus to come into your life and save you and he will do it if you really mean it. If you be real with God he will save your soul and blot out your sins. God will bless you
  • Michael butler
    I'm an athiest, and I want to come forth and give myself to god.. But i do not know how to promptly do so...
  • Paul
    This was to show the awesome power of our Lord God. In taking steps he wanted us to see that he could do anything, but it would be on his own time not on our time. Remember that God does everything on his time not ours. This may seem like an answer this question might not fit, but try to have an open mind please. We are tested each day as believes.
  • Jennifer
  • Sherman McFarland
    I believe this is for our benefit. This described the importance our words and the desired of our hearts. If we are double minded, we receive nothing. If our heart and mind agrees, Yahuah grants our prayer of declaration.
  • Charles
    When God created heaven and earth one would think that it would have been completely created and it would not have been necessary to create each thing separately.
  • Daniel
    Hey Yvonne. I think you have written one of the most important thing. The first thing is obedience and then God will let us to know more about his word. God bless you
  • John
    We all are children of God, the teacher, the Son of god, Jesus was glorified by God the Father, was crucified, and arose from his tomb, into The Kingdom, of God the we hold no, will to our Creator's holy Kingdom, we are of the flesh, return unto the cross, . Ask Jesus to bring light into your life, then, believe in him, all that which gives revelation unto him you will know, without question. God our Holy Father, I am. That I am and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, in the Holy Spirit speaks of God's creation
  • Rabbi Ndubuisi Stephen Nnam
    In Genesis 1, Man was made as a twin spirit of the male and female, man was the last entity to be created in the spirit by God, but everything was spiritual until God formed them in the physical. the but the male part of Man is. Adam became the 1st among the creation to be formed physically. Genesis 2.. Rain hasn't falling because there was no man to till the ground.. God wanted man to be the administrator of all earthly creation, so everything else was formed before his very eyes and observation, including the garden of Eden.. Now concerning who man really is. Man is the Son of God, birthed through his spirit.. That is why the fallen angels where angry and asked.."what is a man that thou arth mindful of him... Adam was formed and God breathed His spirit in him to energies him.. But after the fall God had a plan to creat another Adam Jesus Christ who will com to give man power to come back to being his sons again, and every son are made in the image and likeness of the parents.. Also Jesus was formed in the womb of the mother and Hod breathed his Holy spirit upon the woman Mary in order to energies Jesus, hence, the spirit of the highest shall overshadow thee... Note also that Jesus was tempted exactly like Adam was.. Satan has 3fold tempting scheme.. Adam listened to Satan and did not live by every word that came out of God but Jesus told Satan that as long as man is to remain in his position as God's son he has to abide by every word of God.. Also note the side where Satan asked him if he was the son of God, but Christ made a correction and said man shall not live by.. The concept is that man is actually the son of God or else Christ would not use the word man when actually he is truly God's son.. God bless readers amen
  • BSP
    God made men and women to be able to reflect his wonderful qualities. We don't physically reflect God's image.
  • Peter
    Hi God's Girl
    Thank you and wish it was an easy question and I would say that it is for most people but i don't know. I am completely blank and i suppose there are many stories that Jesus told and I am now starting to focus. I just got up, thank you.
    let the little children come on to me; rings a bell, and all the stories about children, we all should be interested in what affects children.
  • Yvonne
    God knows all the answers , we as not perfect people are not able to know everything yet, when our time comes to meet our Saviour, then we'll learn more about Creation , Loving one another etc. Jesus told us, I came to teach you simple things, like loving one another, loving your enemy etc, becoming like a child to believe and accept what I'm telling you and the result has been, that we don't want to believe the love of the truth so that we might be saved, And for that cause He send us strong dilusion so we believe a lie and will be damned!! 2 Thessalonian 2 It looks like that we're living now in a time with so much confusion, because we didn't believe the simple truth and prefer to believe a lie, look around you and weep.....But.the Lord also didn't give us a spirit of fear, but of Love, Power and a sound mind, Let us first start to do the things Jesus told us to do! The Lord who start a good work in us and will perform it till the end One day we'll understand al the secrets of creation, not imaginations like so many people do, but the Loving truth!! For now, let's try to just love, simple like a little child, stay close to Jesus and when the time is there the Lord will open our spiritual eyes and ears to understand the mysteries!
  • God's Girl
    Mark Turay, I totally agree with you!
  • Mark Turay
    Comment*God used his greatness in Genesis 1
  • God's Girl
    Hey, Peter best, you are right about living in God's word as much as possible. It is what we are supposed to do. Also, I could not help but ask, what kind of stories do you like?
  • Peter best
    I love your comments and usually I make a comment and then check all comments after previous comments are 3 pages or so back and it seems that there is a lot to this and a lot of questions etc. but don't ever stress over it as we can take all things by faith alone and still live in the image of God as much as possible and as much as we know according to Jesus and what He taught I think.?? ??
  • God's Girl
    When I think about how Adam and Eve were the first humans, I think that it is cool that we are some what all related to one another. Also, I can't believe how much God make for us!
  • Athenkosi saint
    verse1,In the beggining God created heaven and,when God creates any thing under HIS fermament HE creates it perfectly.Verse 2,The earth was without form and void.The question is,What made the earth formless?and when did the old snake lusifa thrown down on earth?Betwen Verse1and2 it is were the Angel of war that was being asigned by God to wrestles with lusifa.we call that lusifiric era.
  • Nicole Pierson
    There are 2 distinct creation stories given in Genesis the first creation is that of sovereign man who is given complete authority over the earth and all inhabitants no rules no death, the second is creation by Lord God meaning someone other than the original creator of the planet, which is why this man n woman are created to tend to his garden and suffer punishment for breaking the rules given
  • Bible Reader
    Adam and Eve were the first humans to walk this earth . The first couple chapters in Genesis discuss creation, the fall of man eating the forbidden fruit, etc.
  • T Thebe
    The earth was dark, void and empty of life, therefore it concludes that there was no life before adam and eve.
  • Karl
    to Jim, were there humans/proto-humans before Adam and Eve? I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wonders at what it says in Genesis. I'll get in trouble for saying this, but my opinion is that the garden was created literally as a garden in which the LORD 'seeded' Adam and Eve, human but uniquely imbued with his holy spirit, and you know the rest, cast out among temporal humankind, any help?
  • Pprobby mutemwa
    Verse 14 God saw evry thing ws good,this means im peculiar,so wonderfuly made in the eyes of God.

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